PR Rock Stars: U.S. Bank’s Susan Beatty

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Bank and that I get to do all the “fun stuff.” Bank Stadium). 2–In 2016, you helped spearhead the PR efforts around the new US Bank Stadium. Bank Stadium was a really fun time for us at the bank. Bank Stadium was a family day.

Inside Innovation: ING Bank Communications team

The Resolution Blog

Changing the traditional PR structure and workflow isn’t easy so when we heard about the success of ING Bank communications team in Amsterdam, we had to find out more. Both visits inspired us to return to Amsterdam to set about our change for ING Bank.

Trump continues to ignore traditional media, banking on the strength of his brand

Ron Torossian

The post Trump continues to ignore traditional media, banking on the strength of his brand appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Throughout his record-breaking Presidential campaign , Donald Trump had a tumultuous relationship with the media.

11 Shrewd PR and Marketing Predictions You Can Bank On

Sword and the Script

As for the eleven predictions listed here –I predict the chances are good you can take them to the bank in 2016. The post 11 Shrewd PR and Marketing Predictions You Can Bank On appeared first on Sword and the Script. by Frank Strong.

Power of Possible Podcast: U.S. Bank takes interesting approach with new podcast

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Bank, which launched its “Power of Possible” Podcast earlier this year. Our brand voice is to be relatable and earnest for a large bank. Bank focused podcast wouldn’t work. Bank interns Jordan Pinnix (currently a senior at the University of St.

Pitching Business and Technology Contributors: Q & A with Freelancer Anne R. Gabriel


Today, Gabriel covers business, technology, and IT as a freelancer and regularly contributes to BAI Banking Strategies, Channel Partners Online and Insurance Networking News. For BAI Banking Strategies, it’s pitches where an end user will go on record or “thought leadership” on technologies affecting banks/banking. Anne R.

How to improve your marketing without breaking the bank

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Without an effective marketing strategy, many businesses would fail. No matter how creative your approach, successful campaigns can be costly. To promote your brand without spending too much, seek to build your audience organically. Here’s how: Set clear goals.

Critics say Bank of America’s ‘Je Suis Bullish’ email was in poor taste

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A Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst’s decision to title an email with a play on the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan may have come, as comedians often say, too soon. Bank Of America will, I suspect, regret this press release unnecessarily titled ''Je Suis Bullish''

Deutsche Bank co-CEO announces 35,000 layoffs

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Deutsche Bank faced this task as it announced this week it will cut 35,000 jobs by 2020. Deutsche Bank co-CEO John Cryan laid out the company’s “Strategy 2020,” which outlines its plan to cut 9,000 full-time jobs by 2020 and close its business operations in 10 countries.

What Shadow Banking Means for Your Financial Services PR Program

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The Rise of Shadow Banking. As expected, the “big” banks offer something in all of these areas. According to a working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, the market share of shadow banks in the mortgage market nearly tripled from 2007-2015.

Tailored Brands to shut 250 Men’s Wearhouse and Jos A. Banks stores

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Bank stores, all Jos A. Bank and Men’s Wearhouse Outlet stores and up to 100 tuxedo shops. Bank label for $1.8 A Bank’s sales dropped 31.9 Bank to profitability and improve other operating aspects of Tailored Brands. Bank locations and 160 tuxedo storefronts.

What we can learn from brands that play the emotional connection card

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Blog Advertising advertising reaction airbnb banks brand advertising nescafe PRBrands trying to strike up an emotional connection with you is nothing new. However, it’s a trend that’s on the up this year and we’ve noticed major brands starting to take this marketing approach.

Deutsche Bank boycotts N.C. as anti-LGBT laws draw more fire

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Deutsche Bank is the latest company to cancel plans to bring its business to North Carolina after the state legislature passed House Bill 2, which limits protections for its LGBT community.

