How Social Media Drives B2B PR

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We associate social media platforms with splashy consumer campaigns, but social is increasingly important in B2B public relations. B2B buyers are often looking for as much information as possible on vendors and products before they buy, and they rarely buy on impulse.

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3 Best Practices For Using Data In B2B PR

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For B2B companies, this presents a massive PR opportunity. To meet media demand, B2B tech brands in particular can build out their own research assets. To be successful, here are three best practices that B2B tech companies and startups need to keep in mind. Media love data.

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5 Important Planning Considerations from a B2B Content Marketing Study

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B2B organizations that find content marketing effective are committed to these programs. Nearly all of the most successful B2B content marketers (90%) prioritize the audience’s informational needs over their sales/promotional message, compared with 56% of the least successful.”.

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10 Powerful B2B Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow

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B2B marketing is a rich, diverse, and sometimes complex field. B2B influencer marketing is a way for you to harness that power to positively impact your brand. 20 Key Resources That Will Keep Your B2B Business on Top of the Marketing Buzz. Blog B2B Marketing

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Influencer Relations For B2B Brands

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For B2B companies, third-party influencers can require more time and effort to cultivate, but they yield far-reaching results over the long term. 6 Sources of B2B influencers. The post Influencer Relations For B2B Brands appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

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How to Adapt to the Future of B2B Inbound Marketing

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B2B inbound marketing started some 10 years ago in response to growing frustration with traditional, outbound marketing tactics. Meanwhile, the methods and priorities of b2b marketing strategies grow and evolve. How to Boost Your B2B Marketing Plan with Social Media.

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How storytellers must adjust for B2C or B2B audiences

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Whether your audience is B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) will make a big difference in your tone and style. When writing for a B2B audience, you’re targeting a group of like people who are typically within a specific industry.

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Want Powerful B2B Content? You Need These Tools

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Every industry has its own tools of the trade -- carpenters, hair stylists, and yes, even B2B content marketers. These tools are specifically designed to help you create killer content to reach your B2B content marekting strategy goals. b2b content marketing B2B Tools

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How to Create B2B Content That Drives Leads

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Your B2B content drives your site -- either moving leads toward a designated goal -- or, if your content fails to resonate, to a holidng pattern or dead-end. Well-crafted and quality content is obviously at the root of success for many B2B companies.

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10 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your B2B Blog

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Despite all your efforts, does your B2B blog get about as much traffic as a back alleyway? Don’t be too hasty to put the brakes on your B2B blogging efforts. So.What’s Holding Your B2B Blog Back? There is no excuse for B2B blogging that reads like a dusty college textbook.

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PR Tips For Stellar B2B Bylines

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Bylined content helps establish a B2B executive as an industry expert or brand voice, and it’s also a strong way to boost SEO for an individual or company. Within a thought leadership campaign, B2B bylines should offer value to the reader.

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8 PR Tools for B2B Thought Leadership

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Thought leadership is part of public relations best practices, and it’s particularly powerful in B2B and technology categories. Here are 8 tech PR tools for a B2B thought leadership plan. The post 8 PR Tools for B2B Thought Leadership appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Half of B2B decision makers say they’re “bored” by B2B marketing

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B2B product buyers are living in a world awash with breakthrough consumer creative, and they want their B2B buying journey experience to be just as engaging. The post Half of B2B decision makers say they’re “bored” by B2B marketing appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Thought Leadership Strategy: How to Crush It in B2B Business

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A recent study from Edelman and LinkedIn may help you to see why so many B2B brands are using thought leadership to shore up their strategy. These two brands have joined forces to create the 2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study. Managing Director, B2B at Edelman.

How to Engage Clients in Your B2B Public Relations

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Nothing improves B2B public relations like a happy customer’s voice. Positive customer feedback translates into opportunities to boost your B2B PR, and get the attention you deserve. Recommended Reading: The Power of B2B Marketing Case Studies. B2B PR

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How to Boost Your B2B Lead Generation with Content Marketing

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But even before someone notices your offer, there's a lot you can do to prime the wheels of the B2B lead generation machine -- and content marketing plays a big part! The Relationship Between Lead Gen and B2B Content Marketing. How to Generate More B2B Leads with 6 Easy Strategies.

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How to Create a Successful B2B Content Strategy

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The same is true with your B2B content creation. Studies have revealed that of the 88% of B2B marketers who use content marketing, only 32% have a documented strategy. How to Create a B2B Content Strategy. Creating a successful B2B content strategy involves some basic steps.

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8 Innovative Ways to Think Big in Your B2B PR

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No matter your size, thinking big is pivotal to success in B2B PR. Learn how you can take your B2B public relations to the next level, and think bigger for your company. The following are 8 ways that you can amplify your company’s content, and meet your B2B public relations goals.

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What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR

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B2B public relations is widely perceived as the nerdy cousin to consumer PR’s popular girl. Some of this reputation is deserved; it’s true that B2C PR is often more glamorous and accessible than B2B. A classic B2B PR technique is to make the customer smart.

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5 Important B2B Content Strategy Lessons That Will Shape How You Use Social Media

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Every company needs a solid B2B content strategy, including for social media. The powerful content marketing gurus at Hubspot and BuzzSumo have joined forces to conduct research into what works and what doesn’t in B2B and B2C content. What B2B Content Strategy Lessons We Learn.

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How to Pick the Right B2B PR Agency For You

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Choosing a B2B PR agency can be a daunting task. 10 Things to Do Before Hiring a B2B PR Agency. What do you want to accomplish with your B2B PR? Top B2B agencies have done their homework on your business and on your competition and are well poised to offer you expert PR advice.

