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On account payment wasn’t exercising an adjudicator’s lien

Practical Law Construction

He held that the adjudicator had not exercised a lien before issuing his decision. The judge noted that it was not disputed that attempting to exercise a lien was unlawful ( Cubitt Building and Interiors Ltd v Fleetgate Ltd ). Consequently, the adjudicator’s decision was enforced and there were no grounds to stay enforcement.

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Reputation Risk Insurance: Exercise Your Protection

Reputation Us

It is advisable to manage your reputation daily—a good habit to regularly exercise. Exercise Your Reputation. “If The post Reputation Risk Insurance: Exercise Your Protection appeared first on ReputationUs. Reputation protection is now available @


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On Demand and LIVE Fitness: How to maintain your exercise during the Coronavirus lockdown

Action PR

We are not only social creatures, but we also require regular exercise and fresh air to stay fit, healthy and sane. Recent research has shown that regular daily exercise has a powerful and positive effect on the immune system. Do not let the lockdown wreak havoc on your fitness schedule. On Demand Workouts.

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Try This Writing Exercise to Kickstart Your Work Day


“How do you start off on a typical day?” asked my 13-year-old son as he sat across from me in my office, pencil in hand, anxious to finish filling out his school worksheet so he could go home. We were finishing up his “job shadow” day. All the seventh-graders got the day off from school to shadow someone of their choice, and he chose me.

Writing 156
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5 Professional Development Exercises Your Marketing Team Should Try

PR 20/20

Exercising your mind, especially in the workplace, is a great way to improve key traits and characteristics needed to fuel a successful career. One way the PR 20/20 team exercises the mind is by conducting monthly morning meetings to focus on a variety of professional development activities. Personality Assessment. Condense Writing.

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The Steep Mental Exercise of Child’s Hill

Sword and the Script

Child’s Hill was a Mental Exercise. He took us out there to exercise our minds. Then again, it we might just have another look if we considered these cyclical endeavors as a mental exercise…if we viewed them as Child’s Hill. The post The Steep Mental Exercise of Child’s Hill appeared first on Sword and the Script.

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Fitness Marketing For Springtime


All ages and fitness levels can gain benefits from regular exercise. Another fitness marketing myth is that fitness marketing only targets those already devoted to exercising. Emphasize Mental Health Benefits Warmer weather offers a chance for gyms and trainers to highlight the mental health benefits of exercise.