Three Ways Leaders Live Their Ethics

Deirdre Breakenridge

When I think of some of the greatest ethical leaders (the keyword here is “ethical”), a few immediately come to mind, based on what they’ve done for others. At the same time, fast forward to today, with leaders who take ethical “detours.”

Ethics 353

Four Questions to Ask Your Mentors About Their Ethics & Values

Deirdre Breakenridge

Of course, ethics and values are a personal choice and a business practice. Here’s when your mentors’ ethics and values really matter. What questions can you ask when selecting a mentor to make sure you’re both on the same ethics and values page?

Ethics 308

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This Week in PR Ethics (12/1/22): Is Keurig the Payment Ethics Grinch? FTX and more

Ethical Voices

One thing that hasn’t changed is the plethora of ethics issues. Is Keurig the Payments Ethics Grinch ? – Personally, if the details are accurate, I see it as violating the Fairness value of PRSA’s code of ethics. First of all, ethics is global and always has been.

Three Tips for Ethical Media Interviews

Deirdre Breakenridge

Of course, as a leader, when this happens you must make sure you have your ethics and values in tow. These are the important moments when you can demonstrate your ethics and values in your interviews. book Ethics Leadership Media PR 2.0

Ethics 195

3 Ways to Elevate Ethics in Your Organization

Deirdre Breakenridge

So, then, who is responsible to communicate and demonstrate ethics and values at your company? Do ethics and values go beyond the HR policymakers? Today, everyone is an Ethical Marketer. The third is leadership who are the role models demonstrating the ethical conduct.

Ethics 195

Ethical Voices is #1

Ethical Voices

I just need to say thank you to the more than 150 public relations executives that have shared their ethics challenges and advice with me over the past 3+ years. My Ethical Voices: Practicing Public Relations with Integrity book launched a month early. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Can Ethical PRs Represent Unethical Clients?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Just look at the pressure on the comms team at Facebook, which has come to epitomize the struggle to do ethical work at a company that is acting in bad faith. It all raises the question: how can a PR professional ethically represent an unethical, or merely controversial, company or individual?

Ethics 300

This Week in PR Ethics (11/3/22): Pay Transparency, Fairness, Kyrie

Ethical Voices

This week the ethical issues in public relations rain the gamut, but the core theme was fairness. This also aligns with two elements of the PRSA Code of Ethics – transparency and fairness. . Fairness This Week in PR Ethics

Paddle your own ethical canoe – Filomena Fanelli

Ethical Voices

She discusses a number of important ethical issues, including: Why we need to trust but verify. Ethics and predatory lending. I started my career at Rubenstein Associates, had a really solid and ethics filled foundation from them. Ethics is actions, not words.

How Can We Mandate Ethics In PR?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

At times PR agencies run afoul of ethical standards by trafficking in false or misleading information, hiding conflicts of interest, or working with a lack of transparency. PR practitioners are ethically aware. PRSA has a code of ethics. Giving our ethics code teeth.

Ethics 179

This Week in PR Ethics (11/10/22): Virtue – Twitter, Bruins and Misconduct

Ethical Voices

Marlene Neill had a great assignment for her students this week where they had to analyze a political ad of their choice to see if it was ethical. Beyond the elections, the common theme in PR ethics issues this week was (the lack of) virtue. . This Week in PR Ethics

This Week in PR Ethics (10/20/22): Favela Tours, Virtuous Radio Hosts, and Virus Research

Ethical Voices

This week there were a wide range of ethical issues from slum tourism to sensationalistic news to the importance of stakeholders. The ethics of Favela tours – Fodor’s looks at the return of Favela Tours in Rio and asks – are they ethical? This Week in PR Ethics

Radio 71

This Week in PR Ethics (10/27/22): Deepfakes, Destruction and Self-Destruction

Ethical Voices

When I started gathering ethics stories for the week, I was sad because I thought it would be a quiet week. While it skirts legal boundaries based on historical contracts, it opens a host of ethics issues – what is fair use and when do we say no? . Is this ethical?

This Week in PR Ethics (09/08/22) – What ethical failures are customers least likely to accept? Also Fur Trapping and Ethics Swag

Ethical Voices

Once again, I didn’t have to look far for ethics stories this week. I strongly encourage everyone to read the HBR study on what ethical failures customers are least likely to accept. There are also videos and Webinars from PRSA and PRCA and a link to some great ethics swag. .

