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Fourteen Social Media Policy Must Haves

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But I am a communications professional who spends a lot of time online and I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, you need a social media policy. That said, if a group of employees complains about a policy or procedure on their personal Facebook pages, the NLRB allows that.

Five Powerful Ways to Get More Leads from Your Website Forms

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You’ve designed your landing pages, mapped out your funnel, and even paid for targeted traffic. Yet, your conversion rate continues to flatline. Could your website forms be holding you back? There is good chance they do.

Ethics: Not Just a Policy


To paraphrase a friend of mine “Ethics should not just be a policy. It must be a reality.”. Ethics is central to effective public relations. It is core to our daily activities. Yet everyday some PR professional, somewhere is being asked to do something unethical.

South Carolina’s social media policy is wrong. Here’s why.

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I learned that the state has a new policy forbidding employees from using social media on official devices from Tom Webster and Mark Schaefer, who talked about it on their Marketing Companion show. (It’s The policy is just fine, they said.

Hawaiian Airlines policy ruled not discriminatory … but will that fly?

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When two businessmen from American Samoa wanted to pre-select seats on Hawaiian Airlines, they were denied due to the airline’s new policy against improper weight distribution. The post Hawaiian Airlines policy ruled not discriminatory … but will that fly?

Popping candy politics prioritises publicity over policies

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With the date of the UK general election set as 7 May 2015 – and dissolution of Parliament therefore already determined as 30 March , we’re in a period of what I’m calling ‘popping candy politics’ that prioritises publicity over policies.

Equal Pay, Equal Benefits: Introducing our 10-Week Paid Leave Policy


I believe that policies that offer more time for moms than dads reinforce the (antiquated) gender norm that says mothers are the primary caregivers, while dads’ careers are more important. It’s a very progressive policy, but one that is in keeping with who we are as a company.

The pros and cons of Google's new press release policy

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Google likes to keep us PR pros on our toes. Last year the big update to search results came through the “nuclear bomb” that was Panda 4.0. The age of the keyword was essentially over, and proper storytelling blogs and press releases were in. Many claimed that SEO was on its way out completely.

The importance of having a media policy [example]

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A media policy is essential for maximising all media opportunities – for any type of business, even if you are working from home. The benefits of having a media policy in place include: You can feel confident and well prepared for the interview. Example media policy.

A Social Media Policy Can Prevent Online #Fails

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Often, the lack of a social media policy is to blame. A solid social media policy is a good start, so here are the main elements of a social media policy. A social media policy should clearly state what types of communications are included in the guidelines.

7 Steps for Preparing CASL Compliance Policies

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She also mentioned that a good CASL compliance policy could go a long way in protecting you. In today’s post, Maanit provides you with the seven steps you need to take to prepare an effective CASL compliance policy. Tips for preparing a CASL compliance policy.

Popping candy politics prioritises publicity over policies

PR Conversations

With the date of the UK general election set as 7 May 2015 – and dissolution of Parliament therefore already determined as 30 March , we’re in a period of what I’m calling ‘popping candy politics’ that prioritises publicity over policies.

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions to Determine If Your Social Policy Needs Updating


From what I understand, the police department didn’t have a social media policy. Not only can the lack of a policy create confusion for employees, it also makes personnel discipline (e.g., Is your social media policy clear enough? Is the photo/video policy clear?

What Amazon’s review policy change means for marketers

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If I wrote an open letter to Amazon, I would say that there is a middle ground to its policy changes. Amazon recently created shock waves when the company announced it will no longer accept incentivized reviews.

Twitter beefs up harassment policy, embraces transparency

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Twitter is starting 2016 by taking a stand against harassment—again. The social media giant updated its rules to be even stricter (and some may say more vague) in order to “continue to take action on accounts that cross the line into abuse.”.

Your Social Media Policy & the Nude Celebrity Photo Scandal

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But there are some relevant takeaways from this unfortunate scandal you can apply to you and your company''s social media policy. 2) Short & Simple Policy: If you can say it to your Mom and your competitor, it''s probably safe to say online.

210 employees leave Zappos over 'no managers' policy

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Last year, Zappos turned over its company structure to a Holacrazy, which means the vast majority of employees do not have a manager. How’s that working out for them, you may be wondering.

Should You Rely On Google Alone for Online Visibility?

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Could you be relying on Google too much for online visibility? Chris Hickman explains why you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket and how to diversify. The post Should You Rely On Google Alone for Online Visibility? appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Seven Ways to Deliver PR Value for Small Business Success

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As a small business owner you need to think sales, profit margins, PNL, and more. But how can you become a key component of your community? How do you build those long-lasting, loyal relationships with your customers? That's where PR comes into play.

How to Improve Your Internal Communications Using Social Media

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Communication Internal company newsletter Dedicated Social Media System Develop a Stronger Open Door Policy Improve Your Internal Communications Integrate Video Content internal communications internal communications strategies Melcrum survey Remote Communication Social Media

Spotify responds to backlash over privacy policy

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It reads, in part: In our new privacy policy, we indicated that we may ask your permission to access new types of information, including photos, mobile device location, voice controls, and your contacts.

