Marketing Minute #9: Valuable real estate: Inbox

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The post Marketing Minute #9: Valuable real estate: Inbox appeared first on | The PR Maven. Sending e-newsletters is part of building your brand and can make you the one your targeted audience will remember when they need what you have to sell.

Commercial Real Estate (BOMA): Reputation Management and Crisis Preparation

Reputation Us

On April 23, ReputationUs ‘ Casey Boggs presented to members of BOMA Oregon on the importance of enhancing the reputations commercial real estate companies, while preparing for realistic industry crises (e.g.,

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Branding luxury real estate—insights and inspiration from the experts

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Branding a real estate company, or even an individual building, isn’t just about sales, but about a company making its mark on a city, particularly when it comes to providing a common experience across properties.

Real Estate Provides Insight Into PR Growth Areas

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The post Real Estate Provides Insight Into PR Growth Areas appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Public Relations 2019 economic development New Year real estateWith 2019 rapidly approaching, agencies are busy planning for the next 12 months.

6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR

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Competing in the real estate industry can feel like an overwhelming thing to do at times. The post 6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

What real estate can teach marketers about social media

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Real estate in 2016 is a game of marketing, and it’s vital for organizations to engage with potential customers on social media. Real estate often feels like a minefield, where the wrong decision as either a buyer or seller can cost you a significant amount of time and money.

Standing up for real estate mogul Kris Lindahl: 4 reasons I love his marketing approach

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The (overly) popular real estate mogul has been seen on bus sides, billboards and even in the sky (over Allianz Field and Target Field recently) via his airplane giveaways. In order to do that, like any good real estate agent will tell you, he needs brand awareness.

10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.”

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The post 10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.” The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Every company website features an “About Us” section. Sometimes, it goes by a different name. Our Story. Corporate Overview. Company Info. Nomenclature aside, all strive to give the visitor a look inside the company, explaining its business, its values and what makes it tick.

HELLA Expanding U.S. Headquarters, Technical Center In Michigan

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Automotive Corporate Headquarters Corporate Real Estate Daily News Featured Manufacturing Michigan corporate expansion Corporate Real Estate (CRE) electronics Employment HELLA lighting michigan Site Selection Technical CenterThe new 115,000-square-foot building in Northville, MI will feature modern design and collaborative open workspaces. Read: HELLA Expanding U.S. Headquarters, Technical Center In Michigan at

Financial and Real Estate Assistant - Baltimore, MD

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Company: Agora, Inc. Location: Baltimore, Maryland Industry: Advertising - Account Management Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience) Minimum Education: None Required Job Status: Full Time

#MediaMonday – Corina Vanek

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Featured Media Monday Arizona Daily Sun commerical real estate corina vanek economy Flagstaff Phoenix Phoenix Business JournalUp until a few months ago, whenever I heard the name “Corina,” I could not help but think of Whoopi Goldberg and her “two r” role […].

#MediaMonday – Steve Burks

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Featured Media Monday AZ Big Media AZRE Magazine commerical real estate Play Ball PTK Sports Steve BurksFootball – both college and the NFL – is back! The NBA is ramping up. And, baseball has started its playoffs. As a sports fan, this […].

Prohibition delivers ‘unexpected’ campaign for national estate and lettings agent, Your Move


We have won a major brief from national estate and lettings agent, Your Move , that will see us delivering a digital campaign aimed at engaging with and acquiring ‘unexpected landlords’. Client News estate agents real estate your move

Three Questions Every Business Needs to Ask About Online Risk

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Hackers particularly like companies in healthcare, finance and insurance, real estate, manufacturing, government contracting and transportation. However, in businesses that have agent networks, such as residential real estate, additional risk exists.

PR pros, make sure your pitch passes the 5-second test

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As any good real estate agent knows, location is everything: Even the most beautiful homes won’t sell if the neighborhood isn’t ideal. Let’s look at the most valuable parcels of real estate in your email pitch: 1.

AI’s biggest obstacle—consumers don’t fully understand or trust it

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New research from real estate tech firm Entrata reveals that even though many consumers know the broad definition of Artificial Intelligence (the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn similar to how a human would), most don’t fully understand its scope or the countless ways in which it affects their […].

Can A PR Plan Succeed Too Well?

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That was truly innovative, and it was a real part of the business offering. Yet the real PR coup was WeWork’s positioning. It’s fascinating when a company’s public relations gets ahead of its reality.

In era of eroding trust, occupations we find most—and least—trustworthy

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New research from pioneering next-generation real estate agency Purplebricks Group uncovers which professions are deemed the most […].

