Thu.Jan 27, 2022

10 Phrases To Delete From Your PR Vocabulary

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

PR agency teams , especially those in tech PR, LOVE to speak in jargon. We have shorthand for nearly everything and sometimes forget that people outside our organization or industry might not know what we’re talking about.

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9 social media trends for 2022

Communications Conversations

I’ve been giving this social media trends presentation now for I believe 5 years. I used to give it at Social Media Breakfast–you know, back when we saw people, had coffee together and shook hands! But sadly, the pandemic is still with us.

10 great viral news explainer tips for PR

Stuart Bruce

The viral news explainer is a relatively new style of content that is proving increasingly popular.

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How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

How to spot a PR scam

PR Daily

An insider offers some common red flags that suggest a proffered media opportunity is really a disingenuous money grab. “Is this anything?” ” is a question PR agency professionals see a lot.

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Neil Young leaves Spotify to protest Joe Rogan podcast, Twitter shares data on content removal, and Boeing explains profit losses

PR Daily

Also: McDonald’s adds fan ‘meal hacks’ to menu, Adobe releases first deepfake detection protocols, and more. Hello, communicators: Fast food connoisseurs have long shared their own “menu hacks” by fusing together separate items into new and surprising creations. On Jan.

Infographic: 5 influencer marketing trends to watch in 2022

PR Daily

That’s right, it’s time to get your Charli D’Amelio on. Instagram shopping, trending songs on TikTok and the girl you know from high school who promotes a certain brand of canned sparkling water to her 13,000 followers—those are all byproducts of the booming influencer marketing market.