Top 10 Agriculture & Farming Magazines on Twitter


This week we take a look at the top agricultural and farming magazines that are on Twitter. agriculture Featured Top Lists agriculture & farming Magazines TwitterOctober is here and that means apples and pumpkins and other in-season fall delights! If you’re doing it right with hay-rides, corn mazes, jack-o-lanterns, or Punkin Chunkin it will probably come with a visit to a farm.

The top 10 agricultural publications

Muck Rack

The top 10 agricultural publications

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How trust and transparent PR are redefining the agricultural sector

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In the past few years, the agricultural sector has seen some significant changes. The post How trust and transparent PR are redefining the agricultural sector appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. In many ways, this is due to the shift in consumer habits.

Journalists on the move – Week of November 18

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She was previously covering agriculture. Here you have it! The most notable journalist and media industry moves of the past week. USA AND CANADA Follow us on Twitter @Press_Moves News and Media Bloomberg News: Teaganne Finn (@teaganne_finn) is now covering breaking news. Bloomberg News: Supriya Batra (@batrasupriya) has been named Digital News Editor, based in […]. The post Journalists on the move – Week of November 18 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Media Moves

The Fundamentals of a Coaching Program


The students are going to learn about farming practices, have the chance to view real time infantry, demonstrating presentations, and get involved in hands-on agricultural pursuits. The Fundamentals of a Coaching Program. Key Pieces of Education Day My occupation is to employ the appropriate folks, he states. Then the work thing occurred. Which is charming sometimes. Each day contains hiking and games.

Bayer to axe Monsanto brand name

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Big agriculture in general, of which Monsanto was the reviled figurehead. Going forward, our teams in the labs and in the field will be able to take a much more holistic approach to innovation as we address the enormous challenges we face in agriculture.”. We're creating a leading innovation engine in agriculture with the acquisition of Monsanto expected to be closed on June 7. Agriculture is too important to allow ideological differences to bring progress to a standstill.

Tips for using Facebook Live from Monsanto’s team

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Part of our agricultural company’s editorial calendar is telling the story of our products—seeds—and the farmers who use them. Throughout 2016, we have visited farms, events and our campus beehives to experiment with Facebook Live and to tell the story of agriculture and how it’s connected to our lives. As an agriculture company, we’re trying to help make better connections. One part of our content strategy is to be relevant in the agriculture and food conversations.

5 tips for PR pros looking to work on sustainability

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These industries span (but are certainly not limited to) clean-tech, waste management, renewable energy, ag-tech (agricultural technology) or anything relevant to the future of the earth and its inhabitants—humans, fauna and flora. . Are you looking for more meaning in your chosen vocation?

United we Brand? Top Reads on Corporate Activism

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It reported how agricultural giant Cargill fell out of favor with environmentalists: For years, the American agricultural giant Cargill has been on relatively good terms with environmental advocates, praised for agreeing to a landmark moratorium on buying soybeans grown on deforested land in the Amazon rain forest. Should CEOs speak out on social, civil and political issues? Should brands take a stand? Pixabay.

Costly commas and other pricey punctuation goofs

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As related by the BBC: The state’s laws declared that overtime wasn’t due for workers involved in “ the canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of: 1) agricultural produce; 2) meat and fish products; and 3) perishable foods ”.

How PR pros can elevate positive news stories

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For example, a pitch about scaling food hubs —organizations that strengthen regional food economies, not industrial agriculture — could be pitched to a finance reporter, a food journalist or someone who writes about agriculture and farm economics. Some reporters are looking to counter the preponderance of negative news with stories that offer solutions to big societal problems. Here’s how to tailor a pitch for them.

Announcing PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards finalists

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Agriculture of the Future, Coca-Cola Turkey. Agriculture of the Future, Coca-Cola Turkey. Congratulations to this year’s honorees. Stay tuned for the winners announcement. PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards sought organizations that did their part to make the world a better place. Our finalists championed causes and initiatives that improved their communities, countries and the world, and communicated about them in compelling ways.

How Does a PR Newswire for Journalists Benefit the World?

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Are you a journalist or news organization wondering where to get your news? Have you looked into a PR newswire for journalists yet? Well, you should really look into it!

