Top 25 Mobile Productivity Apps for 2019?


Today, with tons of mobile applications and online services seamlessly integrated into everyday life, the importance of productivity apps is undeniable. The post Top 25 Mobile Productivity Apps for 2019? Magazine Marketing apps mobile

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Infographic: Why mobile is essential for marketers

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If your marketing efforts aren’t tailored for mobile devices, you’re missing out. Not only is mobile where consumers spend a majority of their time searching , approximately 40 percent only use smartphones to scroll the digital landscape, according to an infographic from Go-Gulf.

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How micro-moments should inform mobile messaging

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As mobile devices grow in importance for marketers, tailoring your online presence for the small screen is more crucial than ever. The shift to mobile communications isn’t always easy for marketing and communications pros. Mobile screens come first. When to go mobile.

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Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint rip AT&T for fake 5G

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The new network speed, which all mobile carriers are racing to achieve, doesn’t yet exist, but AT&T has put the logo on its phones anyway. AT&T recently added a 5G icon to its mobile phones, a symbol that would indicate a new 5G network.

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T-Mobile’s John Legere swipes at competitors for 5G ‘lies’

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T-Mobile wants to complete its merger with Sprint to fully compete against cellular giants Verizon and AT&T. T-Mobile’s rejoinder is that the merger will help it deliver a new service to U.S. What do you think of T-Mobile’s 5G messaging, PR Daily readers?

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How DOES Mobile Change The Brandscape?

Shift Communications

The way we think of the “internet” as a place for brands must fundamentally change to reflect the rise of mobile. Now, the experience of the internet is tied more and more to mobile devices. It is a totally different display experience on mobile.

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'Mobilizing' your newsroom


Parts 4, 5 and 6 will dive into web technology; and the first essential part for a smooth running newsroom is optimizing it for mobile visitors. Many organizations still work with PDF based newsroom repositories, that besides not being mobile-friendly, also deliver poor SEO results.

MWC19 roundup – the future of mobile technology

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MWC, the world’s largest tradeshow for the mobile industry, has wrapped up for another year and, like every year, mobile technology manufacturers have come together to launch a plethora of intelligent and innovative mobile products. Blog News Technology mobile news technology

7 mobile newsrooms to inspire you

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Coca-Cola was already all-in on the idea of designing for smartphones in 2013, and its commitment to a mobile newsroom endures. Reporter resources can be reached with a tap from the front page of the mobile platform. Building a great mobile newsroom shouldn’t be complicated.

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Infographic: Why marketers should invest in mobile advertising

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There are plenty of data available to identify audiences’ tendencies and allow for more precise targeting on mobile devices. to highlight the importance of advertising on mobile platforms: In-app spending is estimated to reach $201 billion by 2021.

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Infographic: Be mobile or go bust

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To succeed in 2016, marketers must have a robust mobile strategy. The mobile ad industry has grown by 34 percent in the last year. Mobile ad display revenue is expected to surpass desktop ads by 2018. Mobile video advertising has attracted $2.6

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Why Mobile Content Strategy is Important to PR

The Proactive Report

Seems like every year we hear this year is going to be the year of mobile. In June, at the State of the Internet Webinar, comScore presented data indicating mobile users would surpass desktop users in 2014. Take a look at what people are viewing on their mobile devices.

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7 Tips to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing for Mobile

Critical Mention

With so much of the population spending so much time on mobile devices these days, optimizing marketing efforts for mobile is crucial for businesses. In fact, in 2018, Statista stated that 54 percent of all consumers now browse social media on a mobile device at least once a day.

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Want to reach consumers? Text them, says new mobile report

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Consumers are hungrier than ever for great deals from brands they love, but the app economy may be losing steam as text messaging reigns supreme for brand-consumer conversations, according to new research from mobile marketing firm Vibes.

Mobile search optimisation is no longer a choice

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Today, Google has updated its algorithm which will impact the rankings for sites not deemed to be mobile friendly. Google says: This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

Virtual summit on mobile communications

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If you don’t have a mobile communications strategy, you’re behind the curve. Don’t stress—we’ve put together a virtual summit packed with mobile communications experts who want share their best practices with you. Shift your publications from computers to mobile devices.

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Introducing your company’s new brand ambassadors—globally-mobile employees

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The post Introducing your company’s new brand ambassadors—globally-mobile employees appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Infographic: How mobile consumers use voice search

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Just how important is voice search technology? As virtual assistants and smart speakers gain popularity, it might be just as important to rank in voice search algorithms as it does to reach the top of the Google results page.

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New mobile ad study reveals patterns in context and engagement

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New research from moment marketing science firm Aki helps mobile marketers better understand how contextual variables influence consumer response to mobile advertisements across specific verticals. In the firm’s new study, Mobile ?Ad

Infographic: The state of mobile marketing in 2018

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Mobile advertising is a rapidly expanding part of the communications industry. via their mobile devices, it’s important that PR pros and marketers use best practices in order to catch the attention of those potential customers.

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Google’s Mobile Update and Online Visibility

The Proactive Report

Friday’s #DigitalPR Twitter chat with Rafferty Pendery was all about the need for businesses to embrace mobile and prepare for Googles’s next mobile update. Q2: Google has another mobile search update scheduled for May. Surely every business is ready for mobile now?

