Capture viral behavior with strange projects


What #ContentMarketers Can Learn from Hamburger Helper’s Viral Mix Tape #WatchTheStove Click To Tweet. Even if the thing your brand gives the community is laughs and surprise, that’s enough for people to readily share your content, and you could then achieve viral success.

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6 Research-Based Insights About Viral Content


If you’re like me, you probably greet articles about content virality with a healthy dose of skepticism. One of the most prolific researchers on the topic of virality and content perpetuation is Wharton Marketing Professor Jonah Berger , author of “Contagious: How Things Catch On.”

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4 Key Elements in Viral Videos


When it comes to producing viral videos for big brands, Stephen Voltz is about as experienced as they come. 4 Rules of Viral Videos by Stephen Voltz This, according to Voltz, was what someone shouldn’t do if they want their video to go viral.

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Viral Marketing: The Hope, Hype and Helplessness

Sword and the Script

It’s every marketer’s dream to go viral, but only a handful will ever experience it. While marketers can do things to set the conditions for going viral, things can’t be made to go viral. At best, viral marketing is usually a gamble with marketing credibility.

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Huffington Goes Viral with Data Science – You can Too

Flack's Revenge

Their efforts have propelled merely popular stories into through-the-roof viral successes. Project Fortune Teller: Data Predict Viral Success. The resulting quick action turned popular articles into viral successes. Cross posted on Hack the Feed.

Tap emotional hot buttons to make your content go viral

PR Daily

New research on viral emotions by marketing agency Fractl has found that positive emotions play a huge role in making an audience care about—and share—content. “We Here are three tips for tapping into these emotional hot buttons to increase virality: 1.

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Facebook will hide undesirable viral content

PR Daily

For content providers looking to make an impact on Facebook, it’s not enough to simply go viral anymore—you must be the right type of viral. A change in Facebook’s news feed algorithm will essentially work to push down some types of viral posts that appear in users’ feeds.

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21 ways to boost your content's viral potential

PR Daily

Professionals who deal in content, are all chasing the idea of going viral. Images will boost your post’s potential for going viral. For more data-driven insights on how to help your content go viral, check out the infographic below.

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How to Create Viral Content That Wants to Be Shared – in 6 Steps


The post How to Create Viral Content That Wants to Be Shared – in 6 Steps appeared first on Cision. Originally authored and published by PR Newswire’s Maria Perez [link] . You know the feeling: You see something on Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat that you must share with friends.

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3 lessons from viral content at Ford

PR Daily

Lesson One about women: They like syrupy, sentimental content on Valentine's Day—images of flowers, chocolates and walks on the beach. Lesson Two: Everybody knows guys drive better than women. OK, OK! You're right! False on both counts, says Ford Motor Co. And I agree!)

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Going viral: 6 mistakes content marketers make

PR Daily

Have you wondered why you’ve never created viral content? Here are six habits you need to change (or forget) to go viral: 1. Viral content is not synonymous with well-received content. People who create viral content know you can’t always be safe.

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3 PR and marketing alternatives to ‘going viral’

PR Daily

I first started practicing PR over a decade ago, when clients thought that “going viral” meant getting their product on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”. We want to go viral!" (If If you doubt the stress from working in PR, imagine trying to force a pair of shoelaces go viral.).

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Tap into infographics’ viral power in 2017

PR Daily

Did you know infographics are shared 3X more than any other content? Even more impressive: They can increase your content marketing profits by as much as 12%.

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Avoid the viral video trap: 3 ways to expand your audience

PR Daily

All execs want their videos to go viral. She says it’s better to build an organic following for video content over time than to pursue one-off virality. However, no one knows what really makes a clip infectious—and the few that do spread like contagions are usually “one-hit wonders.”.

5 lessons in virality from 'Saturday Night Live'

PR Daily

Many brands seek the recipe that makes content go viral; though there’s not one ingredient in the special sauce that guarantees a hit online, PR and marketing pros can learn a lot from SNL’s success throughout the years. Here are five lessons in virality: 1. Consumers love a good throwback, which is why Jimmy Fallon’s “Saved By the Bell” skit went viral and Coke’s Surge supply sold out in record time when the brand brought it back on Amazon.

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Kohl’s capitalizes on viral ‘Happy Chewbacca’ Facebook video

PR Daily

It’s the simple joys,” now-viral sensation Candice Payne recently said, and Internet users—along with marketers—agree. Users applauded Kohl’s efforts to embrace the viral ambassador: @Kohls I love this! Viral sensation boosts sales and brand exposure.

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Did you create the next big viral hit?

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3 PR and marketing lessons from CarMax’s answer to viral video

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CarMax’s YouTube video didn’t come near the viral success of Lanman’s video—CarMax’s response currently has 321,491 views—but that number far exceeds the remainder of its videos, which have between 40 and 150 views.

Your corporate videos could go viral

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Microsoft's viral age-guessing tool comes with fine print

PR Daily

If you’re a frequent social media user, you’ve probably seen photos of people with little yellow and orange icons above their faces with a number. They’re using a Microsoft product called It’s supposed to predict the age you look in that photo, and it’s kind of a cool feature.

