Emory’s Excellent Crisis Communication on Facebook

Melissa Agnes

If you’ve been following along, then you know that my take is that there is more to gain in leveraging social media to communicate with your audiences in a crisis, than there is to gain from closing the accounts down. Case Studies Crisis Communications

Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure.

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The Big Data Opportunity for Communicators


It might seem hard to believe, but many communicators are still using methods and techniques that date back to the 1970s. With communicators under increasing pressure to prove the value of their work, the industry urgently needs a fresh new approach.

How to Effectively Communicate Your Rebrand


The naming process itself requires a lot of heavy lifting, but so does the communication that must follow. The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) recommends communicating the following in writing to all stakeholders: Timeline.

How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

Insights from expert marketing and communications pros who are doing it today

Communicators Must Lead

Waxing UnLyrical

When I was growing up in the world of PR, many communicators who were considered successful were primarily doers. Now, however, I believe communicators must truly be leaders to be effective. The first is the role of influence in communications today. Communicators Must Lead.

5 Reasons Why Communications Internships Are Extremely Beneficial


When I finally received news that I had been accepted to a strategic communications internship for the summer, I was worried that it would not be worth it for me. Read on to learn why communications internships are extremely beneficial.

Welcome to the Future of Earned Media Communications


It wouldn’t quite be accurate for me to write that “earned media is back,” because to many communicators, it never actually left. Meanwhile, earned media hasn’t had that same level of technology and data, leaving communicators struggling to demonstrate the value compared to paid and owned.

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication


It details a multi-country, multi-industry survey examining how successfully businesses communicate across their organizations. Key insight about companies is not properly communicated from the C-Suite to employees. Communicate continuously.

What is Crisis Communications?

Shift Communications

Crisis communications in the public relations world can have many different interpretations depending on who you ask, but here’s the fundamental definition: you’re trying to mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by third party sources.

Obtaining & Enhancing a Career in Communications

PR Expanded

On February 24th, IABC NJ, together with Rutgers University and the Rutgers PRSSA chapter, hosted a panel session on “Obtaining & Enhancing a Career in Communications.” The post Obtaining & Enhancing a Career in Communications appeared first on Deirdre Breakenridge.

Trust: A Communicator’s Lifeline


As the communications industry prepares for this weekend and next week’s PRSA 2016 International Conference , the question is: How has the conversation around trust evolved over the past 12 months? Trust is foundational to how we grow, both as communicators and the brands we serve.

Making The Case for Excluding Jargon From Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

” When I talk, train and write about crisis communications, I always say that your audiences want (and expect) to communicate with the people behind the brand, not with your logo. Cut jargon out of your crisis communication vocabulary.

5 Reasons Email Is Key for Communication in 2016


The argument for diversification of and focus on different (newer, shiny, social) communication platforms is complex: for every advantage there is an equally compelling disadvantage. Two key takeaways for PR and marketing professionals: Email is a reliable way to communicate at scale.

Your Guide for Data Breach Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Does your organization communicate confidential information and trade secrets via email? Considering this fact and considering the high probability that this risk may one day become your living nightmare, then planning for such a crisis within your crisis communication plan is a must do.

Communicating Like Never Before is Easier Than You Think


” In PR and communications, we’ve faced a familiar challenge for quite some time. But, there are often more simple, overlooked steps we can take to communicate faster, more effectively and enact more change than public relations has ever been able to before.

A Look At Academic Research on Crisis Communication From #AEJMC14

Melissa Agnes

I’m always interested in seeing what’s being studied in universities these days, as well as the academic’s approach to the theoretical side of crisis communication, and so this day of observation and interaction was very fascinating for me.

Responsible communication leadership: putting employees first

PR Conversations

Perhaps we need a new approach towards leadership—an approach that builds on the principles of responsible leadership highlighted above, but one that also focuses more on the importance of communication. This is essentially a communicative process. By Dr Kevin Ruck.

Teaching Crisis Communication: Embracing the Research to Practice Model

Melissa Agnes

I had a chance to be on Melissa’s podcast a few weeks ago to talk about some of the trends and challenges professors who are teaching crisis communications are facing today. So the question is: Which one is better to adapt for a crisis communication class? Post by Karen Freberg.

The Power of Finding New Ways To Communicate The Same Important Message

Melissa Agnes

Finding a new, relatable way to communicate the same important message is a strong and intelligent communication strategy. The same thinking needs to be applied to your communications. ” What they’ve done here is found a new way to communicate an important message.

Using Lean Management to Communicate in a Great Way

Ron Torossian

Lean management is a holistic approach to running a company and how your organization can benefit from this style of communication. The post Using Lean Management to Communicate in a Great Way appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5WPR Founder Blog.

6 Quotes on Effective Communication From Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk , business builder and owner of VaynerMedia , knows the secret to attracting your audience: quality content and effective communication. Here are six of Gary Vaynerchuk’s top quotes on successfully communicating on social media: 1.

Five Storytelling Techniques to Give Business Communications Liftoff

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Storytelling is the new “black” when it comes to business communications.

