Assessing Potential Crisis Counselors

Ronn Torossian

No matter the industry, your brand is likely to face some form of PR crisis at one time or another. One strategy for ensuring this is hiring a crisis and reputation management consultant, or […]. The post Assessing Potential Crisis Counselors appeared first on.

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Crisis Management and Communications Go Hand-in-hand

Ronn Torossian

In an earlier article the discussion focused on the importance of convincing senior management about the need for crisis management and communications. The post Crisis Management and Communications Go Hand-in-hand appeared first on.

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Do You Have a Pre-Crisis Checklist?

Ronn Torossian

Crisis communications is a key aspect to public relations. In fact, if you want to achieve the optimal resolution to any PR crisis, you need to have a plan in place before the crisis erupts. The post Do You Have a Pre-Crisis Checklist? Business Crisis PR

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When The Crisis PR Guy Is The Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

That happened this week when the Campbell Soup Company found itself in hot water after a bizarre tweet from its own head of government affairs — an executive who ironically lists “crisis management” among his skills.

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Is your crisis plan itself a crisis waiting to happen?

Agility PR Solutions

Is yesterday’s crisis plan—in a binder on a shelf—really the most effective way to prepare in today’s day and […]. The post Is your crisis plan itself a crisis waiting to happen? Analysis Public Relations crisis

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5 tips for a successful crisis simulation

PR Daily

This same philosophy applies to crisis preparation. Organizations that adhere to this philosophy are better able to preserve and protect their reputation when the next crisis hits. Most organizations have a designated group of leaders tasked to handle a crisis.

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Crisis Communications Guide for Young PR Pros


Truth be told, though, nothing will test the essential skills of PR professionals like a full-blown PR crisis — […]. The post Crisis Communications Guide for Young PR Pros appeared first on culpwrit.

Reputational Risk: When Should you Implement your Crisis Strategy?


We all have a crisis strategy in place, but how do we know when the right time is to activate it? Crisis ManagementThis piece lays out the perfect tools to help prepare you to recognize when it's time.

5 common missteps in crisis communication

PR Daily

That means last year, 945 PR teams probably woke up on a random morning to a terrible crisis for which they were ill-prepared. Start a crisis plan, and start one now. I realize that it can be tough creating talking points for a crisis that doesn’t exist and hopefully won’t happen.

Implementing an Offensive Crisis Management Strategy

Ronn Torossian

No matter your industry, the ultimate goal of crisis management is to salvage your organization’s reputation – and your bottom line – when faced with a negative or threatening situation. The truth, however, is that exceptional crisis management has a much loftier goal.

Crisis Management for Influencers

Ronn Torossian

A brand must be prepared for a possible reputation crisis caused by its influencers or spokespeople. To be as prepared as possible, here are some steps to take should a reputation crisis occur. The post Crisis Management for Influencers appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Crisis PR 5WPR CEO Crisis PR Agency PR Agency Public Relations

PR Crisis of the Week: Campbell Soup, Ryanair and Megyn Kelly

Garrett Public Relations

As usual, this week saw no shortage of brands in crisis. Crisis hit […]. The post PR Crisis of the Week: Campbell Soup, Ryanair and Megyn Kelly appeared first on PR Consultant Garrett Public Relations Columbus/Worthington OH. crisis crisis communications crisis management crisis PR PR PR crisis public relations communications PR Crisis of the Week press release publicity

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The secret to modern crisis response success

PR Daily

A reputational crisis is not a matter of if , but when. . About one-quarter ( 26% ) of marketing and PR pros have crisis plans that have not been reviewed in over a year, according to a joint study by PR News and Crisp , a crisis monitoring firm. Crisis Communications

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The 3 biggest mistakes in most crisis comms plans

PR Daily

I’ve seen a lot of crisis communications plans. Ninety percent of them get a couple of things right: They have a list of their comms team contacts, often with a phone tree so everyone gets called promptly when a crisis hits. In a real crisis, time gets compressed.

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3 steps for protecting your organization from a crisis

PR Daily

Both Volkswagen and Enron have been on the receiving end of a public relations crisis. No company is ever immune to a crisis, but the way in which they react to one when it strikes is perhaps the most important strategy in the business handbook. Establish a crisis communication team.

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Five tips for social media crisis management

Stuart Bruce

The reality is that what many people think is a social media crisis isn’t actually a crisis at all. The long-term impact on the brand’s … The post Five tips for social media crisis management appeared first on Stuart Bruce.

Why You Need a Crisis Communications Plan Before Crisis Strikes—and What to Include in It

Meltwater - PR

“Always expect the unexpected” should be every communications professional’s mantra, yet more often than not companies appear blindsided by issues they should have seen coming (hint: using a crisis communications… Read More >>>.

When is crisis a four-letter word? Just ask Nike.

Agility PR Solutions

Crisis communications befell Nike this year when the sports apparel manufacturer rang up not one, but two crises. Crisis One Duke University’s rising star freshman basketball player, Zion Williamson, fell during a big game at which President Obama was also in attendance.

How To Socialize Your Crisis Management Plan

Melissa Agnes

I’m often asked how organizations should go about beginning to socialize their crisis management plan throughout the depths of their organization. How do you go about socializing your crisis management plan?

Crisis lessons—how crisis-mode learnings inform stronger biz strategy

Agility PR Solutions

As PR practitioners know all too well, a company crisis can have severe implications on brand reputation, but company strategy can also get sidelined during the chaos. The post Crisis lessons—how crisis-mode learnings inform stronger biz strategy appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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How I became my own Crisis PR client

The Stalwart Blog

I actually found myself as my own Crisis PR client to start 2020. The post How I became my own Crisis PR client appeared first on Public Relations Security. On Day One of the New Year, I picked up a new client. Yeah – not kidding.

