6 Stories That Are Not Pitch-Worthy

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Category: Flack Me Summary: In public relations, it’s not always obvious what constitutes a good story. It’s important to differentiate between legitimate story ideas and self-serving fluff

Medical Industry Public Relations

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Here let’s look at public relations for physicians and other healthcare providers. Family doctor didn’t have to worry in the past so much about public relations, it was more about keeping current with advances, doing a good job, and building a reasonable bedside manner.

Hope, Lies, And Public Relations

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As an industry, public relations has a PR problem. To paraphrase the president, when it comes to those who stand behind the press podium or craft statements for public release, Trump may not be sending his best.

Public Relations ROI

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Online PR conversion engagement public relations ROI

Evolving Roles and Responsibilities in Public Relations

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Their study, “ Roles in Social Media: How the Practice of Public Relations is Evolving ” was published by PR Journal in Summer / Fall 2016. To be effective, practitioners have to be able to adapt to new technologies in order to research and communicate with their target publics.

Is a Career in Public Relations a Desk Job?

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For people who like to be out and active in the marketing world, public relations might not seem like the most exciting career. The post Is a Career in Public Relations a Desk Job? Business PR Inspiration Ronn Torossian Insights Public Relations Strategy

Public Relations And The Big Lie

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As journalists grapple with “ alternative facts ” and the Trump administration’s war on the media, some professional public relations people are putting ourselves in the shoes of those who act as spokespersons for the new president.

6 Public Relations Tips For Brands In 2018

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A recent study by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the USC Center for Public Relations found that marketers plan to increase staffing and overall spending on public relations over the next five years. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl public relations PR

Should Public Relations Change Its Name?

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A few years ago I dropped in on a client’s booth at an industry conference, and the company CEO introduced me – the founder of his company’s public relations agency – as the “publicist.” Long live public relations.

Public Speaking Myths

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In a recent Forbes post, author and lecturer Ken Sterling debunks three myths about public speaking. The post Public Speaking Myths appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Can you guess which three they are? Click below for more].

Public Relations Terms To Know

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The post Public Relations Terms To Know appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. Crenshaw Communications PR Fish Bowl public relationsEvery industry has its jargon, and PR is no exception.

Build or Buy an Audience? This Startup Just Bought a Media Publication

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It’s a bold move for a CMO to knock on the CEO’s door with designs to acquire a publication. Otherwise, the risk is you spend a lot of money buying a publication, break it, and then have nothing to show for it.

How Public Relations Can Fight Fake News

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We shouldn’t get lazy about attribution, even when it’s about widely cited information that’s publicly available. The post How Public Relations Can Fight Fake News appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

5 Ways Great Visuals Enhance Public Relations

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Excellent writing is the backbone of all good public relations , but today, any great story is made better by adding compelling visuals. The post 5 Ways Great Visuals Enhance Public Relations appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

First Black PR History Month Kick-off Event Hosted by the Museum of Public Relations

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A Guest Post by Julien Perocheau, The Museum of Public Relations and Spector & Associates. You may have heard about these public relations trailblazers in school or from working in the industry. He enjoys learning about public relations and exploring history.

What Public Relations Can Learn From The Golden Globes

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If part of your public relations planning this year features a thought leadership initiative including speaking engagements and awards for clients, there were some lessons to be learned from last night’s Golden Globes celebration of all things TV and movies.

A Public Relations Mixtape For The Season

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There’s a certain rhythm to working in public relations – agencies tackle new business opportunities, work closely with client teams and do the day-to-day work of media relations and thought leadership.

Public relations in 2018

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Here’s my analysis of the opportunities and challenges that I believe public relations faces in the next 12 months. This is an article and deck about the outlook for public relations and social media in 2018. I’ve also published a blog of key international events in the public relations calendar as part of the project. 1 Professional status: public relations. There’s a growing shift to public relations becoming recognised as a management discipline.

How Public Relations Is Like High School


As a PR professional, I am constantly educating those around me that do not work in the industry about what public relations is and does. PR Education PR 101 PR definition PR education PR industry Public Relations 101 public relations definition public relations education

New Approaches to Public Relations

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The older and more mature public relations becomes, the more it relies on less traditional approaches to getting results. The post New Approaches to Public Relations appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Public Relations 5WPR PR FirmIt also relies on connecting more with a younger audience through the use of social media marketing and online campaigns. These ads feature content geared towards a millennial audience.

Healthcare Public Relations


Creating positive change in healthcare public relations within health systems and hospitals can be just as difficult. A major development in a vaccine, for example, is difficult to communicate to the general public. Creating change in healthcare is difficult.

