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The Big Question: Executive Media Training

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As PR pros, we are well aware of why we want executives to do media training. We asked seven experts on the tips they use for convincing reluctant executives to go through media training. The post The Big Question: Executive Media Training appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews

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Gini Dietrich has media training tips to be used in both big and small interviews. The post Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews appeared first on Spin Sucks. With experience comes stories. And with stories comes best practices.

Why Companies Should Be Training All Employees to Use Social Media


By training employees on social media usage, companies can reach wider audiences, build better brand awareness, increase sales, help recruitment efforts and increase employee engagement. Training employees on social selling is incredibly important.

Time for Communicators to Jump on the Online Course Train

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Next consider what Hewlett Packard has done through its HP Life Program —a free online learning platform that trains students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to apply IT and business skills.

Media Training: 3 Essential Lessons


We have a very simple philosophy about media training. If you’re the spokesperson for your company, there are many other lessons you will learn in media training, including these 25 interview tips. Media Training

How Media Training Could Have Saved Five Olympic Athletes

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Media training , long considered a mainstay of public relations, is more important today than ever before, but must include the appropriate use of social media. Some of the training includes rehearsal of approved talking points, and stopping to think before responding.

The Nine Immutable Basics of Effective Online Training

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You see, I reckon that about 75 percent of online training falls somewhere between ordinary and awful. At the end of this post you will be able to: Specify the only professional way of measuring training success. Identify who bears the prime responsibility for training effectiveness.

Media Training Class: Top 9 Mistakes Even Trained Spokespersons Make When Talking To Reporters

Doktor Spinn

Over the years, I’ve must’ve done between 50-60 media training sessions with corporate- or political spokespersons. Therefore, many leaders, politicians, and communication professionals invest in media training. They say: “You can always spot a media trained person.

Media Training in Minutes: The Pre-Interview Prep Call

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Finding time for media training can be difficult. Do you have a helpful media training tip to share? Public Relations media trainingIt’s one task on a massive to-do list.

Cars, Trains, Planes Hacked… A Transportation Risk That Leaves Us All Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

If you work for an organization that manufactures transport vehicles or if you work in the transportation / travel industry (whether you’re a car company, a plane manufacturer, an airline, a train builder, etc.) Oh my goodness.

TCIP #033 – Crisis Spokesperson Training with Brad Phillips

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When it comes to crisis media training, there are so many questions that people (whether it be spokespersons or the communication and leadership teams) seek answers to. Mr. Media Training, to discuss the challenges of crisis spokesperson training. Brad and I discuss life as crisis and media training consultants and the tricks and tactics we’ve learned along the way. Check out Brad’s media training company: Phillips Media Relations.

Ethics Study Identifies Need for Training & Mentors in the Workplace


However, those who received ethics training through their employers or through PRSA and who had mentors were more likely to raise their concerns. Only 21% indicated their employer provided ethics training. Less than 14% participated in ethics training provided by PRSA or PRSSA.

Digital PR spend increases significantly, but still not enough investment in training

Stuart Bruce

The PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report 2016 reveals a sharp rise in digital PR budgets, but continuing concern over the lack of investment in training. Depressingly the need for more investment in training was also one of the main findings of last year’s report.

Gin and Topics: A New MySpace and a Toy Train in Space

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I’m also going to work with my coach to start my winter training program. Toy Train in Space. A man took his son’s train and sent it into space attached to a balloon and a video camera. Plus the way he animated the train’s emotions is a talent I wish I had.

Is Content Marketing Training Us to be Jerks?

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Isn’t it interesting how content marketing has trained us to be upset by companies that have the AUDACITY to wrap in sales tactics? Are our expectations shifting to be unrealistic? Do we expect too much for nothing?

Kick start your communications training

The Blueballroom

September is also a great time to start thinking about the areas you would like training in to round off 2016 in the most productive way.

Friday Wrap #148: Teens on Facebook, easier retweeting, skills training on LinkedIn

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Flickr photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore The Friday Wrap is a review of news, posts, reports, and other items appearing in the last week that will help you stay on top of the forces shaping communication in this fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

PR Pro Tips: Media Training Refresher for the New Year

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If done correctly, a well-trained spokesperson can navigate even the most challenging questions. The post PR Pro Tips: Media Training Refresher for the New Year appeared first on RH Strategic. PR Best Practices interview media media trainingMedia interviews present a golden opportunity for a CEO or spokesperson to get their company’s positive message out there. This is the primary reason people talk to the media, other than to control a crisis.

3 media training mistakes to avoid

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Media training is invaluable to any spokesperson, on any issue, in any setting. However, the key to training interviewees to answer a reporter’s questions is to help them understand they can’t always move to that main message. Tripp Frohlichstein is president of MediaMasters Training

How to determine if you need media training

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When I search Twitter for the term "media training," I frequently come across a tweet that suggests a celebrity or politician who said something controversial "needs media training.". Media training isn't about preventing people from ever expressing an unpopular or controversial view.

Gin and Topics: Train Wrecks Across the Web

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I really hate to give this New York Times blogger anymore awareness, but like you know who above, you can’t help but watch the train wreck. Gin and Topics: Train Wrecks Across the Web originally appeared on Spin Sucks on March 4, 2011.

