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The Employee Advantage in Social Media

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These updates are sent with the right intentions—to raise awareness of company happenings while displaying a high level of employee support—but the execution is completely wrong. . The Employee Advantage. Employees like to be themselves, not brand robots. By Russ Fradin.

The Long Win: How to Improve Employee Morale

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Studies have shown high employee morale improves a company's market value through loyalty, dedication, better communication, and productivity. The post The Long Win: How to Improve Employee Morale appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Employees Rule

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2017 Edelman Trust Barometer employee engagement employees Richard Edelman

Three Components of Employee Satisfaction

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This last week I’ve spent some time thinking about the components of employee satisfaction. We spend a majority of our lives working, so low employee satisfaction levels are really sad to think about. Growth Opportunities are Key To Employee Satisfaction. By Laura Petrolino.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today

Employee Engagement: Prepare for Environmental Factors

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Environmental Factors Affect Success Here is the moral of this story: Don’t underestimate the power of the external environment to affect.well…EVERYTHING, including your employee engagement. The post Employee Engagement: Prepare for Environmental Factors appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Responsible communication leadership: putting employees first

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As the UK department store British Home Stores (BHS) went into administration last week (a situation similar to going into “Chapter 11” in the USA), questions are being asked about how it was run to the detriment of employees and their pension fund. care for employees; and.

7 Ways to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

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Look no further than your employee base to give you that critical advantage! Here are some of my top tips to engage your employees and elevate them into brand ambassadors for your company. Employees are people. Always allow employees to ask questions.

Qualities of a Prospective Employee

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She asked: When interviewing/hiring, what qualities do you look for in prospective employees? This is what we do and look for in any prospective employee. The prospective employee is asked to block off three hours for our writing test, which is sectioned into three, one-hour blocks.

Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What?

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In a recent meeting with my staff, our CMO presented an interesting question: How involved should companies be with the development of their employee’s personal brands? So then, should businesses simply encourage their employees to develop their personal brand?

Oct. 7 Webinar: Employees, Crises, and Social Media

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Most crisis communication plans miss a critical element: Employees. After all, their online friends most likely know where they work and if employees aren’t volunteering information, people in their social networks are soliciting it.

Is your company overlooking employees as it goes political?

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” How many companies that are becoming political brands have considered their own employees in their equations? It’s equally easy to imagine lines drawn among employees based on whether they support or oppose their company’s advocacy.

Dynamic Signal Helps Employees Share Content

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You know the issue you have where employees won't share company content? The post Dynamic Signal Helps Employees Share Content appeared first on Spin Sucks. There is a solution in a platform that gamifies the experience so you no longer have to harass anyone.

FIR Podcast #30: The Employee Experience

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Today’s panel includes internal communications consultant and speaker Steve Crescenzo; ROI Communications CEO Barbara Fagan-Smith; and Frost Bank’s Vice President of Employee Communications, Culture, and People Development, Sheri Rosen. This is cross-posted from the FIR Podcast Network.

The customer has spoken: Every employee must be socially engaged

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LinkedIn’s list of the most socially engaged companies It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or what position employees hold in your organizational hierarchy. Employees in your organization will use collaborative media on the job. Employees will be more productive.

Improved Social PR via the Employee Advocacy Route

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Employee advocacy can help you make that possible. All that’s necessary to run an effective PR campaign via employee advocacy is strategic PR content, a comprehensive employee advocacy guide , and a reliable employee advocacy platform. Guest Post by Jessica Davis.

Why Companies Should Be Training All Employees to Use Social Media


While the majority of the time was spent detailing tips and tricks to use on each of these social networks, one speaker in particular highlighted what I believe to be the most underutilized, but highly effective social selling tactics: employee engagement.

What does it take to get employees to keep coming back to your communication app?

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A lot of employee advocacy programs rely on apps that deliver content for employees to share. It’s a reasonable premise: These apps make it easy for employee ambassadors to find and share content they think their online communities will find interesting.

5 Tips For an Intranet Employees Actually Use


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Cultivating Employee Trust: From Authenticity, Transparency to Engagement


As Carolyn O’Hara wrote in her Harvard Business Review blog, “ Proven Ways to Earn Your Employees’ Trust ,” many organizations always think of it in terms of customers’ belief in their products and services, but trust within an organization is just as important, if not more.

Why Training Your Employees on Personal Branding is Good PR


In most cases, companies and brands don’t understand that building the brand of their employees is just as important as building the brand of the company itself. [By Jason Mollica] . Personal branding has been considered a topic of debate since the advent of social media.

