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Strategy is the Best Policy: Building a Successful Government Relations Program | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Crypto regulations , budget and infrastructure planning , and policy measures on Big Tech companies’ practices are some of the vital roles the U.S. government plays in our daily lives. It has become a critical external force that can affect the operations of any organization.

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How to Develop a Corporate Policy for Employee Use of AI: A Guide for Automotive Suppliers

Bianchi Biz Blog

As generative AI tools continue to gain popularity in the workplace, it has become increasingly evident that automotive suppliers need to consider establishing a corporate policy that governs their employees’ use of these tools.


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Public Perceptions of Climate Mitigation Policies

Institute for Public Relations

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) examined characteristics and beliefs associated with climate risk perceptions and preferences for climate policies. The share of people who think that climate … Continue reading Public Perceptions of Climate Mitigation Policies → An online survey was conducted between July 5 – Aug.

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Social Media Strategy, Policies, and Pitfalls

HMA Public Relations

Social media is now such a part of everyday personal and professional life that we may sometimes forget why it is important to create policies and guidelines for using these powerful platforms in the business world. Hear more on this week's episode of #CSOM!

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Breaking into the policy world through public relations

Agility PR Solutions

Many organizations will understandably dismiss the opportunity to get involved in policy discussions because they simply just don’t know how. The post Breaking into the policy world through public relations appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Unless your organization happens to have an office in the Washington, D.C.

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Majority of UK public believe lobbying can help create better policy and law

Stuart Bruce

The majority (59%) of the public believe that businesses and organisations such as charities, trade unions and pressure groups should be able to meet with … © Stuart Bruce - Majority of UK public believe lobbying can help create better policy and law was first published on Stuart Bruce's PR Futurist by Stuart Bruce - Modernising public relations (..)

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7 Steps for Preparing CASL Compliance Policies

Melissa Agnes

She also mentioned that a good CASL compliance policy could go a long way in protecting you. In today’s post, Maanit provides you with the seven steps you need to take to prepare an effective CASL compliance policy. Tips for preparing a CASL compliance policy. Step #6: Draft CASL Compliance Policies.

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