Media Training: How To Pick A Trainer So You Shine In The Spotlight


To make matters worse for some individuals, the thought of taking a media training session to prepare for interviews can be equally daunting. A media trainer who has experience as a journalist is able to use realistic scenarios to train a spokesperson and manage your expectations.

PRCA Digital PR Report 2015 need for more digital PR training and digital PR budgets expected to grow

Stuart Bruce

In-house and agency staff alike do not feel they get enough training around digital. Digital PR training. It’s also alarming that so many in-house and agency PR professionals claim to get their ‘training’ from expert blogs.

Friday Wrap #157: DMs unchained, Apple ad-blocking, VR in NFL training camp, internal comms lives

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Dallas Cowboys training will go virtual —The NFL franchise Dallas Cowboys have dedicated a room in their training facility to virtual reality. ” One can only wonder how long it will be before similar VR implementations find their way into workplace training.

Why is good social media training so hard to find?

Communications Conversations

Google the phrase “Social media training Minneapolis.” In a nutshell, that describes my experience with social media training programs (or a lack thereof) in the Twin Cities. Would probably include training on some kind of video editing program as well (i.e. Go ahead.

How APR Training Impacts Perceptions And Readiness To Provide Ethics Counsel


The results present a less encouraging picture regarding the availability of ethics training in the workplace. of the respondents in this study also said the training is not provided. The second most popular format for ethics training was PRSA chapter programming.

What’s The Best Way To Train Your Staff To Be Crisis-Ready?

Melissa Agnes

So what’s the best way to go about training your team to have the crisis management skills required for successful crisis management in this day and age? The post What’s The Best Way To Train Your Staff To Be Crisis-Ready?

LinkedIn Social Selling Training & Digital Marketing Workshop Debuts


On March 10 and 11, I'll be teaching an immersive two-day digital marketing, LinkedIn training and social selling skills workshop. Thanks to the Ascend Training team for inviting me to present this program! Join us in the training room on Michigan Avenue or online.

Delta rolls out diversity training for flight crews

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On Tuesday, Delta announced that it would put its 23,000 flight attendants through diversity training in 2017’s second quarter. The training was made mandatory for the airline’s executives last year. This goes well beyond the typical cross-cultural training.”

What’s the ROI of Training Rides?

Waxing UnLyrical

In other words, for most people, this event requires real commitment and real planning in the areas of fundraising and training. Typically, to overcome the second problem, internal resources are tapped to organize between one and three training rides in the big city.

A PR Professional Became the Story in the Ken Starr Interview

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Related Stories The Ultimate Guide to Media Interviews Media Training Tips for Small and Large Interviews The Secret Behind Crisis Communications. During a recent interview with Ken Starr, his PR counsel becomes the story when she stops an interview, coaches him, and returns.

Short List: Media Training Fundamentals


One thing that is often put on the “nice to have” rather than the “must do” list is formal media training. Even if you have to do the training yourself, make sure that anyone who will participate in an interview has a good grasp of these fundamentals.

Do Nice Headlines Finish First? Tech Media Training Redux

Flack's Revenge

We had a media training session this week involving one of our larger clients last week. Executives from around the world flew in to learn about the art of getting key points across in press interviews, and take turns in the Hot Seat (mock interviews with real journalists).

PR Insights from the 2017 Trust Barometer

The Proactive Report

People are worried about losing their jobs due to not being able to keep up with technology The number one concern is the lack of skills and training. (60%) Invest in training on digital skills for your team.

The Horrible Case of Unwritten Rules

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Training Programs Also Need to Be Written Down. but it has created an opportunity to push us through a very painful and intense process to create a training program for our team. By Gini Dietrich.

Glow-In-The-Dark Hair, Secret NYC Trains, Nike’s Anti-Social Ad, and Citibank’s Flawed Strategy

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Read the full story on The Verge >> The Secret NYC Subway Train Back In Time. Image Source: [Business Insider] Imagine if you could take a journey on a vintage NYC subway train through forgotten abandoned train stations.

The Ultimate Guide to Media Interviews

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In a past life, I did a ton of media training. Sure, we’ll prep clients for media interviews with an agenda or a list of anticipated questions, but it’s rare to do the two-day, cameras on kind of media training anymore. By Gini Dietrich.

How to Offer Media Training to Your Clients

Solo PR Pro

If you do any kind of media or influencer outreach for your clients, basic media training should be part of your services. While media training and its basic principles are second nature to Solo PR Pros, it’s a foreign concept to many client spokespeople.

5 Tips to Pitching Success – When PR Stands for “Personal” Relations

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Media Media Training PR 2.0 When I started out in PR, my focus was building relationships with the media who were mostly print journalists at newspapers and trade publications.

The Dangers of Virality Above Journalistic Integrity

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Communication Ethics Blauvelt clarity Dr. Pritchard Journalistic Integrity media relations misreported story new york news goes viral propaganda Spokesperson Training Swastikas Tappan Zee High School the Dangers of Censorship the producers the truth behind a story Understand Your Own Story

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