PR Tips For Successful Media Training

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Here are some “must-dos” along with new tips to incorporate into your media training arsenal. Good media training builds confidence. The post PR Tips For Successful Media Training appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Leadership Training for Frontline Managers

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Large companies should know that frontline managers should be given training and authority to act. The post Leadership Training for Frontline Managers appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5WPR Founder Blog.

Media Training: 3 Essential Lessons


We have a very simple philosophy about media training. If you’re the spokesperson for your company, there are many other lessons you will learn in media training, including these 25 interview tips. Media Training

Why Companies Should Be Training All Employees to Use Social Media


By training employees on social media usage, companies can reach wider audiences, build better brand awareness, increase sales, help recruitment efforts and increase employee engagement. Training employees on social selling is incredibly important.

Announcing The Social PR Apprentice™ Training Program

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But one thing you should DEFINITELY do today is check out my NEW training program, which you are hearing of before anyone else. More deets here but basically: An incredibly compact and effective training program that gets you up and running with solid Social PR IMMEDIATELY.

The hidden advantages of remote media training

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The hidden advantages of remote media training

Basic Training for Branded Video

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It’s no secret that news releases that include multimedia make your story stand out and build deeper connections with your audiences.

Employees – Hiring, Training, Leading – is this Boring Or…?

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Have a strong training program – Don’t just forget about your employees once they’ve been on the job for a while. The secret to truly remarkable customer service is to continue training your employees. Training New Team Members on the Basics of PR.

Media Training in Minutes: The Pre-Interview Prep Call

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Finding time for media training can be difficult. Do you have a helpful media training tip to share? Public Relations media trainingIt’s one task on a massive to-do list.

Do Nice Headlines Finish First? Tech Media Training Redux

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We had a media training session this week involving one of our larger clients last week. Executives from around the world flew in to learn about the art of getting key points across in press interviews, and take turns in the Hot Seat (mock interviews with real journalists).

3 media training mistakes to avoid

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Media training is invaluable to any spokesperson, on any issue, in any setting. However, the key to training interviewees to answer a reporter’s questions is to help them understand they can’t always move to that main message. Tripp Frohlichstein is president of MediaMasters Training

Digital PR spend increases significantly, but still not enough investment in training

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The PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report 2016 reveals a sharp rise in digital PR budgets, but continuing concern over the lack of investment in training. Depressingly the need for more investment in training was also one of the main findings of last year’s report.

Media Training: How To Pick A Trainer So You Shine In The Spotlight


To make matters worse for some individuals, the thought of taking a media training session to prepare for interviews can be equally daunting. A media trainer who has experience as a journalist is able to use realistic scenarios to train a spokesperson and manage your expectations.

Why Training Your Employees on Personal Branding is Good PR


[By Jason Mollica] . Personal branding has been considered a topic of debate since the advent of social media. Just a few years ago, the former CEO of Ogilvy said personal branding is “plastic.” Yes, there are those who believe that the term is more social-networking style rather than substance.

Ragan Training makes it easy to offer new ideas

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Ragan Training. Covering everything from tech platforms to linguistic guidelines, Ragan Training has you covered when you face your biggest challenges. With Ragan Training you’ll have an answer for your boss in your next meeting—and experts’ experience to back up your ideas every time.

Responding to Crises, Delta Provides Diversity Training to Cabin Crews

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17 that Delta cabin personnel will be receiving diversity training. The post Responding to Crises, Delta Provides Diversity Training to Cabin Crews appeared first on PR News Blog. There’s good news and bad news surrounding media reports Jan.

Short List: Media Training Fundamentals


One thing that is often put on the “nice to have” rather than the “must do” list is formal media training. Even if you have to do the training yourself, make sure that anyone who will participate in an interview has a good grasp of these fundamentals.

Swedish train operator names new line ‘Trainy McTrainface’

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will have a train in its fleet named Trainy McTrainface. MTR took a different approach than UK’s Natural Environmental Research Council by embracing the silly moniker, but it isn’t the first time the organization will have a joke-themed train name.

How to Offer Media Training to Your Clients

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If you do any kind of media or influencer outreach for your clients, basic media training should be part of your services. While media training and its basic principles are second nature to Solo PR Pros, it’s a foreign concept to many client spokespeople.

How to determine if you need media training

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When I search Twitter for the term "media training," I frequently come across a tweet that suggests a celebrity or politician who said something controversial "needs media training.". Media training isn't about preventing people from ever expressing an unpopular or controversial view.

What’s The Best Way To Train Your Staff To Be Crisis-Ready?

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So what’s the best way to go about training your team to have the crisis management skills required for successful crisis management in this day and age? The post What’s The Best Way To Train Your Staff To Be Crisis-Ready?

3 reasons you should always have a trained media spokesperson available

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The fact that news occurs around the clock is one of the main reasons it’s imperative to have a trained media spokesperson on staff at all times. Spokesperson TrainingOne of the first things we do upon rising in the morning is check the news to see what’s happened overnight. Some seek out the weather report or stock reports, while others prefer to digest leading headlines or sports news.

Media Training Class: Top 9 Mistakes Even Trained Spokespersons Make When Talking To Reporters

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Over the years, I’ve must’ve done between 50-60 media training sessions with corporate- or political spokespersons. Therefore, many leaders, politicians, and communication professionals invest in media training. They say: “You can always spot a media trained person.

