3 Ways to Revitalize Your Instagram Feed

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Instagram doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to algorithm updates or adding new features like the Superzoom tool—and neither should you

5 New Social Media Tools That You Should Know About


There are some recently released social media tools that communication and marketing professionals may find very helpful…or at least find good to know about. And the job search feature should be a helpful tool for professional seeking a transition.

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3 Digital Tools That Improve PR

The Proactive Report

These five tools can do just that. The biggest advantage digital tools give us is the ability to track and analyze our work and show value from our results. These three tools could totally change the way you work and give you the skills the C-suite value most right now.

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Social Tools Summit Wrap

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I attended and really enjoyed the Social Tools Summit in Boston earlier this week. The day was chock full of discussions and helpful information about the many aspects of social media marketing – it covered challenges, best practices, and yes – tools.

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How To Use Tech Tools to Improve Your Content


Tech tools make me seem like a better writer than I am. My content pieces are often readable and coherent despite my abilities because of a gauntlet of tech tools I use to improve them before publishing (I also have good editors, which for the purposes of this piece we’ll ignore).

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Increasing PR Productivity With New Tech Tools

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

So we thought it was time for a look at some new tech tools and apps to help our industry find more effective ways to save time and increase productivity. Sendible supports over 20 platforms and boasts a sophisticated prospecting tool to help connect to and convert leads.

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Strategy & Tech Tools Can Boost Content Success

The Proactive Report

Tech Tools. The eMarketer article suggests that tech tools are the answer to this problem. You do need tech tools to monitor and analyze conversations so that you understand your audience, create personas and find topics of interest for your content. PR strategy tech tools

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5 Quick Tips and Tools for Today’s PR Professional


One of the most exciting things about the current state of the PR industry is the vast amount of tools and solutions that are now available to us. Here are a few class-act tools and clever tips that will give you a noticeable edge in your communications role.

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4 Ways Analytics Tools Improve PR


So how can PR Analytics tools help? Retain and Win Clients – when an agency uses a PR Analytics tool to monitor campaign success, it’s much easier to point to ROI and build case studies quickly. Too many times we see PR teams who think that just buying a tool is enough – it isn’t.

The Most Important PR Measurement Tool You’re Not Using


Fortunately, Google has a free tool called Google Tag Manager that can give you more granular data from your web properties (note that Tag Manager also has a mobile SDK, although I focus on the web application).

The Latest & Greatest Social Media & Marketing Tools


It’s exciting to see so many tools to help us be better at social media and content marketing, though it can be overwhelming to keep up with them and learn how to use them all! Fortunately for you, I’ve done the work for you by identifying five fantastic marketing tools.

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5 Data Visualization Tools That Anyone Can Use


More than just charts or graphs, today’s tools allow journalists and communication professionals to provide interactive content in very customizable and visually pleasing ways. Fortunately, there are a lot of newer data visualization tools that take care of the coding for you.

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Off to the Social Tools Summit

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I am very much looking forward to attending the Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools15) in Boston next Tuesday, where I will be moderating a session on content marketing. The post Off to the Social Tools Summit appeared first on.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Content With the Right Tools


There are still ways to make your content stand out from the rest, however, and it starts with the right marketing tools. Ian suggested nine different tools to complement your content efforts, including Inbound Writer , Ahrefs and Buzzsomo. The Internet is overloaded with content.

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Social Tools Summit Wrap

Flack's Revenge

I enjoyed attending my third consecutive Social Tools Summit event in Boston last week, where I moderated a panel on branding and thought leadership. Social Tools may not be the biggest or splashiest event – but it fosters great dialog, networking and learning. Social Tools.

Social Tools Summit Cheat Sheet

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There simply is no substitute for being at Social Tools Summit (well, accessing the live stream was the next best thing). The tweets feature tons of great advice, links to resources, running commentary on the day’s activities – and of course lots of social tools talk.

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Attribution: The Most Valuable Tool PR Pros Aren’t Using


Select and secure tools: Find the solution that helps you achieve your unique business goals and keeps you on budget. Execute: Create a timeline to assign task owners, train team members, and integrate the tools into your systems.

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10 outstanding marketing analytics tools

PR Daily

The Internet may be flooded with data tools of every size and shape, but not all data tools are created equal. Because there is no single analytics tool that covers all your marketing needs, you'll have to use several to fully understand every part of your business or website.

Which Tools Should You Choose for Podcasting Success?


Recording podcasts is a lot simpler than it seems, especially when you have the right tools. Podcasting has garnered a lot of attention lately and for good reason.

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Embracing Language as a Storytelling Tool for PR in 2018


This month, PRsay will feature posts by a variety of thought leaders on the year ahead for communicators and the PR profession. A shorter version of this response first appeared in the January issue of Strategies & Tactics. So, I studied Latin in high school and college. Conjugated verbs.

New Tools PR Pros Need to Discover


Tools are constantly popping up to help communication professionals save time, easily connect with journalist and influencers, and produce better results for their company and clients. Trying new tools for the short free trail week is more often than not confusing and time-consuming.