Pitching a Veteran Environmental Reporter: Tips from Jonathan H. Harsch


Harsch is a seasoned journalist who has specialized in agriculture, energy, environmental issues and politics for nearly half a century. Department of Agriculture, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, Rodale Press, Winrock International, Profiles magazine, and The World and I magazine. Jonathan H.

Beech-Nut cites ‘abundance of caution’ in recall

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Department of Agriculture site. Another week, another food recall. This time around, it’s not about listeria contamination , however. Beech-Nut is recalling about 2,000 pounds of baby food because a customer reportedly found a small piece of glass inside a jar. The company has set up a recall minisite to address concerns.

Healthcare and the Environment

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Yet as more and more people are educated about what this will do to our weather, storms, agriculture, and even national security, the consequences on one other aspect of life must not be overlooked: healthcare.

The value of loose connections on LinkedIn

Stephen Waddington

His thesis is that the size of a community is limited by the number of mouths that can be fed without rudimentary agriculture. Social networks such as LinkedIn are based on loose ties. I’ve around 6,000 connections. It’s inconceivable that I could have so many personal relationships. So where’s the value? British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar suggests that the maximum number of relationships that an individual can maintain is 150.

3 tips to catapult your B2B content and news past the noise

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For example, global agribusiness leader Syngenta uses its YouTube channel to amplify multiple initiatives, among them a diversity and inclusion campaign about the growing presence of women in the agricultural industry. Business communicators are not only competing with rivals within a particular sector but also seeking to cement trust with their audiences. Authenticity and visuals are key elements.

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Chief separates from American Egg Board three months early

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agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack. The largest U.S. egg lobbyist group has yet to respond to allegations that it launched a hefty campaign against the San Francisco startup Hampton Creek. American Egg Board CEO Joanne Ivy has stepped down amid allegations that include “evidence that AEB leadership, including the Egg Board’s president and CEO, may have violated the federal laws and administrative regulations governing checkoff programs.” That’s according to a letter from Utah Sen.

15 Up-and-Coming PR and Social Media Marketers to Watch

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Theresa Reps , agricultural affairs manager, Midwest Dairy (nominated by Brian Bellmont). Her ability to connect with people and passion for telling stories about agriculture – and more specifically the people who drive the industry — struck me right away, and over the years that focus has only become sharper and stronger. Last week, I shared my news that I’ll be teaching social media at the University of St. Thomas.

PR Rock Stars: Geosys’s Emily Negrin

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I am the global director of communications and brand marketing at Geosys, a company which specializes in satellite remote sensing for agriculture. My role revolves around positioning Geosys as the industry leader in remote sensing for agriculture by serving as a trusted partner for our core market segments. But the funny thing is for the first 20-ish years of my life, I swore I would never do anything in agriculture. The younger version of me thought agriculture was boring.

Magenta Nation: Healthcare and Climate Change

Scott Public Relations

Yet as more and more people are educated about what this will do to our weather, storms, agriculture, and even national security, the consequences on one other aspect of life must not be overlooked: healthcare. There has never been a brighter spotlight on the subject of climate change, and the threat it poses to the world.

55 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Communications Associate with Global Agriculture and Food Security Program , World Bank, Washington, DC – apply by Nov. Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Have one you’d like to see listed? Just email Academia/Government. Assistant Athletic Director, Communications , George Mason University, Fairfax, VA – apply by Oct.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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More importantly, the run will raise money to promote sustainable agriculture and local farming, and benefit Wholesome Wave , a nonprofit that provides healthy produce to those in need. This weekend, Aspen, Colorado will serve as a playground for anyone who loves exquisite culinary dishes and adult libations (and let’s be honest, that’s just about all of us). The 36th annual edition of the aptly-named FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen.

How and why B2B companies must embrace CSR

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Suppliers are encouraged to set targets in one or more of six key areas: energy , waste , packaging , agriculture , forests or product use. Corporate social responsibility efforts such as sustainability and human rights are no longer a mandate solely for consumer-facing enterprises.

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TikTok’s rapid growth and format offer marketing opportunities

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The United Nations’ IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) posts informative and motivational videos that encourage viewers to change the world. The short-form video platform has attracted a half-billion users worldwide, many in the 16–24 age range. It’s a chance for you to show your company’s fun side to consumers and job seekers. TikTok now has more than 500 million active users worldwide. That’s more than Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Best PR Uses For Video Content

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In 2017, Land O’Lakes took it up a conceptual notch, producing “The Believers” — ten highly produced videos that salute the idea of a life in agriculture in a poetic and celebratory way.

