Improved Video Marketing Tactics

Ronn Torossian

One of the leading forms of marketing in recent years has become video marketing, and businesses making video content are getting ahead of their competitors. According to some reports, the businesses that use video content grow in revenue 49% faster compared to those that don’t.

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Video: Effective Communication with Customers

Ronn Torossian

It doesn’t matter which platform a brand’s customers frequent because wherever they are, video is king. Cisco’s latest annual internet report forecasted that by 2021, video is expected to make up 80% of all internet traffic.

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3 post-WFH video storytelling mistakes

PR Daily

Here are three tips to help you script and shoot better company videos in the post-WFH era, shared in a recent Ragan webinar. Run-and-gun may work for cinema verité and documentaries, but most corporate video requires more planning.

What Makes a YouTube Video a Hit?

Ronn Torossian

By the time we ring in the new year, video social media advertising will have exceeded $28 billion for 2020, according to Statista. compound annual growth rate they’re forecasting for video marketing revenue. The post What Makes a YouTube Video a Hit?

4 affordable ways to improve your video content

PR Daily

Looking to create great videos without breaking the bank? Video content has long been a key creative element in marketing and public relations. A lack of quality video output—whether a live webinar or social media content—could put you behind others in your niche.

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5 tips for making stellar iPhone videos

PR Daily

The past few months, it’s been difficult for videographers to be on-site to shoot video for projects and clients, considering current health and safety precautions. That’s forced us to get creative when seeking video footage, such as asking subjects to film video themselves.

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What makes a perfect product video?

PR Daily

As more and more shopping moves online during the pandemic, being able to feature your offerings with online video is a crucial tool for your organization. In the digital age, if you don’t have a product video, does your product really exist? What the video should cover.

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How to Ace Video for Personal Branding

B2B PR Sense

How about video? Using video for personal branding has helped many people to expand their brand and reach more audiences. And COVID-19 has created an atmosphere where video thrives. I know personally that it's a struggle to do video. Why do I push myself to create video?

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3 communications lessons from viral ‘Gorilla Glue’ videos

PR Daily

Brown’s first video racked up more than 31.6 million views on Instagram within a week—with additional reposts and videos from social media users and news media outlets garnering even more views. A second video, also posted on Feb.

Viral 144

5 top video trends for 2020

PR Daily

Video is today’s premier communications tool. Look no further than the growing popularity of visual search and visual devices like Amazon’s Alexa Echo or Facebook’s new ‘ Portal ’ video device,” says videographer Lou Bortone. Long-form video surges. Personalized video pops.

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How pro-UGC video offers low-budget visual success

PR Daily

Here’s how to get the video content you are looking for. The boss walks in and hits you with, “We need more video! From brand storytelling to customer testimonials to executive thought leadership, there are no shortage of strategies that place video at the center of your marcomm plans.

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PR Expanded

It’s time to unveil our 2nd PR Expanded video contest winner. A big congratulations goes to Nicole Morin, a UMASS at Amherst student, for creating her video on “Why PR Professionals Should Practice Strategic Communications.”

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How to maximize video production on a tight budget

PR Daily

But the biggest content marketing switch as a result of COVID-19 is the resurgence of low-production video. Before the virus, enhanced visual effects, highly produced videos and virtual reality components were all becoming commonplace in marketing for businesses big and small.

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Anatomy of a leadership video

PR Daily

Video is a great medium for what our industry likes to call “thought leadership,” and potentially quite effective at a time when town halls, press conferences and other live meetings seem like quaint events from that bygone era … also known as February. Start with a good reason for video.

5 ways to improve your video presence in 2021

PR Daily

We’ve been in this pandemic long enough to know viscerally that video conferences don’t work as well as face-to-face communication. The normal signals that connect us are muted on video conferencing. It’s all too easy to multitask while on a video conference.

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How to make the most of video content on social media to help your business


In this era of creating meaningful and engaging content many brands are experimenting with video across their social media channels in order to engage their audiences, communicate a certain product or service and expand their brand presence. On Instagram, a grid video can be 60 seconds long.

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Video tips from Google’s Zynara Ng

PR Daily

Here’s how this industry veteran breaks down the video creation process with tips on what kinds of questions to ask to get the best story for your campaign. The site contains hundreds of hours of case studies, video presentations, and interactive courses.

Google 151

5 Reasons To Embrace Video Content Now


In the past decade, perhaps the biggest shift in Internet technology has been the rise of video content. From commercially produced material to the explosion of self-directed content via smartphones, video is everywhere. “People spend more time on digital video (one hour 55 minutes) than social media (one hour 44 minutes) per day, and 68 […]. Industry Insights & Trends branding content creation digital medium narrative PR storytelling video video content

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3 keys to better, less painful video meetings

PR Daily

I’m seeing a lot of stress in the faces of executives and workers I talk to on video conferences these days. So here are some ways to think about video conferencing to make it more bearable. The bottom line is that we don’t always say what we mean on video, and we don’t feel heard.

How video bolsters your internal communications

PR Daily

With more employees working from home due to COVID-19 concerns, video is becoming increasingly valuable for internal communications. Video offers many benefits for internal communications, even in ordinary times–and these are anything but. More video essentials.

4 tips to elevate videos for social media marketing

PR Daily

More than eight in 10 businesses are using video to engage consumers, so yours has to stand out. Dynamic videos and video clips are increasingly becoming part of this strategy, too. FREE GUIDE: 8 steps to making killer videos ]. Subtitle your videos.