This Week in PR Ethics (9/1/22) Is it ever right to sabotage your company? Do you need an ethics advisor?

Ethical Voices

This week in public relations ethics there were some really interesting articles that look at duty, leadership and the need for counsel. How to be an ethical leader – Business News Daily had an interesting article on how to be an ethical leader. This Week in PR Ethics

Everything and ethics with Mark McClennan, PRSA’s 2016 National Chair and EthicalVoices host

Axia PR

In this episode, Mark McClennan, 2016 PRSA National Chair and host of EthicalVoices , shares his expertise on ethics. Tune in to learn more about ethics in PR and your company. ethics On Top of PR

Ethics 135

Maxim Behar: Ethics, Ethics, Ethics.

Maxim Behar

Ethics, transparency, this is telling the truth. So, from that perspective, the workshop on ethical business will be one of the most important in the summit. Ethics, Ethics, Ethics. October 12-13 th , Dubai will be the global capital of Public Relations.

This Week in PR Ethics (11/17/22): Stupidity, KFC, and Twitter

Ethical Voices

That is where I see the ethical failures creeping in – with poor MI and AI and not checking for biases. . This Week in PR EthicsWhile I could probably just write KFC and Twitter, drop the mic and walk away this week – there are some nuances that are worthy of further exploration.

This Week in PR Ethics (3/17/22): Ethics and Business

Ethical Voices

The Irish Times discusses how ethical shoppers are driving a revolution. But beyond that, key ethics stories for the week include: Ethically, where can you do business?: First, over the past five years the most ethical companies outperformed other large cap companies by 24.6

This Week in PR Ethics (8/11/22): Five Topics That Defy Easy Description

Ethical Voices

I usually can come up with punchy headlines for the weekly ethics roundup – but this week in PR ethics, the topics are just too important, bizarre, and complex. Is it ever ethical to represent a country with poor human rights records? Is it ethical to speak after you are dead? –

Which AI-created logo do you prefer for Ethics Month?

Ethical Voices

I realized tomorrow starts Public Relations ethics month, so I asked it to create “a logo for ethics” month. Ethics Month logo A. . . . . . . . . . . Ethics month logo B.

Leading With Ethics During COVID-19


Each September, PRSA celebrates Ethics Month, featuring programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). With such a wide-ranging group to reach, we wanted to ensure that we did so ethically and honestly during the standup.

Ethics 161

This Week in PR Ethics (8/4/22): Fraud, Transparency, Disclosure, and Purpose

Ethical Voices

The summer is heating up and so are ethics issues. It is probably easier to ask what violation of PRSA’s code of ethics didn’t happen this week – fraud; lack of transparency and disclosure; and attacks on purpose are just a few. This Week in PR Ethics

This Week in PR Ethics 7/28/22 – Disguised Earned Media, Misinformation, and Integrity

Ethical Voices

Aside from everything discussed at hearings in Washington, there were a number of interesting ethics articles over the past few weeks. This is a totally unacceptable practice and goes against PR codes of ethics and FTC rules. When is talking about ethics advertising? –

#PR Expanded Guest Post: Ethical Awareness … It’s Never Too Early

Deirdre Breakenridge

I know that ethics is “taught” in various forms in most colleges and universities, but I have serious concerns as to whether or not the “real world” is included in the process. But how much “this is why ethical behavior is crucial to the success of your client or employer” reality is included, I’m not sure. Mr. Bernays makes it pretty clear here… ethical people will behave ethically. Ethical awareness…it’s never too early. Ethics Guest Post Leadership PR 2.0

Ethics 253

#PRStudChat Celebrates Ethics Month with a September 21st Twitter Chat

Deirdre Breakenridge

Throughout the month of September, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), holds several different activities and events to educate members, professionals and students on modern ethics. Dr. Neill will be engaging with students, professionals and other educators in a community chat session via Twitter, discussing today’s ethics and sharing her professional advice. Here are some of the questions and topics that we will be discussing; What does ethics in PR really mean?

Ethics 219

Ethical Issues with Coalitions and Front Groups – Greg Bailey

Ethical Voices

He discusses a number of important public relations ethics issues including: What to do when a client asks you to hide their identity as part of a coalition. How to make sure your employees understand how you value ethics. ” I brought up the PRSA Code of Ethics.

