5 exercises to improve your storytelling skills

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In " The Talent Code ," Daniel Coyle names it "deep practice," small exercises that are both challenging and repetitive. Tired of the same advice to "read more" and "write more," I've been experimenting with my own challenging and repetitive exercises to. Try a few of these exercises.

3 improv exercises to improve communications

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For this exercise, ask your partner questions to find out two things that you have in common. If there is someone in your life who interrupts you constantly—such as a teenage son or daughter—this exercise can help you address it. Inspiration comes to those who seek it.

‘Ask Bobby’ Twitter exercise fails

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Here’s the tweet that kicked off the doomed #AskBobby experiment, which The Daily Dot described as “another ill-advised, wobbling clambering for social media relevance by a person profoundly unsuited to the exercise”: Have questions for Bobby Jindal? New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was supposed to own the news day Tuesday, with his announcement from his old high school that he was entering the 2016 presidential race.

Writing is like Exercise

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Social media is changing the skill sets needed to succeed. That said I think writing is more important than ever. From long form to short form, from using text speak to fitting something into 140 characters -- the better you can communicate, the more successful you will be.

The Steep Mental Exercise of Child’s Hill

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Child’s Hill was a Mental Exercise. He took us out there to exercise our minds. Then again, it we might just have another look if we considered these cyclical endeavors as a mental exercise…if we viewed them as Child’s Hill. by Frank Strong.

3 Strategies for Overcoming the Internal Struggle of Crisis Ready Resistance

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In chapter four we’ll discuss your organization’s high-risk scenarios, but before we get there, following is an exercise to consider undertaking with different members of your leadership team. This exercise will help you spark discussions and gain necessary awareness.

10 Pain Points PR Pros Will Face in 2018

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On the other hand, we easily can turn this exercise on its head and say, dripping with optimism, “These are issues communicators most… Continued. It’s traditional to look to the New Year with hope and optimism. As a result, this post, which highlights difficulties communicators will face in 2018, might not be the most pleasant read.

How PR Measurement Can Put a Smile on Your Face

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Similar to regular exercise and eating a balanced diet, measurement is something communicators know they should do, but often find ways to avoid it. If economics is the dismal science, then measurement surely must make a compelling argument for being PR’s grim discipline.

Discovering the Roadmap in Teaching Social Media

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I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if there was a book that provided not only additional resources on how we can create assignments, exercises, or exercises, but really showed you what you need to know to teach social media. A Guest Post By Karen Freberg.

TCIP #036 – How To Conduct a Crisis Simulation with Garth Rowan

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”; “who should be involved in the exercise?”; So I decided to dedicate this week’s episode of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast to answering these questions and helping those of you out there who are interested in conducting a crisis simulation, develop the best scenario and exercise you can for your team. This episode of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast discusses: What a crisis simulation is and why it’s such a rewarding exercise.

How to “Play Ball” with the Media

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When Business Wire’s Florida team had the innovative idea to host a baseball themed media luncheon, they didn’t know just how effective the exercise would be for all those in attendance.

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Hope, Lies, And Public Relations

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There’s been so much upheaval, in fact, that this exercise makes me worry less about any future impact on the the PR profession, and more about the immediate effect on our government. As an industry, public relations has a PR problem.

The Year of the PR Tech Tester

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The exercise I discuss in my video is a fun way to increase Tech Testing opportunities among friends, and to learn so much more about different types of technology with your colleagues and peers. We’re moving into the year of the PR Tech Tester.

The New PR: The Intersection of Positioning and Content Marketing


Cunningham described the fundamentals of creating positioning: “The first thing we do in a positioning exercise is to split those two things up and do the rational positioning first.

Social Media Strategy Template

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Analyze the data gathered from this monitoring exercise. Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here.

6 Common PR Mistakes Made By Startups

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Here’s an exercise for a startup: take the brand name and corporate information out of your press release or media pitch.

PR Goal-Setting For 2018

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A good exercise to help set some realistic PR goals is to start at the end of the coming year and ask where leadership would like to be at that point. Where is your company in its public relations planning for 2018?

Commencement speeches aren't just for college grads

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I''d like to make this an annual exercise to reset and not "lose my youthful idealism" as Katie Couric so eloquently stated: . It''s college graduation season and I always get nostalgic right about now.

Infographic: Video marketing trends to watch

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As more companies develop video teams and offerings, several important trends have separated effective campaigns from futile exercises. Is video a big part of your content strategy for 2018?

Common Crisis Simulation Question Answered: How To Prepare

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At the end of the video, I invited viewers to ask me questions so that I could help them – and you – prepare and conduct a successful exercise.

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Are CEOs Ready To Embrace Social Activism?

