PR Reporting for People Who Care About Data


The thing about PR reporting is that it’s really fun when you have positive results to share and the opposite when you don’t. PR Education PR data PR reporting public relations

5 Ways to Get Reporters to Respond to Pitches


Ninety-three percent of journalists prefer to receive pitches by email, according to Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report. Get on reporters’ radar. If reporters recognize your name on an email, they will be more likely to read and answer your pitch.

Better Measurement and Reporting for Solo PR Pros

Solo PR Pro

Still, even with clear expectations, once you are faced with actually pulling together a report, it can be daunting. What you measure and report on will vary depending on the client, but there are guidelines that will apply to all.

Improving Your PR Reporting in 2016


Public Relations Software Public Relations Measurement PR ReportingPublic relations professionals will be under increased pressure in 2016 to show PR’s impact on the organization with ROI focused PR metrics similar to what advertising and marketing departments already provide.

Development Report Q4 2017


PressPage Mail. Several updates have been completed to Presspage Mail, our module which enables users to manage contacts and create and send email campaigns directly from within PressPage.

Annual reports should report what matters

Stuart Bruce

Many PR professionals help companies and organisations to create annual reports, but despite improvements to make them more interesting they are still frequently just focused on financial data with everything else relegated to mere cosmetic additions. Annual report to customers.

Free Report! What’s the State of the Media?


So how can you keep up and get your brand on reporters’ radar? Cision’s new State of the Media 2016 Report provides a unique perspective on recent industry trends to help you shape your media outreach. Read the free report today!

What to Include in Your Email Pitch to Reporters


Stick to what 83 percent of reporters prefer: a simple email. For reporters, a captivating headline is key to capturing the public’s attention. For PR professionals, a clear, concise subject line is key to getting reporters to open and read your pitch.

Pitching Media in the Digital Age With Jessica Wohl, Food & Beverage Reporter, Ad Age


Recently our Chicago team invited Jessica Wohl , Food and Restaurant Reporter at Advertising Age , into its offices for a Lunch and Learn with the media team. Don’t send teaser emails – they waste both your time and the reporter’s. [By Alex Hoag].

Here Are the 6 Facets of Effective PR and Marketing Reporting


And for busy C-suite executives, reviewing a 10-page report as opposed to flipping through three top-line slides is often the difference between whether […]. PR Education PR reportingMonstrous file sizes, misguided statistics, focusing on tactics instead of outcomes and insights… The ways in which we can deplete the quality of our work when sharing PR and marketing results are vast.

Internet Of One: Trend Report From Adobe Summit 2015

Doktor Spinn

Conference ReportsI’m at Adobe Summit in London, UK to speak at a panel. The digital marketing conference is massive with 4,000+ attendees and numerous breakout sessions.

4 Tips on Pitching U.S. News & World Report’s Devon Thorsby


Devon Thorsby is a real estate reporter for U.S. News & World Report ‘s Consumer Advice section and has been with the publication since October 2015. News & Wold Report

Using Twitter to Pitch Reporters: What You Need to Know


Reporters do use Twitter and other social media channels to find stories, but only if the source behind them is known and trusted. Find your reporters, follow them, then build up a rapport. For PR professionals, Twitter can be a great resource.

Development Report Q3 2017


Newsroom. The main element of our platform is of course the newsroom. To support our current and new customers better, the following updates have been made: New Countries added: Mexico and Argentina (Spanish) are now available in the Language/Country selection in the Manager.

Wendy Glavin and CommPRO Report on the Livestream: Breaking Down the State of the Media in 2017


Reported by Wendy Glavin, CEO & Founder, Wendy Glavin Agency and powered by CommPRO. Gallup reports: “Americans’ trust and confidence in the mass media ‘to report the news fully, accurately and fairly’ has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history.”.

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What PR Professionals Can Learn from Being Reporters First


My professors assumed every journalism student knew what PR was, so I never sought clarity on the job description, because I didn’t want to discredit my reporter title. I quickly fell in love with the field, and started to build my PR resume, but I’m thankful I worked as a reporter first.

4 surefire ways to anger a reporter

PR Daily

I know the following behaviors are guaranteed to irritate any editor, reporter or producer because I have been guilty of them myself. If you offer a scoop or tell a reporter they will be the first to cover an announcement or story, then you need to make good on that.

Global Communications Report: Predicting the future of the PR industry

Media Bullseye

Global Communications Report. Earlier this year, USC’s Annenberg Center for Public Relations released its second annual Global Communications Report. According to the report, only 34 percent of respondents choose traditional measurement as the top choice to analyze PR’s value.

The Rise of “Gotcha!” Reporting and Fall of Journalism


There is an unsettling trend of reporters chasing down officials and shoving microphones in their faces. This gotcha reporting tactic turns the news gathering process and subsequent stories into a sensationalized circus. Reporting and Fall of Journalism appeared first on LTPR.

[Part 3] How to Build a PR Report Your Company Will Actually Like


Top 5 Attributes of a Good PR Report. This is the third in a three-part series on creating a PR report that will be meaningful to your organization’s executive leadership or your client’s top decision makers. Public Relations Measurement PR Reporting

Report: Journalists want better digital newsrooms

PR Daily

Matt Purdue, a former journalist and the director of content strategy at PepperComm, says the key to getting coverage is easing a reporter’s search for information and materials: I've seen journalism change dramatically in recent years.

