9 steps to improve your PR writing

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Much has changed about the PR industry, but writing still remains an essential tool for communicators. Writing remains one of the basic skills of every successful PR officer. Write an eye-catching lead. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today ].

Writing Inspiration Roundup: Our Top Writing Posts of 2015


Whether you’re writing last-minute seasonal blog content or already gearing up for a new year of media pitching (and if you are, we applaud you), a little inspiration can go a long way around now. The History of the Boilerplate and 7 Tips on Writing One.

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9 steps to improve your PR writing

PR Daily

Writing remains one of the basic skills of every successful PR officer. According to the report, over 90 percent of journalists and influencers still prefer email pitches. Write an eye-catching lead. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today ].

Writing Hacks to 10X Your PR Success

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Imagine how much more productive and rewarding your writing time could be if, when you made time to write and sat down and opened that laptop, you could get right to it? In a recent Office Hours Live Chat, I got to pick the brain of a business writer and writing coach Miranda Miller. She’s been writing for brands and other organizations for over 15 years and now teaches other writers tricks and tips to dramatically improve the quality and value of their writing.

11 easy ways to write more clearly

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If you''re like me, you probably write posts or press releases, and then proofread them and wonder what in the world you were thinking when you wrote them. For PR copy, this has a few facets: What, where and why you are writing all influence how you''ll structure your copy.

4 ways to freshen up your writing

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PR pros write, edit, review and rewrite dozens of documents each day. Here are four quick tips to help you keep your writing lively, interesting and inspired: 1. Powerful PR Writing Virtual Summit. ”

9 dreadful opening line errors that will doom your pitch

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I added it to my collection of awful opening lines in publicity pitches. RELATED: Pitch—and receive instant feedback from—reporters at major news outlets. ]. An email pitch doesn’t get quicker when you take the first sentence to promise to be quick.).

Why PR Pros Are The Most Versatile Writers

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As a profession, public relations evokes images of media pitching or crisis management. But according to the 2018 USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations Global Communications Report , writing is the skill most valued by PR recruiters.

13 tips for creating and pitching contributed content

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I’ve learned a lot, from how best to contact websites for the first time, to guest contributor applications, down to the writing process itself. Step one to a successful new writing endeavor is making sure that you genuinely care about the topic and websites you are exploring.

Help write the CIPR’s story as part of 70th anniversary project

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How to submit a pitch. CIPR members interested in contributing to the project should read the contributors’ guidelines (opens as a PDF) and submit a pitch by 3 November, 2017. You should be comfortable using cloud based tools such as DropBox, private Facebook communities, and Google Documents. The post Help write the CIPR’s story as part of 70th anniversary project appeared first on Stephen Waddington.

How to break out of the listicle rut and start writing again

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Untitled Document. Confession time: I write listicles—a lot of listicles—and it’s ruining me as a writer. In a fervent attempt to become a “real writer,” I’ve recently made an effort to stop pitching listicles. I can’t write anymore. Write a bad first draft.

10 keys to impressing editors—and getting more writing gigs

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I'd spent two years pitching the editor on a wide variety of stories—to which she always said no. So, when she finally phoned me to accept an idea and commission me to write the piece, I was gobsmacked. If the editor says to you, "Please write me a story on Vice President Madison Jones," you should ask: Are you looking for a 750-word profile? RELATED: New tactics to incorporate storytelling into your everyday writing ]. Document your sources.

Pitching the press: the complete guide


This guide contains everything you need to pitch the press. You’ll learn how to create awesome press releases, distribute press releases, nurture your media contacts, and send pitch emails that get results. Send email pitches that get results. Write a great headline.

Tell Your Story Like You Speak, Keep Pitching, and Earn Media Coverage

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Determine the chronology of your business story before writing it. The language, idioms, and examples you use in your business story will likely vary depending on whether you’re writing for million dollar home buyers or Kindergarten teachers. Just write like you speak.

6 Quick Tips For PR Writers

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Now more than ever, public relations recruiters prioritize writing skills. But some just entering our profession may be surprised by what type of writing a typical PR position requires. PR writing may not be what you think. PR writing needs to be high-impact, but not overblown.

6 Steps for a Better Media Pitch List

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By not targeting the right contacts, your perfect pitch can fall on deaf ears. Editorial calendars can be incredibly helpful in determining when to pitch certain stories. Pay attention to if/how your contacts deal with pitch requests, particularly on social media.

A Bad LinkedIn Pitch Has Tips for You

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Yes, we''ve even received good pitches through this site. Which leads me to this pitch from a second degree connection. My first boss taught me that a pitch should focus on the audience, the recipient or both.but not on you or the topic you''re pitching.

Starting a career in PR, why it’s so much more than press releases and media pitching


Without exposure to this industry, it is easy to assume that a PR fledging, like myself, devotes their time to traditional and tangible tasks such as drafting press releases and pitching them to the media.

Starting a career in PR, why it’s so much more than press releases and media pitching


Without exposure to this industry, it is easy to assume that a PR fledging, like myself, devotes their time to traditional and tangible tasks such as drafting press releases and pitching them to the media.

PR Tech Briefing: Prezly is CRM for PR that’s Built on an Online Newsroom

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Many PR pros will cut and paste a document into a CMS to publish a release – and then cut and paste it again (and again) as they pitch it. Today, the company pitches its product in three parts: Managing contacts; Publishing content – what it calls “stories”; and.

