What Challenges Do Comms Professionals Face Going into 2018?


With a new year around the corner, communications professionals are gearing up to get their plans ready to conquer the world in 2018. But along with those plans are some obstacles to overcome.

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7 Reasons Why PR Matters More Than Ever

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Public relations has many fans, from legendary figures like Steve Jobs, to the current occupant of the White House. Yet PR doesn’t always command the same respect as other disciplines, like advertising or direct-mail. It’s even still a bit mysterious to some.

Amazon Sees a Winner With Streaming Football

Ron Torossian

The future of streaming is now, and everyone is trying to figure out a way to cash in. One of the biggest movers and shakers in the market is Amazon.

Baffling Proof That Issues Can Strangely Emerge From Anywhere

Melissa Agnes

Courtesy: This Is Us NBC. Last week, I posed the question of “what kinds of scenarios, allegations, or rumors risk planting emotional doubt in the minds of your stakeholders?”

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Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

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Resolutions to Up Your PR Game in 2018

Critical Mention

As the holiday dust settles, many of us are charging into the new year with resolutions to improve ourselves like sleeping more, eating healthier and getting to the gym more often. But what about professional resolutions? Have you given much thought to how you’ll improve your work life in 2018? For those of us in PR, the focus could be on one or more of these important areas.

4 Tips for Authentic Executive Communications as a Ghostwriter


Most PR professionals spend their careers as ghostwriters. We may not think about it that way — we’re simply drafting a memo to employees or writing the president’s message for an annual report. But the fact is: Few executives reach the C-suite because of their writing skills.

Decoding Facebook’s Changes: 5 Ways PR Professionals Can Generate Reach and Impact in 2018

Business Wire

By Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media, Business Wire In early 2018, Facebook announced a news feed update that dramatically changes how brands can engage with their communities and audiences within the Facebook platform. “We’ve

The four best social media executions I’ve seen during Super Bowl week (so far)

Communications Conversations

Living in Minnesota, I feel compelled to write about Super Bowl-related topics this week. After all, I’ll probably be north of 75 the next time the Big Game comes to our state! Last weekend, we visited Super Bowl LIVE on Nicollet Avenue downtown Minneapolis.

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

How to Create a Content Strategy That Enhances Your Earned Media Efforts


While much of a content marketing strategy revolves around creating new content just for your blog (part of your owned media), I highly recommend that you divert some of your attention to incorporating earned media into your strategy.

9 Blogs To Make You PR-Smart

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Want to boost your public relations acumen? One of the best ways is to stay on top of key PR industry blogs as well as more general sites that offer a fresh take on business, creativity, and content.

How Crock-Pot’s Response to This is Us is a Perfect PR Response

HMA Public Relations

We now know that a faulty slow-cooker and no batteries in the smoke detector kills Jack in This Is Us. And here's Crock-Pot's perfect PR response. Click below for more]. The post How Crock-Pot’s Response to This is Us is a Perfect PR Response appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

How Crisis Ready Will Help You Build An Invincible Brand

Melissa Agnes

As you may have heard, Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World , is my new book – and I’m so excited that it’s finally available for you to preorder on Amazon !

How to Identify the Influencers You Need to Engage

You need to understand who your community is and what makes them tick. You need to identify your “tribe” -- those who are immersed in your subject and have a following.

Guest Post: How to Expand Your Global Network While Studying Abroad

PR Expanded

A Guest Post By Madison Thomas, Curry College Student. Recently, I began my journey studying abroad. Four months on my own in a new country. To some, this may seem terrifying, but I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

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Why are Car Sales Down in Britain?

Ron Torossian

Great Britain has already begun to feel the results from the Brexit vote, both good and bad. One of the not so great results is that new car sales are down by about six percent in 2017 overall. That’s coming off a year in which the UK auto industry saw record sales.

From Creator to Merchandising Branding Genius: Reflections on Casey Neistat’s New Shop + Line

Karen Freberg

We hear all the time about the rise of influencers and integrating them into campaigns and partnerships. For example, Klear (a great company!) recently released their report on influencer marketing (which you can download here ). However, I have found there are some influencers who are the real deal.

