Montana officials anger local landowners

Ron Torossian

The post Montana officials anger local landowners appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Smokestacks are nothing new. They’ve been part of the American industrial landscape for more than a century.

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Why Have We Forgotten Local PR?


Lately it seems that many brands are focusing all of their PR efforts on national publications and large social networks, while ignoring local media. In our increasingly shrinking and connected world, does geography even matter anymore?

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When it comes to content… Go local!


In essence, a localized newsroom will allow you to gain more traction in a new market - and thus provide more exposure for your product and services. Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind when going local: 1. There are many global and local media and influencer database providers.

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How marketers can conquer local SEO efforts

PR Daily

It can get more complicated at the local level, as marketing pros work to gain consumers’ attention online. There are several ways you can boost your local SEO rankings—and doing so could be the key to growing a successful business.

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A marketers’ guide to local SEO

PR Daily

Earlier this year, we showed readers 16 steps to ramp up your rankings in local SEO. Now, we’re going even deeper with Pickaweb’s step-by-step guide to local SEO. Marketing and PR pros can use the infographic as a comprehensive guide to perfecting their local SEO strategies.

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3 Ways to Make Your Local Giving Day a Success

Waxing UnLyrical

Give Local America , which takes place tomorrow, May 6, is anticipated to be the largest, one-day, charitable, online crowd funding event to date. A Snapshot of Give Local America from Kimbia, Inc. May 6 th will see the power of grassroots philanthropy unfold at Give Local America.

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Mercedes-Benz Japan launches localized newsroom


At the same time, it provides country affiliates with a seamless visitor experience as to design, navigation and language, yet allowing each country to localize news accordingly. PressPage’s innovative newsroom platform drives most of Mercedes-Benz’s global newsrooms (i.e.

3 ways to measure your local PR efforts

PR Daily

Companies have a strong handle on the role of local SEO today, but what about engaging with your community offline? What does local PR look like in the real world, and how do you execute it effectively? Consider using software that measures local traffic.

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How important is local TV to your media relations plan?

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The dominant role of local TV was one of the most significant takeaways from three-city study of local news conducted by Pew Research Center and financed by the John S. The study examined local news climates in three U.S. Nonetheless, local TV news does wield influence.

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10 benefits to getting local news coverage for your brand

PR Daily

Brand managers who cherish national news coverage and their marketing forecasts often dismiss regional and local newscasts. You would rather stumble on the local news and make adjustments before appearing before the entire country.

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4 Ways PR Pros Find Local Networking Opportunities


Join your local chapter to attend conferences and luncheons, meet other PR pros in your area, and hear from media experts. A great way to network with local influencers is to host your own event. For a more local approach, consider hosting your own Twitter chat. Create a hashtag personalized to your area, and develop topics and questions that might pertain only to PR pros or media members within your local community.

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From classroom to boardroom – crisis management lessons from the auto industry

PR Conversations

My critique of these themes is that they are often Anglo-American centric and show little consideration of the specific applications necessary to take account of local communications needs, within an increasingly global context in which crisis situations play out.

PRoust Questionnaire: Helen Reynolds

PR Conversations

I love local government and creating a real change — so it might be something like working on a behaviour change social media campaign to get people to drive more safely or report abuse.

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Walking the Line Between Global and Local Public Relations


You probably don’t think of the movie Pulp Fiction as a source for public relations wisdom, but I find that one conversation between hit men, Vincent and Jules, nicely sums up the challenge of developing a public relations strategy in a globally connected world. Brand Management

Black Friday shoppers go mobile—and local

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turned to mobile to not only find the best deals online but also to discover the best deals in-store: Rhode Island and Delaware had the most local shopping search interest (searches that contained “near me,” hours and stores) of any states in the nation.

Federal funding for Miami and Flint comes amid locals’ criticism

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There are congratulatory posts and plenty of criticism for Congress. Much of the condemnation comes from public health leaders.

Contrasting PR in the U.S. to PR in China

Ishmael's Corner

Corporate blog editorial coverage global communications local communications industry local culture media properties media relationships news announcements online media PR and journalism PR and journalism in China pr in china PR in the US public relations in china steve wozniak the New York Times U.S. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

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Local newspaper ‘headline’ goes viral after proofreading error

PR Daily

Such was the case in Wednesday’s front page of Cambridge News , a local newspaper in the United Kingdom: Hope you’re having a better day than the production editor of the Cambridge News On the plus side it is the most coverage you will ever get of a local newspaper.

NCAA says locales with discriminatory laws can’t host major events

PR Daily

Faced with increasing pressure to repeal controversial legislation, North Carolina’s sports-hosting privileges hang in the balance.

Maks: stimulates talents of local people to increase their odds

Frederik Vincx

Reading Time: 1 MAKS is a local organization in Brussels that helps underprivileged people to get the most out of their talent. The post Maks: stimulates talents of local people to increase their odds appeared first on Frederik Vincx.

