How to Leverage Emotions to Boost Digital PR


Fortunately, emotions can be widely used in your digital PR, especially to tell stories that connect with your audience. Here is a list of four unique tips that will help you leverage emotions to boost your digital PR. However, is this enough boost your PR?

Best & Most Difficult Digital PR and Marketing Tactics

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It was rated the most effective and one of the easiest digital PR & marketing tactics in the recent Ascend2 Survey. The survey tapped into 275 marketers ( 66% in the BtoB field) for insights on their goals, strategies tactics and challenges with digital marketing.

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Is Digital PR Making Public Relations Sexy Again?

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When you think of the biggest changes in the move from traditional #PR to #DigitalPR, what comes to mind? It’s also brought a wider variety of marketers and entrepreneurs into the fold as newbie PR pros. PR is suddenly sexy again. Digital PR Public Relations

The 7 “New” Rules Of Digital PR

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Do you work in digital PR? The difference between digital PR and “traditional” PR is fuzzy, yet worth examining, because it has transformed our profession in so many ways. In some ways PR hasn’t changed that much.

Best & Most Difficult Digital PR and Marketing Tactics

The Proactive Report

It was rated the most effective and one of the easiest digital PR & marketing tactics in the recent Ascend2 Survey. The survey tapped into 275 marketers ( 66% in the BtoB field) for insights on their goals, strategies tactics and challenges with digital marketing. Most of the companies polled said that the effectiveness of their digital PR and marketing is improving, but that they still run into some big challenges. Digital PR Online PR

How Digital PR Pros Can Cope with Recent Google Search Updates


The PR industry and SEO no longer live in two separate worlds. A strong reason for PR pros to start concentrating more on SEO. In the advanced digital landscape and a mobile-first world, digital PR is already closely integrated with SEO. A case in point is that of Google’s algorithms, which apart from the SEO industry, also have a profound impact on the PR industry. The Digital and PR Evolution.

Tech Tool that Makes Digital PR a Breeze

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FREE WEBINAR ON DIGITAL PR STRATEGY NOVEMBER 9, 2016. I’ve been using my 10-step Digital PR plan for several years now and have long wished for one tool that could do everything needed to implement each step.

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Digital PR: The Future of Link Building


Over the past year we’ve developed our digital strategy and placed link building as a high priority. A PR-style tactic of broadcasting our products and campaigns seemed the best way forward. The resulting landing page is without doubt the best in the PR software industry.

Five Critical Trends in Digital PR You Must Act On

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In September, the PRCA launched a new report into digital trends in the PR industry. Put together after a YouGov study of 228 agency and in-house PR professionals across a wide range of sectors, the results are, for me, both encouraging and worrying. Digital PR Budgets.

Social Media and Digital PR Score Big at the SuperBowl

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With the rise of social media and digital public relations, and especially the new advanced listening tools available to us, we can see the traction gained by a brand and see who is doing it right. Content Marketing Online PR digital PR likeagirl mcdonalds.

Digital PR Measurement Lessons from News Analytics

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PR lesson: If your client or brand is a major enterprise, look for newsworthy topics to pitch to the media. PR Lesson: Invest the time and energy to produce original, unique content that no-one else is covering. PR lesson: Take the time to produce content of real depth and value.

PRCA Digital PR Report 2015 need for more digital PR training and digital PR budgets expected to grow

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The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) has revealed the findings of its Digital PR Report 2015, with insights across the following key areas: In-house budgeting for blogger outreach continues to grow and PR agencies increasingly entrusted with this work.

New PR Skills Needed to Fill Talent Gap

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The Holmes Global Communication Report 2016 revealed that in-house execs and agency leaders agree that talent is the top challenge for PR today. Most disturbing is the omission of the need for PR talent to have visual content skills. Digital PR digital PR online PR SEO skills talent

Digital journalism is alive but is digital PR?

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Today the BBC announced that it is cutting almost 500 jobs but reinvesting in a further 195 posts to back what it calls ‘digital journalism’. So I think we can safely say that digital journalism is where the BBC believes the future of that industry is headed.

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

Waxing UnLyrical

It is rightly said that PR and journalism are interdependent. With the ever-increasing competitive eco-system and never-ending client demands, traditional PR is set to face new challenges in India. It’s time for the next big leap in the way PR agencies work in India.

Think you deserve the digital PR and social media crown?

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Digital PR and social media are now the preeminent way to get the word out about upcoming events, product or service launches, social issues and causes—truthfully, everything—and you led the charge. You deserve recognition for your digital prowess. The launch of the 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards allows us to shine a spotlight on your extraordinary achievements. Digital PR Campaign of the Year.

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5 tips for avoiding image plagiarism in digital PR

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Memes, public Instagram images, and screenshots of funny things that’ve made it into the media via Facebook are just a few examples of the popular content we see constantly in today’s digital world. Blog PR tips Facebook image plagiarism PR PR agency Social Media The Fat Jew Twitter

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Why Content Strategy Needs Digital PR

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More companies – both BtoC and BtoB – are creating content as an integral part of their marketing and Digital PR. The reason content is best created by the Digital PR team is because it is a communication function. Not some new and esoteric Digital PR technique.