Video 177

Blue Bell, Sabra offer info on recalls

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In its press release announcement , Sabra offered this explanation: The potential for contamination was discovered when a routine, random sample collected at a retail location on March 30 th , 2015 by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. Ice cream maker Blue Bell and hummus producer Sabra are both in damage control mode after making recall announcements in the past week.

Report: Top 10 most- and least-trusted industries

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Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting. Few themes have overtaken American society over the past few years quite like trust has. Reading PR case studies (including those on PR Daily ) can be a crash course in which organizations you can and cannot trust. Reading political news today, you might get the sense that there’s no one you can trust. Still, we have to trust someone or something , right?

4 ways to tell video stories about difficult topics

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Mahoney even named the fish to tell the story of their migration from the sea up the Columbia to a river whose water levels had dropped drastically because of agricultural irrigation. Editor's note: This story is taken from Ragan Communications' distance-learning portal Ragan Training.

Video 118

Work on what matters: the start of my social sabbatical

Frederik Vincx

Education, healthcare, agriculture, integration, The jobs that impact everyone around us. Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s time for a reset. To start over and reconnect with the things that really matter to me and to the people around me. It’s been ten years since I graduated. First six years of working in communication agencies as a designer and creative, followed by four years of building software for these agencies.

Starbucks vows to ditch straws by 2020

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Your morning cup of coffee is at risk, but together @Starbucks & @ConservationOrg are working towards the goal of making coffee the world’s 1st sustainable agricultural product, starting at the very beginning of the supply chain.

7 impressions PR pros create through your appearance

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If you show up to an agriculture expo wearing a suit and tie, you’ll risk appearing stuck-up to the farmers who are there in jeans and T-shirts. Appearance plays a major role in PR. If your executives and PR representatives are dressing inappropriately or unprofessionally, that can leave a highly negative impression. According to a Forbes article , you have just seven seconds to make a first impression on someone.

How to boost coverage of your PR event—even after it’s over

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Farming is just what they do for a living, but they certainly have other interests that may or may not have anything to do with agriculture,” says David G. It’s a splendid thing to snag TV, magazine or newspaper coverage for a one-day event. Bonus points, however, go to those who tell stories that have legs, drawing further articles and social media sharing long after the event is over.

First day of summer brings PR bonanza

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Agriculture Department wants you to believe that cows take their own photos: It’s #NationalSelfieDay and we appreciate these cattle’s tongue-in-cheek behavior

McDonald’s to curb antibiotic use in its beef

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“McDonald’s is the first major burger chain to announce a comprehensive antibiotic use reduction policy for all beef sold by its restaurants — and the largest, by far,” Lena Brook, interim director of food and agriculture at the Natural Resources Defense Council, writes in a statement. The announcement comes amid mounting pressure and criticism to stop the growing danger of antibiotic resistance.

9 Content Snacks from the Story of Content Marketing

Sword and the Script

The publication educates farmers about new agricultural technologies. The best way to excel at content marketing is to “be the story.” ” That’s according to the new documentary by the Content Marketing Institute : The Story of Content. The film, which runs a little more than 40 minutes, explores what content marketing is, its history and why it’s different. It does so through a who’s who list of interviews and case studies from brands big and small.

58 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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of Agriculture/Economic Research Service, Washington, DC – apply by July 15. Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Have one you’d like to see listed? Just email Academia/Government. Online Content Manager, School of Communication , American University, Washington, DC. Advancement Writer , American University, Washington, DC. Multimedia Reporter, WAMU 88.5

49 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Coordinator, School of Agriculture , University of Maryland, College Park, MD – apply by July 29. Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Have one you’d like to see listed? Just email Academia/Government. Writer/Copywriter , American University, Washington, DC. Admin Assistant, School of Public Affairs , American University, Washington, DC.

50 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Communications Director for Agriculture , Environmental Working Group, Washington, DC. Looking for a new career opportunity? Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Have one you’d like to see listed? Just email Academia/Government. Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications, Law School , Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.