Media Trends: Americans Trust Local News More Than National Media

Flack Me

Category: Flack Me Summary: Supply-side TV-ad platform Videa recently revealed the findings of a recent nationwide survey of consumer perspectives on local and national news sources. consumers surveyed indicated that they have some—or a lot of—trust in the information they get from local news

Global Social Media for Local Social Good


Global Social Media for Local Social Good. Social Media Club [SMC] is a worldwide organization, with local chapters, that serves as connecting organization for anyone interested in social media. The post Global Social Media for Local Social Good appeared first on WIRED [Personality + Reputation] Works. How does social media change the world - in good ways?

Manager, Local Marketing Strategy - Richmond, VA

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Company: CarMax Location: Richmond, Virginia Industry: Marketing - Branding Career Level: Management (Manager/Director of Staff) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

Manager, Local Marketing Strategy - Richmond, VA

Flack Me

Company: CarMax Location: Richmond, Virginia Industry: Marketing - Branding Career Level: Management (Manager/Director of Staff) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

Australia Stops Making Cars

Ron Torossian

Moderately successful” because the manufacturer could not drum up enough demand for more expensive locally-manufactured automobiles. From a local manufacturing standpoint, Australia faced … READ MORE ». The automotive manufacturing industry Down Under is done.

How to Care for Your Key Customer: The Journalist


If you own a local clothing store, listen to your customers: What do they want more of? What inventory do they overlook? How can you better delight and entice them to return week after week to see what’s new? If you’re a public relations professional, listen to journalists: What do they want more of? Which […]. Interviews Journalist Interviews Journalists PR

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5 Benefits Of Hyperlocal PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

” An extremely local approach can support business goals nicely, particularly for national brands with dozens, if not hundreds, of local outlets, or services focused on very specific segments of an industry or demographic. Here are five benefits to the hyper-local PR approach.

PR debacle: Not-so-secret report topples local police chief

Tough Sledding

It all came apart when the community learned, pretty much without warning, that its local crime-fighting hero was a self-centered bully and a sexist boss who abused his staff. Day after day, the chief’s mistreatment of subordinates was spotlighted in local news media. A scandalous story unfolded in my neighborhood in recent weeks.

PR Takeaways From The Eclipse

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Leverage the local angle. Local hoteliers and restaurants offering tourist specials saw media coverage like never before. Airbnb benefitted locally and nationally in stories touting the huge lodging need in unlikely places.

5 Brilliant Brand PR Stunts And Why They Worked

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

million to local customers. It was part of a summer 15th anniversary promotion to challenge the local baseball team into winning 15 straight games. Local Author Stages Book-Signing at Favorite Retailer… 7-Eleven?

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Early PR Lessons From Tropical Storm Harvey

PR News

Local officials, including your mayor, Sylvester Turner, have reiterated that message. It’s Friday afternoon, August 25, and you’re at work in Houston.

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Why Social Shares Are Key to Pitching Media


Have you noticed on your local or national news programs how often they now say, “Go over to our Facebook page and leave a comment” or “Tweet us what you think?” The mantra in the newsroom used to be, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Monday Roundup: Caring Through Community

Waxing UnLyrical

Remarkable Local America: Trash on Your Back. Why: “We started locally, but we’re having a global impact as we seek to create a zero-waste world together.” ” Erin Feldman takes a look at how Trash on Your Back and SBC client Give Local America “raise awareness and grow activism” through community involvement. Will Give Local America Be The Largest Crowd Funding Event in History? Around the Web Community community crowfunding give local america

7 Ways PR People Can Support Journalism

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Beyond our own consumption, now is a great time to support the types of journalism that are under the most pressure — local news reporting and investigative journalism. There are now five PR people for every working journalist.

Influencer Marketing 101 – Making Powerful Connections

HMA Public Relations

The PRSA Phoenix luncheon on Tuesday had a huge “influence” (literally) on local PR pros and ASU PRSSA members with Scott Pansky, co-founder of Allison+Partners and Katie […].

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Vanity Metrics Turn Breaking News Into A Giant Popularity Contest

Rock the Status Quo

These are vanity metrics, and a great explanation for why breaking news is gradually becoming more about repurposing entertainment currently popular on social media, instead of local news. What would happen if success of a story for a local news station were measured on local impact?

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Working with Global Media: CNBC International and The Associated Press Share Tips

Business Wire

by Ai Arakawa, Senior International Media Relations Specialist Many of us in the PR/Communications business spend our days focusing on our work with local media.

I’m in the Mood for a Good Holiday Story

Business Wire

by Millicent Hasandras, Business Wire Fall just started recently, but I can't stop thinking about. Holiday Story Time. I love the holiday news cycle.

#MediaMonday – Lara Piu

HMA Public Relations

Today's #MediaMonday spotlight is on Laura Piu, a PR and marketing guru turned full-time writer who contributes to a number of local publications. Click below for more]. The post #MediaMonday – Lara Piu appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

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4 reasons PR pros should think big for media relations strategies

PR Daily

Your client or organization may not understand the benefit of press coverage by media outside its local area. The client’s doubt makes sense—you want your company to be featured in local publications and on local broadcast news programs because your customers are local.

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