A roadmap to impactful collaboration with your PR agency


Working with a PR agency can help you better understand your market, expand your network of valuable connections, bring in fresh ideas and extra resources, and, as a result, run a more successful communications operation. Now that you’ve set your PR agency goals, how will you measure success?

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How a PR agency can contribute to your communications strategy, and how to select the right agency for your business


A strong PR agency that aligns with and understands your business can be an invaluable strategic adviser and resource for your brand in this endeavor. However, not all brand and PR agency relationships are created equal. Why work with a PR agency, and is it right for your organization?

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10 questions PR pros should be asking SEO agencies

Agility PR Solutions

It’s true to say that some clients can only afford to hire agency support from […]. The post 10 questions PR pros should be asking SEO agencies appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations profession SEO agencies

SEO 111

The Complete Guide to Building an Impactful Relationship with your PR Agency


This webinar will focus on how to build a strong relationship between your PR agency and your brand. In this session our panelists will provide guidance on setting goals, communicating strategies and providing constructive feedback in order to foster a productive agency/brand relationship.

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Public Relations Agencies and Public Opinion

Ronn Torossian

The post Public Relations Agencies and Public Opinion appeared first on. Business PR Agency PR Inspiration Ronn Torossian 5WPR CEO Insights MARKETING PR Firm Pubilc Relations StrategyPublic Relations (PR) may be a misconstrued element in marketing, but it has the potential to shape public opinion. Day-to-day decisions on products and services bought are closely linked to efforts of public relations.

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Can Your Company Afford a PR Agency?

Bianchi Biz Blog

Sadly, after a week of waiting, we learned from Mark that Company B’s executives decided not to hire a PR agency at this time. Having been in the PR agency business for more than three decades, I can guess what happened. The post Can Your Company Afford a PR Agency?

There’s no debate: Not paying an intern as a PR agency is unethical.

Ishmael's Corner

By Chris Owen, Director, Hoffman Europe We recently had a call with a potential PR intern, as part of a series of chats we’re having for new agency hires for the year ahead. The post There’s no debate: Not paying an intern as a PR agency is unethical.

How to Grow Your Agency During Tough Times


3 Ways to Ensure Your Agency’s Profitability Amid Uncertainty. Best Practices

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Make Sure Your Reputation Management Agency Doesn’t Ruin Your Reputation | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Reputation has always mattered. We might not have had to worry about “cancel culture” or bad online reviews in our past, but there’s never been a time when people didn’t gossip with their friends and neighbors about other people.

10 Rules For Keeping (PR Agency) Clients

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For a PR agency , what’s better than winning a new client? In the PR business, client retention is tied to staff retention, and both impact the health of any creative services agency. In my big-agency career I’d sometimes cringe as the firm owner dropped names, bragged about his boldface contacts, and made absurd promises to prospective clients about the results my team would deliver. Keeping the ones you have. Naturally, any good PR firm wants to do both.

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Taking on the PR Agency Haters

Flack's Revenge

It is once again de rigueur to slam PR agencies. I learned this from a prospect who clued me in to a podcast and Forbes article (the former by uber influencers who should know better; the latter was generally negative on agencies but had some great points). If you want my respect as someone who understands PR, please don’t gloat about all the agencies you have hired and fired. Um, Udi, sounds like you need an evolved agency that is more proactive and creative ( hint hint! ).

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Reflections on Retiring from Agency Life


After 18 years as the founder and CEO of an agency I’ve loved more than anything except my family (and, OK, maybe the Grateful Dead), I’ve retired from tech PR. For most of the agency’s existence, my name was on the door. By Joanna Kulesa.

Learn from the Best:  4 Lessons from PR Agency Experts | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

During a recent roundtable discussion, agency experts shared their thoughts in a Q&A session with Business Wire clients. I am always in awe about how much I learn from our clients.