The Pan Am Games Won’t Let You Link to Them

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Policy Social Media #to2015 domain authority glassdoor indeed Lead Generation primates of park avenue robots.txt search engine optimization YelpBy Gini Dietrich.

Facebook explains its policy on nudity, hate speech

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Facebook is seeking to make its community standards a little less vague. Namely, the social networking giant clarified its stance on nudity, bullying and hate speech in a recent blog post.

The Games that Shall Not Be Named

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Policy Social Media #rio2016 annemiek van vleuten dutch cyclist future olympian gateway to gold go for the gold going for the gold let the games begin Oiselle olympian olympics pan am games paralympic road to tokyo team usa tokyo 2020 white house

A Facebook policy for my 2nd decade

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Are you easily offended? If so, you probably don’t belong on Facebook. Almost nothing offends me, but even MY patience with the social network is wearing thin. Nevertheless, I’ve remained a committed Facebook user since August 2005, taking the good with the bad. Because 4-5 times each week, I stumble into intelligent conversations, connecting with people I like and respect.

Facebook experiments with ‘Services,’ boosts its username policy

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On the user side, Facebook is redoing its controversial naming policy, which requires users to have their real names on their profile. The update is a response by the social network that its policy unfairly targeted transgender users and other minorities.

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The “Secret Sauce” in Silicon Valley Isn’t American.

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That’s why the hoopla around President Trump’s immigration policy is so threatening to Silicon Valley. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. The United States houses roughly 5 percent of the world’s population. It stands to reason that many ideas for recasting technology to improve our daily lives and business operations will come from those born outside the U.S.

Reddit announces new policies in wake of user revolt

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Huffman took over and prioritized the retooling of its content policy. Here are some of the Reddit updates that users can expect: Content Policy. Reddit has been scrambling to recover from a series of high-profile shakeups at the site that didn’t sit well with its enormous user base. This week, more reports surfaced revealing that the company is " hemorrhaging women. ". Its response?

Solve the Pay Gap By Hiring Only Women

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Systemic sexism in 21st century America. Unacceptable. The gender pay gap reveals women earn 77 percent of what men earn. The problem? It’s a myth. The post Solve the Pay Gap By Hiring Only Women appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Target's breastfeeding policy garners positive PR

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Target has expressed its support for customers that want to breastfeed in its stores, and mothers everywhere are expressing their support for the retail chain’s new policy. A former Target employee commented on the Facebook post and noted that the policy extends to workers as well. “I

United, Delta and American Airlines adjust overbooking policies

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In the wake of one of the worst PR disasters in United Airlines’ history, the airline is changing its policy on overbooking passengers. United’s spokeswoman, Maggie Schmerin, said in a statement: This [policy change] ensures situations like flight 3411 never happen again.

Teams troll NFL’s social media policy, celebration crackdown

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Is the National Football League protecting its brand—or making it hard for players and fans to have fun? The NFL recently issued heavy social media restrictions on teams and players, preventing them from sharing video highlights and GIFs during games.

Top 10 Guidelines For Social Media Participation

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Uncategorized social media guidelines social media policyBelow are guidelines that we drafted a while ago, refreshed for use for anyone who finds their way to them here on our blog.

Three Ways to Avoid Rogue Behaviors

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Have a clear online marketing policy and guidelines signed by all your employees. Social Media facebook rogue employees social media guidelines social media policy terms of serviceToday’s guest post is written by Lisa D. Jenkins. . It all starts very innocently.

How the WWE Has Retained Its Marketing Dominance

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When you think of brands doing forward-thinking, progressive marketing and PR work, would you think of one where people hit each other with steel chairs? Probably not. Zachary Evans looks at one of the most impressively marketed entertainment brands today.

Microsoft, Netflix lauded for extended parental leave policies

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Microsoft and Netflix are learning that enhancing paid leave for new parents is not just good policy—it’s good PR. Microsoft followed suit by enhancing its own parental leave policy. An unlimited policy sounds great in theory.

Deconstructing the Century of the Selfie for PR purposes

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PR Mediums client interests emotional psychometrics Museum of Public Relations processes of equal public policy selfie Stewart Ewen Toni Muzi Falconi we the people web 2.0

Brands: Avoid Social Media Regret with These Five Tips


As a PR professional, I cringe every time I see this because I know that brands can and do “listen” to these conversations on social media and these posts should be against their company social media policies (if they have one).

My New Project: Crowdsourcing Paid Leave Policies


Since rolling out our Geben Loves Families policy (10 weeks for new moms and dads), I’m often asked by other business owners for advice as they work to update their policy. To get things started, we are collecting sample policies. Got a paid leave policy?

What Is Your Twitter Policy?

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This is a discussion on Twitter policies. People I would NEVER have met without Twitter and without my policy of engaging with 10 people a week. The Beast and I went for a run this morning (what can I say?