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How the Ongoing SAG Strike Impacts New Film and Television Releases

Ronn Torossian

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) has stated that the unions have been unwilling to compromise on key issues, such […] The post How the Ongoing SAG Strike Impacts New Film and Television Releases appeared first on.

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Wahlberg’s film angers bomber’s widow

Ronn Torossian

That, they say, is not what their client is getting from the new film, Patriot’s Day. According to the attorneys, the film portrays their client in a very negative light, inferring she had prior knowledge … READ MORE ».

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Top Film Journalists to Cover Your Story – The 2021 List


The film industry is one of the most challenging to secure coverage in. To get the coverage you deserve, you need to have the best contacts and an in-depth media list of film journalists. However, building a list of film journalists can be a complex and time-consuming task.

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Journalist Spotlight | Interview with Anthony Morris, Film Editor at Forte

Medianet Australia

Anthony Morris is a Film Editor at Forte as well as a Freelance Arts Writer-Critic. Anthony gives his insight as a journo who got his start in ‘street papers’ to how his career has been changed by the digital revolution.

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Brand film comes of age

Steve Barrett on PR

The work on display in PRWeek, Campaign and MM+M’s celebration of brand filmmaking is a testament to a format that is increasingly driving return on marketing and communications investment.

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Brand film was greatest investment BMW ever made

Steve Barrett on PR

The fifth iteration of the Brand Film Awards will take the temperature of a craft that has matured exponentially in the half decade since they were launched.

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How to film thought leadership when you’re stuck indoors


Whether it’s an internal message from a senior leader to employees or a video for social media explaining your company’s response to the current situation, there’s lots of reasons why you might need to film someone in your company talking to camera over the next few weeks. Film in landscape. Position yourself carefully.

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