Improve Your Public Relations Writing With These Tips

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Writing is one of the most important parts of a successful public relations campaign. Writing for public relations differs from other types like newspaper, magazine, essay or novel writing: The main purpose is to gain positive exposure, or get a message across to the public.

Public Relations for Tribal Governments

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Our work in tribal affairs over the past 25-plus years has put HMA Public Relations at the forefront of some of Arizona’s and the Southwest’s highest profile issues. The post Public Relations for Tribal Governments appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Public Relations for Fun

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The post Public Relations for Fun appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured HMA Public Relations Public Relations fun WorkplaceWhat do you think of when you think of a fun workplace? Does it involve companies such as Facebook and Google?

How to Maximize Public Relations Placements


The post How to Maximize Public Relations Placements appeared first on 5W PR News and Updates, NY Public Relations Agency Blog. Media Relations Public Relations pr strategy strategy

State of the Public Relations Industry

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The post State of the Public Relations Industry appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Alison shares her takeaways on a PR Underground blog post about the salary of a PR specialist versus a PR manager, along with other surprising statistics. Click below for more].

Frequently Asked Questions about Public Relations

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The students were split down the middle as to whether they were looking to go into careers in journalism or public relations. The post Frequently Asked Questions about Public Relations appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Bisquick’s Flapjack Flap? Public Relations Weighs In

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When companies seek clever ways to leverage hot topics and gain some positive public relations in the process, it helps to vet the idea for relevance and the execution for tone. And the public didn’t bite. Public Relations Weighs In appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

#MediaMonday Special – SPJ Publicity Summit

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In addition to gaining valuable pitching insight at SPJ's 14th annual Valley Publicity Summit, Bre Krager was able to ask the media some fun questions! The post #MediaMonday Special – SPJ Publicity Summit appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

4 Keys to Distributing Public Service Announcements


Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can be an excellent way to raise awareness for a nonprofit organization — to help bring their mission to life and drive intended actions to help support a cause. Although PSAs have been around since World War II and have been a tactical public relations mainstay for decades, the methods of distribution and best practices for PSAs have definitely evolved over the years.

How to Put the Social into Your Public Relations Activities


Featured Social Media social media PR public relations Earned MediaSocial media—or shared media as we refer to it in the PESO model —is increasingly becoming your most important brand communications channel. Not only does it give you an unprecedented ability to get to know and build relationships with journalists and industry influencers you want to work with, it’s a direct communication line between you and your customers.

PR Tips For Moving Past A Public Mistake

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This week the Trump campaign and the Republican National Convention reminded the PR community — and everyone else — of the perils of mishandling a public mistake. It’s a pretty fair guide for what not to do if you break a rule or make a public mistake.

My First Impression of Public Relations vs. The Reality

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The post My First Impression of Public Relations vs. The Reality appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR Observations and Preferences media Public Relations reality SEO social media Writing

Strategic Public Relations Leaders Are All of These Things


My guess is that you already embody these oh-so-necessary PR leadership characteristics; But in case you need a few reminders for staying on top of your game, read through these traits of highly effective strategic public relations leaders. Do you like taking assignments or leading the charge?

How Not To Give A Public Apology

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As any PR person will tell you, the public apology has become a ritual for personalities or politicians who’ve made a mistake and wish to restore their reputation. Some of the most badly received public apologies are those that seem to have been dragged out of someone.

Lessons from public speaking implosions

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Public speaking in the digital age can be unforgiving. The moment went down in public-speaking lore. For fans of the Affordable Care Act, the moment was like an R-rated victory cry from Biden, not usually visible to the general public.

A Public Relations Situation: Tips For Wrangling Reporters

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In our occasional series, “A Public Relations Situation,” we examine real-life PR agency incidents and how our team has dealt with them. A top publication wanted the exclusive and the reporter conducted an interview.

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Is Public Relations Right for You?

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This blog post will help you determine if working in public relations is right for YOU. The post Is Public Relations Right for You? appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Public Relations empathetic industry Learn manage math SkillsDo you have what it takes?

What Is Public Relations and Why Is It Important?


While everyone seems to know the term public relations , not everyone understands what it means. Public relations are about sending the right messages to the right places and people, to build your brand reputation. Public Relations Increases Brand Credibility.

Data analytics for public relations

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In the public relations sphere, knowing what to focus on, given the data analysis capabilities available in the crowd of business software applications, can be overwhelming. Public Relations Featured PR Tips DataWhich analytics matter most in PR? How do I know what to measure? Within the business world, the volume and velocity of data continues to command attention.