B2B Lead Generation

Ronn Torossian

What is B2B marketers’ main challenge? It seems rather ironic that B2B, which is more than twice as large as B2C, is challenged. eCommerce company Trellis reports that B2B eCommerce is currently estimated to […]. The post B2B Lead Generation appeared first on.

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Five Reasons Why B2B PR Works

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

I’m a late convert to B2B public relations. But in recent years my team and I have found B2B PR work to be exciting and profitable, particularly in key sectors. Meanwhile, B2B budgets have boomed. Here’s how I learned to stop worrying and love B2B work.

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B2B – A Whole New World

Ronn Torossian

A line from the song pretty much summarizes the current marketing sphere for B2B brands, “A whole new world with new horizons to pursue.” The post B2B – A Whole New World appeared first on.

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B2B Brand Storytelling – Using Stories to Engage


Smiling black businesswoman leader tells a story as part of her B2B Brand Storytelling Strategy. A fav client of ours asked me to review a pitch recently because they wanted to try out some brand spanking new B2B Brand Storytelling. Blog Brand Storytelling B2B brand storytelling

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8 Tips For Pitching B2B Tech Stories

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For top B2B PR firms , approaching reporters and tech influencers carries a great deal of responsibility. There are some small measures that can maximize efforts to B2B technology media. Many top B2B tech reporters interview multiple people each day for a wide range of stories.

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How to Improve Your B2B Buying Process During COVID-19

B2B PR Sense

We've seen a lot of changes this year because of COVID-19 -- and even the B2B buying process has not been immune! In fact, buying in general, whether B2B or B2C, has experienced marked changes throughout this pandemic. They must act to adapt to the current demands of their B2B buyers.

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How Instagram Can Work For B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The go-to social media platforms for B2B PR are probably LinkedIn and Twitter. But a too-narrow social focus for B2B leaves out at least one very powerful social channel – Instagram. . Here are a few ways Instagram can help amplify storytelling for B2B organizations.

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How To Supercharge B2B PR With Newsjacking

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A fast news cycle invites B2B newsjacking. For us in the B2B tech space, riding a news wave can be very successful. Here’s how to take advantage of newsjacking for B2B companies. Stay alert for B2B technology changes.

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How to Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

B2B PR Sense

B2B content marketing has become a mainstay in many businesses. The experts over at Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute have joined together in a recent study, entitled, B2B Content Marketing 2020: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends. This study dug up some interesting and surprising data about the state of content marketing for B2B and shows us some areas where we can all improve. This reflects the state of content marketing for B2B in general.

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Why B2B Brands Should Be Active on Social Media

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The B2B landscape is changing, especially for technology brands. B2B tech companies typically deal with sophisticated and knowledgeable customers. With the help of social media, a B2B brand in the tech sector can establish a distinctive voice and build a unique community of followers.

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Supercharge Your B2B PR With Newsjacking

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A fast news cycle invites B2B newsjacking. For us in the B2B tech space, riding a news wave can be very successful. Here’s how to take advantage of newsjacking for B2B companies. Stay alert for B2B technology changes.

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Can B2B Build Credibility with Content Marketing?

Sword and the Script

Diligence and accuracy in owned media publishing allows B2B to foster a relationship with a subscribed audience and build credibility for the organization in the process. The post Can B2B Build Credibility with Content Marketing?

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In Praise of Trade PR For B2B Companies

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Publications dedicated to a specific industry, whether healthcare, manufacturing, or financial services, may lack the broad reach of a national news site, but they engage the decision-makers critical to a B2B organization’s growth. They should be an integral part of any B2B PR strategy. .

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How Social Media Drives B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We associate social media platforms with splashy consumer campaigns, but social is increasingly important in B2B public relations. B2B buyers are often looking for as much information as possible on vendors and products before they buy, and they rarely buy on impulse. According to an IDC study , 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level/vice president executives use social media to make purchasing decisions. For B2B companies, an educated customer is like gold.

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10 Powerful B2B Marketing Influencers You Need to Follow

B2B PR Sense

B2B marketing is a rich, diverse, and sometimes complex field. B2B influencer marketing is a way for you to harness that power to positively impact your brand. 20 Key Resources That Will Keep Your B2B Business on Top of the Marketing Buzz. How to Leverage B2B Influencer Marketing for Powerful Results. Now for the main attraction -- who are the B2B marketers that you should know in 2017? 10 Genius-Level B2B Marketing Influencers to Keep Your Eye On.

