Community management lessons from the Guild Community Summit

Stuart Bruce

The global pandemic and work from home has seen an explosion in interest in community management and professional communities.

Community-minded brands


For a community-minded brand, it is not just the sales process that is important. These brands are concerned about helping the wider community. They want to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business.


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Communications Pros Are a Good Example of a Community

HMA Public Relations

Abbie Fink shares more on the importance of our community in the latest blog post. Odds and Ends communications Community industry PRSA Copper AnvilsThe Valley's communications pros are close, cooperative and all share a likeminded passion for the industry.

Reaching Latinx Audiences: 6 Reasons to Connect with this Influential Community | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

During National Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), from?September September 15 - October 15, the United States honors and recognizes the many cultural and societal contributions of Hispanics/Latinx. This year’s Month Observance Theme is: "Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation.”

Spreading the Good News: Four Best Practices for Construction Projects

The I-5 High Occupancy Vehicle Improvement Project upgraded a 3-mile segment of the I-5 traversing Santa Ana and Orange, CA. Hill developed a public awareness and community outreach plan in collaboration with key stakeholders, organizations, communities,

Effectively Engage and Build Your Community Through Podcasting

Deirdre Breakenridge

It’s a crowded field to be sure, but it also offers an excellent, and even underused, opportunity for businesses to increase engagement with its community. Think of your community when podcasting instead of focusing solely on promotion. Universities , nonprofits , museums , law firms , associations , and small businesses have branched out into podcasting – expanding their online presence in ways that serve their business and community.

How to drive brand loyalty through community-based marketing

PR Daily

Instead, find opportunities to integrate your brand presence directly into the communities in which you’re looking to build customer base and product awareness. Don’t just be in the community, become a part of it. The examples of sponsorships for community events from earlier?

Should Your Business Have a ‘Do Good’ Community Relations Strategy?

HMA Public Relations

Is community relations a part of your overall business strategy? A strategic community relations plan has the power to impact both your community and your business. Featured PR Toolkit community relations copper state of mind podcast

How Grubhub is engaging the gaming community

PR Daily

The “League of Legends” community in particular has been a target for Grubhub, as the game franchise created by Riot Games has amassed a fanbase of more than 180 million. “We We started to engage with the community a few years ago and our relationship has grown ever since,” says Cudahy. “We’ve

These were the top communities on Reddit in May 2022


Here are some of the key takeaways to give you a flavor: r/memes returned to the top of the charts as the top community. r/worldnews remained one of the communities that generated the most conversation. Sport-based communities were also high drivers of conversation.

What matters on social media for the Hispanic community

PR Daily

population and the community continues to diversify itself in its growing economic and political power. The Hispanic community is incredibly brand loyal. Even more so for all Hispanic communities. Tips for reaching this growing market.

McKinsey declares community to be the big idea in marketing for this decade

Stuart Bruce

You might not be familiar with the term Community Based Marketing. I wasn’t when I first heard it.

10 tips for building a community around your brand

PR Daily

The most successful brands communicate their values through their actions and within the communities they cultivate on social media. In order to build an effective, enriched and authentic brand community from scratch, companies need to understand a few fundamentals.

Ragan stands with the AAPI community

PR Daily

Statement from Diane Schwartz, CEO of Ragan Communications, in support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Ragan Communications stands with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. The post Ragan stands with the AAPI community appeared first on PR Daily.

Networking helps—but building a PR community is even better

PR Daily

Under Vanessa’s encouraging and supportive leadership, I found inspiration and camaraderie among the many talented professionals in the PRSA-SV community. The post Networking helps—but building a PR community is even better appeared first on PR Daily.

Our Communications and Our Community: Our Third Space

Landis PR

What role does the community play? In her speech, Brenda said we should think of society in terms of three spaces: the first, our home, our friends and family; the second, our work; and the third, our community. A community that is thriving because of support.

4 Ways to Engage Your Community


PR is nothing without community. With social media, engaging with your community has become easier than ever. Social allows you to listen to what your audience needs and adjust strategies accordingly to develop a loyal community. Build community around your audience. You can’t force a community, so let it happen naturally. Your audience will be more willing to join your community when it fits easily into their lives.

KFC’s successful campaign provides relief to communities throughout pandemic

PR Daily

The fried chicken chain donated food and funds to its employees and neighborhoods within its communities. Supporting its communities is in KFC’s DNA. The post KFC’s successful campaign provides relief to communities throughout pandemic appeared first on PR Daily.

Tips for molding community relations with public relations

Agility PR Solutions

The community relations function is a key component of public relations. It focuses on managing the relationship between an organization and its host community. Community relations can be an effective […].

When approaching DE&I, lean on your communities

PR Daily

McRell says the data has been strong, with “2X” the rate of engagement in D&I community groups, as well as new groups forming to work on racial justice workstreams. Knowing who is in the community and who will participate is crucial for scaling your program.

On March 24th, The #PRStudChat Community Discusses How to Land Your 1st Job Like a PRo!