The Cover Letter Pitch

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So I picked “3 things you should know before you write a cover letter.” But I’ve read hundreds scanned thousands and they’re a pitch. 2) Going Beyond the Degree: A resume is an emotional document. We sweat every line and our degree is the crown jewel of this document.

10 terrific tech tools for PR pros

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These apps, plug-ins and other handy helpers can streamline your workday and help you address writing and outreach issues. The tool notifies you when someone watches the video, enabling you to follow up with timely pitches. Evernote is a useful tool for writing and organizing.

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Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

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The ad, in which a woman receives a Peloton bike as a gift and then documents her yearlong fitness journey, quickly drew snarky comments and video spoofs from Twitter users.

The best résumés don’t have a ‘skills’ section

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In writing a résumé, many people include a “skills” section. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today ]. ” When I teach résumé writing , my aversion to a “skills” section is the guideline that triggers the stiffest pushback.

In PR, Press Releases Still Matter

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Journalists are finding less value in press releases with only 3% saying they heavily rely on the document for their writing. Quality writing rises to the top.

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How many blog posts should you publish?

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A documented content strategy. This doesn’t have to be lengthy, but you’ll want to at least document your target audience and goals so that you can keep benchmarks. A more curated blog is enticing to readers and inspires others to pitch their content for you to publish.

An Open Letter to Public Relations Professionals

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Yet today, many PR professionals, armed with media placements and endless pitches, are still grounded in the past, since it's so comfortable. Pitching will require a more judicious touch. Any ragtag outlet pitched to beef up media report statistics will no longer do.

Why a List Press Release Might just Give You the Best Bang for Your Buck

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There are many different formats you can use when writing your press release. List headlines provide a clear preview of the content – Clarity should always be a top priority when writing press release headlines. List press releases are easier to write – Why.?

The 20 Responsibilities of PR and What They Entail


The PR pro sends thoughtful, data-backed pitches, engages with reporters on social media, sends swag (when appropriate), maintains relevant media lists, and manages all follow-through with reporters and journalists. Writing/Editing of Miscellaneous PR Assets.

Improving Your Press Releases – It’s This Simple?

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Writing just might be the most important skill you can have. It doesn’t matter how many reporters you know or how unique your story angle is, if you can’t write a compelling press release that instantly sucks readers in, everything else is meaningless. Press Release Writing

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New Tech Products and New Features for PR Pros; PR Tech Sum: Agility, Meltwater, Prezly, Business Wire, Onclusive, Intrado, Cision and TVEyes

Sword and the Script

The use cases are plentiful, from search suggestions, as Agility says they’ve done here, to analyzing media coverage and notifying you of new reporter and influencers you have not reached out to but are writing about topics you are pitching.

Lisa Buyer Talks PR SEO with Search Talk Live Podcast

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The Best Way to Pitch Stories to Reporters. The wrong way to pitch a reporter is being too risky or too vanilla. Get a reporter’s attention in a non-spam very approachable way where they can easily digest what you are trying to pitch to them. Writing Tools. for writing.

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7 outstanding tech tools for PR pros

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PR people routinely use apps for document design like BeFunky, the industry standard software Cision, and a wire distribution platform like PR Newswire. This tool helps PR pros sniff out gaps in the conversation and find the right story angle to pitch.

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4 tips to sustain your career growth as a young PR pro

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Many in public relations demonstrate abilities right out of the gate through their media relations, social media, research, writing and other necessary skills. Master your writing style. Solid writing skills are needed throughout your career. Write more often.

How Simple Automation Saves Time And Tedium In PR

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Any public relations agency today needs nearly instant resources — from details on media preferences to data that informs our pitches and programs. The information can be crucial to generating interest for reactive pitching and seeing what industry trends are buzzing.

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7 Media Statistics from an Annual Survey of Reporters that Gives PR a Glimpse of their Mindset

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No one wants to write a story few people read, and many people, fortunately, or unfortunately, get their news on social media. Second, PR needs to think about the video elements – and I don’t mean pitching video – but rather the capacity to be interviewed on video.

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15 enduring keys to PR success

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Analytical writing and counseling success have remained the same irrespective of whether a writer is pecking away at a typewriter and pulling copy paper and carbons from the carriage, or devising a digital strategy in a remote site thousands of miles away from the client. Creative writing?

Using the PESO Model to Drive an Effective PR Content Strategy


Sometimes, despite our very best efforts to write down our goals, we tend to skip over creating a documented PR content strategy. Align your media pitching and your editorial content calendar to keep your message focused.

4 steps to successfully hiring a PR agency

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New business is vital to an PR agency looking to grow, and putting together a pitch can be a huge amount of work. But the client also has a responsibility to ensure that the pitch process—and ongoing relationship—is as effective as possible. Don’t send a 30-page written document.

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Lysol maker warns against ingestion, Google and Facebook add transparency features, and Ogilvy tells communicators to be ‘AWARE’

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It’s also a great example of a COVID-19 marketing effort that subtly reinforces the brand, without any sales pitches. Also: Budweiser asks social distancers “what’s up,” Pizza Hut executive says brand managers should be active during COVID-19, tips for virtually presenting, and more.

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