Book Launch: Answers for Modern Communicators

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Answers for Modern Communicators, A Guide to Effective Business Communication was published by Routledge and is available online in hard copy, soft cover and digital versions.

Crisis Communications: 10 Steps for Building an Effective Plan


Social media has fundamentally changed how people communicate in times of crisis. Just this month, victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma used social media to communicate with first responders, know where gas was available and follow emergency updates.

Internal vs. External Crisis Communications

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The post Internal vs. External Crisis Communications appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Crisis Communications Featured External Crisis Communications HMA Public Relations Internal Crisis Communications PR PR Daily PR for Crisis Communications Public Relations

Sorry is hardest word in crisis communications

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Even when they do apologise it’s too often a fake apology with too… Continue Reading → The post Sorry is hardest word in crisis communications appeared first on STUART BRUCE. Crisis Communications public relations Reputation Management

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today

Will the Communications Industry Change Because of President Trump?

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The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Before addressing the question, let’s consider the high-level objectives of the typical communications campaign. By this definition, Trump’s unconventional approach to communications has.more. The post Will the Communications Industry Change Because of President Trump?

How to Avoid Overpolishing Code and Communications


I know that public relations and communications professionals can relate. Musings code communications writing writing codeAs a programmer, I often have a difficult time releasing my code.

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication


It details a multi-country, multi-industry survey examining how successfully businesses communicate across their organizations. Key insight about companies is not properly communicated from the C-Suite to employees. Communicate continuously.

New Book, Answers for Modern Communicators

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How to Effectively Communicate Your Rebrand


The naming process itself requires a lot of heavy lifting, but so does the communication that must follow. The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) recommends communicating the following in writing to all stakeholders: Timeline.

Communications in a Crisis

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Our very own Abbie Fink gives her crisis communications advice regarding the sexual assault claims against Scottsdale-based Massage Envy. The post Communications in a Crisis appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

New research on corporate communications in an integrated world

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PR and corporate communications recruitment firm VMA Group today published a new research report on ‘communicating in an integrated world’. Some of the key statistics include: 76% agree that ‘digital communications is the future of communications’.

4 Corporate Communications Lessons From Hurricane Harvey


As a corporate communicator who, like others, nervously and helplessly watched the water rise, I learned about the parallels that can be drawn between the historic flood and how companies respond to their own crises. Adversity is a great teacher.

What is Crisis Communications?

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Crisis communications in the public relations world can have many different interpretations depending on who you ask, but here’s the fundamental definition: you’re trying to mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by third party sources.

6 Social Media “Musts” for Crisis Communication


The airline continued to communicate via social media throughout the ordeal and was universally lauded for its social media response to this crisis. Social media adds an overwhelming complexity to crisis communication. You must remember communication basics.

Top 10 Marketing & Communications Posts of 2017


Earned media has become increasingly important with 89 percent of marketing/communications professionals saying they use it to support the demand generation goal of driving brand awareness. Getting the most out of social media campaigns is important for any communications professional. The post Top 10 Marketing & Communications Posts of 2017 appeared first on Cision. 2017 was quite a year for marketing and PR professionals.

Behind the Headlines With Crenshaw Communications’ Marijane Funess


Marijane Funess, a director at Crenshaw Communications for the past six years, pioneers a communications company uniquely positioned at the intersection of design and technology. How have you gotten where you are today with Crenshaw Communications?

How to communicate your brand story through micro-content

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The post How to communicate your brand story through micro-content appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young. When it comes to social media, let’s face it, it’s really easy to do stuff. We’ve all been there.

5 Challenges to Effective Communication


What I want to do in this post is discuss five ways that we can communicate more effectively despite our overestimation of common experiences. Unless people understand clearly what you’re talking about from the get-go, your communication is doomed. Communicating is difficult.

Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure.

Communicating Like Never Before is Easier Than You Think


” In PR and communications, we’ve faced a familiar challenge for quite some time. But, there are often more simple, overlooked steps we can take to communicate faster, more effectively and enact more change than public relations has ever been able to before.

Team Crisis Communications


The one big element which is incorporated in PR, regardless of the specific industry is crisis management and communications. It should include such things as chain of command, a communications “tree” and messaging – both internal and external.

