Essential Roles for Every Content Marketing Team

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Category: Flack Me Summary: When company leaders decide to invest in content marketing, they often redefine the roles of their current marketing team. Too often, the people working in traditional marketing departments lack the skills needed

Crypto Coin Companies Should Consider More Transparency

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Politics, art, Hollywood … the list goes on and on, and crypto coin companies are no exception. That may be because of the origin of this concept with Bitcoin, and cybercurrency companies who should consider more transparency. Almost everything could benefit from increased transparency.

Marketing & Public Relations For Cyber Currency Companies

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That being the case, it is time to talk about marketing these companies and what they offer. Buying the tokens for any of these companies does more than making an investment in the company. The post Marketing & Public Relations For Cyber Currency Companies appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Cryptocurrency or cyber currency has become big business, and that change has been lightning fast.

Embracing Company Culture and Values

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The post Embracing Company Culture and Values appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. One thing I have learned in the short time I have been a member of the PR world is that this world is fast and furious – part of the appeal for me.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today

Client Spotlight: Sunshine Nut Company


The story of the Sunshine Nut Company is one of the best stories we at ISEBOX have ever heard. In 2004, company Founder Don Larson, who was working for Hershey at the time, travelled across the Atlantic to survey the African Bush of Ghana for potential cocoa buying.

Five B2B Companies Killing it on Instagram


Rather, my opponent in this debate didn’t understand the value of Instagram for a B2B company, and while I understood her rationale, I didn’t agree with her conclusion. Most of the company’s feed features a different version of MailChimp’s monkey mascot.

Creating a Company Video That Actually Tells a Story

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On a charitable day, I would characterize most company videos as dreadful. Why would a company video be.more. The post Creating a Company Video That Actually Tells a Story appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications.

What Values-Driven Companies Really Look Like


He raised the minimum wage at the company he founded to $70,000. All talk no walk: Lots of companies talk about the values they hold. Oates left the company six months after sending the letter. Smart companies aren’t disruptive because they bring new tech.

The Perfect Pair: How to Use Events to Amplify Major Company Announcements


When companies plan communications for the year, they tend to time out major company announcements around trade shows for fear that announcing it at a show could take away from the big news — keeping a good pairing apart. New Mission For Company.

Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR

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With this in mind, here are four ways that technology affects the way companies do PR – for better or worse. The post Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

Seven Steps to Telling Your Company’s Story

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Storytelling is a big theme in marketing today, yet few businesses recognize the power a compelling company story can have in building consumer trust and increasing sales. A company’s story is a narrative about what it does, what it stands for, and what makes it exceptional.

Companies Increasingly Punch Back at the Media

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Now that the internet has ended the correlation between barrels of ink and reach of audience, companies are more inclined to “quarrel” with the media. In the old days, if a company took issue with a critical article, it.more. The post Companies Increasingly Punch Back at the Media appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations.

Why Long-Tail PR Is Every Company’s Secret Weapon


As we bid summer adieu and get back to business as usual, it seems apropos to shine a spotlight on the hard work of communications professionals and the data-driven PR tactics they employ.

Why Every Company Needs Media Monitoring

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Your team should be poised to quickly identify and remediate PR issues, negative sentiment or potential pitfalls that could be brewing about your company, product or industry. Media monitoring can serve as market research analysis for campaigns or new products your company is developing.

The Holidays and Company Morale


The post The Holidays and Company Morale appeared first on LTPR. Communications Tools Internal Communication Pay Attention PR Best Practices Public Relations Read Reputation business Christmas communications Company Employee Morale holidays internal communications Party PR public relations

How to write a company announcement media release

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Company announcements are an important regulatory requirement for listed public companies. They are legally required to inform their investors, shareholders, customers and publics about their latest company news. So how do you release your company news?

Fast Company and WIRED Offer Top-of-mind Takes on Tech Trends and PR

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The post Fast Company and WIRED Offer Top-of-mind Takes on Tech Trends and PR appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. By Gerard Smith, Intern, The Hoffman Agency.

How to get your company on Wikipedia

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A Wikipedia article is an effective way to spread the word about your company and keep people informed about it. And, Google often uses Wikipedia summaries at the top of its search results, which is great coverage for your company. How to benefit from marketing and PR strategies.

5 PR tips for technology B2B companies

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Unlike consumer-facing companies, like Dunkin’ Donuts and Nike, the technology B2B space is often niche or super-techy, making public relations efforts a bit more challenging. Tech B2B companies don’t require recognition from the average Joe or Jane.

Dissecting Publicity’s Impact on Pharma Companies


These are companies making life saving and pain relieving drugs that cost millions to research and require years of willpower to navigate process and safety requirements to get drugs on the market. Will the references to a company like Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc.