The lie that won

Mark My Words

As Aaron Banks rationalised the arguments of Leave had “to be crude, clear and forcible, and appeal to emotions and instincts, not the intellect.”. Mark My Words Stuntwatch Aaron Banks cameron campaign edward bernays election farage Goebbels lynton cosby politics propagandaThe comedy is that David Cameron believed his own lie. The tragedy is, so did the rest of us. The Conservative victory at last year’s election sent shockwaves through the media and political establishments.

2014: Year of the data breach


Data breaches were an unfortunate theme of 2014. Target, Home Depot and a dozen other companies are just a drop in the bucket, all of whom are likely looking forward to putting this year in the rearview mirror. Communication is crucial throughout any crisis – including data breaches.

Officials tread carefully around Greek banking crisis

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As of Monday, the Greek government has ordered banks to shut down and to limit ATM withdrawals to 60 euros (about $67). Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras tweeted this after announcing the bank shutdown: What’s required over the next few days is sobriety and patience. NowThis posted this video which shows Tsipras offering a similar message on TV: Greek PM Alexis Tsipras tries to keep the nation calm after Bank of Greece recommends that banks close.

Content We Love: Don’t Break Your Back (or Bank) When Planning Holiday Content

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However, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank. Fall is fast approaching, folks. At some point summer came and went, flying by just as fast as Usain Bolt crossed the finish line during the 2016 Summer Olympics.

How to create great images for your business that won’t break the bank  

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Click Here to Download The post How to create great images for your business that won’t break the bank appeared first on Public Relations Sydney. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cause Marketing and Credit Unions: Is Doing Good Good Enough?


For banking, at least, low fees, mobile banking services, service reputation and convenience are what matter most to consumers. We’ve worked with many credit unions and community banks. Credit unions value the communities they serve and love “doing good.”

Pause, Breath, Focus: 4 Tips to Be Present


Communications Tools Public Relations Balance banks communications credit union credit unions financial communications Focus Health Healthcare Communications listening Meditation Portland PR portland public relations PR pr tips Present public relations tips work life balance More on our New Year of focusing on workflow and efficiency – how focused are you in the moment? Anderson Cooper recently did a piece on being “mindful” and in the moment on 60 Minutes.

Bank of England looks to quell currency backlash

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The Bank of England’s shiny new five-pound note is making a splash—but not in the way that its communications team wished. The new currency is touted as “cleaner,” “safer” and “stronger” by the bank’s PR campaign : However, word quickly spread that the notes contain a small amount of tallow.

Banking on Marijuana: Study Reveals Public Perception of Serving the Legal Cannabis Industry


Yet, because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, the willingness of banks and credit unions to navigate the regulatory risks and scrutiny remains tentative. It’s no secret that the legal marijuana industry is exploding right now. With U.S.

Longtime Hensarling aide named CFPB's chief of staff

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Women in Banking Law and regulation Policymaking Jeb Hensarling Steven Mnuchin CFPB House Financial Services CommitteeKirsten Sutton Mork, the House Financial Services Committee's staff director, will become chief of staff at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Wells Fargo Goes From Bad to Worse

Ron Torossian

Wells Fargo bank may just win the worst PR of the year award for the announcement last year that many of its employees had set up huge numbers of fake accounts using the information of real customers.

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn Pulse


Now that we have a bank of it, we’re always thinking about ways to creatively reuse and leverage what we’ve already created to continually share useful intel with our audience.

What Values-Driven Companies Really Look Like


Think, as well, of the positive publicity in a time of extreme consumer skepticism towards banks,” Oates wrote. But following the crash of 2008, banks, and big businesses haven’t really been investing in people. Can you believe it?

