Encouraging Creativity Among Marketing Employees

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The post Encouraging Creativity Among Marketing Employees appeared first on. Team morale in the office has hit a low. For some reason, it seems that pitch meetings and brainstorming sessions are more full of awkward silence than buzzing ideas.

5 employee engagement essentials

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We analyzed more than 30 million employee survey responses (from 70 countries) to learn more about this vexing issue. What is employee engagement? RELATED: Create a culture that inspires fearless employee innovation every day. ]. What creates employee engagement?

4 foolproof ways to improve employee communication

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Are your employees in the loop—or in the dark? According to Gallup, 74 percent of employees feel that they’re missing out on company information and news. Other research found that just four in 10 employees can confidently describe to others what their employer does.

Share your employees’ passion for giving back

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We want to know all about your employee volunteer program, corporate fundraising efforts and disaster relief initiatives. The post Share your employees’ passion for giving back appeared first on PR Daily.

Report: 5 keys to employee retention

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How, then, can organizations ramp up employee retention efforts? RELATED: Create a culture that inspires fearless employee innovation every day. ]. According to the report: “Employees who rate their supervisor’s performance poorly are four times as likely to be job hunting.”.

5 ways to make your corporate story resonate with employees

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Well, nine out of 10 employees say they would. That jarring statistic reveals employees want more than just mindlessly punching the clock and collecting a paycheck. Follow these five tips to craft a corporate story that resonates with employees: 1. You are an employee, too.

4 tips to turn employees into brand ambassadors

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If you have employees, you have a powerful messaging force at your disposal. For better or worse, your employees talk about what it’s like to work at your company. Seek out employees who clearly enjoy working at the company and who routinely go the extra mile.

5 ways to ruin employee town halls

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Chances are, your employee town halls are terrible. Here are five reasons the vast majority of employee town hall meetings suck (and ideas to make them better): 1. However, if the intention was to inform, engage, involve and listen to employees, then you probably missed the mark.

How Target hit the bull’s-eye in employee engagement

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That included a successful focus on employee communication. In an employee meeting, the human resources chief literally snipped someone’s tie off with scissors. RELATED: Inspire your employees to do their best work by joining us at Facebook HQ. ]. Employees loved the openness.

How personal stories from employees resonate on social media

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Humanizing your brand by bringing your employees to the forefront is one of the most effective strategies you can use to achieve that goal, and social media provides the perfect platform for this kind of campaign. Why you should be telling your employees’ stories.

5 essentials for livestreaming employee events

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Livestreaming an employee event requires collaboration, careful preparation and, of course, solid technical infrastructure from a trusted partner. RELATED: Create a culture that inspires fearless employee innovation every day. ].

Free webinar: Improve employee experience with effective communication

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Reach every one of your valued employees with best practices from our Effective Communications & Employee Experience Webinar. Your employees might be meeting deadlines and doing great work, but do you consider how they’re feeling in their role?

6 trends in employee communication in 2019

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Your employees just want to have fun. The free download, “ 6 trends in employee communication in 2019, ” offers perspective on such matters as reaching dispersed workforces and proving your business value to your organization.

Storytelling vital to earning employee trust, says journalist Soledad O’Brien

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Employees “want to associate themselves with an organization they trust,” she said. RELATED: Inspire your employees to do their best work by joining us at Facebook HQ. ]. Produce stories that employees want to hear, be truthful, and include them in the narrative.

16 questions to ask employees about their managers

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That’s why your employee survey should incorporate nuanced, specific questions about manager performance and communication. RELATED: Inspire your employees to do their best work by joining us at Facebook HQ. ]. Managers and employees must understand how to give and receive feedback.

5 surefire steps to craft content that energizes your employees

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Workplace and online distractions abound, but compelling content will cut through the noise and engage your employees. A content strategy will help you focus on the types of content you create, ensuring your messaging is meaningful and relevant to your employees.

3 Ways to Turn Employees into Brand Advocates


Getting employees involved on social media may seem like a terrifying idea. One employee’s inappropriate tweet could result in a social media crisis. Look for what your employees are doing to go above and beyond their job expectations and daily duties.

Recommended reading on employee experience and company culture

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It’s never a bad time to think about how to improve employee experience. Below you’ll find a list of books and articles recommended by staffers from Bonfyre that will help you shape, augment and strengthen your employee experience strategy: Employee experience books . “

Free webinar: Connect with employees using compelling content

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He’ll explain exactly how to create an intranet your employees will love, as well as show why content is king, especially on your internal social network. You’ll learn: Find out what stories and features capture the interest of employees.

‘The whole person’: Internal publication tells employee stories

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Robert Half—a staffing agency—takes readers beyond the walls of work when it covers its employees, drawing lessons from their surfing, football and military experiences. But I bring more to the table than just that, as do all of our employees. I traveled the world,” the employee says.