Building a “Jungle Gym” for Employees

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As the President of a growing agency, it seems every week I find myself in a conversation about employee retention. The article examines what Hoffman argues is the “dishonest conversation” between employees and employers. Agency Life employee retention employees

Addressing the Employee Communication Paradox


When employees receive the information that they expect in the right way and when they are given a voice that is treated seriously this makes them feel more valued. And this is associated with what employees do to help the organization succeed. In January 2016, Bruce Berger, Ph.D.,

4 simple reasons the mobile newsfeed is the future of employee communications

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In case you haven’t noticed, there’s an interesting trend going on in the employee communications world. 10% of employees have downloaded the app and used it in the first four weeks. In employee’s email inboxes by 6:30 a.m.,

How to build better relations with employees

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Next, it is interesting that Earnshaw’s chapter title focuses on relationships with employees, where the 2014 text has a more functionalist title. Employees naturally are and always should be the most important corps of good-will ambassadors for the company.

Exploring the Connection Between Internal Communication and Employee Engagement


In spite of certain confusions of definitions, there are numerous studies that report a strong connection between engagement, employee performance and business outcomes. Caesens, Stinglhamber & Luypaert, 2014), communication between supervisors and employees (e.g.

Facebook: Improving Employee Communications?

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I was surprised to get a Facebook request from my company ( Six Degrees PR ) to join its Page named “Six Degrees PR bunker.” I never thought that any company would step up to connect and engage with its employees through a private Facebook Page – this was quite a surprise to me.

Employee engagement is built on trust, which is more important now than ever

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Employee engagement—that state when employees are motivated and able to give their best every day, committed to their employer’s goals and values—is woefully misunderstood. Trust is at the heart of employee engagement.

3 Benefits of Listening to Employees on Social


Are your employees passionate about working for your brand? Whatever the case, you can bet your employees share their opinions on social – and your audience is taking note. Employees that feel empowered and inspired in the workplace make positive brand advocates on social media.

Disappointing news about employee engagement from Gallup

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Workers: Increasingly Confident and Ready to Leave" and "The Competitive Advantage of Engaging Employees," should be required reading for all leaders as well as HR folks. employees say they are actively looking for a new job or watching for openings."

Here’s how to bring your customers to life for your employees who never see them

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Focusing internal communications on employee engagement and the employee experience will not move the customer experience (CX) needle without also communicating with employees about customers. You can help by showing employees where they fit in the customer journey.

How work friendships improve employee engagement

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In fact, it argues that office friendships are directly linked with employee engagement and productivity. Here are a few supporting statistics: Fifty percent of employees who said they have a best friend at work reported feeling a strong connection with their company.

Internal communications thought leaders on the value of the employee communications function

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I recently posted a vigorous rationale for maintaining a discrete internal communications function as a response to a growing chorus of voices who have deemed employee communications antiquated and irrelevant.

Stop with the hocus pocus – employee communications is for muggles

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I’ve sat through convention and forum talks where various oracles pronounced that: employees just want to be loved. Just look at the many different ways Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s work on death and dying , and her change curve turns up in jolly presentations about employee motivation.

What Political Conventions Can Teach You About Rallying Your Employees

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Do we really need to hold these employee town hall meetings? Even in our digital society, there is a place and purpose for the good old fashioned employee town hall. One thing we know for sure, even an average employee town hall meeting has more impact than an email.

When Employees Don’t ‘Like’ Their Employers on Social Media


When employees don’t ‘like’ their employers on social media. When employees talk privately about their brands or the industries in which their companies operate, their comments will often have more credibility with their network of contacts than when they speak about them in professional contexts. To gain insight on how employees engage in social media, the authors conducted two studies. Author(s), Title and Publication. Cervellon, M-C. & & Lirio, P. 2017).

How to make employee recognition a buzzworthy experience: A case study from Mattel

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The idea is simple: Approaching job satisfaction, morale, employee engagement, and other employment programs in the piecemeal fashion that characterizes most workplaces is inadequate in today’s world of work. The impact the award had on employee behavior, however, was negligible.

Five Ways to Drive Employee Engagement through Blogging

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In less than six months, there are more than 60 bloggers on the site with more than 280 employee comments. Employees are free to post whatever they like, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the company’s Code of Conduct.

Canned messages can only take an employee ambassador program so far

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Employee advocacy is hard work. The rise of employee advocacy has spurred the launch of several businesses designed to support it. So what does it take for employees to undertake advocacy efforts on behalf of their employers?

Why employee satisfaction surveys aren’t a waste of time

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This was the second year that Berkeley PR completed an employee satisfaction survey of every member of the team. The post Why employee satisfaction surveys aren’t a waste of time appeared first on Paul Stallard.