Mister Rogers’ guide to a more neighborly company culture

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Here’s what Mr. Rogers can teach communicators and company leaders about creating a more neighborly, empathetic atmosphere: 1. Unfortunately, many companies intentionally leave workers in the dark. This year marks the golden anniversary of the premiere of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”.

5 Signs Your Company Isn’t Ready For A PR Firm…Yet

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A checklist to see if your company is ready for a PR agency. To set up a PR partnership for success, it’s important to take the temperature in the C-suite and to look the company up and down to assess readiness. There’s no clear company mission.

Should companies pay their PR interns?

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Specifically: Should companies pay their PR interns? Understandably, many of the students tended to say “yes–companies should definitely pay us.” Should companies pay interns?

7 Signs Your Company Is Ready To Step Up Its PR

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But they usually fall short as a company grows and sees a need for a more coordinated PR effort. When considering an agency to handle reputation management and media relations for a company, consider these signs as indicators of the need to boost PR efforts. A company crisis is looming.

Why Your Company and Website Need to be Responsive

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With unsurpassed market share, a dominant global online advertising network, and the ability to single handedly impact a website’s PageRank, it is no wonder companies and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals are ever vigilant when it comes to any potential Google algorithm change.

How Small, Fast-Moving Companies Use Social Media

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We all know that most companies are using social media now. 500 and then random interviews with executive at companies on the list to get more in-depth data. What kind of companies are on the Inc. They’re new, fast-moving small companies.

How PR Can Treat Every Company Like a Start-Up

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Once an established company decides to engage in public relations activities , the decision presents some wonderful opportunities to burnish, refresh and create anew – much like what a start-up does as it enters the marketplace.

Three PR Issues Companies Will Face In 2018

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Companies and their PR teams will need to prepare for these activities as more women feel empowered and emboldened to reveal instances of sexual harassment against their employers. This year certainly possessed its share of PR events, and 2018 will not disappoint either.

Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR

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With this in mind, here are four ways that technology affects the way companies do PR – for better or worse. The post Four Ways Technology Affects How Companies do PR appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

How your company can make the most of Yelp

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Featured Public Companies Online Review Management Online Reputation ManagementInstead of fearing the online review site, use it to inspire foresight and increase profits. In some industries, the mere mention of the word Yelp is enough to cause widespread panic.

5 Things Every Company PR Plan Needs: The Details

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Last week we discussed the broad strokes that should be standard in every company PR plan, no matter the industry. Social media and digital communications are leveling the playing field for companies looking to engage with their audiences. Public Relations company PR PR plan

What Every Company PR Plan Needs: Broad Strokes

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Across all areas of business, there are a few must-haves when it comes to your company’s PR plan. However, from a PR perspective, there are several standard, no-buts-about-it things that should be in any company PR plan. A true definition of your company.

Making the Most of Company Culture


The purpose of your company culture is not entirely about having happy employees ; it’s also about strategy, and happy employees is often a positive by-product. Company culture should be focused on getting the most revenue, not on making sure all the employees love their jobs.

The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation

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According to the World Economic Forum , more than twenty-five percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its brand reputation. More often than not, a threat to a company’s reputation originates inside the organization. The notorious 2013 hack of Target cardholders ultimately cost the company $242 million. The post The Top PR Threats To Your Company’s Reputation appeared first on Crenshaw Communications

The evolution of mainstream media and the need for every company to become a media company


How has the media landscape changed? What are some trends you’re seeing evolve over time? Bart : “Here’s what hasn’t changed: The first press release was written by Ivy Lee in 1906.

10 tips for promoting a more efficient company culture

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Your company is your baby, so you want to have a direct hand in everything. This helps your employees gain skills and leadership experience that will benefit your company. So, before vetoing an apparent misuse of time, ask yourself how it could benefit your company.

Targeting for Investor Relations: How Distributing News to the Right Audience Can Help Your Company’s Share Price


When it’s your responsibility to maximize your news coverage so your stock price can accurately reflect your company’s value, every audience counts. . With the decline of the number of sell-side analysts over the past ten years, the majority of analysts tend to focus on larger companies.

Lack of Digital Skills Hampers Company Progress

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But due to budget constraints companies are not investing in digital skills training. Employees are aware of their lack of digital skills, they know these skills are vital to the success of the business and they’re keen to improve. Almost half said they’d use their own time to learn these skills. Source: VMWare survey ). The survey shows that digital skills are essential for growth and success in business today.

A Company Launch: The Story of Bringing SiFive Out of Stealth

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We were tasked with gaining awareness and traction for a company launch out of stealth…for a company that wasn’t quite stealth. This left the SHIFT team with the challenge of how to position the company launch as something newsworthy.