3 Takeaways From a PR Pro on the Receiving End of Media Pitches

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Andrew Hayes, VP, corporate communications at Fifth Third Bank, has seen media relations from the other side, and he wasn’t too impressed by the view. After running his own PR agency for 10 years, he joined NBC Television as PR manager for a national daytime talk show and later on led PR and community relations… Continued. The post 3 Takeaways From a PR Pro on the Receiving End of Media Pitches appeared first on PR News Blog. Media Relations

Reputation Management: Making Employees Brand Ambassadors

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Take a look at industry leaders like Wal-Mart and Bank of America, versus smaller competitors like Target and SunTrust. Reputation management is no easy feat for any company. In fact, the bigger the company, the less control it seems to have over people’s beliefs about its corporate values and decisions. Need some convincing? The perception is not the same. As a result, many companies turn to a more subtle form of brand management, which involves creating new brand ambassadors.

The four best social media executions I’ve seen during Super Bowl week (so far)

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Bank – #NiceOff campaign on Twitter. How does a bank activate its brand during the biggest sporting week of the year? Bank’s tweet that got things started on Wednesday: With so many visitors to our home state this week, let’s show everyone what Minnesota is all about.

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Finding The Content Marketing Sweet Spot


Joe brings up a few examples, but Jyske Bank sticks out the most. The Danish bank previously spent a lot of money on outside advertisement to reach its audience. Over time, Jyske Bank successfully established itself as the only media company with its own bank.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Pinterest


Odds are that Bank of America didn’t come immediately to mind, but that’s the answer. Another bank, Wells Fargo is also active with Pinterest noting that there is great synergy between pinned topics and topics that banks want to discuss.

Crisis Preparedness Strategy for Data Breach Hack Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Being strategic and proactive – Desjardins Bank gives you food for thought. But the point is that this bank has done something proactive and useful to help their stakeholders think of this risk and have provided them with useful solutions.

Got Data? Maximize it for Big PR Results

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But a data strategy conceived of correctly can be hugely valuable for a company’s brand without breaking the bank. A data strategy in PR may sound like a daunting task that’s not worth the time, effort and expense. Data, more than ever, is what journalists want for their stories; it’s what social media managers and. Read More. The post Got Data? Maximize it for Big PR Results appeared first on RH Strategic. PR Best Practices PR Insights data pr randstad technologies

How to Fill Your Slow-Moving PR Pipeline Pitching Vertical Markets

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I have a local bank client that just started working with me in September. My bank client is a top ten SBA lender in my state who, naturally, funds a high volume of small business loans. Can I do a story on the impact of technology on banking cyber security?

Texas-Sized Crisis: 7 Steps to Communicating During a Disaster


Crisis PR Best Practices Public Relations Reputation bank crisis Casey Boggs credit union crisis crises crisis crisis communications Crisis PR Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey crisis LT Public Relations PR public relations Red Cross Texas crisis

7 Important Principles Of Media Coverage Every Business Needs To Know


A few years ago, a media frenzy surrounded Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) plans to use foreign workers to replace 45 people in their IT department. He talked about the legality of what Royal Bank was doing, the impact it had on him, his family and on the people in his department.

LTPR’s Casey Boggs to Present at Western Independent Bankers M&A Forum (July 26)


In 2017, several banks and financial institutions have continued to look to mergers and acquisitions as an effective method for growth. In this session, LTPR’s Casey Boggs will offer how-to tips to develop a strategic plan and create effective communications that focus on safeguarding the consolidating banks’ reputations, as well as enhancing the reputation of the newly merged financial institution.

What does your company’s dress code do for your reputation?

Return on Reputation

While some traditional companies, particularly in industries like banking and professional services, still embrace formal dress, the most desirable places to work these days are no longer blue collar or white collar jobs – they are no collar jobs.

Why buying forgiveness doesn’t work

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Over the last year, Samsung, Under Armour and Deutsche Bank have all issued full-page mea culpas in prestigious publications. billion settlement on Deustche Bank. Several large companies have taken out expensive ads apologizing for bad behavior.

Are CEOs Ready To Embrace Social Activism?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In the past three years, CEOs in sectors from technology to banking have spoken out on controversial or even divisive issues like immigration, marriage equality or climate change.