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How To Score A Great Local News Story: 5 PR Tips

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It’s also important to determine whether a story has its best chance of being published as a local media item, or if it warrants a full national media outreach. For example, survey results or breaking news at a national company will be pitched to national media, whereas region-specific news will be offered to local reporters.

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Local search SEO tips to increase visibility for small businesses

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It can be hard for a small business to show up in search listings, but local SEO strategies can help improve the online visibility of your business and attract more local customers.


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Pitching the Local Media – Tips from the Pros

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The easiest way to do this is pitching the local media. I interviewed journalists from The Washington Post, The Washington Business Journal , and Inside Nova (a Northern Virginia local publication) about what types of local real estate pitches they like to receive. I’m also interested in the local real estate market.

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Nonprofit Local News Gains Steam


It was refreshing to hear Todd’s optimistic vision for a future in which a more independent news media will regain the public’s trust and return to covering local communities with a sense of shared values. At the same time, however, the advertising revenue that local news organizations have long counted on has continued to drop.

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3 ways to combine local SEO and PR strategies

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However, combining PR and local SEO strategies can have a hugely positive impact on your business. What is local SEO? Local SEO focuses on getting your brand to the top of search engines for local searches. The post 3 ways to combine local SEO and PR strategies appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Future of local news report is a grim read

Stephen Waddington

Social media has replaced local news in communities across the UK. It is weakening community engagement and participation in local democracy. The collapse of local news is a crisis that has played out in plain sight over the past two decades. Local news has faced an assault on two fronts. Rumours are commonplace.

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Local SEO: 5 ways to reach ideal customers in your area

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Local search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for businesses with physical locations, or for those that serve a particular area. If you work on your local business’ SEO, you can make it more likely that you’ll reach your target audience when they search for products or services like yours online.

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