When The Crisis PR Guy Is The Crisis

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That happened this week when the Campbell Soup Company found itself in hot water after a bizarre tweet from its own head of government affairs — an executive who ironically lists “crisis management” among his skills.

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Crisis lessons—how crisis-mode learnings inform stronger biz strategy

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As PR practitioners know all too well, a company crisis can have severe implications on brand reputation, but company strategy can also get sidelined during the chaos. The post Crisis lessons—how crisis-mode learnings inform stronger biz strategy appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Crisis Ready Q&A: Discussing The Core Essentials Of Crisis Management

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Each month I answer questions from real people doing real work in–or learning about–crisis readiness. ” … and a question that caught me by surprise, but I loved: “What do I think of the show Scandal in the context of crisis management?”

How To Socialize Your Crisis Management Plan

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I’m often asked how organizations should go about beginning to socialize their crisis management plan throughout the depths of their organization. How do you go about socializing your crisis management plan?

Crisis Communications: 10 Steps for Building an Effective Plan


Social media has fundamentally changed how people communicate in times of crisis. This month, the Wall Street Journal outlined dozens of ways social sites and apps are being utilized during a crisis. Map out what is and isn’t a crisis, who needs to be alerted and who should respond.

PR Crisis of the Week: Campbell Soup, Ryanair and Megyn Kelly

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As usual, this week saw no shortage of brands in crisis. Crisis hit […]. The post PR Crisis of the Week: Campbell Soup, Ryanair and Megyn Kelly appeared first on PR Consultant Garrett Public Relations Columbus/Worthington OH. crisis crisis communications crisis management crisis PR PR PR crisis public relations communications PR Crisis of the Week press release publicity

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Crisis Management for Influencers

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A brand must be prepared for a possible reputation crisis caused by its influencers or spokespeople. To be as prepared as possible, here are some steps to take should a reputation crisis occur. The post Crisis Management for Influencers appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Crisis PR 5WPR CEO Crisis PR Agency PR Agency Public Relations

Crisis & Reputation Management on Boards’ Radar

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KPMG’s 2017 On the Board’s Agend a report also has crisis and reputation management listed as a priority and notes that crisis prevention and readiness have taken on an increased importance and urgency for boards and management teams. Crisis Readiness Tips.

KFC Crisis Response Is A PR Win

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It’s not the worst reputation crisis that can happen to a food chain (just ask Chipotle ), but for a chicken restaurant to run out of chicken not only opens to door to competitors, but it makes its management look incompetent. in its response to the mini-crisis.

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The Crisis After The Crisis

Melissa Agnes

When a crisis event is “over” it is very natural to focus on operational recovery and business continuity. But the reality is that the aftershocks from a crisis can be more devastating and costly to the organization than the original crisis itself. By Tony Jaques.

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5 “Must Include” Items for your Crisis Management Plan

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I often get asked the following question: What should we include in our organization’s crisis management plan? 5 important elements to include in your crisis plan. Not all incidents and issues escalate to crisis level. 3- Pre-approved crisis communication strategy and messaging.

How to Turn Your Brand Crisis into PR Success with Ease


One negative comment can attract thousands of tweets and reactions, turning that single comment into a full-blown PR crisis. When a PR crisis hits, confusion, anxiety, and chaos can shake up your organization. Read on for three tips to turn a social media crisis into a PR win.

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University of Maryland Backs into a Decent Crisis Solution

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It was one of the few correct notes sounded during a crisis that centered on the death of student and athlete Jordan McNair. The post University of Maryland Backs into a Decent Crisis Solution appeared first on PR News Blog. Crisis Management PR News Blogger Network

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6 Social Media “Musts” for Crisis Communication


The airline continued to communicate via social media throughout the ordeal and was universally lauded for its social media response to this crisis. Social media adds an overwhelming complexity to crisis communication. Want to handle a crisis smoothly?

Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure.

A Crisis Avoidance Strategy

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By Garth Rowan, Communications Consultant and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team. The powerful words of Margaret Mead bear noting and are especially important for organizations focused on crisis avoidance. Crisis avoidance vs. crisis management.

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Responding to Crisis

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Crisis management and communication is the most common PR function known to the public. The Real Purpose of Crisis Communications More to the truth, crisis communications help brands prepare for, endure, survive, and thrive when controversy … READ MORE ». The post Responding to Crisis appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Business Crisis PR 5WPR CEO Public Relations

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5 Steps to Developping a Cyber Security Crisis Management Plan

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Take a look: Are you ready for a cyber security crisis? Cyber security is a crisis scenario that is extremely top of mind these days – and rightfully so. 5 steps to help you develop a cyber security crisis management plan.

The Crisis After The Crisis

Melissa Agnes

When a crisis event is “over” it is very natural to focus on operational recovery and business continuity. But the reality is that the aftershocks from a crisis can be more devastating and costly to the organization than the original crisis itself. By Tony Jaques.

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How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. Establish a crisis communication plan now rather than later. Crisis management involves pre-crisis, mid-crisis and post-crisis phases.

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Will Your Crisis Plan be Ready When it Matters?

Ronn Torossian

Do you have a crisis PR plan in place? The post Will Your Crisis Plan be Ready When it Matters? Crisis PR Ronn TorossianIs your plan ready to get ahead of the bad news, grab the headlines and regain control of the message?

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Analyzing First Responders In Crisis PR

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A crisis situation presents abundant challenges for public relations and business leaders, not the least of which are the critical first communications. Five crisis PR first responses. See this fascinating Wired article for a deeper peek into the inner mechanisms of crisis PR.