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3 Measurement Tools for PR Pros


PR professionals are realizing that measurement needs to be a standard part of every campaign strategy—and, luckily, there are tools and technology now to make it a bit easier. Below are three types of tools you can use to demonstrate the ROI and impact of your campaigns. Google Tag Manager is a free tracking tool—similar to Google Analytics—except this function is designed to measure much more granular data from your website or landing page.

10 Free (or Cheap) Tools that Deliver Extraordinary Results for Content Development

Ishmael's Corner

With this as the backdrop, here are his top 10 tools and resources that he applies to content marketing campaigns. While we’ve built a creative services group within our company, here’s a tool for outsourcing design work. I plan to publish a post on this tool soon.

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Monday Roundup: The Right Business Tools

Waxing UnLyrical

On to this week’s roundup; and this week, we’re focusing on business tools. As we all know, the right business tools can save us time, money, and increase efficiency. So below are five posts that include helpful tools from around the web. Happy Monday!

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Drive Blog Traffic With These 4 Content Marketing Tools


It takes a little creativity, but once you break through the doldrums, you’ll find these to be quite effective tools to help you connect with your audience. There are even tools to help you create your own infographics, like Piktochart.

Tech Tool that Makes Digital PR a Breeze

The Proactive Report

I’ve been using my 10-step Digital PR plan for several years now and have long wished for one tool that could do everything needed to implement each step. Until recently I’ve had to use several tools, which drove me crazy. Social Media Case Studies tech tools

26 social media monitoring tools

PR Daily

For social media managers, choosing the right monitoring tool is like choosing a car. So do your due diligence when choosing a social media monitoring tool, because there are a bunch of them.

5 Problems the Right Content Marketing Tools Can Solve


Whatever your problem is, there is most likely a tool out there that can solve it. At his recent presentation at Content Marketing World , marketing technology expert Ian Cleary shared how the right tools can help solve your biggest content marketing problems.

7 pre-Internet PR tools

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At the risk of sounding like I live in the Smithsonian, please allow me to reflect on how times have changed. Modern public relations. preceded the Web by decades, and many working in the profession may not realize how archaic—and different—our daily work really was.

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13 Instagram tools brands should be using

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Here is a list of tools to help businesses establish, manage and broaden their presence on Instagram. There are tools to create and schedule posts, manage relationships, run promotions, display content and analyze engagements. is a tool to manage Instagram accounts.

Tips and tools for repurposing content

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An infographic from Express Writers offers six tips to do it well and tools that will make the task easier. As a corporate communicator, you are continually "feeding the content beast," churning out content day in and day out, leaving little time for anything else.

19 free social media analytics tools

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I''m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media. The answers are out there, and there are tools to help you find them. favorite Twitter tools , Followerwonk. Another Pinterest-only tool, Tailwind.

Tools of the Trade: PR Measurement

Media Bullseye

Any mention of PR measurement tools is eagerly followed and responded to—particularly any conversation about free or low-cost tools. First, let’s get one thing out of the way: tools aren’t ever going to make measurement completely effortless. Free Tools.

13 Tools For Creating Brilliant Articles

PR in Your Pajamas

In today’s guest post, freelance writer Kenneth Waldman shares tools that make it easier. Here, you will find a complete range of tools to make your writing stronger. The tool is free and will analyze up to 1,000 of your followers.

5 media relations tools for PR pros

PR Daily

These five tools can help PR pros find and connect with reporters and bloggers: 1. BlogDash offers PR pros access to more than 200,000 bloggers and has tools (and specialists) to help build campaigns.

The Competitive Edge of Marketing Tools Stems from Application [UML]

Sword and the Script

There is more than one way to view tools of the marketing or PR trade. Speed is a staple value proposition of technology and tools clearly have an influence on a craft, whether carpentry or PR or something else.

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Triple Shot: Visual Storytelling Tools


This year, I’m re-launching the prTini Double Shot with a focus on tools. And, since this is the first edition of 2015, I’m throwing in one extra tool for good measure. What other tools are you using? The post Triple Shot: Visual Storytelling Tools appeared first on prTini.

7 Data Visualization Tools That Anyone Can Use


More than just charts or graphs, today’s tools allow journalists and communication professionals to provide interactive content in very customizable and visually pleasing ways. Fortunately, there are a lot of newer data visualization tools that take care of the coding for you.

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The new marketing tool: Personal Branding

Public Relations Sydney

The post The new marketing tool: Personal Branding appeared first on Public Relations Sydney. Marketing tips PR tips Thought leadership marketing tool personal brandingIn today’s competitive environment, personal branding is critical if you want to be seen as a leader in your field.

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Facebook announces 'fundraiser' tool for nonprofit pages

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Facebook is looking to move past hollow gestures—such as simply “liking” a nonprofit’s Facebook page without donating—by partnering with 37 nonprofits in the United States and offering a fundraiser tool.