Marriott’s Aynat Ravin on real-time insights and data in the travel industry


As restrictions have loosened and the world cautiously begins to open up, it felt like the perfect time to check in and see how one of the world’s leading travel brands is planning for the new journey ahead. . These types of trends inform digital content that Marriott Bonvoy Traveler produces.

Targeting the Traveler: What Drives Travel Decisions


Planning decision drivers vary widely depending on the purpose of travel and the age/life stage of the traveler. To gain insight into travel planning needs, Cision Global Insights aggregated, segmented and analyzed 1.7 Cision’s latest report, “ Planning Travel: What Drives Decisions ,” shares insights on how age, the type of trip, season and other factors influence travel decisions. Find out the best ways to target these three groups of travelers: 1.

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Future travel forecasts from Skift’s Travel PR Summit

Muck Rack

Future travel forecasts from Skift’s Travel PR Summit

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Airbnb: Transforming Travel Industry using Digital PR

Ronn Torossian

The post Airbnb: Transforming Travel Industry using Digital PR appeared first on. In the early to mid 2000s, nearly every service industry tried to translate what they had to offer to the internet. Many failed.

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Ten Signs You Need to Get Out of the House and Travel

Landis PR

As we move beyond COVID, he took a humorous look at the reasons to start traveling again. If the travel bug has bitten you, you can take advantage of the “Save Now Stay Later” package at the Handlery Hotels in San Francisco and San Diego.

Top 10 U.S. Travel Bloggers on Twitter


Travel Bloggers on Twitter, ranked by number of mentions of “Travel” as a keyword. How to Save Money in Chicago with a Go City Card [link] @GoCityCard #familyholiday #Chicago #Travel Beaches Turkes and Caicos Key West Village Photo Tour [link] #travel. Five of our favorite Dog-Friendly Vacations[link] #pettravel #travel Charles McCool , McCool Travel. Saving money = more travel!!

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What Consumers Think About Travel Technology


All those travelers you see glued to their smartphones at airports may be doing more than checking their email or updating Facebook. Many are using digital travel technology, a trend that is changing the way consumers interact with airlines, hotel chains and other companies. With Disney’s success, more travel brands will follow their lead. To find out more about what Cision discovered in the Travel Technology study, click here. Travelers Don’t Want to Pay for Wi-Fi.

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How to Target Millennial Travelers Seeking More Than a Destination


One way they demonstrate their independence and “find themselves” is through travel. Cision’s report, “Planning Travel: What Drives Travel Decisions,” analyzed social media posts from millennials, as well as other key travel audiences, to determine what factors influence their travel decisions. In their social media posts, millennials (adults currently between the ages of 18 and 34) frequently describe independent travel as a rite of passage.

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How travel brands can fill the social media void

PR Daily

As organizations in the travel and hospitality space adapt to the reality fo the global pandemic, there’s still a way for them to engage on social media platforms, even without user-generated content. The surest way to make people long to travel is to tell them they can’t.

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3 Reasons Retirees Are Ready to Travel


For retirees, the biggest travel planning factor is the most obvious one. With 52 free weeks a year, retirees are free to roam when the mood strikes — and take advantage of last-minute budget travel deals, too. However, most retirees still carefully plan trips, and have special concerns as well, according to Cision’s latest travel report, “ Planning Travel: What Drives Decisions.” This is the time to try new things, travel and explore.”.

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PR Guy Morphs into Travel Writer

Ishmael's Corner

I thought the newspaper was asking me questions about my favorite travel destination. It turned out that the newspaper assumed San Francisco was my favorite travel destination — hey, why else would I live 53 miles south of San Francisco? — The post PR Guy Morphs into Travel Writer appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations.

The New Customer Journey: How Live Video Is Transforming the Travel Industry

Contently - Strategy

As part of a pre-launch test, Oddo and his co-founder signed up for Second Life, an online virtual world, and digitally traveled to famous landmarks and monuments in Italy. The travel and hospitality industry has been slower to adopt live video than industries like tech or gaming.

Pitching Travel Media Amid the COVID-19 Shutdown


Like many parts of the American economy, the travel and tourism sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus shutdown. And Hana Alberts , New York Post travel editor and one of the three journalists on the panel, agreed. Travel content that tells readers, “Go here.

