5 PR Tips To Promote Expertise On LinkedIn

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Among PR teams, LinkedIn is the go-to social media platform for B2B executives for driving positive visibility and thought leadership. How can executives get the most from their LinkedIn profile to convey leadership and be seen as an expert? .

LinkedIn gets vulnerable and social video fluctuates

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LinkedIn is no longer all business. Once simply known as a place to share professional projects and updates, LinkedIn posts are starting to take a different tone. WHY IT MATTERS: Whether you’re posting personally or for a brand, LinkedIn is no longer a fully suit and tie social network.


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How to help your executives become thought leaders on LinkedIn

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Because LinkedIn is already a gathering place for so many professionals, it’s a natural fit for creating your executive’s persona as a thought leader. The same is true on LinkedIn. Likewise, remember that your LinkedIn audience is likely to be savvy. Social Media LinkedIn

10 Ways PR Can Leverage LinkedIn


A few weeks ago I conducted an exclusive interview with two of LinkedIn’s leading tech ladies, Sarah Clatterbuck and Erica Lockheimer, alongside PR Manager Kenly Walker. We talked about everything from how to ensure your LinkedIn connections aren’t aware of your stalking habits, to how the company’s “women in tech” initiatives are setting an example […].

What are LinkedIn Stories and How Can PR Pros Use Them?

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Since LinkedIn launched its Stories feature last month, it has won mixed reviews. LinkedIn Stories is similar to Instagram or Facebook stories, allowing users to post an update that will stay live for 24 hours. Here are five ways to incorporate LinkedIn stories into yours.

Rip Up Your Resume: Focus on Your LinkedIn Profile


I quickly added that I really didn’t mean getting rid of their resumes, but it was my way of getting their attention to spend more time developing their LinkedIn… Continue reading Rip Up Your Resume: Focus on Your LinkedIn Profile. Careers Intern Job Search job search LinkedIn

Grow Your Brand on LinkedIn

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Whether you want to make new connections or generate business leads, LinkedIn is the perfect addition to your digital marketing strategy. Social Media copper state of mind csom LinkedIn

7 professional networking alternatives to LinkedIn

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Most people who engage in professional networking use LinkedIn to build connections or find new opportunities, possibly because they were told to grow their LinkedIn presence when they started working. The Xing platform is the equivalent of LinkedIn for German speakers.

Becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn and beyond

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As part of this year’s Ragan and PR Daily’s Social Media Conference at Disney World, Regina Dowdell , senior content solutions consultant at LinkedIn, shared how to create compelling thought leadership that inspires action. Follow her on LinkedIn.

What Should Your Business Post on LinkedIn?

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Standing out on LinkedIn requires good content that keeps followers engaged. In today's post, Justin Liggin shares how to elevate your LinkedIn presence and get results. Social Media LinkedIn social media

Expand Your LinkedIn Network During Holidays


Last week, I advised students at Brigham Young University-Idaho to tear up their resumes and focus on their LinkedIn profiles. So, devote the hours you might otherwise have spent at a social… Continue reading Expand Your LinkedIn Network During Holidays.

LinkedIn Business Newsletter Strategy


Plenty of businesses use LinkedIn to connect with more potential customers. However, there are several different ways that they can create content that will reach their marketing goals on LinkedIn, and one of the best ones is by starting a business newsletter on the platform.

How to Make a Great LinkedIn Profile

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Whether you are an active user or not on LinkedIn, you want to make a great LinkedIn profile and optimize it so it works for you. LinkedIn is a professional business platform. This is prime real estate on LinkedIn.

13 Ways a LinkedIn Profile Makeover Sets off Success Sparks


13 Ways to Light Up Your Career or Company with Linkedin Profile Makeover Success Sparks. The first 12 ways to spark a LinkedIn profile makeover success come from my LinkedIn chapter in Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstar s. About Your LinkedIn Expert Guide.