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How to Get Killer B2B Leads at Trade Shows

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When it comes to trade shows, you might think that generating B2B leads is a piece of cake. And, although LinkedIn is responsible for generating as many as 80% of all B2B leads , trade shows are still a successful staple of any B2B marketing strategy.

How to Boost Buyers with Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Your B2B content marketing strategy plays a powerful role in a buyer’s journey. But new research shows that a strong B2B content strategy goes beyond simple information; it influences audiences. 4 Important Tips for Using Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy to Get More Buyers.

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5 Ways to Transform Your B2B Public Relations

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The B2B public relations landscape has changed dramatically in the last 10 years -- primarily driven by social media, blogging, and internet connectivity. Want to take your online B2B public relations to the next level? B2B PR B2B Blogging b2b branding

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5 of the Best Quotes on B2B Marketing from #MPB2B


Last week, I attended MarketingProfs B2B Forum, a place specifically geared to educate business-to-business marketers. I decided to compile five of the best quotes from the forum for some B2B marketing inspiration. Featured Influencers B2B marketing MarketingProfs B2B Forum

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How to Build a Successful B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy

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And B2B influencer marketing is at the top of our list. 10 Powerful B2B Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow. 5 Leading Ways to Create an Effective B2B Influencer Marketing Strategy. 5 B2C Tactics That Are Sure to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy. B2B Marketing

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8 Powerful Ways to Energize Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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Is your B2B content marketing strategy successful? The answer may lie in your B2B blog content. A reported 80% of B2B marketers include blogging in their marketing strategy. Yet, there is still massive room for growth and improvement in the sphere of B2B blogging.

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B2B PR Trends: How to Give Journalists What They Really Want

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But to help you up your effectiveness, we've highlighted the key B2B PR trends you need to know to appeal to journalists. 5 Top B2B PR Trends That Will Help You Create Press Release That Get Read. How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results.

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8 Misleading Myths About B2B PR in Social Media -- Obliterated!

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Yet, if you want to succeed at B2B PR, it's necessary to explode the myths. Today, let’s address these myths and look at the reality of what social media marketing can truly do for your B2B company. Let's Obliterate the Myths Surrounding B2B PR and Social Media. B2B PR

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13 No-Fail B2B PR Methods to Promote Your Content

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To help you generate the most attention for your content, we've created 13 no-fail B2B PR content promotion tips. Ready to learn how to get your B2B company's content before a wider audience? Reach Out to Those Who Have Published or Linked to Similar B2B Content.

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B2B PR Tips For Speaking on Panels

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Public-speaking engagements are a strong component of a good B2B PR thought leadership plan. Most importantly, a young B2B tech brand can begin to cultivate real brand voice, credibility, and point of view, all of which establishes a solid reputation for competitive advantage.

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Social Media for Consumer vs. B2B: Three Fundamental Differences

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But there’s plenty of quality work in the B2B realm as well. B2B voices, on the other hand, are generally plainer and more understated. B2B companies, on the other hand, are starting to understand the value of sharing media in social channels.

3 Valuable Lessons From the B2B Marketing Forum


For B2B marketers, the struggle is real. Those Snapchat and Instagram tactics look fun, but they often don’t make sense for B2B companies. “*No personal emotions allowed in B2B!* Best Practices Featured B2B marketing marketing strategy

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How to Publish Your B2B Content on LinkedIn

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Want to use your B2B content to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry? Why Publish Your B2B Content on LinkedIn? Yes, you probably publish a regular B2B blog on your website -- so why bother publishing content on LinkedIn? LinkedIn B2B Content

How to Explode Your B2B Content Strategy with Earned Content

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A recent study revealed that earned content is 88% more effective than owned media -- which makes it a powerful part of your B2B content strategy. A well-rounded B2B content marketer will also include owned and paid content in her B2B PR tactics. B2B Content

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How to Become the Ultimate Master of Your B2B Public Relations

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Have you recently taken on your company’s B2B public relations, and find yourself a little overwhelmed? Or are you an old-timer to B2B PR, but wish you could be more effective. After all, B2B PR is an intricate specialty with many moving parts that can’t be learned in a weekend.

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How to Leverage Facebook in Your B2B Public Relations

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Does your B2B public relations strategy include Facebook? Many B2B companies dismiss Facebook because of its simple beginnings as a friends and family network. Yet, Facebook has evolved to become a prime opportunity in the B2B space. Facebook, when wielded correctly, can put a face to your B2B PR efforts and deliver results. Generate more B2B leads. 9 Elements to Help You Bring Your Facebook A-Game to Your B2B Public Relations. b2b social media

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Original Research: B2B Content Sweet Spot

The Proactive Report

While B2C brands have been hitting content marketing full-bore, B2B companies have been a little more circumspect. Many B2B marketers have discovered that creating effective content that gets results is not the easiest task.

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5 Ways to Create a Successful, Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign

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How can you convert a humble, sales-focused company into a B2B marketing dynamo? DePeau's 5 Tips on Creating a Successful Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign. Blog B2B Public Relations B2B PR b2b marketing

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How Stone Temple Kills it with B2B Marketing Videos

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On the face of it, the idea of using video for B2B marketing in 2017 might not seem that groundbreaking. The post How Stone Temple Kills it with B2B Marketing Videos appeared first on. Branding Interviews Marketing PR Tech B2B marketing SEO video

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