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[Case Study] Airbnb + 23andMe: Achieving Success with the Heritage Travel Campaign


That’s why Airbnb and 23andMe teamed up to launch a communications program during Airbnb’s “Family Month” in May 2019 promoting their “Heritage Travel” concept to drive consumers to engage more with their roots and book heritage travel experiences.

6 questions with Jennifer Barger from National Geographic Travel

Muck Rack

6 questions with Jennifer Barger from National Geographic Travel

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7 Tried-and-True Productivity Tips From a Traveling Entrepreneur


Luckily, you can enjoy travel and stay on top of your work with my tried and true productivity tips. The post 7 Tried-and-True Productivity Tips From a Traveling Entrepreneur appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Magazine Public Relations CEO entrepreneur travelling

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Moving Target: How Technology Changed the Travel Experience


Consumers interact much differently with travel and hospitality providers now than in years past, and those providers are beginning to notice the increasing dependency on mobile devices to quickly get information. For example: 35 percent of the world’s travelers use smartphones more when traveling than at home. 97 percent of all business travelers said they always traveled with a mobile device. Want more data and insights about travelers and technology?

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UK Media Moves including Yorkshire Live, Newsquest, Family Traveller and more


Faye Preston is promoted to Head of News at Yorkshire Live; change of role for Diarmuid MacDonagh at Newsquest; Katie Bowman and Ed Grenby join Family Traveller.

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5 Incredible Content Marketing Examples From Travel Brands

Contently - Strategy

Even aside from the travel logistics, you probably want to read up on your destination’s local cultures and customs—you don’t just want to walk like a robot from tourist destination to tourist destination, buying a cheap keychain or shot glass at each gift shop. For that, you’ll need some well-rendered travel content examples. That’s why AirBnB’s travel magazine is a stellar content campaign. When was the last time you took a true vacation?

How COVID-19 has impacted this NYC-based travel writer

Muck Rack

How COVID-19 has impacted this NYC-based travel writer

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7 tips for connecting with travelers in a changed world

Agility PR Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic has slammed the brakes on travel worldwide, leaving hospitality marketers with scrapped 2020 plans, reduced resources and no clear path forward. The post 7 tips for connecting with travelers in a changed world appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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How to Appeal to Traveling Families With Diverse Needs


Cision’s study, “ Planning Travel: What Drives Travel Decisions ,” took an in-depth look at the factors affecting families’ travel decisions by analyzing social media posts on forums, blogs and social networks. For example, the study found that: Families begin planning travel far in advance and want to have itinerary details clearly outlined to facilitate hassle-free trips. Travel scheduling is based, in large part, on the timing of school vacations.

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Latest Technologies Every Traveler Needs


Technological advancements have made a world of difference for the modern-day traveler. According to 5W’s 2020 Consumer Culture Report , travel and experiences are among the top-ranked categories consumers want to spend their money on. Planning and booking travel is a full-time job.

Gift Ideas For the PR Pro Who Travels

Axia PR

12 essentials for traveling professionals and road warriors. When working in the PR profession, it’s safe to say you’ll probably have to travel at some point in your career.

Coronavirus travel impact—75% of Americans surveyed will NOT cancel upcoming travel plans

Agility PR Solutions

A new survey of Americans with pending travel plans from asked respondents about their plans to deal with travel in the midst of the global coronavirus outbreak.

3 phases of destination recovery from COVID-19 for travel marketers

Agility PR Solutions

It’s an event analogous with the effect COVID-19 will have on the global travel […]. The post 3 phases of destination recovery from COVID-19 for travel marketers appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Top Travel Journalists to Cover Your Story – The 2020 List


With over a decade of experience, New York-based Lindsay Tigar is an established lifestyle and travel journalist. Her on-location travel stories, attention to detail, beautiful imageries, and unique perspective will take you through a magical adventure.

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Consumers frustrated by travel industry’s messaging during COVID—what needs to change?

Agility PR Solutions

Not surprisingly in a still-COVID-entrenched world, most consumers remain wary of travel, and new research from CX software provider Redpoint Global finds that 67 percent are expressing frustration at receiving vacation offers when they are unable (or unwilling) to travel.