10 ethical issues facing public relations - PRCA Ethics Council Annual

Stephen Waddington

The PRCA Ethics Council has published its annual perspective of ethical challenging facing PR practice in 2021. The Council was launched in May 2020 to raise ethical standards in PR around the world. Stéphane Billiet, PRCA Ethics Council Member and CEO, WE Agency 2.

Ethics 152

Ethics and ghostwriting

Axia PR

ethicsGhostwriting is a commonplace practice in public relations and can be found everywhere, from your favorite books to the most notable speeches. But what exactly is ghostwriting? It may be easier to start with what ghostwriting isn’t. Ghostwriting isn’t plagiarism.

Ethics & doing the right thing in PR

The Resolution Blog

We discuss his experience of upholding ethics in public affairs PR, where responsibility lies in mis-information in the media and why following your heart in communications is so important. The post Ethics & doing the right thing in PR appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook.

Ethics 156

The Ethics of Press Trips, Reviews and Affiliate Links – Scott Tharler

Ethical Voices

I first met him when I pitched him for a client, and we soon discovered we both went to Syracuse around the same time and had friends in common and wanted to talk about ethics. Scott discusses a number of important ethics topics including. The ethics of press trips.

Journalism ethics versus public relations ethics

Axia PR

How do we ensure that communication pros abide by their codes of ethics? Despite unfortunate widespread beliefs, both PR pros and journalists follow strict codes of ethics in their work. Ethics Earned mediaBoth the journalism and public relations industries have always struggled with negative reputations. People have been calling PR practitioners “spin doctors” for decades, and, as the era of fake news fell upon us, it changed the face of journalism.

The #PRStudChat Community Celebrates “Ethics Month” With a September 15th Discussion

Deirdre Breakenridge

PRSA has designated September as “Ethics Month” with a wide variety of activities to educate and inform members and industry professionals. In the spirit of Ethics Month, #PRStudChat welcomes Kirk Hazlett , APR, Fellow PRSA, on Tuesday, September 15th at 8:30 p.m. ET, as our guest host and moderator, to lead a discussion on ethics and ethical conduct. Ethics Mentoring PR 2.0 PRStudChat Ethical Conduct Ethics Month Kirk Hazlett PR PRSA public relations

Ethics 285

This Week in PR Ethics (8/18/22): Who is liable when an AI kills? How often do people lie?

Ethical Voices

There were a number of interesting communication ethics issues this week ranging from business operations and liability to sources of disinformation. The most common response when I ask my guests for the best ethics advice they ever received is “Tell the truth.” This Week in PR Ethics

This Week in PR Ethics (3/24/22): Deepfakes, Drugs, and Dilbert

Ethical Voices

Do ethics matter to employees? What is ethical lobbying? This week there were some great stories – and a funny Dilbert cartoon on ethics. What is Ethical Lobbying? Do ethics matter to employees? What happens when an industry doesn’t have a code of ethics?

The most important ethics priority for healthcare communicators – Kena Lewis

Ethical Voices

Kena discusses several important ethics issues, including: What to do ethically when your boss is the problem. The ethical challenges of online identity. The most important ethics priority for healthcare communicators.

Can Military Influencers Ethically Use Their Status to Sell Services?


Each September, PRSA celebrates Ethics Month, featuring programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). This year’s theme is “Leading With Ethics.” 21 ) and a new Ethics Quiz. .

Ethics 138

Philanthropist Craig Newmark on Ethical Communication


“My idea of ethical behavior is treating people like you want to be treated,” Craig Newmark said. 4 guest for the “PRSA Storytellers Series: Leading With Ethics — A View From the Top,” a live webinar hosted by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards.

Ethics 139

The ethical challenges of weaponized communication – Elizabeth Edwards

Ethical Voices

She discusses a number of important issues, including: The ethical challenges of weaponized communication. The Center for Humane Technology talks about how new technologies are not ethical or not civil in a way that they influence. That is not ethical.

ESAs: The Fad-Free Way to Build Your Ethics Muscle


Without a doubt, I dread the surgeon’s knife again — just nowhere near as much as I fear facing an ethical challenge professionally and getting it wrong. PRSA members may access the ESA in the Ethics in Communication Community Library on MyPRSA.). Ethics Code of Ethics Ethics Month

Ethics 125