Why Communicators Should Expect a Year of Disruption in 2018


The communications profession will evolve in ways we cannot imagine today. In this shifting environment, communicators need to be prepared for absolutely anything. But that’s why great communicators are so valuable to their organizations.

The Big Data Opportunity for Communicators


It might seem hard to believe, but many communicators are still using methods and techniques that date back to the 1970s. With communicators under increasing pressure to prove the value of their work, the industry urgently needs a fresh new approach.

Effective Communications Post-Launch

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The post Effective Communications Post-Launch appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Inspired by L.C. Williams & Associates' blog post on how to effectively launch a product, Alison advises us on how to keep the momentum going post-launch. Click below for more].

4 Tips for Authentic Executive Communications as a Ghostwriter


As PR professionals, it’s our job to help executives communicate their ideas, plans and priorities in their own voices. But even the most gifted communicators can’t possibly create all the content demanded today. Learn your client’s communication habits.

VPNs: The Crisis Communication Plan for Technology Failure

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The post VPNs: The Crisis Communication Plan for Technology Failure appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Crisis Communications Featured Crisis Crisis Communication Plan Technology Failure VPN Working From Home

Retailers Worldwide Face Communication Challenges and Opportunities

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The post Retailers Worldwide Face Communication Challenges and Opportunities appeared first on HMA Public Relations. In Poland, there is legislation pending that would ban shopping on Sunday. Some of our PRGN partners weigh in on this idea. Click below for more].

What Makes A Successful Initial Coin Offering Communications Campaign

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The post What Makes A Successful Initial Coin Offering Communications Campaign appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Have you heard of cryptocurrency?

5 Reasons Why Communications Internships Are Extremely Beneficial


When I finally received news that I had been accepted to a strategic communications internship for the summer, I was worried that it would not be worth it for me. Read on to learn why communications internships are extremely beneficial.

3 Ways to Improve Your PAC Communication


If you can’t communicate why your PAC is important, then you won’t be able to convince anyone to join or contribute to it. Effective communication is key to increasing participation and raising money for your PAC – not only for solicitation, but for marketing and education as well.

Masters in Marketing: Cheryl Gale, March Communications


Cheryl Gale is Managing Director and Co-Founder of March Communications and an expert on “raising two gen Zs and ~25 millennials.” ” She has over 20 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications and marketing communications in the U.S.,

Should Your Communications Department Have Crisis Communication Autonomy?

Melissa Agnes

A viewer recently asked me what my stance is on the communications department being granted crisis communication autonomy. So, if you’re in a position where your communications department is debating or seeking crisis communication autonomy, this is a much-watch video!

Managing communication breakdown

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Escalation processes, formal channels of communication, time out and mediation, can all work. Resolving a communication breakdown isn’t a zero sum game. The post Managing communication breakdown appeared first on Stephen Waddington. Public Relations communication

#PRStudChat November Announcement: PD, Mentoring & Collaboration for Communication Confidence

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ET to focus on communication confidence in a continuously changing landscape through professional development, mentoring and collaboration. The #PRStudChat community gathers on Wednesday, November 29th at 12:00 p.m.

Lesson From Facebook: 5 Tips on Handling Crisis Communications

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Crisis communications is the opposite of traditional public relations and involves putting out a “ fire ” of some sort. Most recently, Facebook just experienced the classic example of a crisis communications case study.

Communications Careers: Measuring Progress in Steps Through Peaks & Valleys

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Achieving success in your PR, communications or any career is about putting one foot in front of the other and repeating the process. A Guest Post Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch TM. I recently read an inspirational tweet about progress being measured in steps.

Communicators Must Lead

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When I was growing up in the world of PR, many communicators who were considered successful were primarily doers. Now, however, I believe communicators must truly be leaders to be effective. The first is the role of influence in communications today. Communicators Must Lead.

The Opportunity for Communicators: Insights on Social Journalism


How do insights on social journalism highlight a new opportunity for communicators and PR professionals? What Can Journalists And Communicators do About Fake News? The post The Opportunity for Communicators: Insights on Social Journalism appeared first on Cision.

What Professional Communicators Can Learn From Oscar Acceptance Speeches


” “My whole approach [to presenting] is based on the idea that everything we need to know about communication can be learned from the world of performance,” he says. Thought Leadership communication entertainment and sports Oscars personal branding presentations speeches