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Our 2015 Social Journalism Study explores how media professionals use social media in their daily lives. Germany, Finland, Sweden and Australia, the study provides insight on how these journalists agree on a variety of topics, yet differ in their use of social media.

Study: The Dark Side of the Gig Economy


According to a study conducted by the Freelance Union, as much as 35% or 55,000,000 workers of the United States’ are freelance, generating an estimated $1 trillion dollars in income per year. Cision Study: Gig Economy Media Reporting Disconnected from Worker Reality from Cision.

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Marketers to Increase PR Spending Over Next 5 Years – New Study Says

Business Wire

Learn more about the report on Adweek This study exposes just how public relations is evolving and its growing importance within the marketing landscape.

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The PR Implications of Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer Study


According to Edelman’s 2015 Trust Barometer , “This year’s study also found that a company’s in-house technical experts (e.g., ” These research findings come when, according to the study, trust in media, businesses and NGOs has reached an all-time low.

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B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs recently released their latest joint study on the use of content in the marketing mix: B2C Content Marketing, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America. What else does the study reveal about B2C content marketing trends?

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Study: ‘Influencer marketing’ on the rise

PR Daily

A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research found. In their study, researchers found that 92 percent of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source.

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#PlayMoreMN case study: Why the “tell us your story” approach is NOT dead

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Case Studies children's museum mn social media childrens mn case study childrens mn social media childrens museum case study minnesota social media case study

Buzzfeed study challenges viral content myths

PR Daily

A recent study from Fractl examines content from BuzzFeed —a vaunted platform for viral content—to determine which forces (supernatural or not) had the greatest influence on a post’s garnering of shares. “We

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Study: To win over millennials, increase your digital presence

PR Daily

Here are a few highlights from the study, and how brand managers can cultivate these younger consumers easily and expeditiously. According to the study, tolerance for delays diminishes dramatically among younger consumers.

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Study: Millennials’ news consumption 'strikingly different'

PR Daily

a new study from the American Press Institute’s Media Insight Project. Often, they “let news come to them,” the study report states. It isn’t too much of a stretch to connect the study’s findings to the worlds of PR and content marketing.

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2016 Global Social Journalism Study: How to Reach More Journalists on Social Media


According to Cision’s 2016 Global Social Journalism Study published this week, nearly half (48 percent) of U.S. Just take a look at the following snapshot from the Global Social Journalism Study. Connecting with journalists via social media should be a no-brainer for any PR pro.

Where and How B2B Marketing Generates Leads it Likes [Study]

Sword and the Script

As regular readers know, I often pour over marketing studies on these pages and sometimes produce survey cliff notes stemming from multiple reports. That brings us to content marketing and the adjacent reference to lead generation in this study, which I think can be confusing.

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Study: Who shares your content matters

PR Daily

According to a new study from the Media Insight Project , it’s the sharer, rather than the publisher, who inspires people to take interest. Half of the study’s participants remembered who shared the article, but only 20 percent of them remembered the source.

Study reveals social media is undermining journalistic values

Norton's Notes

I have been busy this week at Prohibition HQ, reading this and that, but something that really stood out to me was the interesting annual study on Social Journalism which is conducted each year by Cision and Canterbury Christ Church University.

Study: The characteristics of highly shareable content

PR Daily

New research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism shows that readers hunger for analytical and inspiring content, so publishers shouldn't worry about the demise of high-quality journalism. Other studies produce conflicting recommendations about length, she notes.

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Study: Brand managers ignore 80 percent of complaints on Twitter

PR Daily

Twitter can be a very effective tool for addressing questions about a brand’s product or services, but it’s not being used effectively, according to a new study. Socialbreakers arrived at the number after studying 6.5

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Report: New study highlights PR's deficiencies

PR Daily

According to the study, women in PR were “less engaged, less satisfied with their jobs, less confident in their work cultures, less trusting of their organizations and more critical of top leaders than men.” This is one report card we might not want to hang on the fridge.

Study: Shoppers rank America's most trusted brands

PR Daily

Walking into any big-box or grocery store can be overwhelming. With so many brands vying for shelf space, consumer confidence is essential, and can often mean the difference between success and failure. If you’re uncertain about a retailer’s reliability, firms like BrandSpark International can help.

Study 40

Study: Why and how PR pros can dominate content marketing

PR Daily

Though you should focus on storytelling and engaging your audience, a recent study from the Robert H. The study found that positive reviews had “little connection to visual appeal, visual complexity or the ratio of text to image.”. “A

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Brand journalism case study: How the University of St. Thomas covered the largest Division III Football Game in U.S. History

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Not sure if you heard, but Target Field hosted a small football game last month. Truth be told, it was a very BIG football game–both in terms of the matchup, and size of the crowd in attendance. The St. Thomas/St.

Study: Consumers want to interact, be ‘friends’ with brands

PR Daily

A Trendera study reveals that 63 percent of consumers want brands to treat them like friends. Though only 14 to 35 percent of those surveyed by Ascend2 say blog posts, case studies, reports and white papers are effective, marketers shouldn’t be quick to dismiss the power behind blogs.

