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Report for America is an organization whose primary goal is to bring community journalism back to our communities. The post Report for America appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

PR Reporting for People Who Care About Data


The thing about PR reporting is that it’s really fun when you have positive results to share and the opposite when you don’t. PR Education PR data PR reporting public relations

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Here Are the 6 Facets of Effective PR and Marketing Reporting


And for busy C-suite executives, reviewing a 10-page report as opposed to flipping through three top-line slides is often the difference between whether […]. PR Education PR reportingMonstrous file sizes, misguided statistics, focusing on tactics instead of outcomes and insights… The ways in which we can deplete the quality of our work when sharing PR and marketing results are vast.

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Top 10 Bleacher Report Staff on Twitter


This week, we highlight the top Bleacher Report staff on Twitter ranked by follower count. The post Top 10 Bleacher Report Staff on Twitter appeared first on Cision. Followers were pulled on September 8, 2017 and may change over time. Ric Bucher – Senior Writer – 840,713.

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2015 World PR Report: Concerns Around Media Relations And Measurement


Patrick Coffee had insightful commentary on the Holmes Report’s 2015 World PR Report , where he “respectfully disagreed” with the report’s claim that “media relations skills are not seen as particularly relevant.”. By Seedepth.

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Monday Roundup: Smart Reporting

Waxing UnLyrical

Tomorrow #measurePR takes a look at smart reporting with three stellar guests: Founder and CEO of IrisPR, Aly Saxe ; CEO of Geben Communication, Heather Whaling ; and digital PR Strategist and Author of “SMART News,” Sally Falkow. Around the Web smart reporting

4 Tips on Pitching U.S. News & World Report’s Devon Thorsby


Devon Thorsby is a real estate reporter for U.S. News & World Report ‘s Consumer Advice section and has been with the publication since October 2015. News & Wold Report

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A Public Relations Situation: Tips For Wrangling Reporters

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Here are a few recent examples of “reporters gone rogue” and how we turned the potential lemons into lemonade. When a reporter does an interview, then vanishes. While no PR person wants to annoy a reporter or burn a relationship, we need and deserve to be kept in the loop.

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Report: Affluent consumer habits, demographics and splurges

PR Daily

Here are some key insights from the report: Demographics. Affluent Americans do not necessarily view themselves as financially secure—and many are thrifty spenders—the report found.

Report: The State of Online Video [infographic]

Doktor Spinn

According to a recent report, 80% of all online videos are shorter than 5 minutes, however, these videos only drive less than a third of the total engagement. You can download the full report here. Contrary to what most experts say, longer videos tend to drive higher engagement.

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5 Ways to Get Reporters to Respond to Pitches


Ninety-three percent of journalists prefer to receive pitches by email, according to Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report. Get on reporters’ radar. If reporters recognize your name on an email, they will be more likely to read and answer your pitch.

Report: Overcoming creative marketing professionals’ biggest challenges

PR Daily

The 2018 In-house Creative Management Report , produced by InSource and inMotionNow , shows the value of creative efforts to marketing and communications campaigns—but it also revealed that professionals on creative teams face many struggles.

How to Write News Release Headlines Reporters Love

Business Wire

Don’t just tell reporters you’re opening an office in a new city, highlight the effects of the move on the neighborhood, your overall business, and the industry.

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What to Include in Your Email Pitch to Reporters


Stick to what 83 percent of reporters prefer: a simple email. For reporters, a captivating headline is key to capturing the public’s attention. For PR professionals, a clear, concise subject line is key to getting reporters to open and read your pitch.

5 Ways to Get Reporters to Respond to Pitches


Ninety-three percent of journalists prefer to receive pitches by email, according to Cision’s State of the Media 2016 Report. Get on reporters’ radar. If reporters recognize your name on an email, they will be more likely to read and answer your pitch.

Periscope and Meerkat : The New ‘Twitter’ for Reporters


I interviewed reporters and producers about the biggest challenges facing them in preparing the news in a rapidly-changing media environment. Not surprisingly, there wasn’t a single mention of “learning how to use Twitter in my reporting.”

Login for Some Pitching Tips With Tech Reporter Ina Fried


It’s usually 3-5 items long, including two or three freshly reported items, the Take Note section with what’s on tap, who is changing jobs and a couple worthwhile stories from around the web. My approach to reporting is similar to what it has always been.

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Development Report Q1 2017


Some other improvements to the PressPage platform are worth mentioning in this development report as well. development,news,development report,about PressPagePressPage Mail.

How to report on your communication to the C-suite

Media Bullseye

Producing a useful analysis or report to C-level executives is an exercise in precise, relevant and to the point communication. Thus, it is a common mistake among communication professionals to include too much detail in our reporting, when we should be focusing on a few key elements.

3 Tips for Pitching Reporters and Influencers


Cision’s 2015 Social Journalism Study found that 83 percent of reporters prefer receiving pitches via email. Look for what you or your brand has in common with the reporter or influencer. Comment on reporters’ published articles. Pitching is like a science project.

