5 Free Resources to Spice Up Your Content

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Whether you want to get focused, get creative or get to the point, these sites can help you polish and beef up your content. Best of all, they’re free

The Biggest Barrier Between PR and Creativity Is …

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If you asked 1,000 people which profession is more creative, advertising or PR, I suspect 997 would say advertising (figuring the outlier dynamic at.003 percent). The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Four Ways to Stay Curious & Creative in Our Digital World

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So, how do you stay creative when you are inundated with so many different platforms to promote your ideas? So, here are a few tips that I have learned which have helped me reclaim by curious, creative spirit. Creative Guest Post PR 2.0

Four Tips on Successfully Building Your Own Creative Department

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Recently, my colleague Patrick Walsh shared a few great tips on finding the right creative partner to take on some of your design projects. It’s time to start thinking about bringing your creative work back in-house. Look to hire creatives who are both extroverts and introverts.

The Power Of Creativity In PR

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Some people don’t think of PR professionals as particularly creative – except when it comes to hatching wild PR stunts or gimmicks, like KFC’s fried-chicken-flavored nail polish in 2016. Yet creativity plays a part in much of a PR person’s daily work.

Cultivating Creativity

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Ragan’s PR Daily recently published a post on four methods to jolt communications creativity. The post Cultivating Creativity appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Available here, it details how lateral thinking, perspective shift, concept porting (taking […].

Five Keys to a Successful Working Relationship With Your Creative Counterparts

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Now, public relations professionals are as likely to be adept at HTML as they are with Photoshop – a far cry from the days when media pitches were the only creativity they were allowed. Follow these five rules of thumb, and your creative partnerships will be set up for success from the get-go.

Can You Teach Creativity? The #PRStudChat Community Shares Insights

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Organizations need communication professionals who have a raised creative quotient. You have to be more creative and innovative in your approach to connect and engage with audiences today. One question focused on whether creativity is inherent, or if it can be taught.

Show off your creative press event strategy

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The post Show off your creative press event strategy appeared first on PR Daily. How did you create an experience that made reporters excited to cover your product or feature your brand? Enter PR Daily’s 2019 Media Relations Awards and tell us. The final deadline is April 3.

7 Ways To Spark Creative PR Ideas

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As with any creative process, brilliant ideas don’t come out of nowhere; in fact, they are usually hard earned. More often than not there’s a process that came before the inspiration, and PR teams can use these steps to trigger those great, creative ideas.

Crowdsource Your Team’s Creativity for More Influential Communication

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With that in mind, do you have a tool you use to collect and “bank” all the creative energy on your team? The post Crowdsource Your Team’s Creativity for More Influential Communication appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Messaging isn’t a one-time deal.

3 Landmark Studies that Sum Up the State of Creativity for the CMO [UML]

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I sense we are reaching that point in marketing, with respect to data and creativity. This is the role of creativity in marketing: to drive an emotional connection and feeling of belonging. 1) Digital is killing creativity in marketing.

3 Creative Ways Public Relations can Partner with Human Resources and Recruiting to Attract Talent

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To that end, here are a few creative PR ideas to help the recruiting shop out. 2) Think creatively: guerilla recruiting tactics. One of the more creative ideas I’ve seen could have been a page from the guerilla marketing book. Thinking Creatively about Recruiting Events.

5 tips to ignite creativity

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Fortunately, there are loads of ways to spark creativity and generate fresh, compelling article ideas. All writers struggle to consistently generate creativity, inspiration and fresh content ideas. If writing is part of your job, you know the nonstop struggle to produce inspired ideas.

4 Creative PR Ideas for Crisis Communications

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Constraint breeds creativity. In very creative rebuttal posted to Walmart’s blog titled, Fact Check: The New York Times “The Corporate Daddy” , David Tovar, then a vice president of communications with the company, offered edits to the Times’ writer’s “first draft.”

Recharge Your Creativity

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Creativity is integral to professionals in communications. However, there are times when the well of creativity runs dry. This handy infographic from Entrepreneur offers 21 ways to reignite your creative genius and get back in the groove. At this time of year, when you are writing trends pieces, developing plans for your business in 2017 or planning new year campaigns, it’s the perfect time to test drive a few of these tips and be at your creative best.

Join #PRStudChat on Feb. 16th for a Discussion on #Creative #Content to Excite Your Community

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Content marketing has become an important part of your communication program, and your storytelling requires a strategic and creative approach. ET, the #PRStudChat community will gather to discuss Creative Content to Excite your Community.

Everyone Wants Creativity in Communications. What’s Holding It Back?

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Everyone perceives advertising agencies as creative. The Super Bowl delivers three hours of programming that essentially turns into a promo for creativity in the ad biz. People also categorize the digital shops under creativity. So we know how to describe creativity in PR.

Creative Storytelling as the Soul of B2B Marketing [UML]

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Yet that’s the central responsibility of the creative marketer – to convert the uninteresting into something interesting. 3) Creativity is the Soul of CMO. Is your PR agency bring creative ideas to the table? Marketing PR B2B creative marketing storytelling unscripted marketing

10 tips to improve your writing and ignite creativity

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Instead of waiting for the creative fog to lift, here are 10 ways to get the words flowing: 1. Here are a few sources to get you going: 25 creative writing prompts. 365 Creative Writing Prompts. That’s an easy way to unleash your creativity. might not make much sense, but it’ll get those creative juices flowing. The post 10 tips to improve your writing and ignite creativity appeared first on PR Daily. To get the words flowing, try starting at the end.

