How to Pitch Editors – Creating an Annual Pitching Calendar for Real Estate Agents

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Remember to think of what matters in real estate during the general season and then be more specific month-to-month. The post How to Pitch Editors – Creating an Annual Pitching Calendar for Real Estate Agents appeared first on Christina Daves.

How to Get Free Publicity Now (Real Estate Agents)

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What information can you provide to keep the story going and position you as the real estate expert on the topic? There are many sources providing studies, statistics, and information on the real estate market.


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Pitching the Local Media – Tips from the Pros

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It is an absolute game changer for their real estate business in terms of credibility and visibility. Kathy Orton, Reporter and Real Estate Web Editor, Washington Post. Real estate agents tend to not think in terms of the story of the house.

Don’t Be Vanilla!

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According to HomeLight, there are over two million real estate agents in the United States. Below are some things you can do to position yourself as the expert in real estate: Establish a great brand. Be the peanut butter fudge mocha of real estate.

Do You Stand Out Online?

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3) Do you regularly provide valuable content related to real estate? Don’t discount the power of the Google search engine and how it can benefit you and your real estate business. .

Public Relations Skills

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As a real estate agent, it’s important to be the “famous” agent in your community. The media is going to use someone as their real estate expert, so let it be you. Do the same for Realtor Magazine or any other real estate publications and see what they are using for hooks.

How to Create Great Content – FAST

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Look at holidays and what you can relate your real estate business to and then post things about that. August – 21 st Senior Citizens Day – What are the trends of Senior Citizens and real estate?

Growing Your Email List

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I’ve worked with thousands of real estate agents and I still see on most websites a box that says “Sign up for my newsletter” or “Join my list” or “Subscribe.” Not many people want a newsletter about a real estate agent.

Telling A Good Story

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Why did you start in real estate? Make sure to Like and Subscribe to our You Tube Channel by clicking HERE so you know about all of our great videos like this right when they come out. Telling A Good Story. In business today it’s vital that you share your story.

How to Create Content Fast – Create one month of content in a day

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People will check you out before they work with you and they need to see that you are really a real estate expert. Content is king and you definitely want to stand out as the real estate expert to potential buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Public Relations to Stand Out in a Post COVID Market

Ronn Torossian

The covid pandemic has rocked many businesses, and real estate is among the most affected industries. Now that the governments are easing the restrictions, real estate needs to strategize unique public relation strategies that will make them stand out in the post-Covid market.

4 helpful ways to use PR tactics in real estate

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The post 4 helpful ways to use PR tactics in real estate appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. If you have a wide variety of houses available to sell, it can be frustrating to see a lack of interaction when you know people searching for a new home are out there.

PR Strategies for Real Estate Agents to Use NOW

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In this video I share five strategies for Real Estate Agents to be using right now, in the age of Coronavirus, to gain exposure, stay in front of potential buyers and sellers and pitch stories the media will love. Which real estate agent are people going to remember when this ends?

Commercial Real Estate (BOMA): Reputation Management and Crisis Preparation

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On April 23, ReputationUs ‘ Casey Boggs presented to members of BOMA Oregon on the importance of enhancing the reputations commercial real estate companies, while preparing for realistic industry crises (e.g., The post Commercial Real Estate (BOMA): Reputation Management and Crisis Preparation appeared first on ReputationUs. No matter how sophisticated your business operations appear, in today’s world, it’s not IF a crisis will occur, but WHEN.

Real Estate Provides Insight Into PR Growth Areas

HMA Public Relations

The post Real Estate Provides Insight Into PR Growth Areas appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Public Relations 2019 economic development New Year real estateWith 2019 rapidly approaching, agencies are busy planning for the next 12 months. Among the biggest questions: What sectors will provide the greatest opportunities for growth? […].

Branding luxury real estate—insights and inspiration from the experts

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Branding a real estate company, or even an individual building, isn’t just about sales, but about a company making its mark on a city, particularly when it comes to providing a common experience across properties. The post Branding luxury real estate—insights and inspiration from the experts appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR

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Competing in the real estate industry can feel like an overwhelming thing to do at times. The post 6 strategic tips for next-level real estate PR appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. However, if you have a plan for a compelling PR strategy, you can really outshine your competition. As long as you are willing to be patient and continue working hard, you will be one of the greatest realtors in […].

Media Moves at the Associated Press & Automotive News, Chicago Magazine Hires Real Estate Reporter


Audrey LaForest joins Automotive News, Chicago Magazine hires Ryan Smith, and more. Media Moves US

10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.”

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The post 10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.” The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Every company website features an “About Us” section. Sometimes, it goes by a different name. Our Story. Corporate Overview. Company Info. Nomenclature aside, all strive to give the visitor a look inside the company, explaining its business, its values and what makes it tick.

What real estate can teach marketers about social media

PR Daily

Real estate in 2016 is a game of marketing, and it’s vital for organizations to engage with potential customers on social media. Real estate often feels like a minefield, where the wrong decision as either a buyer or seller can cost you a significant amount of time and money. Here are a few connections between the real estate industry and how marketing pros should approach social media.

Real estate PR—how to improve your reputation as a landlord

Agility PR Solutions

The post Real estate PR—how to improve your reputation as a landlord appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. If you plan on managing a rental property (or more than one), you should know that your reputation matters. How you’re perceived, both by your current tenants and your prospective ones, could impact your stream of revenue and how you’re able to grow your business in the future. Fortunately, there are a handful of techniques […].

Standing up for real estate mogul Kris Lindahl: 4 reasons I love his marketing approach

Communications Conversations

The (overly) popular real estate mogul has been seen on bus sides, billboards and even in the sky (over Allianz Field and Target Field recently) via his airplane giveaways. In order to do that, like any good real estate agent will tell you, he needs brand awareness. Let me put it another way: Do you know the first and last names of any other real estate agents in town? Kris Lindahl Real Estate billboards in 2050!