3 acronyms to give your LinkedIn more L-U-V

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Who doesn’t want to grow their LinkedIn following? Here are three tips to boost your reach on LinkedIn. Whether you want a stronger presence LinkedIn for your career or for your company, here are three quick story-mining hacks to help you punch up your profile or business page.

Boris Johnson and Alan Partridge embrace LinkedIn

Stuart Bruce

Boris Johnson and Alan Partridge are two of the best-known names to embrace LinkedIn which is going from strength to strength.

How to activate LinkedIn’s new Business Review feature

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With 810 million users across 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to professional networking. LinkedIn has made major investments to keep up, if not stay ahead, of the myriad growing sectors under the colossal professional services umbrella.

LinkedIn embraces video with livestreaming tool

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LinkedIn Live’ is currently only available to select users in the United States. That seems to be LinkedIn’s mindset, as it recently announced a live video tool that will enable users to broadcast to connections and followers. LinkedIn Live (as the product is called) will be invite-only. In coming weeks, LinkedIn will also post a contact form for others who want to get in on the action. Microsoft, which acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for $26.2

LinkedIn finally to offer native scheduling, brands honor Serena Williams and more

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LinkedIn is adding a native post scheduling option. According to Social Media Today , LinkedIn is working on a native, in-stream scheduling option. LinkedIn confirmed the new feature last week, after web developer and app researcher Nima Owji tweeted about it.

LinkedIn’s leading ladies talk PR, tech, and changing the world


As a career professional, can you imagine a world without LinkedIn? LinkedIn has essentially replaced the need for business cards, since you can basically use … Continued. Interviews Girl Scouts interview LinkedIn PR public relations publishing STEM tech technology women in tech World PitchIt would be like trying to function without a pencil in a one-room schoolhouse. Ridiculous.

How the May 2022 LinkedIn algorithm updates affect your company page

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And one trick that’ll make your LinkedIn life easier. The more visibility you and your company have on LinkedIn, the more people will know who you are. Salespersons that share content regularly on LinkedIn have a 45% likelihood to surpass their sales target.

Ragan Awards: Innovative LinkedIn recruitment series shows ‘Different paths to Klick’

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Nine videos in the “Different Paths to Klick” series were created specially for LinkedIn to target early-stage talent. The series earned them a top spot in PR Daily’s Social Media and Digital Awards for LinkedIn.

Tips for generating sales with LinkedIn ads

Agility PR Solutions

Many companies in the B2B industry have already considered using LinkedIn as an ad platform to reach consumers with. The post Tips for generating sales with LinkedIn ads appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

LinkedIn Viral Post Generator goes viral, DoorDash delivers new campaign and Twitter gets into podcasts

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Recently, marketer Tom Orbach absolutely delighted the Internet when he unveiled his LinkedIn Viral Post Generator , a website that uses AI to ape viral LinkedIn posts, cringe and all. Everybody knows which posts on LinkedIn go viral,” Orbach told Insider. “I

Viral 115

10 LinkedIn newsletters PR professionals and journalists should follow

Muck Rack

10 LinkedIn newsletters PR professionals and journalists should follow

Does anyone really search by hash tags on LinkedIn?

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This particular author seems to think a lot of people are using them–on LinkedIn. He says “… follow relevant LinkedIn hashtags to keep track of trends and developments in your area of expertise.” I thought I’d ask my LinkedIn community that exact question.

What I learned about “going viral” on LinkedIn last week

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Last week I had my first experience with a post of mine “going viral” on LinkedIn. I check LinkedIn many times throughout the day for clients, and myself. I never saw it, but I have to imagine it was included in the LinkedIn News item on the Blakely news.

Viral 123

How To Write A LinkedIn Summary: Expert Tips


By Katie Holmes Let’s talk about how to write an effective LinkedIn summary. But LinkedIn summaries are worth writing properly, because it’s highly likely that writing a good one will vastly improve your results on LinkedIn.