Meeting the COVID-19 agency start-ups

Stephen Waddington

Nine entrepreneurs talk about the agencies they’ve launched during the pandemic. If you’ve started an agency during the COVID-19 crisis please get in touch. Why start an agency in 2020, during lockdown? Why start an agency in 2020, during lockdown? agency

How To Get The Best From Your PR Agency

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Bringing on an external PR agency , or really any outside firm, is an investment of time and budget for any company, no matter its size. Naturally, things will go better for both parties if the agency team gives their all, and the client manages for the best possible outcomes. ” It’s a great question, and there are many answers, from the bare essentials to the ultimate agency wish list. If you can cut the red tape, your agency will love you for it.

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Hoffman Asia Pacific Named “Best Technology Agency” in the Region

Ishmael's Corner

I rarely use this real estate to talk about the Agency, much less brag about the Agency. The post Hoffman Asia Pacific Named “Best Technology Agency” in the Region appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. As we coach our clients, no one likes the person who comes off as “OK, enough about me.

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What’s Better, PR Agency Or Client Side Work?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In public relations , there are many career path possibilities, but most fall into either the agency side or the client side. Many who’ve been successful after years in agency PR may nurture a curiosity about client-side work. Like everything else in life, a move from agency PR to corporate or brand communications involves trade-offs. Agency PR Has Many Advantages. An agency executive is bound to be surrounded by people who basically do the same thing as they do.

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Agency Announcement: We’ve been listed in the Digital Enterprise TOP 100!


Agency News digital enterprise top 100 Leeds Based Pr Agency leeds pr agency leeds social media agency yorkshire pr agency yorkshire social media agency

After lockdown: the creative agency market

Stephen Waddington

The agency market is in flux as the economy reinflates. Agencies are facing the following opportunities. What’s your take on the industry and what are other agencies doing? Here are five areas in which I’m helping my agency clients work through the current business environment.

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How Kim Bode is ‘finding comfort in the uncomfortable’ at her integrated communications agency

Muck Rack

How Kim Bode is ‘finding comfort in the uncomfortable’ at her integrated communications agency

Agency 129

A PR Intern’s Guide to Agency Lingo

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

PR intern’s guide to agency lingo. Earned media – Interns need to learn this term first, since it’s among the things clients bring on agencies for. But PR agency people often need to flag media stories for clients, either because it may have a negative mention of their brand – or in preparation for reactive media pitching. The post A PR Intern’s Guide to Agency Lingo appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

PR Agency Search: Priorities in a PR Expanded World

PR Expanded

Almost four in 10 respondents to a survey of corporate communications, marketing and industry leaders for CommunicationsMatch’s new PR and Communications Agency Search Report said they were looking to hire new agencies in 2017. That’s a lot of new agencies being hired, but it also means other agencies will be dropped. The report shows the primary reason for engaging agencies was not dissatisfaction with existing firms, but a need for new capabilities.

Agency 193

Agency start-ups and scaling in 2021

Stephen Waddington

Now is a great time to start or scale-up an agency. My trend is agency start-ups and scaling in 2021. Any one is the basis of a solid agency proposition. Agency opportunity There were more than 30 agency start-ups in the UK in 2020. agency

How PR agencies can initiate a culture of DE&I change

PR Daily

We can’t give expert advice on things we as agencies are not doing. So, agencies, let’s heal ourselves: Move past the numbers. While there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all approach, here’s some general guidance for making real progress—for our own agencies and for our clients: 1.

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3 Things a PR Agency Can Offer Every Client

Ronn Torossian

The post 3 Things a PR Agency Can Offer Every Client appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5WPR Founder Blog. Brand PR PR PR Agency Ronn Torossian BRANDING Public RelationsPublic relations is essential to success for every business, especially when online PR has the possibility of spreading to thousands of potential customers within a matter of minutes. While most business owners know what PR is, they have little knowledge about how to implement an effective PR strategy.

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How PR agencies should focus on retaining employees

PR Daily

From the biggest agencies to the smallest shops, workers are any company’s most valuable asset. What are the top HR challenges facing PR agencies in 2021? Many agencies are hoping that an extended holiday break was enough to recharge tired employees after a very long 2020.