Studies: Digital media thriving, but press releases still most trusted

PR Daily

Inkhouse and GMI conducted a similar study recently, and found that 73 percent of news consumers turn to TV for their news, followed by news websites (52 percent), print sources (36 percent) and radio (25 percent), which barely beat out social media (23 percent). Digital media is growing.

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TCIP #052 – A Crisis Management Case Study with Monika Lancucki

Melissa Agnes

The post TCIP #052 – A Crisis Management Case Study with Monika Lancucki appeared first on Melissa Agnes - Crisis Management Keynote Speaker. Welcome to episode #052 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Monika Lancucki. When the company Monika Lancucki worked for went into receivership, they knew they were in for a crisis management challenge.

Study: These words will make or break your subject line

PR Daily

If you want to boost engagement with your email campaigns, it helps to say "thank you" in the subject line, according to a recent report from Adestra. The report.

Study 57

Study: Effective Content Marketing Has One Element

Sword and the Script

The study, which is co-produced by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs , surveyed 1,820 marketers and had one overarching conclusion: “Marketers who take the time to document their content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don’t.”.

Case Study: Amplify Media Relations with Paid Social Advertising


The post Case Study: Amplify Media Relations with Paid Social Advertising appeared first on prTini. When there is an opportunity in the marketplace you need to strike quickly and effectively. Media relations has always been a powerful tool for communicating key messages.

Monday Roundup: Social PR Case Studies

Waxing UnLyrical

Here are seven social PR case studies to give you some ideas. Dogs are a Content Marketer’s Best Friend – A Case Study on Engaging Content. Case Study: Denny’s flips its audience with a sassy social media strategy. YouTubeAsksObama [Influencers case study].

Study: Producing engaging content is marketer's biggest challenge

PR Daily

Two recent studies seek to answer this question and shed light on content marketing best practices. A second study that published dives into content marketing best practices for small businesses.

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How to Develop B2B Case Studies That Actually Convert

B2B PR Sense

Case studies have a huge potential to convert. The truth is that when a case study is created properly, it's not only palatable, but becomes an indispensable tool for your marketing tool belt. In this post, we'll examine: The nature of case studies. How to compose a case study.

Study: Only 57 percent of PR websites are mobile-friendly

PR Daily

Though the results are better than other groups (only 22 percent of large-cap Long Island companies’ sites are mobile-friendly), the study serves as a warning to PR pros. Things are going to change soon for websites that aren’t enhanced for mobile devices.

Study: CEOs should hone knowledge, social media before interviews

PR Daily

A Public Relations Global Network study of North American reporters revealed that 82 percent of journalists use past media coverage as their primary source to prepare for an executive interview. Forewarned is forearmed, the saying goes.

Study: Big Companies Lag at Blogging, Social Media

Sword and the Script

I’ll beg Dr. Barnes to forgive me the editorial liberty I’ve taken with this headline, but that’s my takeaway after finally reading the UMASS Dartmouth Study: The 2014 Fortune 500 and Social Media: LinkedIn Dominates As Use of Newer Tools Explodes. 500 Social Media Study.

Case study: How the Minnesota Pork Board dispelled myths with “urban foodie” influencers

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In fact, I can’t remember the last time I shared a client case study on this blog (OK, it was Bike Walk Move a couple years ago ). Let’s break this case study down in simple terms: The challenge. Influencer outreach.

Study finds paid social media’s future is bright

PR Daily

More than half of companies—52 percent—have a separate budget for sponsored social media posts, according to the IZEA study. The study, conducted with Halverson Group and The Right Brain Consumer Consulting, looked at the state of sponsored social media content. In fact, the study found that marketers find sponsored social media posts as effective as, or more effective than TV commercials. I only wish I had this study during those meetings to back up these conclusions: 1.

Study 41

Study: Marketers to spend more on Facebook, Instagram ads

PR Daily

RBC Capital Markets and AdAge study. When it comes to paid social media efforts, Facebook isn’t the only platform to reach customers. reveals that 72 percent of the 1,000 marketing pros surveyed said they plan to spend dollars on Instagram in 2016.

New study finds quality of brands' content sorely lacking

PR Daily

The study from linguistic analysis company Acrolinx is the first of its kind to try to quantify something that''s hard to pinpoint: For a business, what''s the value of writing? (It''s The scores of the 340 brands studied ranged from 55 to 85.

Study: Nordstrom surpasses other retailers on social media

PR Daily

That’s according to a recent Engagement Labs study that ranks brands according to engagement, impact and responsiveness on social media among 100,000 retailers. Publix supermarket chain was lauded for its high responsiveness, with 1,213 admin responses during the four weeks of the study.

Study: Millennials will pay for content, but not news

PR Daily

Someday, perhaps there will be a study done on how many studies have examined what millennials will or won’t do. In the meantime, a new study has found that millennials will pay for content, but only certain types.

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Study: Consumers remain distrustful of sponsored content

PR Daily

Despite the growth of brand-sponsored content, consumers are slow to embrace such articles. Publications such as CNet , Real Simple , U.S.

Study: What inspires innovators on Twitter

PR Daily

That’s exactly what a new study by Leadtail and Brightidea sought to find out. The study also found that innovation leaders follow and are influenced by hashtags. What can Twitter’s top enterprise innovation leaders teach us about the social media platform?