HELLA Expanding U.S. Headquarters, Technical Center In Michigan

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Automotive Corporate Headquarters Corporate Real Estate Daily News Featured Manufacturing Michigan corporate expansion Corporate Real Estate (CRE) electronics Employment HELLA lighting michigan Site Selection Technical CenterThe new 115,000-square-foot building in Northville, MI will feature modern design and collaborative open workspaces. Read: HELLA Expanding U.S. Headquarters, Technical Center In Michigan at

Another good COVID-19 Crisis PR example

The Stalwart Blog

Blog Commercial Real Estate Coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis Management Crisis PR Crisis Public Relations Landlord Public RelationsLet me interject a little bit of good news or at least a silver lining through the whole Coronavirus pandemic crisis PR matter.

#MediaMonday – Corina Vanek

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Featured Media Monday Arizona Daily Sun commerical real estate corina vanek economy Flagstaff Phoenix Phoenix Business JournalUp until a few months ago, whenever I heard the name “Corina,” I could not help but think of Whoopi Goldberg and her “two r” role […]. The post #MediaMonday – Corina Vanek appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

#MediaMonday – Steve Burks

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Featured Media Monday AZ Big Media AZRE Magazine commerical real estate Play Ball PTK Sports Steve BurksFootball – both college and the NFL – is back! The NBA is ramping up. And, baseball has started its playoffs. As a sports fan, this […]. The post #MediaMonday – Steve Burks appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Prohibition delivers ‘unexpected’ campaign for national estate and lettings agent, Your Move


We have won a major brief from national estate and lettings agent, Your Move , that will see us delivering a digital campaign aimed at engaging with and acquiring ‘unexpected landlords’. Your Move, which is part of LSL Property Services plc group of companies, is the UK’s biggest single brand estate agents, and has more than 260 branches across the UK. Client News estate agents real estate your move

Three Questions Every Business Needs to Ask About Online Risk

David PR Group

Hackers particularly like companies in healthcare, finance and insurance, real estate, manufacturing, government contracting and transportation. However, in businesses that have agent networks, such as residential real estate, additional risk exists. David online reputation management online risk residential real estate

#MediaMonday – Audrey Jensen

HMA Public Relations

Today's feature comes from Audrey Jensen, a real estate reporter at the Phoenix Business Journal. Happy #MediaMonday! Learn more about her and how she got her start in writing! Media Monday Audrey Jensen Phoenix Business Journal

Are you a CX Champion? How customer experience maturity leads to resilience and growth

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“Experience” in brand marketing is tantamount to “location” in real estate—it’s the three most important words.

Megaworld’s video raises employee awareness of UN’s sustainable development goals

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The theme was relevant for employees of a real estate developer, resulting in the top prize in the ‘Video’ category of PR Daily’s 2020 Nonprofit PR Awards.

Using Social Media to Get PR

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Successful PR Topic : How using the number of homes staged in area was directly related to the booming real estate market. The reporter put out an urgent request on Twitter for a real estate agent with a home for sale in that area to use for his segment.

AI’s biggest obstacle—consumers don’t fully understand or trust it

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New research from real estate tech firm Entrata reveals that even though many consumers know the broad definition of Artificial Intelligence (the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn similar to how a human would), most don’t fully understand its scope or the countless ways in which it affects their […].

PR pros, make sure your pitch passes the 5-second test

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As any good real estate agent knows, location is everything: Even the most beautiful homes won’t sell if the neighborhood isn’t ideal. Let’s look at the most valuable parcels of real estate in your email pitch: 1. Your solicitation must be concise and pithy, or journalists will move on. Tick, tick, tick. Your pitch has to land immediately. Generally, it takes about five seconds for a journalist to skim your story idea.

Coffee with a Journalist: Alcynna Lloyd, Insider

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Alcynna writes stories on the economy pertaining to housing and real estate. 00:02:16] AL: Well, my beat specifically for the economy team is focusing on real estate and housing in the rental market. Were you always interested in real estate?

Importance of PR in Today's Uncertain World

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Here are some successful pitch ideas we used this past week that elicited immediate response from journalists: 1) Real estate – when the Fed dropped interest rates, it crushed the stock market but proved incredibly valuable to the real estate market (NBC).

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Report: Toxic culture the top reason employees are quitting their jobs

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According to new data from Real Estate Witch, 1 in 4 employees who resigned their job since January 2021 only considered the change for a week or less before jumping ship.

In era of eroding trust, occupations we find most—and least—trustworthy

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New research from pioneering next-generation real estate agency Purplebricks Group uncovers which professions are deemed the most […]. The delicate balance of “trust” has reached a fever pitch in 2018—especially when it comes to Americans’ faith in those in a wide range of occupations, such as journalists, politicians, teachers, doctors, bankers, realtors, and car and insurance salespeople.

4 Tips on Pitching U.S. News & World Report’s Devon Thorsby


Devon Thorsby is a real estate reporter for U.S. I’d like to receive real estate related pitches with a consumer advice spin – preferably regarding residential real estate. It largely has to be relevant to something already in the pipeline – but we cover a very wide range of topics regarding real estate so a lot of things will work. News & World Report ‘s Consumer Advice section and has been with the publication since October 2015.

Report 163

How Re/Max pivoted for Pride Month during the pandemic

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Kayla Roofe, senior social media manager for the organization, was able to bring in real estate agents who identify as LGBTQ to share their stories and what “home” means to them. Real estate is a people business,” Roofe says. “I’m