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7 Common PR Mistakes Startups Make

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Photo by Daniel Von Appen. In general, startups make great PR clients — especially those with a story to tell. A high-growth tech company with financing behind it is in a perfect position to make the most of a public relations agency partnership.

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A Crisis Ready World Is All Of Our Responsibility — Let’s Discuss The Individual Steps Towards Achieving This.

Melissa Agnes

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What PR Stands to Gain from Content Marketing

Business Wire

The public relations industry has always been a text-based business. education public relations marketing

Digital Marketing Success Takes Time: Tracking Progress for the Long Haul

Ronn Torossian

As with any other project, success in a digital marketing campaign can take some time to gain traction and show results. It’s important to exercise patience with marketing campaigns, as acting hastily can signal the wrong message to consumers.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

A PRs guide to Google’s new follow vs no-follow rules

The Resolution Blog

SEO is a complicated demon to get you head around. For PRs, the most important thing to know is that links from the coverage you achieve play an important role in determining where a website ranks in the search engines. Of course, it’s not the only contributing factor to a website’s rank.

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Working with PR Agencies: Taking a Hands-On Approach

Meltwater - PR

For companies needing an extra hand with their public relations efforts, agencies continue to be a popular choice. PR agencies help clients tell stories and get their messages out.Yet, these… Read More >>>. Executives PR & Comms Media Outreach Planning & Strategy

Nicknames and labelling: Corbyn as Stalin

Stephen Waddington

Boris Johnston has compared Jeremy Corbyn to Stalin in The Daily Telegraph. Nicknames seek to exaggerate and label an individual’s character. They stick if they resonate with the intended audience. Stalin doesn’t.

6 metrics to track when measuring digital PR

PR Daily

Are your digital PR efforts paying off? Consider these six telltale signs of a PR strategy that is having a significant impact on your bottom line. How do you really know if your digital PR is working?

Sales, Pods and Audiobooks: 14 Months On, How’s That UK Financial Independence Book Doing?


On 21 August 2018 I published the first book to translate the US financial independence movement to a UK context. (It’s It’s not just about that, it’s also a one-year transformational change programme for midlife careerists stuck in a rut.).

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Why 2019’s Black Friday outlook is particularly challenging

Agility PR Solutions

This year has been hard on brick-and-mortar stores, with many famous brands reducing their shopping mall footprint. While a recent survey from omnichannel CX firm Genesys uncovers a bright spot on the fourth-quarter horizon for U.S. retailers, seasonal challenges remain.

Marketing Minute #13: Podcasting is a smart business strategy

Maine PR Maven

Podcasting is one of the most powerful ways to reach people. According to one study, more than half of Americans over age 12 (144 million Americans) have listened to a podcast. It’s estimated that 60 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. That’s a lot of potential listeners.

Manipulated content: Sir Keir Starmer interview

Stephen Waddington

The Conservative party blatantly manipulated a video interview with Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer. Piers Morgan called it out. The campaign doubled down. Video editing, manipulation and so called deep fakes are making it harder than ever to determine truth from fiction.

5 essential elements of an effective PR plan

PR Daily

You don’t simply sign the contract, put a few coins in the slot, and wait for your shiny new campaign to be dispensed. Research, parameters and regular check-ins are crucial for success. If you’re new to using public relations to build your brand, starting a PR program can seem daunting.

EKA: How Media Monitoring Aligns with Strategic Communications

Critical Mention

Who is EKA? Englander Knabe & Allen (EKA) is a strategic communications firm in Southern California that specializes in assisting organizations with reputation issues, media strategy and implementation.

All about small business, marketing, SEO, and mean people

Agility PR Solutions

As a small business owner, you keep a careful ear out for what’s happening in the world of marketing. After all, a terrible thing happens when you don’t advertise your business: Nothing!

Marketing Minute #11: Know your competition

Maine PR Maven

When you’re marketing your business, it’s helpful to know who else is selling the same or similar products and services. The post Marketing Minute #11: Know your competition appeared first on | The PR Maven. Branding Marketing

Corrections: You get one shot in the modern media environment

Stephen Waddington

If you make a mistake in a live media interview correct it and apologise as quickly as possible. Jacob Rees-Mogg said that residents of Grenfell Tower should have ignored the advice of the fire brigade in an interview on Monday with Nick Ferrari on LBC.