Report: Overcoming creative marketing professionals’ biggest challenges

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From outstanding infographics to engaging videos, creative elements can make your marketing campaigns pop. Those surveyed listed the high demand volume for creative work and the speed at which they’re expected to complete work as the two biggest hurdles they frequently face.

Creative Communications: Lessons from Health and Wellness Brands

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These messages are tired and far from creative. Instead of following the herd to captivate and activate your audience you must flex your creative muscles. It has proven that creative communications are possible even in a highly regulated industry. Guest Post by Hanna Knowles.

Yossarian: Getting creative with AI

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We may slightly dismiss AI’s own knack for creativity, but there’s now one AI tool that is helping us to get our creative juices flowing again. The post Yossarian: Getting creative with AI appeared first on Firefly Communications.

Yossarian: Getting creative with AI

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We may slightly dismiss AI’s own knack for creativity, but there’s now one AI tool that is helping us to get our creative juices flowing again. The post Yossarian: Getting creative with AI appeared first on Firefly Communications.

6 creative ways to research your target audience

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Here are six creative ways to get to know your audience better: 1. We've all been there. You have a bunch of great ideas and can't wait to start your campaigns. Luckily, you have a budget that will cover all your innovative thoughts. Later, you can't understand what went wrong.

5 Creative Strategies for Link Building

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The post 5 Creative Strategies for Link Building appeared first on Shonali Burke Consulting. Guest Post by Stuart McHenry. When it comes to SEO and building links to your website you can’t just go willy nilly. At least not if you want the link building strategy to work.

Two Creative PR Stunts that Turned a Press Release Upside Down

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It’s one of two creative press releases examples that recently crossed my radar and I’m sharing here in this post. A Creative Press Release for B2B Tech. Or do so, knowing you might overlook a good creative idea. Looking for an agency partner that can both bring creative ideas.

Libraries, Long-Term Value and the Influence of Creativity in Content Marketing [UML]

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3) Rising influence of creative in content marketing. The UK team at LinkedIn took an underperforming ebook created by the US team, redesigned, polished it up with better creative and better title. Marketing content marketing creative ideas creative marketing unscripted marketing

Injecting Creative Into Marketing for More Earned Media


Overreliance on analytics overshadows creativity, which can hinder your chances to earn more media. When you focus solely on optimizing for clicks or conversions, you miss the opportunity for the audience to emotionally connect with a clever or creative piece of content.

Creativity, Stupid Talking Head (CNBC) Tricks and Achieving Greatness

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People Don’t Actually Like Creativity. That was the headline in a Slate article taking the position that most people don’t like creativity: “We are taught that our own creativity will be celebrated and that if we have good ideas, we will succeed. The grab bag returns.

PR Creative: A 7-Year History

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I did it for the challenge, but I knew that applying my traditional creative director background to the world of earned media came with uncertainties. The strategic side of the PR coin can, and should be, as creative in nature as any other type of marketing. Creative Director.

Creative Storytelling: Picture This: It’s Not Just the Words – It’s What You Do with Them

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The great Brian Solis, who I had the pleasure of seeing live in 2013 as keynote speaker at the PRSA’s International Conference, recently published this article on LinkedIn about creative storytelling. Lots of resources are out there to guide us on our creative journeys.

3/4s of creative managers say their firms are transparent about pay

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Companies and employees in the creative industry are opening up about compensation, new research from staffing firm The Creative Group shows. The post 3/4s of creative managers say their firms are transparent about pay appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

5 techniques for boosting PR creativity

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Here are five tricks for fighting stagnation and fostering creativity in your work. According to a recent study , there’s a reason why creative folks often huddle over their laptops in coffee shops. Environments that are too loud tend to stifle creativity.

Remembering Gene Wilder's creative spirit

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Social media has become an increasingly popular outlet to pay tribute and honor impactful people that have passed away.

History and Stock Photos: 5 Creative Public Relations Ideas

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None of these topics are especially interesting, yet all of them have provided examples of creative PR ideas for bringing those topics to life and in some cases reinvigorating a name or product long past its prime. Have you seen some especially creative PR of late? PR creative PR

#BookClub – Creativity in Business

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Scott, who self admittedly is not much of a book reader, has recently taken up a book titled, Creativity in Business, by Igor Byttebier and Ramon Vullings. The post #BookClub – Creativity in Business appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR Observations and Preferences PRGN books Creativity in Business Igor Byttebier public relations global network Ramon Vullings Scott Hanson

7 ways to reignite your creative spark

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When the creative juices have clogged, it can seem like they will never flow again. PR pros and marketers know the horrors of creative slumps, of struggling to meet deadlines in a world where maintaining an innovative and imaginative edge has never been more vital.

State of Content Marketing 2019: Creativity Strikes Back

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Creativity strikes back. The post State of Content Marketing 2019: Creativity Strikes Back appeared first on Contently. A few years ago, I consulted for a client that sold outdoor travel gear and wanted to tell adventure stories.

Secret to Creativity? Ditch the Phone! Get Bored!

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But new research shows that the biggest threat may be to our creativity. It should especially be of interest to people in creative and info-driven fields like marketing, journalism and PR.