7 PR Lessons From 'The Big Bang Theory'

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Though some took to social media to rejoice over the series shutting down, no matter which side you fall on, there are several takeaways from the show’s cast of nerds

5 Types of Tools For Freelance PR Pros

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Category: Flack Me Summary: With the prevalence of social media, brand journalism and digital marketing campaigns, more and more PR pros are cutting the cord on the typical office gig


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5 Social Media Ideas for Non-Profits

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Even small not-for-profit organizations can effectively promote their message through social media

8 Keys to Reaching Gen Z on Social Media

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Publishers and brand managers are already trying to pinpoint what catches the attention of a generation that’s yet to come of age

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Using Social Media in a PR Campaign

Ronn Torossian

Having a great small business marketing strategy these days requires a number of different elements including email marketing, public relations, social media, paid ads, blogging, and more. The post Using Social Media in a PR Campaign appeared first on.

Selling on Social Media

Ronn Torossian

In January 2020, more than half the world’s population was using social media, according to data from Statista. alone, 79% of Americans had a social media profile. The post Selling on Social Media appeared first on.

3 Emerging Social Media Platforms B2B PR Pros Should Know

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Remember when the only social media platforms considered significant by PR pros were Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? For many, they continue to be the trinity of social media. The opportunity to reach specific audiences goes beyond the social sites that currently dominate.

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Unlock Your Social Media Potential With Onclusive’s Social Listening


As social media strategy contributors, communications pros know how important it is to keep tabs on trending conversations, stay tuned to what the competition is doing, engage key audiences, and amplify brand visibility through social influencers.

How your social media strategy hurts more than it helps

PR Daily

Often, in the first iteration of their plan, they confidently share that they will “use social media to do their marketing.” Flooding social media with information about your product is not good marketing, though it is an all-too-common approach that companies take.

Social Impact Theory for Social Media Strategy

Ronn Torossian

The term social impact theory was first coined by Bibb Latané, at The Ohio State University, long before the invention of social media platforms, in 1981. The post Social Impact Theory for Social Media Strategy appeared first on.

6 social media metrics you should invariably track


Here are 6 social media marketing metrics you should track. Not sure how to keep track of your marketing activities? We might have something for you.

Report: How often your competitors post on social media

PR Daily

Here’s what the experts at Sprout Social say is happening on top platforms. You might have plenty of metrics on hand about how much engagement your social media channels are getting. But what are consumers looking for from your brand’s social media channels?

Interns should do more than work on social media

PR Daily

Each time we have a new position to fill at our PR firm, I find myself scrolling through résumé after résumé from eager recent graduates listing ambitious internships to demonstrate their experience and initiative—almost all of them wholly dedicated to social media roles.

How to be inclusive on social media

PR Daily

Download our new guide to ensure your social posts align with diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) has become more embedded in organizations following a social justice movement that began in earnest last year. PR Industry Research Social Media

Social Media Lead Generation

Ronn Torossian

In 2012, when marketing research company Marketing Sherpa released its study of just how important social media is to marketing, 72% of marketers reported they had already recognized its value and were employing it to generate leads.

3 tips for more accessible social media

PR Daily

Hannah Burgeois, public outreach officer for Broward MPO shares tips for making sure your social media content speaks to everyone—no exceptions. But inclusivity and accessibility are connected, especially on social media.

5 Ways to Manage Social Media Burnout


The 24/7 news cycle makes it easy to get caught up in the constant flow of information on social media. Media BlogJournalists need to find balance and avoid burnout.

Do’s and don’ts of social media marketing

Agility PR Solutions

Social media marketing can raise the popularity of a brand significantly. It is important to utilize the power of social media to a brand’s fullest advantage. The post Do’s and don’ts of social media marketing appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

How Paid And Organic Social Media Work Together

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Social media marketing and PR have recently become inseparable. That’s because social media plays a large role in most consumer and B2B PR programs. Fully 86% of B2B marketers combine paid and organic social tactics. Paid vs. organic social.

5 things you must cover in your social media guide

PR Daily

When outlining the voice and branding of your social media channels, here are some essential elements to consider. A social media style guide is connected to your brand voice. The less time you waste, the faster you’ll reach your social media goals.

How to make your social media video sticky

PR Daily

You’ve probably already noticed while mindlessly scrolling through your social feeds, but video content reigns supreme—and for good reason. 8-10 for our Social Media Conference at Disney. ]. Here are four tips to help your brand break into the social media spotlight: 1.