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In the wake of the most significant corporate tax cut in decades, Fink reminds CEOs that “stakeholders are demanding that companies exercise leadership on a broader range of issues,” citing the impact of automation and resulting infrastructure and worker retraining needs.

7 Ways To Spark Creative PR Ideas

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Then, take some time to undertake creative thinking exercises without pressuring yourself or your group too much at the outset. The exercise of working — actively writing, thinking, trying things out — can trigger the right connections, eventually bringing you to the right path.

Crisis Management Concerns That Leave You Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

’s Emergency Management Conference, where I put city officials through a simulated earthquake exercise. Using Agnes + Day’s crisis simulation platform , the exercise simulated the digital noise that is a guaranteed result of any crisis or emergency today.

Can You Teach Creativity? The #PRStudChat Community Shares Insights

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At the same time, we agreed that exercising Creative PR is both valuable and a necessity today. With technology advancing, consumer behavior changing and shorter attention spans, it has become increasingly difficult to build relationships.

Why I Got My APR and a New Job in the Same Year


I enrolled in the APR Online Study Course and leveraged the materials — especially the practice question exercises — but I mostly prepared alone. Last year I passed an important milestone in my career: I had 10-plus years of experience in communications.

Social Media Strategy Template

The Proactive Report

Analyze the data gathered from this monitoring exercise. Download the PDF of the Social Media Strategy Template here. link]. In January 2014 almost three-quarters of all adults were active in social media, according to the Pew Research Center.

Your One Thing

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A simple exercise. Exercise = work. The best exercises are, I think, simple. The thing is, the best exercise in the WORLD is not going to make a darn difference if you don’t actually do it. Thank you to all our veterans, every day, but especially today.

A PR Wish List For Holiday 2017

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Ideally, everyone in an agency would clamor for the opportunity to write, and agency leaders would create an inclusive approach, offering teaching and exercises to bring writing quality up a level or two.

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PR Tips For Successful Media Training

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Exercise control during the interview. It’s hard to overstate the importance of quality media-interview preparation to a successful public relations program.

Teaching Influencer Marketing: #FrebergSM visits Kentucky Derby Museum

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Matt Kushin has a great exercise he shared on his blog about how he integrated this concept into his classes. We have seen a huge increase in utilizing influencers for various campaigns and brands. This is something you are seeing more and more often, which is not too surprising.

Knowing Your Worth as a Solo PR Pro

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Rate setting is more than an exercise in number crunching but it requires the confidence to ask for what you deserve. New and seasoned solo PR Pros often struggle with what to charge.

#CreativePR: Brainstorming for Ideas


We have channels specific to clients, to professional development, to exercise motivation, to content ideas, and to random greatness (which probably would get us in trouble with HR in a traditional organization).”. This is post 4 of our 5-part #CreativePR blog series.

Making That Pesky and Inaccurate Information on the Internet Go Away

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The app evangelizes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to embrace the one exercise that can be done anywhere, walking. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. It’s not easy. Here’s the situation.

Crisis Management Concerns That Leave You Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

’s Emergency Management Conference, where I put city officials through a simulated earthquake exercise. Using Agnes + Day’s crisis simulation platform , the exercise simulated the digital noise that is a guaranteed result of any crisis or emergency today.

9 Blogs To Make You PR-Smart

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This brain exercise is touted as “a foolproof way to come up with new solutions and original ideas.” Want to boost your public relations acumen?

Ten Steps to a Resonant Personal Brand Statement

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Bear in mind this exercise may take up to two weeks to two months depending on how responsive your friends and colleagues are and the amount of brain power you dedicate. Go through the same exercise as step 5 and select the two most preferred statements.

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Increasing PR Productivity With New Tech Tools

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At the very least, it’s a fun and enlightening exercise. Whoever said “there are only so many hours in the day” definitely doesn’t work in public relations. Our work is 24/7 and then some, when a major announcement or event is planned.

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A 2-Minute Public Speaking Hack Using Body Language


If you’re skeptical, Cuddy’s research isn’t just a lab exercise. A little bit of nervousness before a speech or interview is a good thing. A lot of nervousness—not so much. Yet public speaking and media interview skills are essential for most executives and business owners.

How To Woo Consumers: 7 PR Tips For Brands

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All the great branding exercises and investment mean very little if there’s no significant promotion going on. Can public relations help consumers fall in love with a brand? The answer is a resounding “yes,” but it’s not always easy.

Words That Will Drive PR Interest

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We found this exercise to be useful. In public relations , choosing the right words to pitch a story is as important as using the right fabric in fashion design. Words bring ideas to life and paint a picture for media and other audiences, whetting appetites to learn more.