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3 Cases Studies of Augmented Reality in B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

As the landscape stands today, I tend to be more bullish on augmented reality (AR) than virtual reality (VR) in B2B marketing. Why? In virtual reality, you have to stop someone and get them to put on a headset, goggles, or some other device.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today.

Why Communicators Should Expect a Year of Disruption in 2018


The communications profession will evolve in ways we cannot imagine today. In this shifting environment, communicators need to be prepared for absolutely anything.

The word “influencer” has been tainted by social media. Communicators need to take it back.

Media Bullseye

Public relations work changed dramatically with the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The way we reach audiences changed, and the way people communicate with each other changed too.

12 social media, marketing and PR leaders I’d work for in a second

Communications Conversations

Last week, a friend seeking new opportunities sent me a note on LinkedIn: “Who are the top people to work for in the PR/comms industry in Minneapolis/St. ” Great question! So, I started thinking: Great question, but TOUGH question.

Top 10 Marketing & Communications Posts of 2017


2017 was quite a year for marketing and PR professionals. Think about a few of the most notable trends we saw: With massive potential audiences on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, live streaming saw huge growth. United Airlines reminded all of us why crisis PR is still incredibly important. Earned media has become increasingly important with 89 percent of marketing/communications professionals saying they use it to support the demand generation goal of driving brand awareness.

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Revenue Generating News Releases: How to Optimize Strategy and Improve ROI

Achieve better results with targeted news release distribution.

PR Lessons From NBC And Crock-Pot

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Few things are more satisfying than a brand handling a potential public relations crisis with grace, aplomb, and humor. And all of those apply to this past week’s management of the Crock-Pot fire that (SPOILER ALERT) killed the beloved patriarch on the popular NBC series “This is Us.”

The Social Media Story: Instagram vs. Snapchat


By: Lauren F, Social Media Specialist. How Instagram is shaping 2018 social media trends for brands. Just 17 months was all it took for Instagram’s popular stories feature to rise to the top, attracting over 500 million users daily.

Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment? Don’t Pull A James Franco

The Stalwart Blog

It’s never easy to have a public accusation of sexual harassment placed upon you, especially if you fully believe in your innocence. You may feel compelled, even justified, to retaliate on the accuser. Resist this temptation at all cost.

The Super Bowl Ad Data You Haven't Seen


The commercials, the ratings, the players, the teams, you name it! There’s a massive amount analysis out there., but we’re going to dive deeper into the data you haven’t seen

The Top 25 B2B Marketing Experts You Need to Follow Here.

B2B PR Sense

B2B marketing is constantly evolving, with new innovations and strategies that used correctly can stake your success. But how do you stay on the leading edge of these innovations and ensure that your business thrives? Social media just might hold the key. Along the social corridors of Twitter and LinkedIn you will find many experts -- including many of the top B2B marketers in the field. These individuals are not just far-off celebrities.

Making Media Relations Connections

Shift Communications

I made the move from Boston to SF four months ago and couldn’t be happier to be in the hub for technology and healthcare innovation. The SHIFT SF office is located right in the thick of it all in downtown SF. As such, I had the opportunity to attend a few events from last week’s J.P.

12 Things You Should do to Amplify a Media Mention Once You’ve Earned It

Sword and the Script

Several studies suggest businesses plan to invest in public relations in 2018. Specifically, media relations, or earned media, is poised for new prominence. Even the advertisers are aiming for a bigger investment in PR. If you are going to invest, then you want to get the most out of it. To that end, what you do with a mention earned in the media is every bit as important as getting it in the first place.

Embracing Language as a Storytelling Tool for PR in 2018


This month, PRsay will feature posts by a variety of thought leaders on the year ahead for communicators and the PR profession. A shorter version of this response first appeared in the January issue of Strategies & Tactics. So, I studied Latin in high school and college. Conjugated verbs.

6 ways to get your guest post published

PR Daily

Among the many tactics employed by PR practitioners—press releases, press conferences, media pitches, etc.—perhaps perhaps the most underutilized is guest articles.