4 Tips for Transitioning From Military Public Affairs to the Civilian Sector


With more than two decades of experience in public relations and military public affairs, Dr. Sweetser offers advice to those on the cusp of transitioning from military public affairs to the civilian sector. • Accreditation in Public Relations Accreditation apr+m

Public affairs vs. public relations: What is the difference?

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People often struggle with the difference between public affairs and public relations, yet distinguishing the two can be crucial to an organization’s efficiency. Public affairs relates to matters that concern the public directly.

EpiPen Reaction: How Digital Communications Impacts Advocacy and Public Affairs

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This campaign illustrates the revolutionized relationship between technology and advocacy/public affairs. Public Reaction. Additionally, there is a petition on Change.org with 197,145 signatures as of publication time urging Mylan to decrease the price of the EpiPen.

A Former Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Marine Corps on Why He Pursued His APR


Visit this link for more information about the Accreditation in Public Relations process. Marine Corps public affairs conference in New Orleans in 2011. Fisher II, APR, has worked as a public affairs professional in the military and federal government for nearly two decades.

Astroturfing has no place in modern public relations or public affairs

Stephen Waddington

Propaganda has no place in modern public affairs or public relations. It corrodes trust and pollutes public discourse. Astroturfing should be called out in the strongest terms.

Using measurement in public affairs and advocacy PR

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My PR background is in the area of public affairs, and it remains the area of PR that I’m most comfortable working in and around. I stand by that statement, because that ultimately is how a public affairs client will judge PR efforts. Public Relations Feature

Ranger Scott Gediman on the Ferguson Fire and 22 Years as Yosemite Park’s Public Affairs Officer


Over his 22 years as public affairs officer at Yosemite National Park , Scott Gediman has experienced a myriad of crises on the job, from floods and rock falls to hantavirus outbreaks. “It They help reinforce our messages with the public.

Brexit – 12 immediate actions for PR, corporate communications and public affairs professionals

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Public relations, corporate communications, public affairs and corporate affairs professionals will have an essential role in helping employers and clients to navigate this period of momentous change. The UK has voted to leave the European Union.

Royal Mail’s innovative digital public affairs response to attack by Jeremy Corbyn

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Corbyn, the leader of the UK’s opposition party who has… Continue Reading → The post Royal Mail’s innovative digital public affairs response to attack by Jeremy Corbyn appeared first on STUART BRUCE. Case Study Public Affairs public relationsWhen Royal Mail announced a profit of £68m UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was quick to attack it with a specially made video and tweet with the provocative hashtag #riseup.

Media and Social Intelligence Best Practices for Government and Public Affairs Teams

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The post Media and Social Intelligence Best Practices for Government and Public Affairs Teams appeared first on Zignal Labs

Public Affairs Manager of Airbnb Hong Kong and Taiwan Shares Perspectives with Hoffman APAC Team

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You can consider us the largest hotel chain the world,” said Marvin Ma, public affairs manager of Airbnb Hong Kong and Taiwan, who hosted a sharing session with the Hoffman APAC team. By Lauren Lee, Account Manager, Hoffman Hong Kong.

Director of Public Affairs/Issues Management - Chicago, IL

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Company: Bader Rutter Location: Chicago, Illinois Industry: Marketing - Public Relations Career Level: Executive (SVP, EVP, VP) Minimum Education: Bachelor''s Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

Facebook And The Perils Of Opposition PR

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But one detail that interested communicators was that it brought on PR agency Definers Public Affairs to run political-style oppo against competitors like Google and Apple. Crenshaw Communications imPRessions public relations Definers Public Affairs Facebook PR

Media and Power — The Tycoons of Mass Reach and the Silent Miners

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However, Trump demonstrates several distinguishing behaviours largely unseen in public affairs. For Swedish journalists, this was a new type of public humiliation were the subject could highlight that a specific piece of journalism was based on inaccuracies.

Review — The Loudest Voice (TV Series)

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Anyone interested in public affairs , crisis communication , and media logic will definitely gasp at the absurdity by which one single man can influence such a large numbers of people by using non-ethical propaganda techniques.

So what do you do for a job Stuart?

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A couple of recent blog posts by people who I admire and respect have made me think about my own career.

Game On, Mr President

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PR Public Affairs peak populism public affairsIn times of peak populism and gameshow host politics, I find myself returning to old episodes of the West Wing for some much needed escapism.

Corporate storytelling is an essential future PR skill

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So if you’re a public relations, corporate communications or public affairs professional how will you change your way of operating to become a better corporate storyteller? Content corporate communications Public Affairs public relations

Sweden’s PR Disaster with A$AP Rocky

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Why Public Opinion is Siding with A$AP Rocky. International public opinion is siding with A$SAP Rocky not because they think that celebrities should be treated any differently in the eyes of the law, but because they are sympathetic to his reaction as he was being harassed in the street of a foreign country. And this is why Sweden’s unison no-one is above the law defence has virtually no effect on public opinion.