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8 tips for creating mobile-ready content

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News flash: In the online content realm, mobile is toppling the desktop. A new study by the Pew Research Center found that among the 50 most popular news websites and their associated apps, mobile traffic outpaced desktop traffic for 39 of them. Fonts must be mobile-friendly.

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3 ways marketers can enhance mobile emails

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The confluence of email and mobile is especially noteworthy. As early as 2013, GetResponse discovered that "42 percent of subscribers delete emails that don’t display correctly on mobile phones.". This means that to leverage the awesome power of email, you must get mobile.

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Why marketers must leverage mobile's supremacy

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Mobile Marketing is not merely an “in” thing, nor is it the future. Mobile marketing is dominating the marketing world right now. As devices become more and more prevalent today, mobile marketing becomes that much more important. Mobile screens are captivating.

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The CMO Survey with Social & Mobile Marketing Takeaways

Sword and the Script

Confusion over social and mobile reigns among the ranks of marketers according to the latest edition of The CMO survey by the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Much like last year’s survey , CMOs said they plan to invest in social, mobile and digital. by Frank Strong.

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Make your marketing content more mobile friendly

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Starting with the infamous mobilegeddon update in 2015 and extending to today, mobile-friendly content has been a huge focus for websites everywhere. Ignoring mobile optimization isn’t just a bad idea for SEO reasons, it can also cause your site to lose countless sales.

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Why retailers aren’t ready for advanced mobile experiences

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Advancing technologies are putting more pressure on retail marketers to improve their customer experiences, and new research from WBR Insights finds retailers are not prepared to support the next wave of technologies like AI, Chatbots and AR as part of their mobile engagement strategy.

Ready Yourself Now for a Mobile Only Future

Waxing UnLyrical

This mobile-only group of users is forecasted to increase to 52 million people by 2021. For businesses, that means learning how mobile-only communication is different than other types of communication, and driving automation as much as possible when working in this space.

Convenience and mobility power the collaborative company

Shift Communications

The answer to that question will be driven by mobile adoption of your audience. Disruption from the collaborative economy almost always comes from mobility. Go into your Analytics, select Audience > Mobile > Overview. Fully 30% of my audience is mobile now.

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Mobile mandate—63% use phones for product research while in-store

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There is no denying the power of mobile technology as a disruptor in the retail industry. Those marketers recognize that a mobile device in the hands of a customer or associate holds tremendous opportunities to enhance the customer experience in the store.

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Exxon Mobil denies concealing climate change info

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In response to a subpoena, an Exxon Mobil spokesman says the oil company “unequivocally reject[s] allegations that Exxon Mobil suppressed climate change research.”. 15, Exxon Mobil published a response on its Perspectives blog.

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Getting ‘appy—consumer adoption of retailer mobile apps doubles

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As mobile shopping continues to grow, consumers are downloading retailer’s mobile apps at double the rate of years past and conducting more in-app purchases, according to new findings from consumer financial services firm Synchrony.

Mindfulness and Mobile Media Relations: Lisa Buyer and @SEJournal Chat

Social PR Chat

In a world of constantly having things in the palm of your hand, PR professionals are challenged with mindfulness when it comes to mobile media relations. Lisa Buyer recently caught up with Kelsey Jones, Executive Editor of Search Engine Journal, to chat about all things social and mobile.

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Black Friday shoppers go mobile—and local

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Data from Google suggest Black Friday 2016 had the highest mobile shopping searches of any day during Thanksgiving week. A PayPal report noted that around one-third of Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping was done on mobile.

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Today’s marketing challenge: How to reach the mobile generation

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You might not have noticed a major marketing change: For the first time, more potential customers are using mobile devices than desktops to browse the internet. A new demographic has emerged: the mobile generation. Mobile marketing is already a science.

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Google launches mobile-first search result indexing

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In February 2017, mobile devices accounted for nearly half (49.7 percent) of all webpage views , and mobile users are also regularly interacting with content: The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported. for mobile-first indexing. to help determine a page’s mobile search ranking.

Google’s Mobile Update and Online Visibility

The Proactive Report

Friday’s #DigitalPR Twitter chat with Rafferty Pendery was all about the need for businesses to embrace mobile and prepare for Googles’s next mobile update. Q2: Google has another mobile search update scheduled for May. Surely every business is ready for mobile now? They’re focusing on mobile search because more searches are done on mobile devices than desktops. Just look around you – pretty much everyone has a mobile device.

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5 Ways To Mobilize Your Grassroots Supporters


Go mobile. Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report found that 92 percent of journalists said that their companies were already mobile-ready. In today’s content-crowded world, it’s easy for your grassroots message to go unnoticed.

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Fusion’s Favorite Mobile Apps of 2014

Flack's Revenge

We surveyed our team about their mobile app use, asking everyone to pick their top three (intentionally excluding client apps from consideration). Mobile Banking Apps: I can deposit checks, transfer money, and pay my bills from wherever I am.

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6 ways to build a great mobile newsroom

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Yet as the mobile revolution takes hold, it is no longer wise to think primarily about desktop users when designing a newsroom. How then should organizations think about their newsrooms, given that reporters and stakeholders access them on the go from mobile phones?

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