Hoffman Asia Pacific Named “Best Technology Agency” in the Region

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I rarely use this real estate to talk about the Agency, much less brag about the Agency. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Agency 136

4 Tips on Pitching U.S. News & World Report’s Devon Thorsby


Devon Thorsby is a real estate reporter for U.S. I’d like to receive real estate related pitches with a consumer advice spin – preferably regarding residential real estate.

Report 212

Does Your Pitch Pass the 5-Second Skim Test?


As any good real estate agent knows, location is everything. Let’s look at the most valuable slices of real estate in your email pitch: Your subject line should grab attention in a crowded and boring inbox.

Executives can find—and offer—authenticity on LinkedIn

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A real estate CEO discusses the merits of the professional network, along with suggesting ways to gain a voice on the platform. SquareFoot founder and CEO Jonathan Wasserstrum has worked for over a decade in commercial real estate. .

Hasbro’s ‘Millennial Monopoly’ sparks backlash online

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Below, the game’s tagline reads: “Forget real estate. So rather than collect cash and real estate, as in traditional versions, players collect experiences such as dining at a vegan bistro or doing a meditation retreat—or simply staying in their parents’ basement.

PR Advantages of Pitching Trade Press

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A B2B with a new VR (virtual reality) tool for real estate sales should never neglect specialty outlets VR Journal or AR/VR Magazine – as well as real estate trade journals like Realtor Magazine.

4 tips for finding a marketing partner

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As an example, a real estate agent could partner with a local furniture boutique. For example, if a real estate agent is partnering with a lending company to guest blog on their website, both parties should agree on the topic and set a timeline for completing the article.

Quantitatively Measuring Reputation for your Brand


For most of us, our most important business asset is not proprietary technology, sophisticated equipment or real estate. It’s not even our customers. It’s our brand reputation.

3 Ways to Blow out Influencer Marketing Results

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Those seeking to improve results might want to take a page from the real estate business. When looking for the right influencers, it’s tempting to focus on the big fish, the ones with huge followings.

The Barbara Corcoran Report: Her Best PR Trump Cards

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Entrepreneurs wondering if PR is worth the effort may have a whole new respect for the power of the press thanks to real estate icon Barbara Corcoran. The Times made Barbara Corcoran the “go to girl for real estate” when she put out “The Corcoran Report” by churning out statistics.

Report 116

5 Tips for Getting Into Live Streaming


Over fifty people went with me as I narrated a test drive of Ford Motor Company’s 2016 Mustang, and I answered their questions in real time. . The ability to transmit and receive live video over the Internet is not a new concept. Live streaming video games have been going on for years.

3 essential online monitoring tactics for informed brand building

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The real estate market is hot in Singapore right now, and competition abounds for a firm seeking to connect expatriates and others with the right short- or long-term rental property.

3 ‘boring’ brands that have made a social media splash

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Corporate real estate: not exactly what comes to mind when you think of super-engaging social media content, the sort that garners 18,000 “likes” per post, right?

Your Story Needs White Space


As marketers, we have to think like script writers, musicians and even real estate agents. Have you ever tried to sell your home? Remember just how much decluttering you had to do? You had to do that because people need to put themselves inside your home.

Putting the “PR” in Partnership Relations


Our work with client Coldwell Banker Real Estate provides a real world illustration of this opportunity. For its smart home partners, Coldwell Banker has been able to offer speaking and panel opportunities at high level real estate conferences.

How marketers can widen their reach on LinkedIn

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Recommendations take up a huge chunk of real estate on LinkedIn’s app. If you’re reading a fascinating marketing book but think it might be beneficial for someone in real estate, expand your network by searching for real estate leaders with large followings.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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8z Real Estate. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate. Workplace culture is about more than flashy amenities. Employees want to work at an organization that promotes creativity and originality and fosters professional growth.

8 dreadful ways to begin a presentation

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Think of the opening of your speech as prime real estate. It squanders precious mental real estate. Many speech beginnings, unfortunately, don’t do their speakers or their audiences any favors.

Announcing PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards finalists

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Real Estate and Fair Housing Thought Leadership, Ashby & Graff Real Estate. From Crazy Rich to Crazy Real Singapore, Bullfrog + Baum. Congratulations to this year’s honorees. Earning coverage for your clients or organization is no simple feat.

PR Buzzwords That Should Be Banned

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As a PR professional and secret Zillow enthusiast, I can appreciate real estate euphemisms.

NYT ends internal pitching for front page

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The paper making digital real estate a priority over print placement may have an impact on how PR pros should pitch in the future. Perhaps signifying another ring in old-school journalism’s death knell, The New York Times will no longer use its method of “pitching” front-page stories.

Which brands are scoring big at the World Cup?

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Chinese companies, in particular, are buying more ad time and real estate than ever before to keep up with the trend. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event to hit the media all year.