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How behavioral science can guide your B2B marketing

PR Daily

Here are the four main kinds of emotion and how they can be used to entice new customers—even in a rationalized B2B relationship. Here’s a fact that B2B PR and marketing pros can sometimes forget: People buy with emotion and justify with logic.

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How to Do B2B Content Marketing That Doesn't Suck

B2B PR Sense

" B2B content marketing is so easy, anyone can do it." It takes a lot more than basic writing skills to create successful B2B content. Let's look at a two of them: B2B public relations and thought leadership. How Content Marketing Supports B2B PR and Thought Leadership. Other areas such as B2B PR and thought leadership are interwoven with our content marketing strategy. It's been said that B2B PR and content marketing going hand in hand -- and it's true.

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Marketing mistakes in working with social media in B2B


In this article, you will find the list of common B2B social media marketing mistakes that all marketers sometimes make. If your social networks are not effective, you need to analyze your recent activities carefully.

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6 B2B Tech Trends From CES 2020

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Much of the news was about new gadgets and Big Tech announcements, but there was plenty of PR from B2B tech brands, too. Yet, the technology sector — particularly the B2B tech sector — continues to do the bare minimum for bringing on underrepresented talent.

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Social Media for Consumer vs. B2B: Three Fundamental Differences

PR Expanded

But there’s plenty of quality work in the B2B realm as well. B2B voices, on the other hand, are generally plainer and more understated. In the B2B space, most calls to action try to get audience and community members to visit a website to read a blog post, download a collateral item or sign up for something. B2B companies, on the other hand, are starting to understand the value of sharing media in social channels.

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How to Boost Your Strategy with B2B Video Marketing

B2B PR Sense

B2B video marketing has raised a few eyebrows in recent years. Some find it hard to picture B2B CEOs scrolling through video on social media or surfing YouTube, especially to view business-related content. Why Focus on Video Marketing for B2B. B2B Marketing

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How to Create B2B Content That Drives Leads

B2B PR Sense

Your B2B content drives your site -- either moving leads toward a designated goal -- or, if your content fails to resonate, to a holidng pattern or dead-end. Well-crafted and quality content is obviously at the root of success for many B2B companies. Click here to find out 6 reasons why your marketing campaign needs a B2B blog.). Craft B2B Content That Wins Them Over. Your B2B content should never be left to chance. b2b content marketing B2B Blogging B2B Leads

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Want Powerful B2B Content? You Need These Tools

B2B PR Sense

Every industry has its own tools of the trade -- carpenters, hair stylists, and yes, even B2B content marketers. These tools are specifically designed to help you create killer content to reach your B2B content marekting strategy goals. Make sure that your B2B content is crafted to stand out and garner the readership you deserve. B2B Content Tools of the Trade That Add Umph to Every Piece. Click here to find out what SEO mistakes to avoid in your B2B blog.).

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6 Reasons B2B Marketers are Unsatisfied with their Own Content

Sword and the Script

B2B marketers say too much work, too few resources and too much interference forces them to choose between quality and completion. Most B2B marketers aren’t thrilled with their own content. B2B marketing faces interference.

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10 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your B2B Blog

B2B PR Sense

Despite all your efforts, does your B2B blog get about as much traffic as a back alleyway? Don’t be too hasty to put the brakes on your B2B blogging efforts. So.What’s Holding Your B2B Blog Back? You have a product or service to offer, and the marketer in you wants people to see how great it is.Your B2B blog, however, is not the place for that. There is no excuse for B2B blogging that reads like a dusty college textbook.

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Influencer Relations For B2B Brands

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For B2B companies, third-party influencers can require more time and effort to cultivate, but they yield far-reaching results over the long term. Influencer PR for B2B is about nurturing genuine relationships with personalities who can influence the customer journey, from lead generation to purchase and beyond. 6 Sources of B2B influencers. Known or up-and-coming authors, academics, or consultants are often the most accessible influencers for B2B companies.

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B2B Sales Cycles are Getting Longer, Study Says

Sword and the Script

68% of B2B professionals surveyed say it takes longer to complete B2B sales cycles compared to a year ago They say recessions don’t start trends – they accelerate those that are already in motion. The trend has been more of everything in B2B.