PR professionals’ skills and competencies not fit for modern future proof public relations

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The State of the Profession 2017 survey by the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) reveals that the PR profession still has a very long way to go before the skills and competencies of its practitioners meet the needs of modern future proof public relations best practice.

Brexit and Trump are result of the failure of professional politics and communications

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But the public has moved on and politics hasn’t. The public quite rightly detest Hilary’s carefully crafted, religiously rehearsed, marvelous messages. Public Affairs public relations Democrats Labour Party Trump

What will you post on Facebook or Twitter in 14 days’ time?

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The UK government’s new bill restricting trade unions has an alarming proposal in it that has potentially devastating negative consequences for people working in public relations, digital communications and social media including members of the CIPR and PRCA.

Senior PR practitioners lack digital and social media management skills

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The problem is that as social and digital becomes more important senior practitioners lack the expertise or experience to actually do their jobs and integrate it properly into public relations strategy. StateOfPR – Research report from Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

PR and social media set for continued growth

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Lots of new research around at the moment that point to a positive future for the public relations business. The consumer social media market is saturated with agencies, advisers and social media ‘gurus’, but the corporate and public affairs space still has lots of opportunity.

How PR and corporate communications can use animated gifs

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As public relations and corporate communications needs to become increasingly more visual gifs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it. How to create and find gifs for public relations and corporate communications.

The Digital Politician

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In public relations , political communication is ‘public affairs.’ ’ Most politicians are looking for ways to engage the public by speaking to issues defined by the mass media.

Local 80

PR round-up for the silly season

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My public relations blogging has been light during July and August as I’ve had a couple of short holidays and been busier with consultancy and training projects than I would be normally during the summer. Complete Guide to Public Relations Tools.

PR rising in Africa rising

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After a week in Nairobi meeting African PR professionals I believe that Africa can be the next big growth area for public relations. profession that positions public relations as a real management discipline that contributes significantly to actual organisational and business objectives.

Win any client in a proposal presentation


Business Public Affairs Public RelationsIt is 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and you have one last meeting that separates you from your weekend. You are going into a proposal presentation given by a recent college graduate who is seeking clients for his up-and-coming business. After a few minutes, you do your best to listen intently, but it is [.].

#MediaMonday – Emma Gibson

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Today, we're introducing you to Emma Gibson, a public affairs reporter for Arizona Public Media in Tucson. The post #MediaMonday – Emma Gibson appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Media Monday #MediaMonday – Emma Gibson Arizona Public Media University of ArizonaHappy #MediaMonday!

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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Here are communications jobs in each of the top five states: The Army National Guard is looking for a public affairs specialist in Bismarck, North Dakota. Director of public relations and marketing—Volunteers of America (Colorado). Public affairs specialist—U.S.

50 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Public Affairs Specialist , DC Dept. of Public Works, Washington, DC – apply by Jan. Public Affairs Specialist , FEMA, Washington, DC – apply by Jan. Public Relations Jobs

How to Change a Law

Ronn Torossian

Back in February, the public affairs team at the Police Federation of England and Wales launched its “Protect the Protectors” campaign, designed to raise awareness of rising assault rates targeting emergency service workers and force a government response.

How To 117

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

General manager, public affairs—Edelman (Washington, D.C.). Public relations specialist—The University of Georgia (Georgia). Assistant account executive, health care public relations—Ogilvy (New York). Public relations coordinator—Victoria’s Secret (Ohio).

Professional Spotlight: Cody Craynor


Cody Craynor is not just the Senior Manager of Strategic Analysis for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in their Public Affairs department, he is an excellent communicator and he is a world renown bead maker!

Keep communicators calm during their next organizational crisis

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Connect with 80+ professionals in PR, media relations, internal communications, public affairs and more. Find business prospects at our conference, then tour Nebraska Medicine’s state-of-the-art biocontainment unit. Communicators need help navigating stormy situations.

Crisis 149

Earning My APR. Worth It? Yes. And Yes, Again.


As a recently retired Army public affairs officer, I explored additional educational opportunities to accompany my mass communications undergraduate and graduate degrees. Accreditation in Public Relations APR Examination knowledge Skill testI love PR.

How to get your PR solution in front of the right people

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You’ll meet decision makers in PR, marketing, public affairs and digital communications. Leave our PR & Media Relations Conference with a pocket full of new leads. Do your sales goals look something like this? Meet more prospects. Get new leads. Sell more product. Easy, right?

Austria’s proposed lobbying register

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The affair caused huge outrage and sparked a general debate on lobbying and transparency in Austria. In response to Strasser’s spectacular fall and rising pressure from the public the Secretary of Justice put out a draft of a lobbying-transparency act that would introduce a mandatory register for all lobbyists and advocacy groups. Although this part of the register is not intended to be accessible to the public, the proposed rules on access to this information seem very lax.

56 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Check out these public relations jobs that have come across our desk recently. Public Affairs Specialist , DC Office of Contracting & Procurement, Washington, DC – apply by Dec. Public Affairs Specialist , Department of State, Washington, DC – apply by Dec.