Reporting on the state of the PR industry


Nearly five years ago to date, when I was still in my twenties and San Francisco rent didn’t eat up half of one’s salary (imagine that!), I set out to solve a problem that many said would be “nearly impossible to do.” As any entrepreneur would, I thought: “PERFECT! I’m in.”

Fast Forward for PR Education: Reflections on lated CPRE report

Karen Freberg

The Commission on Public Relations Education (CPRE) has explored the trends, issues, and needs for public relations programs for the last several years, and they provide some regular reports on the current state of the PR curriculum on a vast array of different topics.

Better Measurement and Reporting for Solo PR Pros

Solo PR Pro

Still, even with clear expectations, once you are faced with actually pulling together a report, it can be daunting. What you measure and report on will vary depending on the client, but there are guidelines that will apply to all.

2015 State of the News Media Report

The Proactive Report

Pew Research released their 2015 State of the Media report this week. 39 of the top 50 digital news websites have more traffic to their sites and associated applications coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers says the report.

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Annual reports should report what matters

Stuart Bruce

Many PR professionals help companies and organisations to create annual reports, but despite improvements to make them more interesting they are still frequently just focused on financial data with everything else relegated to mere cosmetic additions. Annual report to customers.

Using Twitter to Pitch Reporters: What You Need to Know


Reporters do use Twitter and other social media channels to find stories, but only if the source behind them is known and trusted. Find your reporters, follow them, then build up a rapport. For PR professionals, Twitter can be a great resource.

Development Report Q4 2017


PressPage Mail. Several updates have been completed to Presspage Mail, our module which enables users to manage contacts and create and send email campaigns directly from within PressPage.

4 Sources to Find the Right Reporters to Pitch


When a reporter writes about you, it’s an unbiased look at your brand, whereas advertising is heavily slanted in your direction. But a good pitch starts with finding the right reporters. Engagement Tip: When you find reporters through source No.

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LinkedIn reports earnings growth

PR Daily

This is expected to be LinkedIn’s last report, as the company announced it would not update its outlook for the full year. LinkedIn is looking strong as it prepares for its merger with Microsoft.

4 INSPIRING EXAMPLES: How to tell your brand story via an end-of-year report

PR Warrior

Large companies with lots of shareholders tend to publish annual reports. These reports tend to be dense and hard to read. The post 4 INSPIRING EXAMPLES: How to tell your brand story via an end-of-year report appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young.

Free Report! What’s the State of the Media?


So how can you keep up and get your brand on reporters’ radar? Cision’s new State of the Media 2016 Report provides a unique perspective on recent industry trends to help you shape your media outreach. Read the free report today!

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The Rise of “Gotcha!” Reporting and Fall of Journalism


There is an unsettling trend of reporters chasing down officials and shoving microphones in their faces. This gotcha reporting tactic turns the news gathering process and subsequent stories into a sensationalized circus. Reporting and Fall of Journalism appeared first on LTPR.

How to Engage Reporters on Social: Q&A With Ian Greenleigh


Journalists are bombarded by pitches every day, making it easy for yours to get lost in the shuffle. So how can you increase the chances of receiving a response? Ian Greenleigh, author of “ The Social Media Side Door ,” says it’s all about establishing rapport with journalists first.

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Report: When to mention your brand in your content

PR Daily

After evaluating more than 300 pieces of brand content, Pressboard reported that articles in which the organization sponsoring it was mentioned in the first 100 words carried an average reading time of 56.2

Q&A: How to build relationships with senior reporters

PR Daily

To get the bottom of this problem, we talked with Devin Banerjee, the senior editor of financial services at LinkedIn and former Bloomberg reporter who spent seven years covering private equity deals. FREE DOWNLOAD: How reporters use social media in their jobs ].

Development Report Q3 2017


Newsroom. The main element of our platform is of course the newsroom. To support our current and new customers better, the following updates have been made: New Countries added: Mexico and Argentina (Spanish) are now available in the Language/Country selection in the Manager.

Internet Of One: Trend Report From Adobe Summit 2015

Doktor Spinn

Conference ReportsI’m at Adobe Summit in London, UK to speak at a panel. The digital marketing conference is massive with 4,000+ attendees and numerous breakout sessions.

PR Reporting startup CoverageBook raises $2 million from large group of angel investors to fund…

The Resolution Blog

PR Reporting startup CoverageBook raises $2 million from large group of angel investors to fund existing & new products CoverageBook , a dedicated reporting SaaS tool for public relations, has announced a funding round of $2 million from a large group of over 1,500 angel investors.

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3 Ways to Target the Right Reporters & Influencers


Third-party validation from reporters, journalists and influential social personalities can make a big impact on your brand. Stay on top of reporters’ beats and influencers’ topics of interest. Want to extend your brand’s reach and engage with new members of your target audience?

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Improving Your PR Reporting in 2016


Public Relations Software Public Relations Measurement PR ReportingPublic relations professionals will be under increased pressure in 2016 to show PR’s impact on the organization with ROI focused PR metrics similar to what advertising and marketing departments already provide.