Creative PR Messaging Essentials

Ronn Torossian

The post Creative PR Messaging Essentials appeared first on. Through public relations companies can build and maintain a positive public reputation and image.

Creative Testing Delivers

Ronn Torossian

The post Creative Testing Delivers appeared first on. The person acknowledged as the “Father of Advertising,” David Ogilvy, founded advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather in 1948.


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Strategic planning for creative agencies

Stephen Waddington

tool supports business planning for creative agencies. As professional advisers to creative agencies and comms teams, we have done some of the work here at Wadds Inc. Strategic planning and crisis preparedness: A guide for creative agencies. A new Wadds Inc.

Creativity Is Just Half of the Equation

HMA Public Relations

When it comes to measuring the success of PR efforts, creativity is just half of the equation. Public Relations creativity measuring success successRead more from Abbie Fink in today's post.

The Biggest Barrier Between PR and Creativity Is …

Ishmael's Corner

If you asked 1,000 people which profession is more creative, advertising or PR, I suspect 997 would say advertising (figuring the outlier dynamic at.003 percent). The post The Biggest Barrier Between PR and Creativity Is … appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

How to Put the Creative into Public Relations

Landis PR

Public relations requires a variety of skills: strategy, communication, analytics and creativity. Those who excel in the strategic and analytical side may not have the same natural aptitude when it comes to creativity, and even the best strategy cannot save a bad idea.

4 creative PR tips for small businesses

Agility PR Solutions

The post 4 creative PR tips for small businesses appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. For many small businesses, running lengthy, in-depth PR campaigns just isn’t a realistic goal.

The Power Of Creativity In PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some people don’t think of PR professionals as particularly creative – except when it comes to hatching wild PR stunts or gimmicks, like KFC’s fried-chicken-flavored nail polish in 2016. Yet creativity plays a part in much of a PR person’s daily work. There was also a significant increase in agencies who employ a formally named creative director, from 37% to 56%. 4 ways creative PR takes it up a notch. Creative PR helps B2B brands be accessible.

Five Keys to a Successful Working Relationship With Your Creative Counterparts

Deirdre Breakenridge

Now, public relations professionals are as likely to be adept at HTML as they are with Photoshop – a far cry from the days when media pitches were the only creativity they were allowed. So when you need to outsource creative and design elements for your public relations programs, what should you take into account for a successful working relationship with your creative counterparts? Creative Guest Post PR 2.0 Guest Post By Patrick Walsh, VP of Design, Tonic Design Co.

The creative comms formula that drives b2b sales 

The Resolution Blog

The post The creative comms formula that drives b2b sales appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook. This episode explores the business success that occurs when two areas of marketing combine and work together really well.

Encouraging Creativity Among Marketing Employees

Ronn Torossian

For those in creative fields, such as advertising and marketing, this plunge in morale can be a death sentence for successful campaigns and a return on […]. The post Encouraging Creativity Among Marketing Employees appeared first on. Team morale in the office has hit a low. For some reason, it seems that pitch meetings and brainstorming sessions are more full of awkward silence than buzzing ideas.

Four Ways to Stay Curious & Creative in Our Digital World

Deirdre Breakenridge

So, how do you stay creative when you are inundated with so many different platforms to promote your ideas? So, here are a few tips that I have learned which have helped me reclaim by curious, creative spirit. By asking “why” and familiarizing yourself with the messages and tactics that others are using, you open the door to new opportunities to be creative and different. By simply hearing goofy, unrealistic ideas from a child, you begin to think more creatively as well.

Cultivating Creativity

HMA Public Relations

Ragan’s PR Daily recently published a post on four methods to jolt communications creativity. The post Cultivating Creativity appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR Observations and Preferences Tip for Tuesday Alison Bailin creativity Creativity Tips Cultivating Creativity PR Daily Public Relations Ragan's PR DailyAvailable here, it details how lateral thinking, perspective shift, concept porting (taking […].

Practicing Creativity

The Hoffman Agency

Similarly, learning to prioritize client and team needs while finding a way to be creative with messaging (even if it’s just in an email) has been one of my favorite lessons. The post Practicing Creativity appeared first on "What's HAppening" Blog.

Can You Teach Creativity? The #PRStudChat Community Shares Insights

Deirdre Breakenridge

Organizations need communication professionals who have a raised creative quotient. You have to be more creative and innovative in your approach to connect and engage with audiences today. On November 17 th , the #PRStudChat community gathered to discuss the importance of Creative PR and taking the art of storytelling to a new level. One question focused on whether creativity is inherent, or if it can be taught. The post Can You Teach Creativity?

20 ways to unleash creative writing energy

PR Daily

How do you find the muse when your creative energy is zapped, sapped or tapped out? A bit of brisk exercise can snap you out of a sluggish funk—and provide a jolt of creative writing energy. Please share in the comments what you do to get a jolt of creative energy. The post 20 ways to unleash creative writing energy appeared first on PR Daily. Writing & Editing creativity

Energy 123

How PepsiCo uses data to power creativity


Recently, we sat down with PepsiCo’s Lauren Powell to talk about how her team works to transform trends into successful campaigns and how data can power creative. Every successful modern creative campaign is powered by insight and data. Brands creative data Pepsi

3 ways to add creativity to your writing

PR Daily

Here’s how to harness your artistic side through poetry for more creative (and compelling) copy: 1. Everybody is creative, but not everybody knows it,” says “A great way to unlock your inner poet is to have fun with language.”

S&T Live Recap: Tapping Into Your Childhood Creativity to Find Your Muse Today


Just as we did when children, as professionals, “we have to give ourselves permission to be creative and to hear that muse.”. Organizational structures can stifle creativity but “for me, now, it’s so important in the morning to find that quiet place, so I can find that muse,” she said.