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B2B Content Marketing: 5 Trends That You Need to Watch in 2020

B2B PR Sense

How has B2B content marketing changed since the start of the pandemic? This report, The B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends , is a yearly survey that sheds light on the state of content marketing. 5 B2B Content Marketing Trends That You Should Know.

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How to Create a Successful B2B Landing Pages

Ronn Torossian

The post How to Create a Successful B2B Landing Pages appeared first on. As each state, and the businesses within it, slowly emerge from COVID-19, it will be even more important that landing pages are utilized for the best possible success.

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4 ways COVID-19 changed B2B marketing—and how to capitalize

Agility PR Solutions

This article will explore four ways that COVID-19 has changed B2B marketing. The post 4 ways COVID-19 changed B2B marketing—and how to capitalize appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. COVID-19 had a major impact on the global business landscape.

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B2B Marketers Focused on Long Term Tend to Outperform the Competition

Sword and the Script

B2B marketers that outperform peers are more likely to devote 40% or more of their marketing budget to long-term goals Good things really do come to those who wait. That’s always the case in B2B marketing , no? Marketers across B2B tech all a similar language.

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The 3 Characteristics of Effective Thought Leadership in B2B Marketing

Sword and the Script

A study by Edelman and LinkedIn connects B2B thought leadership to trust and sales; and what it takes to be effective Effective thought leadership content is a staple of B2B marketing. That’s my analysis of the 2020 B2B Thought Leader Impact Study by Edelman and LinkedIn.

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3 Best Practices For Using Data In B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For B2B companies, this presents a massive PR opportunity. To meet media demand, B2B tech brands in particular can build out their own research assets. To be successful, here are three best practices that B2B tech companies and startups need to keep in mind. Most scaled B2B tech companies are sitting on a pile of interesting data. But, more often than not, internal data doesn’t work for B2B PR. For B2B tech brands, walking that line is important.

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5 Rules To Break In B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

After all, each client is distinct, and every B2B PR program is unique. Here are some B2B and general public relations “rules” that were made to be broken – at least occasionally. B2B PR rules that don’t always apply. Stick to facts and features for B2B programs. A B2B label makes it sound like impersonal entities exchanging goods and services. See our earlier post for B2C tips for adding life to B2B programs.

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Most B2B buyers now make procurement decisions quicker than pre-pandemic

Agility PR Solutions

The firm’s new report, ARPR’s 3rd Annual Tech Marketing Data Report: Post-Pandemic B2B Sales Environment, surveyed 75 tech sales representatives […]. The post Most B2B buyers now make procurement decisions quicker than pre-pandemic appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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B2B Marketing: When You Finally Achieve Thought Leadership, Don’t Let it Slip Away

Sword and the Script

True thought leadership is hard to achieve, not because it’s hard, but because some in B2B just can’t get out of their own way. She works for a B2B tech company that “doesn’t believe marketing” but she knows they need it desperately. A blog with B2B sales attribution.

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The Enduring Characteristics of Winning B2B Content Marketing Programs

Sword and the Script

Effective B2B content marketing programs have a documented strategy, build a subscription audience and use metrics to inform decisions What separates successful B2B content marketing programs from those that underperform?

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What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

B2B public relations is widely perceived as the nerdy cousin to consumer PR’s popular girl. Some of this reputation is deserved; it’s true that B2C PR is often more glamorous and accessible than B2B. Having already noted what B2B PR people can learn from their colleagues who run consumer brand accounts, I think the reverse is also true. A classic B2B PR technique is to make the customer smart. Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations B2B PR

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How to Engage Clients in Your B2B Public Relations

B2B PR Sense

Nothing improves B2B public relations like a happy customer’s voice. Positive customer feedback translates into opportunities to boost your B2B PR, and get the attention you deserve. Recommended Reading: The Power of B2B Marketing Case Studies. What exactly does customer engagement do for your B2B PR? Recommended Reading: 5 Ways to Transform Your B2B Public Relations. The Essential Keys to B2B Public Relations Participation. B2B PR

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What’s The #1 Priority Of B2b Marketers?

Ronn Torossian

The post What’s The #1 Priority Of B2b Marketers? According to Content Marketing Institute’s recent research, it’s lead generation. A whopping 85% of respondents said so with only 41% reported feeling confident generating leads.

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