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10 ways to freshen up your social media presence

PR Daily

What does your social media presence say about you? You don’t want to take one step forward with your career yet take two steps back with your social media brand, so take these steps to elevate your digital domain. Create your social media elevator pitch.

5 social media tactics to improve brand loyalty

Agility PR Solutions

Social media is one of the most important tools for marketers. The post 5 social media tactics to improve brand loyalty appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations social mediaSome might even argue that it’s the most important of all.

Ways to Improve Your Social Media

HMA Public Relations

Your social media pages are often the first thing people notice when searching online. Social Media first impression social mediaAre you giving your potential customers a good first impression of your business?

Take our 2021 Social Media Career Path survey

PR Daily

The Institute for Public Relations, Ragan Communications, and the University of Florida are conducting a follow-up survey to their 2020 report, “The Career Path of a Social Media Professional.” PR Industry Research Social Media

Survey 155

3 tips for social media in a socially-distanced world

PR Daily

With no best practices to follow during the pandemic, Blue Sky Agency and Explore Georgia turned to social media activations—and increased website traffic 30%. The post 3 tips for social media in a socially-distanced world appeared first on PR Daily.

How to Create a Brand on Social Media ABC10

PR for Anyone

How to Be on TV Shows: Pitching a story that is both relevant and valuable to the show’s audience is a a great way to land the media. Using your expertise around a story that will provide value to the audience will give you an edge when pitching to the media.

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OnlyFans’ switch to generic: A social media cautionary tale

Agility PR Solutions

Early this year, we wrote about OnlyFans and how its popularity represented a new path for social platforms, one grounded in creator control and against censorship. The post OnlyFans’ switch to generic: A social media cautionary tale appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Consider these overlooked platforms in your social media plan

PR Daily

There are so many platforms to choose from and a number of considerations to think of when allocating resources to create content for and maintain a channel (not to mention making sure your goal setting, social listening, hitting KPIs, etc.). PR Industry Social Media The Workplace

Tips for generating social media impressions and increasing reach

Agility PR Solutions

In any public relations and marketing program, when companies are looking at their social media metrics there are two very important terms they should be looking at—their impressions and their reach. Analysis Public Relations social media

Underrated Social Media Platforms for Your Business

HMA Public Relations

Though social media sites like Pinterest and Reddit are often overlooked, they can be an important asset to your business and provide opportunities for engagement. Social Media social media

Social media videos—10 things you have to know

Agility PR Solutions

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have evolved a lot in the last couple of years. The main advantage of any social network is that it’s free, allowing users to promote their company without paying for ads. […]. Public Relations social media

10 social media statistics that will blow your mind

Agility PR Solutions

Social media platforms have significantly evolved through the years. Fast forward to the present, social media sites have transformed into indispensable sales generation tools. Marketing Public Relations social media

Social Media Strategy, Policies, and Pitfalls

HMA Public Relations

Social media is now such a part of everyday personal and professional life that we may sometimes forget why it is important to create policies and guidelines for using these powerful platforms in the business world. Social Media online presence social media

Using social media to boost your public relations campaigns

Agility PR Solutions

Social media is one of humanity’s most powerfully influential creations, and its advent has brought with it a wide range of possibilities and opportunities, especially in terms of the application to business. Overall, social media […].

How PR students are grappling with fake news on social media

PR Daily

The crisis of misinformation on digital media will have profound implications for the PR pros of tomorrow. Social media is an active and primary news source for many young Americans. The post How PR students are grappling with fake news on social media appeared first on PR Daily.

Social media marketing: What to stop, start, and continue doing in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

Social media marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing today. Social media plays a key role when it comes to increasing brand awareness and expanding the customer base. Analysis Public Relations social media

Paid social media dominant during COVID-19

PR Daily

With audiences stuck at home and looking for digital entertainment, brand managers are turning to social media channels. PR Daily: What does the future look like for Facebook Ads and other social media? FREE GUIDE: 6 steps to crafting an internal social media plan ].

3 creative ways to utilize social media in PR campaigns

Agility PR Solutions

These days, public relations and social media tend to go hand in hand because the role of PR is to generate positive press for a company, and social media is the place where people will see that positive press coverage. Analysis Public Relations social media

Using Social Media to Get PR

PR for Anyone

How to Be on TV Shows: Utilizing social media is fast way to land in the media. See how Susan Bourassa used this technique to land the media. Why this pitch appealed to the media : The reporter had a hard deadline and needed an expert and a place to film ASAP.