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From the experts: Advice on video creation during COVID-19

PR Daily

As leaders increasingly use video to address key stakeholders and express empathy for employees, the format has become an essential tool for communicators to master. The CEO video message has become a crucial tool during this crisis. First, video shouldn’t be ignored in a crisis.

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Takeaways from Marriott’s emotional CEO video

PR Daily

That’s the big takeaway from the video from Marriott’s CEO Arne Sorenson that is getting lots of kudos online for directly addressing the company’s challenges in the face of COVID-19. Thanks for Your video message. wrote : The video is worth a watch for every leader.

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When consumers watch video online

PR Daily

and noon, according to Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report. Video constitutes a big investment for organizations online—and its importance will likely grow as brand managers compete for restless internet surfers. You could get more value for your budget spend by aligning your video release with the most popular days and time periods for online video consumption. Graph from Vidyard’s Video in Business Benchmark Report).

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Master Video Conferences With These 5 Steps


As the pandemic summer of 2020 winds down, it is abundantly clear that working from home and video meetings will continue to be the norm, even as some companies have begun to partially return to physical workplaces. Turn on your video. It can be rude to not turn on your video.

What types of video drive different Reactions on Facebook?


The post What types of video drive different Reactions on Facebook? Digital Journalism Facebook Reactions Facebook Video native video social video[…]. appeared first on NewsWhip.

5 Essentials for Successful Video Marketing Blog

Promoting your brand through videos is a strategy every business should pursue. The confidence in video marketing comes from some recent stats: More than 70% of YouTube users would rather watch a video than read a blog post. 1) Create visual consistency in your brand videos.

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10 excellent video explainers

PR Daily

Animated explainer videos are a superb way to engage your audience and communicate complex ideas. Videos tend to drive higher volumes of traffic, shares and conversions than other forms of content, and humans can process images 60,000 times faster than plain text. Beyond marketing benefits, explainer videos can boost recruiting, awareness and customer service efforts. Explainer videos are excellent messaging vehicles for launching new products or services.

Video 100

How video can cut through the noise during this crisis

PR Daily

Here’s why video is a crucial tool. Video is your best bet for making an impression during this crisis. With audiences looking for information, but also looking for a respite from overstimulation, video is a crucial tool for getting your message in front of key audiences.

Video 146

8 tips for looking good on video conference calls

PR Daily

The coronavirus pandemic has made video conferencing essential. The post 8 tips for looking good on video conference calls appeared first on PR Daily. COVID-19 Crisis Communications Storytelling The Workplace Visual & Video Communications

Video Killed the Radio Star. Or Did it?

HMA Public Relations

The Buggles had just released their cover of one of music’s biggest hits, Video Killed the Radio Star. But could video really kill the radio star? Featured Broadcast news radio TV video killed the radio starThe year is 1980.

Radio 55

Announcing Ragan’s 2020 Video, Visual & Virtual Awards winners

PR Daily

The post Announcing Ragan’s 2020 Video, Visual & Virtual Awards winners appeared first on PR Daily. Congratulations to this year’s elite list of winners! Ragan Awards

Video 112

Merryman Communications’ Betsy Merryman sees positives in video calls

PR Daily

The PR leader argues that the ubiquitous adoption of video conferencing is a good step forward for the industry. Despite the rise of Zoom fatigue, perhaps the wide adoption of video conference calls will be a net positive.

Video 118

The Essential Components of Your Video Marketing Strategy


Are you using video as a part of your marketing strategy? Video, my friend, is no longer optional. If you want to build a business in the 21st century, you need to reach the 21st century consumer, and that person is on Facebook or YouTube liking cat videos as we speak. Video is no longer optional. Video plays an essential role in your marketing strategy. If you want to be noticed in the crowd, video is a definitely way to dominance.

Video 213

Tips for developing your online video strategy

PR Daily

Content creators might be hesitant to invest in video creation, but it has never been easier to start developing high quality videos. When it comes to online video, two things are true. The speed at which the environment for online video changes is only accelerating. The appetite for video of all types continues to grow, and consumers are increasingly sophisticated about what they’ll watch, where they’ll watch and what they expect in terms of quality.

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Announcing Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards

PR Daily

The post Announcing Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards appeared first on PR Daily. Earn recognition for your captivating visuals and unique virtual events. The entry deadline is Friday, Aug. Ragan Awards

Video 124

Announcing Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards

PR Daily

The post Announcing Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards appeared first on PR Daily. Earn recognition for your captivating visuals and unique virtual events. The entry deadline is Friday, Aug. Ragan Awards

Video 124

Announcing Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards

PR Daily

The post Announcing Ragan’s Video, Visual & Virtual Awards appeared first on PR Daily. Earn recognition for your captivating visuals and unique virtual events. The entry deadline is Friday, Aug. Ragan Awards

Video 124

Why and how marketers should invest in Facebook videos

PR Daily

Invest in video. Not only does Facebook’s algorithm favor video, it’s also the most likely to drive engagement. This means there’s a huge opportunity for brand marketers willing to invest in video. Amplify your video. What good is a video if it’s never seen?

Video 131

4 guidelines for perfect video PR

PR Daily

Just because your video went viral doesn’t mean your sales will skyrocket. Consider these steps for using video to win customers’ hearts. Video content has become a crucial part of any successful multifaceted PR campaign. Print media remains powerful and effective, but adding a video component creates a more dynamic, interactive connection. How can you be sure your video content will be compelling and provide measurable results?