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Crafting Public Policy Communications for Effective Advocacy | Blog

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What is Public Policy? Public policy impacts various aspects of everyday life, influencing the rules, regulations, and standards that govern society.

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Strategy is the Best Policy: Building a Successful Government Relations Program | Business Wire Blog

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Crypto regulations , budget and infrastructure planning , and policy measures on Big Tech companies’ practices are some of the vital roles the U.S. government plays in our daily lives. It has become a critical external force that can affect the operations of any organization.


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The Importance of Comprehensive Ethics Policies – Joseph Abreu

Ethical Voices

They wound up issuing a dead issuance policy. That policy is still in effect, and it’s something that would restrict people from doing those unethical and illegal things in the future. When you realize there’s been an ethical (and criminal) misstep in this case, what do people need to look at when creating a policy ?

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The Intersection Of Public Relations And Public Policy: A Strategic Approach

Landis PR

Photo courtesy of Pixabay At the intersection of public relations and public policy is an opportunity for communication professionals to exert considerable influence. Strategic communication is at the heart of influencing policy. For the original blog, please visit here.

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AI Policies for Business: Creating a Competitive and Sustainable Future

Stern + Associates

AI Policies to Benefit Business and Empower Employees As the innovative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to develop at an exponential pace, it becomes essential to integrate these technologies within an organization’s products and processes. “The It’s about impact and doing good for the environment as well as society.”

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C-suite perspectives: As leaders embark on preparing their workforces for using AI, ethical guidelines and policies guide their decisions

Agility PR Solutions

Despite cries for responsible use, many were willing to take some big risks in order to not fall behind the fast-moving trend. […] The post C-suite perspectives: As leaders embark on preparing their workforces for using AI, ethical guidelines and policies guide their decisions appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Public Perceptions of Climate Mitigation Policies

Institute for Public Relations

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) examined characteristics and beliefs associated with climate risk perceptions and preferences for climate policies. The share of people who think that climate … Continue reading Public Perceptions of Climate Mitigation Policies → An online survey was conducted between July 5 – Aug.