Finalists named for the 2015 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

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Our call went out for inspired work in digital PR and communications and use of social media. We saw the power of digital communications and social media harnessed by imaginative minds. Best Use of Digital & Social Media for. Who Knew: Soap Pads' Digital Debut.

3 digital PR sins: Are you guilty?

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PR pros will go all out for a “like” or share, but is your quest for social media nirvana leading you astray? Here are three common digital PR sins—and salvations: 1. Piggybacking a hashtag that’s aggregating questionable content can damage your brand, says Josh Dahmes, chief digital officer at Risdall Marketing. Register for PR Daily’s Oct. PR comes into play in off-site and some on-site SEO, Dahmes says.

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3 ways to detect a digital PR crisis early

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Register for PR Daily ’s May 21 PR University webinar “ Digital-Crisis PR Boot Camp: Neutralize social media attacks, turn the tide ” to learn how to manage online crises. Want to protect your brand from Internet attacks?

Learn to Measure What Matters

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September is AMEC’s Global Measurement Month with many events around the world focused on PR measurement. Yes, I know we PR folk are not math nerds. Measurement and analytics are now a requirement in many PR jobs advertised. New PR Measurement Course.

Digital PR & Social Media Awards: Last chance to enter

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New Twitter Rules Good for Brand Storytelling

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Subscribe to the Digital PR Tips newsletter to get the latest news in your inbox. Digital PR Online PR brand digital PR online PR social media strategy storytelling twitterTwitter rules have always restricted content to 140-characters.

Digital PR and the Google Penguin

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PR pros are not all convinced that SEO is a skill they need to master. Content marketing isn’t a new idea for PR. So yes, SEO has become an important PR skill. What does that mean for PR pros? And suddenly Digital PR is in demand.

How Content Makes Loyal Fans: Part One

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The post How Content Makes Loyal Fans: Part One appeared first on Social Media Strategy | Online PR | Proactive Report | Sally Falkow. Content Marketing Digital PR content content marketing digital marketing online PR Online PR strategy

PR Insights from the 2017 Trust Barometer

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The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer has some interesting data for PR practitioners. PR Lessons . Invest in training on digital skills for your team. Digital PR Online PR digital PR listening monitoring online PR social intellilgence social media strategy training

Content, Links & Influencers

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Get the Digital PR Tips Newsletter. The post Content, Links & Influencers appeared first on Social Media Strategy | Online PR | Proactive Report | Sally Falkow. Digital PR Online PR content influencers links SEO SMART News strategy

How Fake News Affects PR

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Fake news hurts PR by lessening trust in all media. How Does Fake News Affect PR? As Robin’s definition states: Fake news hurts PR by lessening trust in all media. One of the core activities of PR is to get coverage for our brands or clients in the media.

Finalists Announced for PR Daily’s 2016 Digital PR & Social Media Awards!

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We asked for your most inspired work in digital PR communications and the use of social media. Entries poured in, and your work demonstrated an amazing diversity of talent and superb digital PR & social media ideas. Best Digital & Social Media Activity.

Digital PR spend increases significantly, but still not enough investment in training

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The PRCA Digital PR and Communications Report 2016 reveals a sharp rise in digital PR budgets, but continuing concern over the lack of investment in training. It’s the fourth annual Digital PR and Communications report the PRCA has produced.

How digital PR can turn the tide for startups

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Digital PR can be such an aid. Implementing digital PR may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Your marketing and PR team should get in touch with customers to formulate case studies. Digital PR agencies can be the most powerful allies for startups.

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Why You Should Use Call-To-Actions In Digital PR

Doktor Spinn

The post Why You Should Use Call-To-Actions In Digital PR appeared first on Doktor Spinn. By know, most are getting used to the idea of including CTAs (call-to-actions) in their online messages. A call-to-action is basically where you tell people what to do next.

There’s still time to enter PR Daily’s 2017 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

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5 Content Pitfalls in Fast-Growing Businesses

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Marketing and PR are two important components of growing a business. As marketing and branding expert Al Ries said, “PR starts the fire, marketing fans the flames.” Not familiar with the changes in the digital customer journey. SEO writing is a vital PR skill today.

Digital PR Challenges in 2016

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These are precisely the skills needed by marketing and PR pros in 2016 and beyond. Digital PR should be high on your list for 2016. The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs have produced two excellent reports on the state of content marketing in 2016. One examines the BtoC space and the other covers BtoB.

Digital PR & Social Media Awards can’t go on without you

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PR Daily’s Digital PR & Social Media Awards are looking to spotlight your best digital work

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Early bird deadline coming up fast for the 2016 Digital PR & Social Media Awards

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Don’t miss your chance to be named the best in digital PR and social media

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