Top 10 NatGeo Traveler Staffers on Twitter


This week we take a look at the top staffers at National Geographic Traveler on Twitter, ranked by number of followers. Follower counts were pulled on May 10, 2017, and will change over time. Andrew McCarthy – Editor at Large – 89,387. Thrilled to brag that Just Fly Away will be on the May 14 @nytimesbooks bestseller list — Andrew McCarthy (@AndrewTMcCarthy) May 3, 2017. Marilyn Terrell – Chief Researcher – 69,657. Just one shot!”

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6 questions with Lilit Marcus from CNN Travel

Muck Rack

6 questions with Lilit Marcus from CNN Travel

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Business Travel Tips for PR Pros

Shift Communications

For many of us in the PR agency business, travel can come in waves and totally upend your routine. I also mastered some helpful packing and travel tactics. Keep a business travel bag. Ideally, you keep this alongside your general travel bag that has your toiletries and other must-have personal items. Travel light and, when possible, hands free. Agency Life Conferences Public Relations Business Travel Tips

Traveler Expectations for In-Flight Technology


Estimates for summer air travel by the industry group Airlines for America predict that a record 222 million travelers are expected to fly between June 1 and August 31–that’s an average of 2.4 million people traveling daily. A review of nearly 120,000 posts from travelers discussing the in-flight experience on social media channels during the past six months surfaced some of the in-flight travel expectations of this audience. Travel Fee Fatigue.

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What the Ohio Restaurant Association Is Doing for Travel and Tourism in the Buckeye State


Here, the former Walt Disney Company veteran discusses how her Association helps make Ohio a travel destination. How do travel and tourism relate to the Ohio Restaurant Association and your role there? That means we’re on the road quite a bit, traveling to visit our members, listen to them and share their stories on our #OhioWorksHere Tour, and to engage prospects. How does travel and tourism helps support Association members?

PR 101: How to Pitch Travel Journalists


Spring is here, which means travel season is upon us! For those of you in the travel communications business there are countless of opportunities to tell yours story to travel journalists, bloggers, influencers – and consumers. But how do you reach the always-on-the-move travel media? Using Cision’s proprietary research of thousands of travel journalists, we have come up with six tips that will help your travel pitch get noticed in a flooded inbox.

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3 ways the travel industry can navigate a shared global PR crisis

Agility PR Solutions

It is undeniable that the entire world is feeling the effects of COVID-19, but few businesses are under such intense pressure as those in the travel and hospitality industries. Both domestic and international travel has ground to a halt, and self-isolation has forced everyone indoors.

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Even without a vaccine, many people around the world think it’s OK to travel now

Agility PR Solutions

Recent developments and the imminent progress towards a COVID vaccine are promising, but most consumers surveyed are not waiting for a vaccine to travel—and an increasing number of travelers say it OK to travel now, according to new research from management consulting firm Oliver Wyman.

Most Americans planning to travel soon, but two-thirds remain concerned about COVID-19

Agility PR Solutions

the summer travel bug is proving to be irresistible to many Americans—most say they plan to travel within the next four months, although the overwhelming majority remain concerned about exposure to COVID-19 while traveling, according to new research from travel booking […].

How Social Media Has Changed Travel Media

Maine PR Maven

On the 31st episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy spoke with travel and outdoors writer Carey Kish about how his career has been affected by social media and ways it’s made his itinerant lifestyle feel less isolated.

Walking the Content Road Less Traveled

Waxing UnLyrical

Ready to make some magic by walking the content road less traveled? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Walking the Content Road Less Traveled. Content Marketing Personal content strategy creativity in content road less traveledHey, Content Strategist! Yes, you. I’m talking to you. What if, instead of doing what every single content marketing guru told you to do (“Do more!” ” “Be everywhere!” ” “Jump on the bandwagon!”),

UK Media Moves including Business Travel Magazine, Family Capital, The Telegraph and more


Bev Fearis is now Editor of The Business Travel Magazine; Annie May Byrne Noonan has joined Family Capital as Editorial Associate; Daniel Sanderson is now Scotland Correspondent at The Telegraph. Media Blog

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