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The scientific study, conducted in February 2019, specifically surveyed residents in Oregon. The post Survey appeared first on ReputationUs ReputationUs (RepUs) and DHM Research announced in a news release on April 3, 2019 the results from its inaugural study on the importance of corporate reputation—good or bad—when buying a product or service, investing in a company and being employed by an organization.

The Power of Surveys

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How often do you fill out surveys? The post The Power of Surveys appeared first on HMA Public Relations. HMA Public Relations surveysYou can be helping out businesses more than you know by taking a few minutes to give your opinions. Read more.


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Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

PR Daily

More than 62% or respondents in a new Ragan survey indicated that storytelling has increased in importance for them, while fewer than 30% said it hasn’t changed and only 6.8% The survey and an accompanying event were sponsored by 3BL Media and News Direct.

Survey 149

Marketing Salary Survey Shows the Pandemic is Changing Hiring Trends

Sword and the Script

Annual marketing salary survey shows remote interviews and shorter hiring process have become the norm as a consequence of the pandemic The was a cartoon going around the business world a few weeks ago that asked “who led the digital transformation in your company?”

Survey 103

Partisan Politics Complicates PR and Comms for Business, Survey Finds

Sword and the Script

72% of communications professionals say partisan politics makes their job harder, according to third annual JOTW Communications Survey for 2020 The majority of professional communicators say partisan politics has complicated communications for brands and businesses. That’s according to the 2020 JOTW Communications Survey which polled 300 communicators – public relations, public affairs, marketing communications and related roles – across more than a dozen different industries.

Survey 108

Quantum Entanglement? A PR View of Media Bias [Survey Data]

Sword and the Script

Similarly, the 2020 JOTW Communications Survey found businesses believe partisan politics is a complicating factor in communications. They often work with the media, so we put this question in this year’s annual JOTW survey: Do you believe professional reporters are objective and unbiased?

Survey 123

Survey: Email dominates; intranets get a rebirth

PR Daily

Email, historically the top channel used by communicators, has in­creased in importance, as half of re­spondents in a new survey report using email more now than they did before COVID-19. The post Survey: Email dominates; intranets get a rebirth appeared first on PR Daily.

Survey 136

The best (and worst) employee survey questions

PR Daily

And of course, one of the most functional ways to receive this feedback is through employee surveys. Questions in your survey need to be direct, clear, and phrased to allow your employees to share their problems, solutions, and thoughts.

Survey 106

Holiday Shopping Survey


5W Public Relations has released their 2020 Holiday Shopping Survey, which looks at consumer intentions as the holiday shopping season approaches. However, an overwhelming 61% of people surveyed still plan to buy gifts both online and in store.

Survey: 40% planning comms strategies 1-3 months out

PR Daily

Most communicators aren’t planning beyond 2020, predict they’ll continue work in a constant state of crisis, and collaborate most with HR, according to a new Ragan survey packed with insights into what’s ahead for the rest of the year.

Survey 152

UK Survey Results Reveal PR Industry in Upheaval as it Comes to Terms with COVID-19 and Brexit | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

Productivity planning is crucial to business resilience finds the latest #FuturePRoof survey. This is the headline finding of a #FuturePRoof survey of the public relations industry to understand the effect COVID-19 has had on practitioners both personally and professionally.

Survey 210

5 tactics for successful survey research in times of uncertainty

PR Daily

Survey research can still be a solid way of getting ink—and if done right, will support multiple strategic areas of the business. Drafting your survey by starting with a dream headline is a great way to get clarity around your objectives. Find a subreddit related to your survey topic.

Survey 148

6 Benchmarks from Viewing a Survey of CMO Lenses of B2B Marketing

Sword and the Script

Another edition of the bi-annual survey of CMOs published by Christine Moorman , a professor at the business school at Duke University, was published at the end of August. I’ve read and written about the survey since about 2013 and have found it to be an interesting indicator of industry benchmarks. This time around survey polled 341 senior marketers – 95% of which hold the title of vice president or higher – to produce the survey.

Survey 104

Survey: Measurement, storytelling cited as top weaknesses

PR Daily

A Ragan survey of 576 communication professionals reveals that most place measurement at or near the top of their weaknesses. The survey of Ragan Communications readers asked, “Which of these are your top three weaknesses?” Only among the survey’s marketers and media relations specialists did measurement fall behind other weaknesses. The post Survey: Measurement, storytelling cited as top weaknesses appeared first on PR Daily.

10 terrific (and free) survey tools

PR Daily

That’s why anonymous, secure, seamless surveys are an important part of any marketing strategy. Survey data can expose what you’re doing well and where you ought to improve. Try these 10 free tools to create surveys your audience(s) will love: 1. SurveyMonkey is a browser-based platform that enables you to create customized surveys and send them out through a variety of channels. Unlimited surveys. Ten questions per survey. Forty short survey templates.

