The 1st Winner of the PR Expanded Student Video Contest is …

PR Expanded

” In the spirit of students and professionals being PR Tech Testers , we thought it would be a much more interesting assignment for students to create videos based on what they learned in class. Here is Wei’s winning video.

Video 304

How video bolsters your internal communications

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With more employees working from home due to COVID-19 concerns, video is becoming increasingly valuable for internal communications. Video offers many benefits for internal communications, even in ordinary times–and these are anything but. More video essentials.

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PR Expanded

It’s time to unveil our 2nd PR Expanded video contest winner. A big congratulations goes to Nicole Morin, a UMASS at Amherst student, for creating her video on “Why PR Professionals Should Practice Strategic Communications.”

Video 295

When consumers watch video online

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and noon, according to Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report. Video constitutes a big investment for organizations online—and its importance will likely grow as brand managers compete for restless internet surfers. Graph from Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report).

What types of video drive different Reactions on Facebook?


The post What types of video drive different Reactions on Facebook? Digital Journalism Facebook Reactions Facebook Video native video social video[…]. appeared first on NewsWhip.

5 Reasons To Embrace Video Content Now


In the past decade, perhaps the biggest shift in Internet technology has been the rise of video content. From commercially produced material to the explosion of self-directed content via smartphones, video is everywhere.

Video 308

Takeaways from Marriott’s emotional CEO video

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That’s the big takeaway from the video from Marriott’s CEO Arne Sorenson that is getting lots of kudos online for directly addressing the company’s challenges in the face of COVID-19. Thanks for Your video message. wrote : The video is worth a watch for every leader.

Video 94

Tips for developing your online video strategy

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Content creators might be hesitant to invest in video creation, but it has never been easier to start developing high quality videos. When it comes to online video, two things are true. The speed at which the environment for online video changes is only accelerating.

Video 166

5 top video trends for 2020

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Video is today’s premier communications tool. Look no further than the growing popularity of visual search and visual devices like Amazon’s Alexa Echo or Facebook’s new ‘ Portal ’ video device,” says videographer Lou Bortone. Long-form video surges. Personalized video pops.

Video 104

The Essential Components of Your Video Marketing Strategy


Are you using video as a part of your marketing strategy? Video, my friend, is no longer optional. If you want to build a business in the 21st century, you need to reach the 21st century consumer, and that person is on Facebook or YouTube liking cat videos as we speak.

Video 277

4 guidelines for perfect video PR

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Just because your video went viral doesn’t mean your sales will skyrocket. Consider these steps for using video to win customers’ hearts. Video content has become a crucial part of any successful multifaceted PR campaign. The very nature of viral videos is transitory.

LinkedIn embraces video with livestreaming tool

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The platform faces competition from Facebook, Twitter and more, but the video offering can boost content efforts. It’s never too late to embrace video content and livestreaming. What do you think of LinkedIn’s live video announcement, PR Daily readers?

Why and how marketers should invest in Facebook videos

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Invest in video. Not only does Facebook’s algorithm favor video, it’s also the most likely to drive engagement. This means there’s a huge opportunity for brand marketers willing to invest in video. Amplify your video. What good is a video if it’s never seen?

Video 133

Video tips from Google’s Zynara Ng

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Here’s how this industry veteran breaks down the video creation process with tips on what kinds of questions to ask to get the best story for your campaign. The site contains hundreds of hours of case studies, video presentations, and interactive courses.

Follow these best practices to create superb marketing videos

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Almost every major business and organization uses video to inform and engage consumers. Marketers are piling into producing streaming videos. The reasons are simple: Most customers prefer video over text, and well-produced marketing videos deliver superior results.

Video 165

Announcing PR Daily’s 2018 Video & Visual Awards finalists

PR Daily

Creating powerful video is an essential part of an impressive communications strategy. The participants in PR Daily’s 2018 Video & Visual Awards proved this with their unique submissions. VIDEOS BY TOPIC. Charitable or Nonprofit Video. Educational Video.

Video 160

How to Get Better Live Video Reach


This past week Twitter announced that they are integrating Periscope’s live video as a built-in feature of the network. They began live streaming using UStream , but as live video apps started maturing, they switched. For many businesses, this would be a useful live video tactic.

Video 294

Tips for pricing corporate video work

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Whether your are producing your own content or outsourcing your efforts, it helps to know the true price of a video. Video production can be complex and difficult to price if it’s not your specialty. For example: “A great video will cost you $4,000 a minute.”.

Maximize video for your health care practice

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Check out these examples of useful videos for internal and external outreach. Video can be a valuable strategic tool in your communications kit, but health care organizations must take care to handle it appropriately.

Video 158

Navigating the Video Content Jungle


Once a year, I ask the creative team here at MultiVu to think about an educational video for our sales team to share with clients. The focus of the Goldie videos was to stress to communicators that they have mere seconds to catch their audience’s attention.

Video 215

5 steps for using testimonials in social media video

PR Daily

With video becoming more popular every day, there’s never been a better time to use the power of testimonials to engage potential customers on social media. Here are the five elements of creating a successful video testimonial: 1.