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‘RIPTwitter’ goes viral after users learn of timeline redesign

PR Daily

Twitter is having a tough time controlling its message. So much so, the brand’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, chimed in online to quell fears from hundreds of thousands of tweets.

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McDonald’s apologizes for ad campaign that resembles viral stunt

PR Daily

Last month, a series of very silly “engagement” photos of a smiling man frolicking in a park with a burrito went viral. They even appeared on. Buzzfeed. A few weeks later, McDonald’s released a very similar-looking series of photos to promote its new $2.50 double cheeseburger combo.

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McKinney Police Department, NAACP president respond to viral video

PR Daily

Video of police responding to an altercation at a community pool party in McKinney, Texas, is making the rounds online, sparking outrage and prompting officials to take action.

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How the #CharlieChallenge became a viral phenomenon

PR Daily

million tweets in the last few weeks of May, and no sign of slowing, the hashtag #CharlieCharlieChallenge has become a viral sensation. has been tracking how the hashtag went viral on Twitter and on Instagram, spawning Charlie Charlie Challenge accounts like this.

ESPN cuts Curt Schilling after insensitive post goes viral

PR Daily

ESPN has taken former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling off the mound. In a strategic and somewhat predictable move, the broadcast network has parted ways with its former analyst. The final straw was a controversial Facebook post, which has since been deleted.

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Debate rages online about viral images of dead Syrian child

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Images of a 3-year-old Syrian boy who had drowned in an attempt to reach the Greek island of Kos went viral Wednesday, sparking an ethics debate and bringing the refugee crisis front and center. It’s a battle between respect for sensibilities and the need to raise awareness of a crisis.

Successful Crisis Management Reaches the Heart Before the Mind

Melissa Agnes

For example, fail to judge or appreciate the negative emotion stirred by an incident or an issue, and you can very quickly find yourself dealing with a viral crisis that continues to spiral beyond control. Within a few hours, this panic had escalated to a viral point.

Did your organization’s videos become viral hits?

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Hellman’s mayonnaise goes viral after Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweet

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In product marketing, having the right spokesperson can go a long way. Would you trust a man who told you that mayonnaise and bananas make for a delicious sandwich combination? What if that man were two-time Daytona 500 champ Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

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What Compels People to Share Your Content?

Waxing UnLyrical

A Harvard marketing professor named Thales Texeira has done some recent studies of content virality and sharing. In his research on viral advertising videos , he found that a very small percentage of advertising videos (0.1%) actually go “viral.”

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Facebook’s 'Riff' app comes pre-packaged with viral recipe

PR Daily

Facebook is expanding its mobile app suite, this time with the intriguing video-sharing app called Riff. It was released earlier this week, and signifies Facebook’s continued efforts to compete with the likes of YouTube. Riff takes the concept of video sharing and allows your friends to add to it.

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3 viral video tips for PR pros: Lessons from AARP and Coca-Cola

PR Daily

Did you know that a third of all online activity is spent watching video? Or that YouTube reaches more adults than any cable network, according to Adweek ? Online video represents an incredible opportunity to reach new audiences.



Chief marketing officers are in love with the idea of breaking a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® event record and having their brands bask in the seemingly viral eruption of TV, radio, print and online buzz that comes from that honor.

Dark Social Enlightens Marketing Vanity Metrics

Sword and the Script

Dark Social: Antimatter to Viral Fixation. This helps to explain why marketers tend to be so misguidedly fixated on “ going viral ” on social media: we can “see” it happening. Social Media social media marketing social sharing viral marketing

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Accelerated PR For Startups

Doktor Spinn

In Stage 1 we will concentrate on the Surround Effect and the Viral Loop. Testing: Fixing The Viral Loop A viral loop is all about social engineering. You can get all fancy about socially engineering a great variety of viral loops, but as a startup, you need to focus on one.

PR Stunt of the Week – The Super Strong Meter Maid

Norton's Notes

I came across this amusing stunt the other day a great prank style stunt from viral marketing agency Thinkmodo for a new car selling app called Carlister. Amusing PR Stunts Public Relations Video Parking meter Stunts viral

Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them)

Doktor Spinn

Let’s do some viral loop math! Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle!

Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them)

Doktor Spinn

Let’s do some viral loop math! Going from 1,000 views (1 st cycle) to 1,100 new views (2 nd cycle) equals a viral coefficient of 1,1. And anything above 1,0 = viral, wohoo! you get 1,210 (1,100 x viral coefficient) additional views after the 3 rd cycle!

The meaning of Cecil

Mark My Words

Mark My Words cecil crisis management hunting viral palmerCecil was not a lucky lion. First being named after the unreformed imperialist who invented the concentration camp; then to be slowly killed, skinned and decapitated; and finally, to become a meme of the moment and plundered worldwide –from stuffed toy makers to press offices groping for a current analogy.

Dillard’s apologizes after breastfeeding mom’s post goes viral

PR Daily

To accommodate consumers, many department stores have established policies that permit women to breastfeed anywhere inside their establishments. Despite that, every couple of months there’s another story of a woman who is told she cannot breastfeed in one of these department stores.