Survey 129

7 Keys To Using Surveys For PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Surveys are effective for generating such data. Here are our keys to using surveys effectively for good PR. Similar to our point about “newsjacking” as an effective way to find a story angle , it’s better to find ways to connect a survey to what’s making headlines right now. A good survey should be constructed around a key theme anyway, with some sense of the outcome already in mind from the outset.

Survey 132

Top of Mind Among Senior Marketers: Cliff Notes to 3 Significant CMO Surveys

Sword and the Script

Moreover, three recent surveys of CMOs suggests it has practical applications as budgets, which on the whole have grown over the last few years, will continue to grow. Here are the cliff notes to each of those three surveys. The latest CMO Survey of 324 CMOs and senior marketers shows marketing shops are still poised for growth in terms of budget and headcount. The CMO Survey hasn’t reported growth of less than 5% since late 2015.

Survey 103

Major takeaways from the 2020 American Views survey from Gallup and the Knight Foundation

Muck Rack

Major takeaways from the 2020 American Views survey from Gallup and the Knight Foundation

Using surveys to guide your recovery

PR Daily

Employee surveys are especially useful for strengthening company culture: They give people a voice by providing a specific vehicle for sharing their thoughts and knowing that their ideas are wanted and will be received and considered. While you might have been using employee surveys for years, most of us have not done so during and after a public health crisis—and it’s more important than ever to solicit employee input right now. Why survey now?

Uber leads—and Oracle lags—in survey of CEO comms skills

PR Daily

Technology giants Oracle, Intel and Google, however, have their work cut out for them, judging from a new survey of almost 10,000 employees by Ragan and Blind , an anonymous social network for professionals. The survey consisted of a single question: “True or False: My CEO does a good job of engaging with and communicating to employees in our organization.”. Blind often conducts surveys in partnership with major news outlets, says Kim. Below are the survey results.

Survey 107

Survey: Hiring managers offer guidance for nailing virtual interviews

PR Daily

Zenefits surveyed more than 1,000 people, “including over 200 hiring managers ,” to gain crucial insights into the burgeoning yet fraught world of virtual interviews and videoconferences. Zenefits offers plenty of insights for job-seekers, including these tips from hiring managers who responded to the survey: Dress appropriately: 73%. The post Survey: Hiring managers offer guidance for nailing virtual interviews appeared first on PR Daily.

Survey 117

Survey Explores How the Pandemic Changed the Ways Americans Work


According to a new survey by Pew Research Center , most people now working from home had rarely or never done so before the shutdowns. In Pew’s surveys, a majority of workers say their job responsibilities cannot be carried out from home.

Survey 114

How to leverage surveys to score media coverage and grow your brand

Agility PR Solutions

The post How to leverage surveys to score media coverage and grow your brand appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Competition for media attention (anyone’s attention, really) is fierce. Companies churn out news releases, often to deaf ears.

Survey: 3 PR trends in tactics, measurement and organization for 2019

PR Daily

The 2019 JOTW Communications Survey explores ongoing and emerging trends in public relations. These selections are consistent with the same survey last year , where storytelling, thought leadership and content marketing ranked as the top three. A version of this post first appeared on Sword and the Script, where you can the survey’s full results. The post Survey: 3 PR trends in tactics, measurement and organization for 2019 appeared first on PR Daily.

Survey 130

Results of 2019 Global Communication Survey Released

HMA Public Relations

Michael Lasky, an attorney who heads up Davis & Gilbert, LLP’s Public Relations Law practice and has spoken at numerous Public Relations Global Network and Public Relations Society of America events that I’ve attended, sent me a note recently that the 2019 Global Communications Survey from the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations has been released. The post Results of 2019 Global Communication Survey Released appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Surveys, quizzes and apps…oh my

HMA Public Relations

The post Surveys, quizzes and apps…oh my appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Fink apps quizzes social media surveysThis week’s app craze, FaceApp, has everyone posting photos of what they might look like in the future. Just as fast as photos were shared, the dangers of the app were exposed. Featured Social Media Abbie S.

Take our survey: The State of Communication Summer 2020

PR Daily

Tell us how your job as a communicator has changed, including what’s working for you in this short survey. We are conducting a short survey, “ The State of Communication Summer 2020 ,” to get those answers. Take the survey today. The post Take our survey: The State of Communication Summer 2020 appeared first on PR Daily. Use the results to benchmark your efforts.

Survey 103

Survey reveals some interesting insights into the business of blogging today

PR Warrior

For four years now, he has conducted an annual worldwide survey of bloggers. CHECK OUT THE FULL SURVEY HERE: Blogging Statistics and Trends: The… MORE. The post Survey reveals some interesting insights into the business of blogging today appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young. Andy Crestodina (pictured) is co-founder of Orbit Media Studios.