Is Content Marketing Training Us to be Jerks?

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Isn’t it interesting how content marketing has trained us to be upset by companies that have the AUDACITY to wrap in sales tactics? Are our expectations shifting to be unrealistic? Do we expect too much for nothing?

Media Training is Vital to Your Brand’s Success


Of course, the training needs to happen, but like almost everything, we get better as we practice doing it right… practice done wrong will not lead to improvement though. So a big part of media training should be putting the student in front of others who will ask them random questions.

Social Selling Training for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors


Wondering how social selling training for insurance agents and financial advisors really works - and how it can work for you to attract leads, convert sales and build referrals? The post Social Selling Training for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors appeared first on wiredPRworks.

TCIP #033 – Crisis Spokesperson Training with Brad Phillips

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When it comes to crisis media training, there are so many questions that people (whether it be spokespersons or the communication and leadership teams) seek answers to. Mr. Media Training, to discuss the challenges of crisis spokesperson training. Brad and I discuss life as crisis and media training consultants and the tricks and tactics we’ve learned along the way. Check out Brad’s media training company: Phillips Media Relations.

Starbucks Closing to Conduct Training: Authentic Action or Brilliant PR Stunt?

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Did you see the news about Starbucks closing its stores for a day to conduct training around racial bias ? Closing the stores to conduct training is exactly what we expect from them. Chipotle closed all of its stores for food safety training in the wake of serious health issues.

Easy-to-use communications training for your entire team

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Enter Ragan Training , the most comprehensive on-demand training library in the world for professionals in communications. Sign up for Ragan Training today to get instant access to all on-demand content, including this 8-part series by Shel Holtz.

What’s the ROI of Training Rides?

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In other words, for most people, this event requires real commitment and real planning in the areas of fundraising and training. Typically, to overcome the second problem, internal resources are tapped to organize between one and three training rides in the big city.

Starbucks to close more than 8,000 stores for racial-bias training

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On Tuesday, the coffee chain announced that on the afternoon of May 29, it’s shutting down more than 8,000 stores in the United States for racial-bias training. Nearly 175,000 employees will go through the training.

Training in the fast lane at Camp Hill


April 27 th saw Prohibition don their active wear and get their learning caps on as they embarked on their annual company training day at the Camp Hill Estate, situated in the picturesque North Yorkshire countryside. After a busy morning of training, an afternoon of fun followed.

Why is good social media training so hard to find?

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Google the phrase “Social media training Minneapolis.” In a nutshell, that describes my experience with social media training programs (or a lack thereof) in the Twin Cities. Would probably include training on some kind of video editing program as well (i.e. Go ahead.

Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable

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If you work for an organization that manufactures transport vehicles or if you work in the transportation / travel industry (whether you’re a car company, a plane manufacturer, an airline, a train builder, etc.) Oh my goodness.

20 excuses to reject media training

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Many articles can tell you why you should get media training, but I’ve never seen a post telling people why they shouldn’t pursue the PR effort. You’re convinced that media skills are innate and that no training could improve your effectiveness. You’d rather not end up on a reporter’s source list; instead, they can speak to your well-trained competitors. What other arguments would you include to talk someone out of media training?

Why don’t companies invest in training their PR and social employees?

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Last week, Jeremy Wheaton wrote an interesting piece on just how far we’ve fallen when it comes to companies and training employees to fill the increasingly large skills gap. And yet, employers continue to resist investing in employee training.

Why and how your reps should tap into media training

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Here are tips to incorporate into your media training arsenal: Prepare your spokesperson for different kinds of reporters. That’s a high bar to aim for, but a little bit of training goes a long way. Interview preparation is vital to public relations.

Why you don’t need a bigger training budget

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If you’re a communicator, chances are you want a bigger training budget—and the chances of that happening are about as likely as hitting the jackpot or buying that tropical hideaway. The truth is, though, you can still get all the training you need even on the shoestring budget you’ve been given. Become a Ragan Insider today, and get the training you need to be the communications team of legends. We all want to win the lottery. We all want a private island.

How APR Training Impacts Perceptions And Readiness To Provide Ethics Counsel


The results present a less encouraging picture regarding the availability of ethics training in the workplace. of the respondents in this study also said the training is not provided. The second most popular format for ethics training was PRSA chapter programming.

Ethics 101

Who Needs Brain Training Software When We Have the IPRRC?

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The post Who Needs Brain Training Software When We Have the IPRRC? Please note: This piece originally appeared as a free article in the late March 2016 edition of The Measurement Advisor newsletter.

Delta rolls out diversity training for flight crews

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On Tuesday, Delta announced that it would put its 23,000 flight attendants through diversity training in 2017’s second quarter. The training was made mandatory for the airline’s executives last year. This goes well beyond the typical cross-cultural training.”

Get team training on your terms and your turf

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A team that trains together stays together. Ragan custom workshops offer a rare opportunity to have industry veterans Mark Ragan and Jim Ylisela analyze your team’s work and come to your facility for a specially designed training workshop. Custom communications training.

Basic Training - Preparing for the Road to a Public Relations Career

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Here are several ideas of actions that those very early in their training can take now to prep for a career in public relations and in particular "celebrity PR." Basics for PR Early Training in High School PR Career Preparation PR Careers