How to think like a reporter

PR Daily

"Think like a reporter.". How do reporters think? I was a news reporter. When you set aside the "It's all about me" mindset and flip your pitch to help a targeted demographic solve their challenges (it's all about them), reporters will be more likely to consider your pitch.

9 Media Relations Tips for 2016


Cision recently published its annual State of the Media Report , which I find to be one of the most valuable resources for understanding changes in news media environment. If media relations is part of your job, I highly recommend you review Cision’s report in detail.

Can PR pros and reporters be friendly?

PR Daily

There seems to be a lot of talk about how reporters dislike PR pros. Is the supposed uneasy relationship between reporters and PR pros real, or just a lot of hype? We believe there are ways to foster a healthy relationship with reporters. Make the reporter a priority.

Report: The best (and worst) brand reputations

PR Daily

According to the report, however, there has been noticeable improvement: Bank of America topped the list of companies with the worst reputations last year. According to Virgin CEO Richard Branson, “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.”.

Development Report Q2 2017


Content modules. All content modules will be treated to an UI/UX update, which we’re gradually implementing per module. Currently there are 10 modules delivered. Updated and future modules will have the following requirements: Improvement of workflow. Option to multiply. Choice of custom title.

4 Sources to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch


When a reporter writes about you, it’s an unbiased look at your brand, whereas advertising is heavily slanted in your direction. But a good pitch starts with finding the right reporters. Engagement Tip: When you find reporters through source No.

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When Everyone is a Reporter, Everyone in your Organization is a Spokesperson

Melissa Agnes

The post When Everyone is a Reporter, Everyone in your Organization is a Spokesperson appeared first on Agnes + Day. By Patrice Cloutier, Strategic communications professional and member of the Agnes + Day Crisis Intelligence Team.

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5 ways to win over reporters

PR Daily

But securing effective media coverage is a lot more complex than simply sending an email blast to multiple reporters. That means you must know the publications and reporters that cover your space—and should read them on a regular basis. Keeping up with what reporters are writing about in key, relevant publications to your industry allows you to see what stories have been covered and what new angles can be presented.

Report: New study highlights PR's deficiencies

PR Daily

This is one report card we might not want to hang on the fridge. Since the same study was conducted in 2015, report card grades in the categories of “job engagement,” “job satisfaction” and “culture of organization” have all slipped. download the full report here.

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Must PR pros have established relationships to pitch reporters?

PR Daily

I recently wrote a piece for PR Daily about how PR practitioners can foster better relationships with reporters. Whether or not PR pros and reporters should be friends is a tough ethical question. In that way, it stands to reason that getting to know reporters can work in your favor.

Report: Marketers struggling to gauge social media ROI

PR Daily

Here’s the gist, as reported by survey director and Duke professor Christine Moorman: Social media spending is expected to climb to a 20.9 percent of marketing leaders report that social media contributes very highly to firm performance; 40 percent report a below average contribution.

3 PR Takeaways from the State of the Media Report by Cision

Sword and the Script

That’s according to the 2017 State of the Media Report by Cision , which surveyed some 1,500 journalists in the U.S. This report is an annual event and the vast majority of respondents stemmed from traditional media outlets.

Report: 95% of content doesn’t garner engagement

PR Daily

A recent report by Beckon revealed that the average amount of image and video content that brand managers created and posted tripled over the past year. However, the report also showed that 90 percent of consumer engagement was engendered by only 5 percent of branded content. “In

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10 PR behaviors that scare off reporters

PR Daily

Here are 10 behaviors that can put a nail in the coffin of a PR pro/reporter relationship: 1. That’s a too aggressive; the reporter probably hasn’t had time to weed through the pitches they received last week to read your original email.

Finding Leads: 6 Takes from the 2018 Chief Marketer B2B Lead Gen Report

Sword and the Script

That’s my take on some of the data from the 2018 Chief Marketer B2B lead gen report. The report noted in observation: “Fifty-eight percent of respondents cited engagement as a big challenge, compared to 35 percent in our 2017 survey. 33% research reports.

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Why Your PR Reporting Could be Killing Your Success


There’s an old business axiom that goes, “That which gets measured improves.” It’s true. Just ask the folks at Wells Fargo. They measured sales representatives on the number of new accounts opened and boy, did that number go up.

Report: The future of PR is content marketing

PR Daily

The full marketing trend report can be downloaded on Fractl’s website An effective campaign outreach process begins with understanding which techniques are working and which are falling out of favor. What’s in and what’s out in communications campaigns this year? BuzzStream and Fractl.

3 Ways Journalists Use Twitter as a Reporting Tool


Twitter’s stock tumbled after CEO Jack Dorsey reported the company lost $500 million dollars over the last year. According to Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report , 21.6 Get our predictions in this year’s report! The State of the Media 2016 Report found that 64.3

5 ways PR pros can build relationships with reporters

PR Daily

There’s a right way—and a wrong way—to make an impression on a reporter. Here are five ways you can start building a relationship with a reporter today: 1. Reporters cover “beats,” specific topics and areas of interest.