Survey 243

Be Relevant: 21 Media Relations Insights From 3 Surveys Polling 3,000+ Journalists [UML]

Sword and the Script

a) Survey of 1,000 Journalists by Muck Rack Muck Rack is back with its annual survey of journalists. 48% of journalists responding to this survey said they get between 1-5 pitches a day; 18% get between 5-10; 12% get upwards of 10-20; and 13% get 20 plus pitches a day. Cision says many journalists responding to this survey indicated they produce “10+ pieces a week.” PR Cision earned media media relations Muck Rack pitching surveys of journalists

2020 PR Salary Survey: How Much Money do Public Relations Pros Make?

Sword and the Script

That’s according to the latest annual PR salary survey for 2020 published by PRWeek. The survey was conducted before the Coronavirus hit the pause button on economic activity. Here’s how median salaries by in-house, agency and non-profit stacked up in the 2020 survey: Median PR salary for an in-house role: $145,500 Median PR salary at a PR agency: $90,000 Median PR salary at a non-profit: $85,000 Here’s a look at those median salaries reported over time: 3.

Expert guidance for embedding surveys in emails

PR Daily

Surveys are a secret weapon of email engagement. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to create, design and deploy digital surveys that get great results. There are many considerations and possibilities, but the payoff from surveys is often worth the work. As Alissa Warne writes at MarketingProfs : “Surveys are one of the most important digital touchpoints that brands can have with a customer. The solution is to embed surveys within emails.

Survey 108

SURVEY: COVID-19 highlights power of collaboration for PR pros

PR Daily

The post SURVEY: COVID-19 highlights power of collaboration for PR pros appeared first on PR Daily. Our poll respondents say the crisis has changed the industry forever. Here’s how communicators see their future function as businesses navigate their way back to ‘normal.’. What will be the permanent impact of this health and economic crisis for the PR industry?

Survey 120

Survey: 8 terrible PR practices that will doom your pitch

PR Daily

Fractl surveyed over 500 journalists for a report about what makes journalists tick—including what irks them about pitch emails. The Fractl survey found that online writers and editors prefer one follow-up email (or none at all). The post Survey: 8 terrible PR practices that will doom your pitch appeared first on PR Daily. Fractl polled 500+ journalists about their top peeves. Here’s what you need to know.

Survey 131

Survey: Micro-influencers offer big rewards for brand managers

PR Daily

A new survey from UpRoar PR found that 71% of consumers prefer micro-influencers, and two-thirds of consumers report making purchases based on their posts. The survey asked respondents about the qualities that encouraged them to purchase a product recommended by an influencer, and 71% said it was important to have shared interests. This survey confirms that it’s not about huge follower numbers; it’s about the connection influencers make with their audiences.

Survey 131

Corporate Communications is Taking More PR Work In-House, finds Survey; Media Relations Gets Even Harder

Sword and the Script

Some 47% of respondents said they’ve observed more PR work being taken in-house, according to the 2019 JOTW Communications Survey (full report embedded below). This year’s survey polled 223 communications and public relations (PR) professionals. The second annual survey was conducted by yours truly in collaboration with Ned Lundquist. The complete survey report explored some of these in greater detail – and also looked at a broader number of areas.

Survey 101

Survey: Recruiters seek PR pros with metrics-analysis skills

PR Daily

survey reveals, however, that although 57% of PR pros cite writing/editing as a common activity (topping that list), recruiters rank research, evaluation and measurement among the top five most desirable skills. Seventy percent of recruiters call that trifecta a valuable specialist capability, more than any other skill, according to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) 2019 State of the Profession Survey in the U.K.

Marketing Budgets to Grow: 5 Datapoints from the CMO Survey for B2B Marketers

Sword and the Script

That’s according to the newest edition of The CMO Survey , a semiannual study spawned out of Duke University’s business school. It’s a survey I’ve followed for several years as I usually find the benchmarks, particularly around marketing budgets, useful. This latest survey polled 362 senior marketers and I’ve culled through the 95-page report to review the data from B2B product segment and the technology vertical, which are the markets I serve.

The Top Challenges in Journalism According to a Survey of Journalists and the Cliff Notes to 3 Studies by PR Tech Vendors [UML]

Sword and the Script

Yes, it is according to 68% of PR professionals polled for the 2019 JOTW Communications Survey. That’s up 17% from the same survey last year. The 10 th annual survey polled an impressive ~2,000 reporters in 10 countries. The survey also revealed several other interesting statistics: Getting it right vs. getting it first. Additional reading: 2018: 7 Statistics from an Annual Survey of Reporters that Gives PR a Glimpse….

Survey 103

8 tips to create more effective online surveys

PR Daily

If you’re keen to create better customer experiences, online surveys should be part of your communications strategy. Ask your team: Why are you conducting this survey? Unless you establish tangible goals, your survey will be a waste of time. There’s no point conducting a survey if you haven’t clearly identified your target demographic. Before creating your survey, determine: Who, exactly, is my target audience? Write precise, concise survey questions.

Survey 117

Survey: Gen Z consumers are skeptical about most businesses

PR Daily

According to a new national survey by BBMG and GlobeScan , by a 5-to-1 ratio, the leading edge of Gen Z (ages 18–22) does not trust business to act in the best interests of society, and nearly one in four cannot name a single brand they consider to be purposeful. The post Survey: Gen Z consumers are skeptical about most businesses appeared first on PR Daily.

Survey 127