Improved Social PR via the Employee Advocacy Route

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Employee advocacy can help you make that possible. All that’s necessary to run an effective PR campaign via employee advocacy is strategic PR content, a comprehensive employee advocacy guide , and a reliable employee advocacy platform. Guest Post by Jessica Davis.

Is Effective Employee Communications Possible?

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The post Is Effective Employee Communications Possible? Featured PR Observations and Preferences PRGN Employee Communications Perspective Strategies PRGN Partner public relations global networkOf course it is! But, it’s not as easy is sending an email or calling a meeting.

3 Ways to Turn Employees into Brand Advocates


Getting employees involved on social media may seem like a terrifying idea. One employee’s inappropriate tweet could result in a social media crisis. Look for what your employees are doing to go above and beyond their job expectations and daily duties.

Employee Evangelists: Your Secret Social PR Weapon in a Crisis

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Social media has redefined crisis response in three important ways: outlet options, messaging speed and employee engagement. But the most important change to crisis response has been under-reported and underutilized—the power of employee evangelists. Guest Post by Laurel Kennedy.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today

3 productive PR strategies for recruiting new employees

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The post 3 productive PR strategies for recruiting new employees appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Companies that have great PR are likely to have more job applicants from more qualified candidates.

Reputation Management: Making Employees Brand Ambassadors

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The post Reputation Management: Making Employees Brand Ambassadors appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Reputation management is no easy feat for any company. In fact, the bigger the company, the less control it seems to have over people’s beliefs about its corporate values and decisions. Need some convincing? Take a look at industry leaders like Wal-Mart and Bank of America, versus smaller competitors like Target and SunTrust. The perception is not the same.

Building a “Jungle Gym” for Employees

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As the President of a growing agency, it seems every week I find myself in a conversation about employee retention. The article examines what Hoffman argues is the “dishonest conversation” between employees and employers. Agency Life employee retention employees

Facebook: Improving Employee Communications?

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I was surprised to get a Facebook request from my company ( Six Degrees PR ) to join its Page named “Six Degrees PR bunker.” I never thought that any company would step up to connect and engage with its employees through a private Facebook Page – this was quite a surprise to me.

3 Ways to Measure Employee Communication

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That, my friends, is why employee communication measurement is in the state it is in. The powers that be, however, increasingly are demanding to know why employee communication matters. 3 Ways to Measure Employee Communication. Guest Post by Sean Williams.

7 tips to develop your employees as brand ambassadors

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Your employees are often your company’s best storytellers. warns that starting an employee activation initiative with your HR department or upper management can backfire. Employees may be skeptical if HR or leadership pushes them to act,” he says. “If

Officials express sadness after employee steals and crashes airplane

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Richard Russell, a 29-year-old Horizon Air employee, took a 76-seat plane into the air—seemingly with no flight training or experience. They're credential employees. If he was an authorized employee of an airline, it wouldn’t have been that difficult to get on the plane itself. […].

How I Hire Employees Who Think Like Entrepreneurs


When I brought on Geben’s first employees—a tiny team gathered around my dining room table—everything was new. Being involved in a startup like that—even as an employee—requires some amount of entrepreneurial spirit. Hire Employees Who Care.

4 simple reasons the mobile newsfeed is the future of employee communications

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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an interesting trend going on in the employee communications world. 10% of employees have downloaded the app and used it in the first four weeks. In employee’s email inboxes by 6:30 a.m.,

Celebrate Workplace Diversity, Embrace LGBTQ Employees

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According to , one in four LGBTQ employees report experiencing employment discrimination in the last five years and nearly one in 10 LGBTQ employees have left a job because the environment was unwelcoming. This June, communities across the U.S.

How corporate IT is actually killing employee communications

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But here’s the thing: When your employees go home at night, what programs and platforms are they using? A wealth of apps on phones that allow these employees to do everything from bank to make travel reservations to buy clothing with just a few simple clicks.

What are the *real* incentives for employees to advocate for your brand on social media channels?

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It combines two loves of mine: employee communications and social media. And one big part of that kind of work is figuring out how to engage and incent existing employees to advocate for the brand online. HOW do you encourage employees to share your message?

Crisis Comms:  No one More Reliable than an Employee

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Given the opportunity, I believe most employees will act responsibly. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like: Scale Content Marketing: Employees are the Secret. The post Crisis Comms: No one More Reliable than an Employee appeared first on Sword and the Script.

3 Benefits of Listening to Employees on Social


Are your employees passionate about working for your brand? Whatever the case, you can bet your employees share their opinions on social – and your audience is taking note. Employees that feel empowered and inspired in the workplace make positive brand advocates on social media.

The Skimm: THE case study for employee social advocacy

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The Skimm only has 15 full-time employees, so the Skimmbassadors have been a HUGE part of publisher’s success over the last couple years. The Skimmbassador Program may be the best example I’ve seen of an employee social advocacy program. Case Studies Employee Communication

Social Good: The Secret to Engaging Employees & Consumers


But what one tactic can drive employee engagement and consumer support? More and more employees, particularly ones from the millennial generation and beyond, care about social activism. Find a cause that engages employees and consumers.