Share your crisis response strategy

PR Daily

The post Share your crisis response strategy appeared first on PR Daily. Content Marketing Crisis Communications Marketing Media Relations PR PR Daily Awards Social Media digital marketing awards marketing awards social media awards

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Crisis management—navigating the new frontier of corporate cybersecurity

Agility PR Solutions

The world of crisis management has changed dramatically, and continues to swiftly shift as what constitutes a crisis and how organizations respond both continue to evolve. Analysis Public Relations crisis

Expert guidance to prep your spokesperson—before a crisis hits

PR Daily

In the world of media training and media interviews, there are some serious flaws you should avoid at all costs—especially when you must do a media interview during a crisis. Lastly, media training for a crisis is something that every spokesperson should do at least once a year.

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KFC Crisis Response Is A PR Win

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

It’s not the worst reputation crisis that can happen to a food chain (just ask Chipotle ), but for a chicken restaurant to run out of chicken not only opens to door to competitors, but it makes its management look incompetent. in its response to the mini-crisis.

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Responding to Crisis

Ronn Torossian

Crisis management and communication is the most common PR function known to the public. The Real Purpose of Crisis Communications More to the truth, crisis communications help brands prepare for, endure, survive, and thrive when controversy … READ MORE ». The post Responding to Crisis appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Business Crisis PR 5WPR CEO Public Relations

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PR's Public Relations Crisis: How to Fix It

B2B PR Sense

Ironically, despite the ballyhoo and effusions, PR is facing its own PR crisis. The Crisis: What Are We Dealing With? How to Combat the B2B PR Crisis. It turns out PR folks (myself included) aren't master communicators when it comes to our own profession.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Handling A PR Crisis

Flack's Revenge

A PR crisis could ravage your reputation, and any number of potential developments can trigger one. There are ways to reduce the impact of a PR crisis, the best of which is to prepare for one. What to Do During a PR Crisis. What Not to Do During a PR Crisis.

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Using crisis communications in college athletics

Axia PR

How crisis communications is becoming more necessary in college athletics. Given the 24/7 news cycle that currently operates, these instances show a shift toward the need for crisis communications for an industry whose traditional media coverage focuses on the outcome of a game.

Guideposts for aligning your legal strategy and crisis response

PR Daily

When you’re managing a crisis, it’s important to include a communications strategy with your legal plan. By hiring a litigation and crisis communications firm early in the process, and integrating it as part of legal strategy development, you show credible intent to protect the privilege.

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Panera’s missed opportunity offers crisis response lessons

PR Daily

The post Panera’s missed opportunity offers crisis response lessons appeared first on PR Daily. Brand Journalism Crisis Communications Media Relations PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

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Ready, set, crisis! Getting everyone on the team ready

Agility PR Solutions

The post Ready, set, crisis! Analysis Public Relations crisisEveryone is talking about risk management and how the lack of being prepared can adversely negate the best marketing efforts if the right plans are not in place—but besides the plan, the right people are also important.

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How to use NewsWhip for crisis monitoring


There’s no telling when a potential PR crisis will hit, and the worst possible time to try and plan for it is while you’re scrambling to deal with it. Before a crisis. First, you have to decide what constitutes a crisis. Is there a clear plan of action for crisis management?

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Boeing’s CEO gets fired; The Crisis PR event continues.

The Stalwart Blog

Boeing’s CEO wound up being unceremoniously fired this week after an almost year-long crisis surrounding the grounding of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft. The post Boeing’s CEO gets fired; The Crisis PR event continues.

Will Your Crisis Plan be Ready When it Matters?

Ronn Torossian

Do you have a crisis PR plan in place? The post Will Your Crisis Plan be Ready When it Matters? Crisis PR Ronn TorossianIs your plan ready to get ahead of the bad news, grab the headlines and regain control of the message?

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2020’s changing PR landscape: crisis management + healthcare communications

Agility PR Solutions

As we look toward 2020, two key areas—crisis management and healthcare communications—may be among those experiencing the most dramatic shifts for PR professionals. Crisis and reputation management continues to evolve as the media battle for online click and social media […].

Crisis Ready Q&A: Discussing The Core Essentials Of Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

Each month I answer questions from real people doing real work in–or learning about–crisis readiness. ” … and a question that caught me by surprise, but I loved: “What do I think of the show Scandal in the context of crisis management?”

Using Social Media During a Crisis

Ronn Torossian

However, increasingly, brands also use social media as part of their crisis communications … READ MORE ». The post Using Social Media During a Crisis appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO BRANDING Crisis PR Crisis PR Agency Public Relations Social MediaSocial media has forever changed how people stay in touch with each other and get updates on each other’s lives.

Popeyes, a case study: Crisis response takeaways for franchises

PR Daily

After weeks of sustained negative coverage, Popeyes now finds itself weathering a widespread PR crisis. For these reasons, franchise owners should invest in formulating a companywide PR strategy— before a crisis occurs—to be able to mitigate damage and quickly move on from such incidents.

Crucial parts of holding statements in crisis PR

PR Daily

When responding to a crisis, you might have to offer updates or bulletins without knowing all the facts. One key to doing so is to prepare holding statements that can be quickly adapted to cover the current crisis. Crisis Communications Featured Media Relations

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