Deirdre Breakenridge

Jennie, her students (#DonohuePRCases) and the #PRStudChat community will cover several topics during this chat sponsored by @SpinSucks. It’s also a community where people have fun discussions, brainstorm, ask for help, and make new friends.

How to use ‘power networking’ to build your community

PR Daily

The post How to use ‘power networking’ to build your community appeared first on PR Daily. All it takes is a handful of 15-minute calls each week. Here’s how to make the most of your extended professional family.

Majority of influencers/creators say they’re driven by desire to build community, not money

Agility PR Solutions

The post Majority of influencers/creators say they’re driven by desire to build community, not money appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Welcome to the Club! PR Communities to Join in 2022


That’s why PR communities are so important. PR Communities to Join in 2022 appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Your partner doesn’t get it. Your best friend doesn’t get it. And your mom definitely doesn’t get it.

What prominent LGBTQ+ PR pros say about reaching the community in Pride and beyond

PR Daily

As Pride month continues to celebrate the lives, bravery and love of LGBTQ+ people across the full spectrums of gender and sexual orientation, PR Daily reached out to a variety of comms pros who are proud members of these communities.

These were the top communities on Reddit in June 2022


Once again r/memes took the top spot in the June edition of our Reddit rankings, easily beating out the competition for the top community on the platform. . Here are some key takeaways from our findings: r/memes held its ground as the top community.

What is Community?

HMA Public Relations

When it comes to community, what exactly is it and why do we all want to be a part of one? The post What is Community? Featured Uncategorized Abbie Fink Community Facebook groups HMA Public Relations Professional groups What is CommunityAll this and more in today's blog post. Click below for more]. appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

The single toughest job in marketing/communications: The community manager

Communications Conversations

And, I’m here to say during the last five months, few people in marketing and communications have had a tougher job than that of the community manager. Let’s lay out the facts: Community managers often have an “always-on” job responsibility.

How to turn virtual teams into real communities

PR Daily

While many of these changes have been positive, one challenge that we see with many of our coaching clients has to do with their internal cultures The feeling of belonging to a community and a “team” is dwindling. The importance of community.

5 best practices for thriving digital employee communities

PR Daily

As an internal communicator, you already know how important is to keep employees connected to their teams, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic—but how are you helping them rebuild lost communities during remote work? Keep communities open by default.

Become the Pied Piper of Community Building

Waxing UnLyrical

Communities have been around for centuries, however online communities have only been around for a few decades. According to Computerworld the first “online community” came about in 1973 when Talkomatic for the PLATO time-sharing system released a text-based group chat. One thing that all of these have in common is the notion of community building. So how can you, as a communications professional, leverage the power of community building for your brand?

Community Mental Health Half Hour

Stephen Waddington

Chatelle Jeram will lead a series of four sessions in my Facebook community to explore personal mental health and wellbeing during December. A discussion about the second lockdown in the UK led to a wide-ranging discussion in my Facebook community about mental health and wellbeing.

Building a Creator Economy with Influencer Marketing to Nurture Niche Communities – Growing Social Now


The post Building a Creator Economy with Influencer Marketing to Nurture Niche Communities – Growing Social Now appeared first on wiredPRworks. How can you get to the next level in the creator economy – as an influencer or a brand?

A Community Manager’s Toolbox

Shift Communications

Being a community manager may sound like a cool, trendy job filled with fun and creativity. Whether you’re managing a community of thousands or one of 100, you are the eyes and the ears of the company on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Luckily there are some tools and assets out there than can help make a community manager breathe a little easier on a day-to-day basis. As community manager, one of your main tasks is responding and interacting with audiences.

Why businesses should focus on community during (and after) COVID-19

PR Daily

As the globe is told to stay inside for the safety of themselves and their community, the giving and gifting economy has replaced traditional exchanges. This question belies a more fundamental reality: the need for community. What community means. Community’s value.

How to build community during the current global pandemic

PR Daily

This means considering the mental and physical health of their teams, their safety, the economic health and safety of their communities and the survival of the cities they live in. Engage your professional community. Empower your team to support the community.

How Visa Canada is helping its community during COVID-19

PR Daily

However, organizations can still drive the conversation with efforts to help their community. The post How Visa Canada is helping its community during COVID-19 appeared first on PR Daily.

Solo superwoman: How Karen Swim runs a 7,000 person strong community of solo PR pros

Muck Rack

Solo superwoman: How Karen Swim runs a 7,000 person strong community of solo PR pros

14 examples that can help you update your social media community guidelines

Communications Conversations

And, after the year we all just had, if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to revisit your social media community guidelines. In our communities. So yeah, social media community guidelines. Governance isn’t one of the sexiest areas of social media marketing.

How one PR student is building her own community to celebrate diversity

PR Daily

Unable to find online communities that catered to Nigerians in PR or in many other industries, in September 2020 I took it upon myself to create Naija Comm , the first-ever online community that celebrates, connects and uplifts Nigerian creatives and professionals specifically.