Examining the (weird) science of communication presentations

PR Conversations

Whether it is a field of scientific endeavour, a corporate communications challenge or an attempt to communicate the position of a government or government department, a diverse talent pool will eventually do a better job than a single demographic. Diversity key in communicating ideas.

Why communicators should be paying more attention to Glassdoor

Communications Conversations

Except here’s the thing: I think there are huge benefits for communicators as well. I’m not saying communicators need to get involved in managing the platform (although, in some cases, I believe that would help). Corporate Communications Employee Communications

Romancing the C-Suite: How to Communicate Results That Resonate

PR Expanded

Sure, CEOs are far less likely to be wooed than a Tinder date, but there are certain steps you can take to put the odds in your favor when communicating PR results, why they’re important, and how you’ll evolve your strategy based on those findings. Follow these three steps next time it’s on you to communicate value to decision makers, and you just may find yourself in a very sweet place. Communicators can be verbose, and we sometimes layer in too much irrelevant information.

If Communications Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It Well

PR News

Perhaps we can augment that aphorism: “Dying is easy, communicating is hard.” The post If Communications Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It Well appeared first on PR News Blog. Communications“Dying is easy, comedy is hard,” has been attributed to different people, from the actors Jack Lemmon and Gregory Peck to thespians Edmund Kean and Edmund Gwenn. At the spring summit of the Arthur W. Page Society last week in NY, activist Tamika… Continued.

Digital Crisis Communications: When to Shut Up

Waxing UnLyrical

The moon must be in the seventh house, or something, because all of a sudden all I see and hear is about digital crisis communications. Among other storied clients, Andy worked with Tylenol during its 1982 crisis , now a classic case study for communicators of all ages and stages.

4 guidelines for nonprofit communications

PR Daily

When it comes to communications, normally generous nonprofits can be downright stingy. Whether because of shoestring budgets, lack of investment or strategic prioritization, charities tend to treat communications as a back-burner issue.

Politics & Corporate Communications: Rules of Engagement

Return on Reputation

While there are questions coming at a pace we’ve rarely seen, once thing is clear – the role of communications in increasingly important. The post Politics & Corporate Communications: Rules of Engagement appeared first on Return On Reputation - MWWPR. Corporate Communications Crisis Communications Social Media immigration ban Politics reputation managementWith the White House flooding the zone, there is a new reputation topic worth talking about almost every day.

3 Key Trends Influencing the Future of Communications


The Media and Communications industry is evolving rapidly. Brands that do not adapt a progressive approach to marketing and communications will fail to keep up with competitors and become increasingly disconnected from their customers.

The Role of The Social CEO in Your Crisis Communications

Melissa Agnes

As my mind continually wraps around risk and crisis communications (I can’t help it, it just works that way), this study leaves me with a question of concern: If trust in executives is at an all-time low, how can this work against your organization in a crisis?

8 Great Linked Tactics for Communicators


A successful integrated marketing communications (IMC) practice incorporates concepts like core strategy statements, cross-platform strategies, and iterative measurement practices. Consciously creating strong, linked tactics can infuse any communications campaign with some IMC flavor.

4 qualities of expert communicators

PR Daily

Corporate communicators at the top of their game may be hard to identify at a glance. Only by working with an expert communicator can you determine their true nature. Here are four surefire ways to tell when you are in the presence of phenomenal corporate communicators: 1.

4 Areas of Communication You Need to Integrate


Cision’s Heidi Sullivan discussed the importance of integrating your communication efforts. With the right measurement tool , you can report on the success of your communication and pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. Your audience’s attention is more fractured than ever.

The “Smart Communications” Revolution: How to Optimize Earned Media Programs


Your public relations and communications programs should be the most vital part of your company’s media strategy. Most companies have a large unrealized opportunity available to them from their communications programs because they have under invested in earned media.

3 Mind-blowing Ways to Disrupt the Communications Status Quo


How communicators can bring effective change to today’s media landscape. Today’s communicators are finding themselves stuck in ruts of all kinds when it comes to communicating the right message to the right audience. With rapidly evolving technology and new mediums of communication, we’re getting to a place where an insane amount of time is being spent on the packaging and overall delivery of what we’re saying, but the actual message is getting lost in translation.

Kevin Akeroyd Talks Cision’s Role in the Rise of the Communication Cloud


In this interview, Akeroyd discusses what inspired him to join Cision as the chief executive, how the Cision Communication Cloud™ is trailblazing a new category in SaaS cloud technology, why earned media is every CMO’s best friend and more.

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TCIP #028 – Cross-Cultural Communication in Crisis with Brigitte Stock

Melissa Agnes

Amongst other things, successfully managing a global crisis means understanding the impact that different cultures have on your crisis communication – and being prepared to communicate effectively with all of the different cultures involved in the crisis.

Inside Innovation: ING Bank Communications team

The Resolution Blog

What we didn’t realize we would find is a Communication team driving the restructure of the business to become Agile! Here we speak to ING Bank communications director, Johan van der Zanden to find out how his comms team became Agile and the success they have felt since.