Media Monitoring Comparison Report


G2 Crowd, the leading independent business software review company, has compiled a report that compares Onclusive, Meltwater, Cision and Muck Rack, and we are delighted to share it with you. The post Media Monitoring Comparison Report appeared first on Onclusive.

NYT’s Carl Hulse on what drives and captures the attention of reporters

PR Daily

See more episodes of The Friday Reporter here. The post NYT’s Carl Hulse on what drives and captures the attention of reporters appeared first on PR Daily. Media Relations The Friday Reporter

Report 130

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How To Convince A Reporter to Cover Your Story

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

What can PR pros do to convince reporters to cover their story when they claim they are too busy? The post How To Convince A Reporter to Cover Your Story appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Report 289

Auto Supplier ESG Report Topics: Themes, Insights and Opportunities

Bianchi Biz Blog

During our recent study of ESG (environmental, social and governance) reporting habits of the top 25 North American automotive suppliers (according to Automotive News’ Top Suppliers Listing), we uncovered some 200 topics which we categorized into 12 larger buckets.

6 openings to avoid when pitching reporters

PR Daily

Yet, there are some tactics and opening lines that will quickly earn the ire of the reporter or editor you’re trying to reach. Don’t tell me a reporter what they already know. Don’t pretend you know a reporter if you don’t. Don’t disrespect a reporter’s time.

Report 166

Report reaches millions to raise awareness about addiction

PR Daily

Its clinical team analyzed urine drug tests from January 2015-November 2019 to identify trends in positivity rates of drug abuse as well as emerging threats (Millennium Health Signals Report Volume 2).

Report 128

Five Key Insights from the Top Automotive Suppliers’ ESG Reports

Bianchi Biz Blog

As mentioned in our recent Three Reasons ESG Communications Are Crucial for Automotive & Vehicle Technology Suppliers blog, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) reporting is rapidly becoming the hottest trend for mobility, automotive and vehicle technology suppliers. CSR Report: 5%.

The Third Quarter is a “Tell”: Seven Key Considerations for Quarterly Reporting | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

For companies on a December 31 st fiscal year, the third quarter is the 'tell' as to the full-year results: there’s only one quarter left, and at the time of reporting you’re well into that period.

Meet the Media: Alexa St. John, Transportation Reporter at Business Insider

Bianchi Biz Blog

John, transportation reporter at Business Insider. My reporting focuses on electric vehicles, the future of the legacy auto industry, the shift to electrification and startups in the EV space. I then reported for my college newspaper, The Michigan Daily , at the University of Michigan.

2018 Global Media Report


The 2018 Global Media Report reveals key findings: A 16% increase in the total number of media properties globally which published content from January to December 2018. In this report you will also see the AirPR 2018 Top 50 Publisher List which ranks global media platforms based on the total number of articles published. The post 2018 Global Media Report appeared first on Onclusive. The media landscape has never been as expansive as it is today.

Report 150

Report: Nearly 3 in 4 Americans report seeing disinformation weekly

PR Daily

A lack of trust in digital media is causing some to avoid consuming news at all, and for the second year in a row, Americans said family was the most trusted source of new information, per a new IPR report.

Report 136

Report: Only 8% of PR pitches result in media coverage

PR Daily

The barrier to entry for media relations is pretty low: All you really need is an email address, or perhaps social media profiles, to engage reporters at top-tier organizations. About 82% of opens happen within the first four hours of the pitch being sent,” Propel writes in the report. “If

Report 170

Meet the Media: Jordyn Grzelewski, Autos & Business Reporter at The Detroit News

Bianchi Biz Blog

I’m an autos and business reporter for The Detroit News. Some of the most fun I’ve had as a reporter has involved traveling to Washington, D.C. I later went home to report out a story about the end of The Vindicator. Finish this sentence: If I am not reporting, I am ….

What to Highlight in PR Measurement Analysis and Reports


Luckily, we’re experts on how to showcase the effect of communications in reports. Below are three best practices for your PR measurement analysis and reporting to MarComm leadership and executives. Most importantly, always consider the focus of the report.

Another PR Rabbit Hole to Avoid: Obscure Analyst Reports

Flack's Revenge

There’s another that has been bugging me and my teams: obscure analyst reports. See the Q & A below, from recent email exchange: We track various segments our clients compete in, and want to know of and get into the right reports. From Pixabay.

Report 170

“I was looking to save time in reporting and found a way to report on SEO from our PR coverage”

The Resolution Blog

The post “I was looking to save time in reporting and found a way to report on SEO from our PR coverage” appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook. More PR teams than ever understand the relationship between PR and SEO and are now looking for ways to talk to clients about it.

Report 215

Who PR Measurement Reports Should be Made For


Be honest: how often have you presented a report on the results of and next steps from the past month or quarter of public relations and communications work without knowing who was going to see it? What is the most important piece of information that you’d like from these reports?

Hispanic Heritage Month: What the U.S. Census Report Confirms About the Latinx Population and What it Means to Today’s Communicators

Business Wire

Census Report was released, revealing tremendous growth and change in the Hispanic population, plus a confirmation that the country is becoming more diverse. Hispanic Heritage Month takes place every year ( September 15-October 15 ) to celebrate and honor Hispanic Americans.

Report 286

Three Questions A PR Person Should Never Ask A Reporter

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

As a PR pro , you are constantly communicating with reporters, whether it be pitching, coordinating interviews, or interacting on social media. Here are several questions a PR professional should never ask a reporter. . But asking this of a reporter isn’t a good idea.