How and why tweaking your management style can boost employee engagement

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Adjusting your management style can increase employee engagement. Every employee is unique, and we all get motivated or turned off by different tactics and treatment. The employee gives it a go, but the more she learns about marketing, the more she hates it.

Building a “Jungle Gym” for Employees

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As the President of a growing agency, it seems every week I find myself in a conversation about employee retention. The article examines what Hoffman argues is the “dishonest conversation” between employees and employers. Agency Life employee retention employees

10 communication essentials for employee engagement

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Those of us who communicate with employees might wonder whether the effort is worthwhile. After all, employees are quick to delete an email, daydream through a town hall meeting and ignore even the most important intranet content. Do employees report that they seldom see top executives?

Tell us about your employee volunteer program

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The post Tell us about your employee volunteer program appeared first on PR Daily. Enter PR Daily’s 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Save $50 when you complete your submission by the early-bird deadline on April 5.

Survey: Employees favor diverse leadership, but companies are lagging

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Only 35 percent of full-time employees report that they have equal male and female leadership, and fewer than 18 percent have substantial female leadership, reports DesignRush , a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies. employees ages 25 to 80.

4 essential reasons for giving media training to your employees

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Consider these reasons for helping your employees know how to interact with journalists. It also gives employees (and your employer) a sense of pride in your organization. When will your employees need media training? Your employees are organizational leaders.

Infographic: How to attract, retain and engage Gen Z employees in 2019

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RELATED: Create a culture that inspires fearless employee innovation every day. ]. A study by Randstad finds that Gen Z employees believe face-to-face interaction is more effective than communicating via text, phone or email. Employee Engagement Marketing The Workplace Gen Z

4 ways to communicate with those essential front-line employees

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Many companies make communicating with non-desk employees a low priority. It’s a huge mistake not to engage your frontline employees in the vision and values of the company, in the brand promise the company makes to consumers, and what the brand stands for in the world.

5 Tips for Successfully Launching an Employee Communications App


An app will absolutely help you drive employee engagement, yet only if you put in the time and effort to set this communications channel up for success. Here are five tips to help you successfully launch an employee communications app.

Are your employees masters of seduction?

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In the hiring game, we’re increasingly in a candidate-led market, where employees can pick and choose where they want to work, and the onus is on the company to woo the candidate before a competitor does. What is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy has to be authentic.

Is technology killing employee communications?

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Consider the following: Three out of four (75 percent) employees report wasting time to keep up with the constant dings, pings, chats and more. I believe a big reason employees are using words like this to describe corporate communications is simple: There’s simply much technology.

Employees demand inclusive, safe workplace with #GoogleWalkout

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On Thursday, thousands of Google employees plan to walk out of company offices around the world to protest “ a workplace that doesn’t work for everyone.”. However, the apologies weren’t enough for many Google employees. Time’s up for workplace harassment and discrimination at Google.

So you’ve adopted an employee communications app—now what?

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Up until fairly recent, a large majority of companies used outdated methods to communicate with employees that were inefficient, ineffective, and left many deskless workers behind. The post So you’ve adopted an employee communications app—now what?

Why and how marketers should help build employee brand engagement

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Employee brand engagement correlates with far more than increased productivity. Engaged employees are less likely to leave their companies, more likely to deliver great customer experiences, and more efficient than their disengaged counterparts. Employee brand engagement in practice.

5 things employees crave—but don’t get enough of

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Your company might not be saving the world, but you must make employees feel good about what they’re doing. Gallup has found that workplace friendships are the best—not one of the best, but the best—indicator of employee engagement.

Report: Employee advocacy trumps influencer marketing

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When you apply this truth to social media marketing efforts, your employees—not online influencers with massive followings—make the difference. revealed that 71 percent of digital marketers either currently use employee ambassadors or want to for future campaigns.

How corporate IT is actually killing employee communications

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But here’s the thing: When your employees go home at night, what programs and platforms are they using? A wealth of apps on phones that allow these employees to do everything from bank to make travel reservations to buy clothing with just a few simple clicks.

7 employee engagement trends to expect this year

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Employee engagement is top-of-mind in the HR industry these days. Brands and businesses need to take steps now to hone their employee engagement strategies, advises employee wellness […].

Trends 101

What are the *real* incentives for employees to advocate for your brand on social media channels?

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It combines two loves of mine: employee communications and social media. And one big part of that kind of work is figuring out how to engage and incent existing employees to advocate for the brand online. HOW do you encourage employees to share your message?

Improved Social PR via the Employee Advocacy Route

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Employee advocacy can help you make that possible. All that’s necessary to run an effective PR campaign via employee advocacy is strategic PR content, a comprehensive employee advocacy guide , and a reliable employee advocacy platform. Guest Post by Jessica Davis.