Agency year ahead: a time for start-ups and scaling

Stephen Waddington

Now is a great time to go freelance or to start an agency. If you’re an agency founder it’s also a good time to think about creating additional value, scaling and growth. So why my optimism around freelancing, new agency starts and scaling? agency

Agency 109

5 Reasons PR Agency Relationships Fail

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Nobody enters into a PR agency partnership thinking it will fail, just like no one gets married thinking they may one day divorce. But when client-agency partnerships end prematurely, there are often avoidable factors involved. Here are some of the key reasons for the early demise of an agency-client relationship. Why do some agency relationships fail? This is probably the single biggest reason why PR agency relationships go wrong. The agency model.

Agency 129

Agency metrics for sustainable growth and profitability

Stephen Waddington

What does good management look like in an agency? to help entrepreneurs to build and grow sustainable agencies. We’ve built a small portfolio of owner managed agencies. Here are key performance metrics. I founded Wadds Inc.

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Marketing Agencies Can Help Grow Any Business

Ronn Torossian

This is perfectly acceptable, and the reason why businesses such as digital marketing agencies exist. The post Marketing Agencies Can Help Grow Any Business appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Let’s face it. Not everyone is a digital marketing expert, even if they own and run a business. No matter what demographic a business is marketing to, having a strong presence online and an effective marketing strategy is highly important. […].

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Six Time Management Tips for #PR #Agencies

PR Expanded

And for agencies, time is not merely a concept — it’s our currency! Technology ClickTime David Klein PR Agencies public relations Time Management TimesheetsA Guest Post By David Klein, Director of Marketing at ClickTime. David Klein is the Director of Marketing at ClickTime. What if you could magically pause time? Think of everything you could do! Work would be easy. You’d have ample time to spend with friends and family. Your to-do list would be a joke. Back to reality.

Agency 179

The joys and frustrations of agency ownership

PR Daily

Becoming an agency owner is an intimidating concept for many people. When I became an agency owner, I flew by the seat of my pants. So why should your agency be any different? I worked on my first agency for close to 10 years, and I believe it was quite successful, but I really have no proof, other than the fact that I had a number of great clients and I paid my bills. I closed down that agency about four years ago and went back to working for someone else.

Agency 108

Konnect Agency Promotes Amanda Bialek To President

Konnect Agency

At Konnect Agency, we pride ourselves on always being forward-thinking, results-driven problem solvers for the brands we represent. Today, we are proud to share that our very own Amanda Bialek (or AB, as we like to call her around here) has been elevated to President of the agency!

Heron Agency’s leader: Social media will lead post-COVID-19

PR Daily

How are top agency executives helping their teams and clients through the COVID-19 crisis? Noreen Heron, president of Heron Agency in Chicago, says her days have been filled with Zoom calls and strategy sessions, but her most important people to talk to are her children.

Agency 151

Hoffman Agency Names Thomas Franky as General Manager in Indonesia

Ishmael's Corner

By Caroline Hsu, Managing Director, Asia Pacific We have doubled down on Indonesia, today announcing that Thomas Franky will join the Agency to lead our Indonesia team. The post Hoffman Agency Names Thomas Franky as General Manager in Indonesia appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Agency 102

Axia Public Relations wins Agency of the Year award for 2020

Axia PR

Ad World Masters named Axia Public Relations to its Agency of the Year awards list for 2020. Out of more than 11,400 agencies worldwide in Ad World Masters’ database, only 563 agencies from 74 countries qualified as an Agency of the Year. “We agency news

How PR Agencies Set Budgets And Billing

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For any brand or business looking to bring on a PR agency , the cost of a quality public relations program is a key factor in the decision. And for the uninitiated, the different methods agencies have for budgeting and billing can be opaque, making it difficult to get an apples-to-apples comparison when reviewing firms. Yet we’re sometimes reluctant to talk about how agencies set their budgets. When might agencies charge more? How do agencies set rates?

Agency 194