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Successful Crisis Management Reaches the Heart Before the Mind

Melissa Agnes

Never underestimate the power of emotion in crisis management. Emotion is often underestimated in crisis management. And yet, it’s one of the most powerful aspects of a crisis. A recent example of this was the Ebola crisis of 2014.

How To Communicate With Stakeholders When Systems Are Down In A Cybersecurity Crisis

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This means that it should absolutely be incorporated into your crisis preparedness program. In this week’s #crisisready video , I provide insight into the best way to approach and answer this important cybersecurity crisis question.

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Important Crisis Management Strategies for Managing the Zika Virus

Melissa Agnes

We just put the world crisis of Ebola to bed and here we are, already faced with yet another looming epidemic. As the Zika virus continues to spread, what are the major crisis management risks that healthcare organizations and government agencies should be thinking about?

How To Define a Crisis For Your Organization

Melissa Agnes

One of the very first steps in implementing a crisis-ready culture is to first define what a crisis is and means to your organization. But how should you go about doing this and does the definition of a crisis vary from company to company or from industry to industry?

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Using Social Media During a Crisis

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However, increasingly, brands also use social media as part of their crisis communications … READ MORE ». The post Using Social Media During a Crisis appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO BRANDING Crisis PR Crisis PR Agency Public Relations Social MediaSocial media has forever changed how people stay in touch with each other and get updates on each other’s lives.

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The Value of a Crisis Simulation

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While your team gets to the route of the problem, the clock continues to tick and the news of the crisis continues to spread. Put the crisis to bed as quickly as possible, while suffering the least amount of negative repercussions to the organization’s reputation and bottom line.

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2017 Crisis Management That (Mostly) Worked

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Armchair PR experts get lots of mileage from critiquing crisis management by major brands and businesses this time of year. But what about the crisis situations that are handled well? It was beset with not one, but many reputation scandals this year, and the crisis isn’t yet over.

Was Dyn, Inc. Crisis-Ready?

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Take a look: Related links you may find interesting: Dyn’s official response to the DDoS crisis. Don’t Let Your Business Go Dark: How To Manage A DDoS Crisis. Crisis-Ready? appeared first on Melissa Agnes - Crisis Management Keynote Speaker.

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The Role of Social Media in Crisis Management

The Proactive Report

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Yang Cheng, Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Department of Communication at North Carolina State University, on her research paper about the role of social media in crisis management. Think United Airlines recent crisis.

How to Mitigate the Transference of Stress During a Crisis

Melissa Agnes

” This is important for leaders to realize prior to experiencing a crisis. Because successful crisis management often requires an appearance, in some capacity, by the organization’s leadership. So what does this mean for your crisis preparedness?

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Crisis Management Concerns That Leave You Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

Using Agnes + Day’s crisis simulation platform , the exercise simulated the digital noise that is a guaranteed result of any crisis or emergency today. Information and best practices when it comes to hashtags and dark websites in crisis management.

The 5 Phases of Becoming Crisis Ready

Melissa Agnes

Becoming crisis ready is a process. This process is based off of the Crisis Ready Model, which is a model I’ve developed throughout my years of helping organizations—from international corporations, to government agencies around the world, to businesses just like yours—become crisis ready.

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What To Look For When Engaging a Crisis Management Professional

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When you hire a crisis management professional or firm, whether prior to or during a crisis, expectations of both parties need to be clear. Surprises are not something you want to experience while managing a crisis, the crisis will present you with enough of those on its own!

PR Lessons From The Bungled Equifax Crisis

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Public relations people like to talk about anticipating or “getting in front of” a crisis; in fact, for a taste of a real-life crisis simulation, check out this stress-inducing story by The New York Times ‘ Sapna Maheshwari. Tap a crisis response leader.

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The Magic Formula for Managing Stress in a Crisis

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The question was: “Is there a secret formula for ensuring our crisis team remains calm in a fast-paced, high profile crisis?” Not to mention that, as a study recently confirmed, stress is contagious , which makes it even more important to effectively manage in a crisis.

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Crisis Ready Q&A: How Can You Merge Your Expertise Into A Career In Crisis Communication?

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I am interested in merging my skills in breaking news coverage into a career in crisis communications. I’d love to speak with you to hear your thoughts around how I can merge my journalism career into a future in crisis communication work.”

Coming Out on Top of a PR Crisis

Critical Mention

They have all been in the news for being involved in a crisis in the past couple of years. The lists go on and on when it comes to crisis communications case studies. First off, what is a crisis? Blog Communications Crisis Communications PR Public RelationsDomino’s.

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The Sexy Allure Of Crisis Management Is Presenting Risk To Organizations

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Thanks to high-profile crises, viral issues, and fun television series like Scandal , crisis management is being seen more and more as a “sexy” and thrilling profession or service offering. Crisis management advisors and consultants are not supposed to be the risk.

5 tips for managing a crisis

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It’s just a matter of time before a crisis hits, and if you’re not prepared, it will show. Following the three R’s of a crisis: regret, reform, and restitution will help your company handle the situation and protect your reputation. Here are five tips to help you manage a crisis.

Team Crisis Communications


The one big element which is incorporated in PR, regardless of the specific industry is crisis management and communications. In fact, as a former head of pro sports team PR department, you are always interested in discerning how a particular organization handles crisis situations.

Behind the Scenes: Tactical Crisis Management Lessons from the Frontlines

Melissa Agnes

Discover how utility company, Alectra, successfully manages issues and crises as a regular course of business—and how their learnings and successes can be implemented into your crisis ready program. A look at Alectra’s post-crisis debriefing structure and processes.