As Retail Continues to Struggle, Dick’s Gets Creative

Ronn Torossian

The post As Retail Continues to Struggle, Dick’s Gets Creative appeared first on. Big box retail is hurting, and not just because of COVID-19. Department and discount stores across the country are not seeing the traffic they’re accustomed to, and online shops are doing better than ever.

Retail 195

5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots

PR Daily

The post 5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots appeared first on PR Daily. The pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt or wither away. Take heart — and maybe borrow an idea or two — from these savvy strategic swivels.

6 tips for nailing the presentation of creative concepts

PR Daily

Creative work can be subjective—but these steps can help win over the skeptics when presenting your next big idea. Similarly, presenting creative concepts to clients is about more than offering solutions. A good creative brief doesn’t just supply information.

Creative and Caring Coverage

HMA Public Relations

How do you use your creativity and caring to light up the world? The post Creative and Caring Coverage appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured ABC 15 caring coronavirus COVID-19 creative Marissa Baker steve irvin tony robbins

5 Apps to Help Boost Creativity for Writers


If you're feeling unfocused and could use a boost of motivation and inspiration, check out these smartphone apps to get you back on a creative track. Media Blog

7 Ways To Spark Creative PR Ideas

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

As with any creative process, brilliant ideas don’t come out of nowhere; in fact, they are usually hard earned. More often than not there’s a process that came before the inspiration, and PR teams can use these steps to trigger those great, creative ideas. Then, take some time to undertake creative thinking exercises without pressuring yourself or your group too much at the outset. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl creative ideas public relations

5 proven ways to boost creativity to solve tough problems

PR Daily

Are you creative? But while creativity might seem like something only the Da Vinci’s and Walt Disney’s of the world are blessed with, there’s a growing body of research that suggests the trait lies with everyone.

This Is Why You Need to Write Creative Content


The biggest risk in communications is not that we might offend someone with creativity or write something that’s eye-rollingly goofy. The key is to make our content more creative. Why creative content writing? Because creative content: • Grabs attention.

Releasing Ideation: How to get creativity flowing that eventually leads to the EUREKA moment | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Over the past 18 months, nearly every industry has experienced the disruption of its workforce. Whether businesses came to a full stop or managed to stay connected remotely during those early months of lockdowns, the dust is finally settling and companies are determining the best path forward.

6 creative tips for a successful press launch in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

The post 6 creative tips for a successful press launch in 2021 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Press launches have always been an effective way to inform the media about recent business developments.

Creativity at Hallmark is the gift that keeps on giving

PR Daily

Creativity. Creativity, the Hallmark way, is an act of collaboration, inclusion, kindness and personal inspiration. The gift of quality creative time. The post Creativity at Hallmark is the gift that keeps on giving appeared first on PR Daily.

10 creative ideas to emerge from COVID-19 ennui

PR Daily

If your creativity is flagging, sagging or bone-dry, try these ideas to spark a bit of fresh inspiration. Please tell me I’m not alone in feeling a lack of creative spirit these days. Creativity is flagging. Your creativity suffers when you only follow news.

8 Creative Hashtag Campaigns You Should Look Up To


Learn from creative brands how to engage an audience through hashtags! The post 8 Creative Hashtag Campaigns You Should Look Up To first appeared on Brand24 Blog. There are lots of hashtag campaigns, most of them are boring.

PR Placing a Premium on Creativity; Findings from 5 Studies in Public Relations

Sword and the Script

88% of PR pros say creativity is more important in the era of Covid. PR places a premium on creativity in Covid era. Nearly 70% of respondents said creativity is a higher priority in the era of Covid. We have creativity to thank for getting us through.”

COVID left creatives with fewer resources, but also grew productivity, skills and standing

Agility PR Solutions

The post COVID left creatives with fewer resources, but also grew productivity, skills and standing appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Young Employees Bring Fresh Ideas, Perspectives, Creativity


Find more ideas on unleashing your creativity in the March issue of Strategies & Tactics. As the great French artist Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage.” history — stands to bring a broad array of perspectives and creative ideas to U.S.

How PR pros can break out of a creative rut

PR Daily

If you don’t keep an eye on what the latest approaches are, you risk lacking creativity. The post How PR pros can break out of a creative rut appeared first on PR Daily. PR Writing & Editing creativityThe public relations workaday world can seem repetitive and monotonous, but great communicators find ways to reinvent themselves. Here are ideas for reinvigorating your career. Many PR tasks are the same for each campaign we work on.

Drum Roll Please…Good Marketing Is Creative and Personal

HMA Public Relations

At its best, good marketing is creative, personalized and enthusiastic. Read more from Abbie Fink on Drum Roll Wine and find out how the brand is taking its marketing to the next level in this post. Odds and Ends drum roll wine Marketing wine

4 Creative PR Ideas for Crisis Communications

Sword and the Script

Constraint breeds creativity. In very creative rebuttal posted to Walmart’s blog titled, Fact Check: The New York Times “The Corporate Daddy” , David Tovar, then a vice president of communications with the company, offered edits to the Times’ writer’s “first draft.” Related Content: Art or Science: Creative Marketing and PR. 6 Creative PR Ideas for Blended Media. 7 Sexy and Creative PR Ideas.

As communicators prioritize stakeholder experience, in-house creative teams are restructuring

Agility PR Solutions

As the comms field continues to embrace the stakeholder, employee and customer experience as a top priority, in-house creative and brand teams are restructuring to engage this strategic shift as marketing leaders move towards evolving in-house creative teams into strategic in-house agencies.

New report reveals top 2022 salary and hiring trends in marketing and creative industry

Agility PR Solutions

The post New report reveals top 2022 salary and hiring trends in marketing and creative industry appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.