4 refreshingly simple ways to engage employees

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Gallup’s latest “State of the Global Workplace” report says a staggering 85 percent of employees are not engaged at work. A great way to do this is to create a survey where you ask your employees what they would like to see improved in their culture.

Why Companies Should Be Training All Employees to Use Social Media


While the majority of the time was spent detailing tips and tricks to use on each of these social networks, one speaker in particular highlighted what I believe to be the most underutilized, but highly effective social selling tactics: employee engagement.

Rethinking how to introduce a new CEO to employees

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And, it got me thinking: Introducing a new CEO to the rank-and-file employees is a big job. APPrise Mobile recently conducted a study that found “nearly a quarter (23 percent) of Americans who work at companies with more than 500 employees are unsure of the name of their CEO.”

Study: Employees waste 8 hours per week

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According to OfficeTeam , which surveyed more than 600 office workers, employees are wasting an average of 56 minutes per day on their phones. All that Facebook peeking, Amazon sifting and fantasy football tinkering is taking a toll on productivity.

Health news site targets community, but draws employees

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When Baptist Health’s health news site reported on the risks of an e-cigarette that looks like a flash drive, parent-employees at the Jacksonville, Florida hospital network were concerned. Employees are finding our information so interesting that they want to share it,” says Vikki A.

How to protect your organization’s reputation from employee misconduct

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and others, when the actions of employees strike at the heart of what an organization stands for, it can cause serious reputational harm. Employees of all levels need to feel confident that any bad news they share with decision-makers won’t be shot down or disregarded.

Capital Gazette honors fallen employees with heartfelt tribute

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Gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees. The Capital Gazette’s response to the unthinkable loss of five of its journalists to gun violence was to do their jobs—and do them well.

What your millennial employees want you to know

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Here’s what NASA, Lockheed Martin and the University of Alabama learned from their millennial employees: They want autonomy. You’ll get the strategies and tactics you need to update your employee engagement plan for a new workforce.

Publix Is Great At Public Relations… And To Their Employees

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The post Publix Is Great At Public Relations… And To Their Employees appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. In NYC, Publix isn’t a big deal. But if you are from the Southeast, particularly Florida, Publix is a little slice of heaven disguised as a grocery store. And when a new location opens, that’s occasion for big news. Recently, residents of Central Florida and Northern Alabama both got new Publix stores. Both openings made huge local news.

How to get your employees to generate content for you

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The good news is that employees engage better with content produced by their colleagues, anyway. These dual realities have merged to create one of the liveliest trends in contemporary communication: employee-generated content. Studies have shown that engaged employees perform better.

Look to your employees when executing an influencer campaign

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Your employees are best positioned to discuss the product and consumers are very likely to believe them. So imagine what sort of message a company can share online if it can orchestrate entire departments of employees to work together and make their voices heard.

Why Training Your Employees on Personal Branding is Good PR


In most cases, companies and brands don’t understand that building the brand of their employees is just as important as building the brand of the company itself. [By Jason Mollica] . Personal branding has been considered a topic of debate since the advent of social media.

How to build better relations with employees

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Next, it is interesting that Earnshaw’s chapter title focuses on relationships with employees, where the 2014 text has a more functionalist title. Employees naturally are and always should be the most important corps of good-will ambassadors for the company.

Fox sues Netflix for poaching its employees

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Two of the biggest names in entertainment are in a catfight over employees. Twentieth Century Fox has apparently grown tired of Netflix stealing its employees—so much so, it filed a lawsuit in California against the streaming TV service provider.

Uber fires 20 employees after harassment probe

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On Tuesday, Uber fired 20 employees following an investigation into sexual harassment and other previously ignored complaints at the company. reported : At an all-hands meeting today , Uber released the results of a Perkins Coie LLP investigation into 215 employees accused of harassment.

Where employee relations, media relations and crises intersect

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The employee undercurrent. Employees can be a key component to rebuilding consumer trust. In today’s PR climate, unvarnished opinions from employees can be a very effective form of communication. No brand is immune to crisis. Take Wal-Mart for example.

Why Employee Opinions Are Their Own…& a Reflection Of Your Brand


Whether it’s a United Airlines employee following an archaic policy to “reaccommodate passengers” or a worker reaching out to go above and beyond, a brand is burned into our psyche by the story we experience at the hands of the employees.

Stop with the hocus pocus – employee communications is for muggles

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I’ve sat through convention and forum talks where various oracles pronounced that: employees just want to be loved. Just look at the many different ways Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s work on death and dying , and her change curve turns up in jolly presentations about employee motivation.

4 innovative ways to boost employee engagement and loyalty

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Today's corporate communicators must think like marketers to ensure that employees feel engaged with their organizations, are motivated to work hard and ultimately become brand advocates. Treat your employees like customers. Encourage employees to grow beyond their roles.