Share your impressive comms campaigns, events, projects and initiatives

PR Daily

Ragan’s PR Daily Awards will showcase the PR industry’s best work from the past year. Don’t miss next week’s Nov. 15 entry deadline. The post Share your impressive comms campaigns, events, projects and initiatives appeared first on PR Daily. Ragan Awards

Everything you need to know about Fjord Product Announcement: Prioritizing Simplicity and Efficiency

Meltwater - PR

This blog post is part one of “Fjord Product Announcement” blog series. What is Fjord? Recently announced on October 21st, Fjord Product Announcement aims to empower PR, Communications, and Marketing teams with… Read More >>>. Blog Marketing PR & Comms Social

3 ways a PR firm helps when you have legal troubles

Agility PR Solutions

When you find yourself with legal issues, whether it’s something personal or because of issues with your business, your first instinct should be to call a lawyer.

Marketing Minute #10: Elements of a marketing plan

Maine PR Maven

Good strategic marketing is a lot like a well-played football game. The best coaches know their competition and they recognize the core strengths of their own team. The post Marketing Minute #10: Elements of a marketing plan appeared first on | The PR Maven. Marketing

PRCA celebrates 50th anniversary, announces school programme to tackle diversity

Stephen Waddington

The PRCA has announced a plan to engage its members in helping raise awareness of PR as a career option in schools. The PRCA celebrated its 50th anniversary in London last night.

In an ever-changing landscape, how do we prove the value of PR?

PR Daily

Measurement is crucial, along with understanding new tech and adopting an agile mindset. The value of PR is being challenged as we head towards 2020. Leaders expect a new approach. Because of increasing pressure and marketplace demand, we have to prove PR’s value in new ways.

5 Reasons to Network Across all Social Media Sites

Critical Mention

Social media platforms may have been created for friendly networking, but since then, they’ve evolved into tech hubs where anybody can network with anyone else. So, it’s important for all organizations to acknowledge and react to the impact social media has on consumers. Share Tweet Share.

Weed may be mainstream, but it’s still a challenge for marketers

Agility PR Solutions

The weed industry is booming and we have found ourselves in the middle of a cannabis goldrush. More and more states are legalizing cannabis not only for medical treatment, but for recreational use as well. Dispensaries are popping up everywhere.

Marketing Minute #9: Valuable real estate: Inbox

Maine PR Maven

Sending e-newsletters is part of building your brand and can make you the one your targeted audience will remember when they need what you have to sell. The post Marketing Minute #9: Valuable real estate: Inbox appeared first on | The PR Maven. Building Relationships Email marketing

Purdah communication and resource rules

Stephen Waddington

Purdah places restrictions on government and public bodies during elections. There have already been two claims over the misuse of communication and resources.

Make sure your content tells a strong story

PR Daily

Learn how at Ragan’s Writing & Content Creation Conference in NYC. Every piece of content you create should tell a compelling story. How can you make sure you’re doing that—and getting through to your audiences? Join us at the Writing & Content Creation Conference , Dec.

Would you Run Your Internal Data Through this Media Monitoring AI? PR Tech Sum: Talkwalker, TVEyes, Meltwater, SocialChorus, Cision, Signal AI and Burrelles

Sword and the Script

Every month when I go to write this PR technology summary, I’m surprised at just how many new tools and features are being brought to market. This month was no exception, and perhaps because many of the launches were timed with annual PRSA International Conference which wrapped up recently.

ICYMI: Bulldog’s most popular posts from October

Agility PR Solutions

With fall’s chilly winds and the spookiest holiday of the year approaching, October proved to be on one of Bulldog Reporter’s biggest months of the year (so far).

Marketing Minute #7: PR and marketing are expensive. Start with a plan.

Maine PR Maven

Would you build a house without first consulting an architect? Of course not. How would your builder know what to build? A ranch? A Cape Cod? A mansion? The post Marketing Minute #7: PR and marketing are expensive. Start with a plan. appeared first on | The PR Maven. Marketing

Under the influence

Stephen Waddington

The #FuturePRoof influencer project has achieved its goal of starting a conversation among practitioners about governance. It’s been great to listen to the conversations about the tension between paid and earned influencer marketing following the publication of the latest #FuturePRoof project.