Webinar: How to Unlock Strategies to Bolster your LinkedIn Presence

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Yesterday, I led a one-hour webinar on how to unlock strategies to bolster your LinkedIn presence. It was designed for anyone who’s looking to use LinkedIn as a tool to find a new job, grow professionally or expand their network.

What You Need to Know About LinkedIn’s New Changes


LinkedIn recently announced significant changes to its desktop and its search functions. Perhaps a little counterintuitive to the “mobile first” ethos, the new LinkedIn desktop looks great and has some cool features that will appeal to communications and marketing professionals on the platform. LinkedIn says that these changes are scheduled to roll out to all users “in the coming weeks.” Featured Social Media LinkedIn social media

Do personal posts have a place on LinkedIn?

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I read an interesting piece in the Star Tribune over the weekend from recruiter Isaac Cheifitz asking “will sharing more personal posts on Linkedin hurt you?” ” That column hit on a topic that’s coming up more and more on LinkedIn: Should you be sharing personal content on a platform that’s clearly designed for the professional community? It seems like Isaac doesn’t agree with the notion of sharing more personal updates on LinkedIn.

4 tips for crafting the perfect PR strategy on LinkedIn

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Now that we are in 2020, the power that a properly-devised PR strategy has on LinkedIn is a well-known fact. When it comes to social networks, you can always count on LinkedIn as the pillar of online presence and the legitimacy of your business.

How to Wow Your Audience with LinkedIn Video

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LinkedIn Live videos get, on average, 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters. Learn from Autumn more about this new feature on LinkedIn. Featured Social Media Chandler Chamber Marketing Summit LinkedIn Marketing Video

6 tips for using LinkedIn to grow your PR network

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LinkedIn is the most popular social networking platform for professionals. To make the most of the professional networking opportunities on LinkedIn, though, you need a strategy. This guide will discuss how to use LinkedIn to grow your professional PR […].

How to find the engagement rate of your owned social posts on LinkedIn

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Steph has also made some really useful videos walking through how to export the data you need from LinkedIn: [link] Once you have the data from LinkedIn, here is how you then find the engagement rate for these posts: [link] Read here to see how to compare this with your other channels. measurement social-media linkedin-marketingRecently Steph Bridgeman from Experienced Media Analysts , talked us through how to find the engagement rate for different social channels.

5 creative tactics to get your executives posting more consistently on LinkedIn

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You finally got a couple of your executives on LinkedIn. Many execs got more “active” on LinkedIn during the pandemic–namely because they had to! And LinkedIn use surged. It all added up to more execs joining the LinkedIn ranks–which was great! Here are 5 ideas for getting your exec to be a little more active on LinkedIn more frequently: 1 – Talk about recent PR wins. Wouldn’t those be perfect for an execs LinkedIn post?

Top 10 PR “Best Practices” For LinkedIn

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We asked a handful of knowledgeable PR professionals for their best tips for leveraging LinkedIn for PR and personal branding. All agree that LinkedIn is a prime destination for sharing content and building community. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a social networking site for the business community but it has evolved as a go-to place to publish ideas and gather “deep data” on companies, candidates and connections.

5 best practices for brands and individuals on LinkedIn

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Let’s start with the professional networking favorite, LinkedIn. Through a combination of data and analysis and taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer, you have quite a bit to work with. Remember to consider your purpose and why you’re using LinkedIn for your brand.

Social media updates: Instagram expands stickers; Facebook meets backlash and LinkedIn tests a discovery feed


LinkedIn to streamline recruitment. In Q2 2023, LinkedIn will be introducing a Business Manager to control all ad accounts, pages, audiences on one dashboard. LinkedIn are also testing a new discover feed with more contextual info on job listings and updates for groups.

5 ways to leverage LinkedIn as an effective PR tool

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When you think about different PR tools and platforms, LinkedIn probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. 5 tips for leveraging LinkedIn LinkedIn isn’t “just […]. The post 5 ways to leverage LinkedIn as an effective PR tool appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.