Video 160

Top 10 tips to Maximise your Video Content


It’s no secret that video is champion content when it comes to social media. So, how can you make the most of your next video campaign to ensure it reaches it’s full potential? Here’s our top 10 tips to help you out: Design your video content to be shareable .

Video 62

The State of Digital Video: A PRStudChat Session Recap

PR Expanded

On April 28, 2015, the #PRStudChat community gathered to discuss the State of Digital Video. Sarah and our community shared many video insights in a fast paced, dynamic chat session. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation regarding PR and the use of video in 2015.

Video 311

The Launch of the Women Worldwide Video Podcast

PR Expanded

Today, we’ve launched Women Worldwide as a video podcast on YouTube. Once again, I’m stepping into an “uncomfortable zone” to build a video show with a team of dedicated professionals, and to experience video with my interview guests.

Video 254

8 ways to land your organization’s message through video

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When communicators create videos, their first impulse might be to gather the top executives in a conference room and have them talk about the company’s work. Here are eight ways to make your organization’s video memorable: 1. Visual & Video Communications

Video 153

5 terrific video formats to showcase your leaders

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We often hear, “We need to put our leaders on video; employees want to see them.”. FREE GUIDE: 8 steps to making killer videos ]. Thought leadership video: Nothing inspires confidence among the rank and file (and your customers) like an executive on the forefront of trends.

Video 114

Mayo Clinic’s best practices for video

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The site contains hundreds of hours of case studies, video presentations and interactive courses. What makes it more digestible, she says, is video. Mayo creates video that lives on a range of channels, such as its website and piped in-room patient TV.

Video 135

5 ways in-house video can boost your PR efforts

PR Daily

You don’t have to have a lot of fancy equipment to reap the benefits of a robust video production program. Here are some tips on how to make your own video content. This allows your audience to join you on a creative journey, with each video deepening the brand-audience connection.

Video 161

4 Key Elements in Viral Videos


When it comes to producing viral videos for big brands, Stephen Voltz is about as experienced as they come. If you’ve ever seen a YouTube video demonstrating what happens when you combine Diet Coke and Mentos , you can thank Voltz and his team for that.

Viral 328

Video Production Trends For 2020


The rise of video content has made it an exciting time to have a presence in the production industry. As consumers are becoming more aware, they recognise when they are being retargeted, they understand when viral videos are being produced, they know about influencer marketing. Smartphones are overrunning the business playing field, leaving behind a trail of good, bad and ugly videos, and as expected, they’re all over our social feeds. 360 Degree Videos.

Video 48

What is video production?


Currently, there are thousands of digital video providers, all vying for input and publicity. As more companies are looking to capitalise on the popularity of video integration, some PR agencies are using their marketing techniques to create campaign videos that encourage consumers to invest. Video is quickly becoming one of the most influential and effective digital marketing techniques used by both large and small businesses to reach their target audiences.

Video 48

Video: My Upcoming Book

Rock the Status Quo

Here is a short video where I introduce a little detail about it. Above The Noise VideosWondering what my new book, Above The Noise, is about?

Video 141

Join #PRStudChat on April 28th for a State of Digital Video Tweet Chat

PR Expanded

ET, the #PRStudChat community will gather to discuss the state of video communications in 2015. When you’re in PR, you’re very familiar with video, having used videos over the years for B-Roll footage, Satellite Media Tours (SMTs), and video to enhance your news releases.

Video 388

Creating a Company Video That Actually Tells a Story

Ishmael's Corner

On a charitable day, I would characterize most company videos as dreadful. Why would a company video be.more. The post Creating a Company Video That Actually Tells a Story appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications.

How video listicles can still offer content marketing success

PR Daily

Erika Montgomery argues the video format still offers big results for marketers and PR pros. The video listicle, is just as bad in the eyes of many, serving only as a mobile version of an otherwise boring and baseless article. A third of online activity is spent consuming video.

5 Steps For Live Streaming Video Success


In March, live video streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope launched, shifting the PR and marketing world yet again. Developing streaming video content may seem overwhelming, especially due to its recent emergence in the social world and consequential lack of examples to follow.

Video 314

Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

Contently - Strategy

You’re confident this great video will get people talking. You wait a few days to check the data and… your video got a whopping 12 views. Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. The online video space is a deeply crowded market.

Viral 114

How Stone Temple Kills it with B2B Marketing Videos

Flack's Revenge

Through this collaboration I learned of Stone Temple’s very creative use of video. On the face of it, the idea of using video for B2B marketing in 2017 might not seem that groundbreaking. It would not seem to have “next YouTube video stars” written all over.

B2B 184

The 7 Commandments of Video-Streaming Apps


Mobile live-streaming video apps Meerkat and Periscope have received a lot of press this year. Despite the advertised novelty of these apps, Meerkat and Periscope are simply the latest iteration of live-streaming video apps. Persistence – Are videos saved?

Video 321

How to use video in your media pitch

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Adding video to your pitch could give it the extra oomph it needs to grab journalists’ attention. Instead, we used the following intriguing subject: “New survey shows the #1 marketing trend expected this holiday season is video.”. Craft a video pitch.