Report 208

Meet the Media: Nathan Bomey, Business Reporter at USA TODAY

Bianchi Biz Blog

I’ve been a business reporter at USA TODAY since 2015, based in the Washington, D.C. Before that, I was a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. I was fortunate enough to get a part-time staff writing job at age 17 for The Saline Reporter and continued working there through college.

Want to be a better communicator? Act like a reporter

PR Daily

A public relations executive for a Fortune 100 company once said with a sigh, “Sometimes, I think I knew more about my company when I was reporter.”. Act like a reporter—on your company. So how do good reporters think? How do you think like reporter?

Report 153

4 tactics that will grab reporters’ attention

PR Daily

With that as context, we’re finding that reporters are increasingly unlikely to do “getting to know you” call—they simply don’t have time, and everyone is sick of zoom. To generate stories, we need to bring reporters something interesting that gives them a reason to meet and write.

Report 168

[Whitepaper] The 2019 News Release Benchmark Report


Complete the form to download the report. The post [Whitepaper] The 2019 News Release Benchmark Report appeared first on Onclusive. One of the biggest questions in news distribution and investor relations is, “what is the real effect of my news release?”

Report 197

Lessons from the 2021 State of the Media Report


The most revealing journalist insights broken down by the numbers. Best Practices

Report 270

Meet the Media: Sean O’Kane, Senior Reporter at The Verge

Bianchi Biz Blog

I’m a senior reporter at The Verge , and I cover the emerging technologies and business side of transportation companies big and small, with a special focus on electric vehicles. Finish this sentence: If I am not reporting, I am ….

Introducing Cision's New Analytics Dashboards and Interactive Reports


Today we are so excited to introduce our powerful new Analytics Dashboards and Interactive Reports, the latest addition to Cision’s Next Generation Communications Cloud.

New Ruder Finn report explores Americans’ outlook on the future

Agility PR Solutions

The post New Ruder Finn report explores Americans’ outlook on the future appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Uncertainty still holds sway over the nation’s cultural zeitgeist, and has businesses and marketers unsure how to proceed in order to connect with consumers.

Report 110

How These Reporters See the Media Landscape Changing


Cision recently released its annual State of the Media Report , which uncovers the latest trends and challenges facing the media industry, and how PR professionals can work with their journalist counterparts better. PR Training Thought Leadership journalism Media Relations reporters

Report 149

20 Cybersecurity Reporters To Follow On Twitter

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Twitter is an essential resource for PR pros whose job requires them to stay up-to-date and engaged with reporters across different sectors. Start by following these 20 cybersecurity reporters. Catalin is ZDNet’s cybersecurity reporter.

Report: Measuring PR’s value remains communicators’ top challenge

PR Daily

Muck Rack’s “The State of PR 2019” report revealed that measurement remains PR pros’ biggest challenge with 72% saying they struggle to measure the business impact their efforts produce and 65% saying they lack quantifiable metrics for their campaigns. Muck Rack reported that most PR pros use productivity tools to increase efficiency on time spent with emails (98%) and documents (87%), with another 58% using productivity tools to maximize spreadsheet efficacy.

Report 131

Report: 69% of PR pros pitch 100 journalists or fewer at a time

PR Daily

In a report from Agility PR Solutions, media pitching efforts found more success between June 2020 and May 2021. According to the report, most agency professionals pitch to fewer journalists, with 75% pitching 100 or fewer contacts for coverage.

Report 145

Free Google Slides template for your next PR report

The Resolution Blog

We know technology costs can difficult sometimes and not everyone has a designer on hand to create slick reports. If this is you, look no further we have put together a FREE PR report template for you to use.

Google 187

Report: Digital content accessibility has big impact on brand reputation

PR Daily

Current Global’s report also warns brands against reading too much into scorecards that show organizations are bettering expectations when it comes to content accessibility. You can read the full report and download other assets here.

Traffic Reports Take a Detour

HMA Public Relations

We are one example of how traffic in the Valley has changed and now, how it is reported. Among the many, many changes brought on by the pandemic has been people’s commutes to-and-from work. At HMA Public Relations, commuting is a thing of the past as our staff is now working remotely.

What to Expect for 2021: Key Takeaways from the 2020 Comms Report


Key takeaways from our 2020 Comms Report to help you plan for 2021. Best Practices

Report 305

3 tips for building better relationships with reporters

PR Daily

By investing in the stories that matter for reporters, you can become an essential partner and trusted resource. The post 3 tips for building better relationships with reporters appeared first on PR Daily.

Report 163

PR Reporting for People Who Care About Data


The thing about PR reporting is that it’s really fun when you have positive results to share and the opposite when you don’t. PR Education PR data PR reporting public relationsBut it doesn’t have to be this way. Even when a campaign doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped it would, valuable learnings always lie between the lines. That’s why this week, we’re sharing […].

Report 153

A Cision Report: The State of the 2020 Election


Join us each week as we update our media analysis of The State of the 2020 Election. US Blog

Report 298

Report: PR pros outnumber journalists by a 6-to-1 ratio

PR Daily

As journalist Mike Rosenberg explained in a 2016 piece for Muck Rack , if you search terms like “journalism” or “reporter,” in a job search, you’re more likely to find a list of jobs that have virtually nothing to do with news or news production. When that piece was published just two years ago, there were nearly five PR professionals for every single reporter, double the rate from the decade before. Back in 2000, the pay gap between the PR pros and reporters was just over $6,000.

Report 276

Here Are the 6 Facets of Effective PR and Marketing Reporting


And for busy C-suite executives, reviewing a 10-page report as opposed to flipping through three top-line slides is often the difference between whether […]. PR Education PR reportingMonstrous file sizes, misguided statistics, focusing on tactics instead of outcomes and insights… The ways in which we can deplete the quality of our work when sharing PR and marketing results are vast.

Report 174