George Orwell Predicted How to Tweet Effectively

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Category: Flack Me Summary: The author created a set of writing guidelines that are more valuable today than when he created them

4 Tips to Write With More Purpose

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Category: Flack Me Summary: When you’re under deadline pressure, it’s tempting to fill the page with uninspired, cheap ingredients. Sloppy work does a disservice to your readers


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11 Great Writing Apps for Apple Devices

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Finding an outstanding iOS writing app can be challenging. Microsoft Word, arguably the best word processor available, was designed for Windows

6 writing mistakes to avoid

PR Daily

Here are six common AP mistakes to avoid, regardless of your audience, courtesy of Colleen Newvine’s “Credible Content Starts Here: Think and Write Like a Reporter” session on Ragan Training : Newvine should know. What are the writing mistakes that grind your gears, PR Daily readers?

Timeless writing lessons from ‘Sesame Street’

PR Daily

RELATED: Join us for our Writing and Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ]. Sue Horner is president of Get It Write. The post Timeless writing lessons from ‘Sesame Street’ appeared first on PR Daily.

Unleash your PR writing


If you love writing, you may find that this profession is ‘write’ for you (sorry, that pun just would not go away). Not all PR practitioners specialise in writing, of course, or even enjoy it. Of course, writing is not always easy. PR comes in many forms.

Translating Ogilvy’s 10 Writing Tips for 2020

Ishmael's Corner

David Ogilvy penned his infamous advice on writing on Sept. The post Translating Ogilvy’s 10 Writing Tips for 2020 appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations.

How to write without fear

PR Daily

Drew Magary, formerly of Deadspin , wrote an essay recently on “ How to write 10,000 words a week.” As Magary puts it, “Too many writers have been taught to be afraid of writing and have had their voices suppressed as a result.” That’s writing,” he says.

6 Writing Habits You Should Adopt in 2021


Set small writing goals in 2021 and see big results. Media Blog

13 timeless writing reminders

PR Daily

Writing doesn’t come easily for many people, but it’s a crucial skill to master in business—and in life. Strong writing skills will serve you well throughout your career. Here are 13 writing tips to remember, no matter the audience: 1. Write short sentences and paragraphs.

Writing for a weary, worn-down workforce

PR Daily

Write for yourself, too. It’s good to stretch those writing muscles in new and different ways. As Natalie Proulx shares in The New York Times , “Writing can also be deeply therapeutic. Do these writing prompts spark any creative ideas for a new series or campaign?

Why great writing starts with tempering your expectations

PR Daily

To be able to write, and to improve your life, you must learn to manage your expectations. And that, in turn, will improve both your writing and your life. For example, I usually suggest that writers spend at least five minutes writing first thing every morning?

Stop reading so much about writing—and start writing

PR Daily

Sure, a book can spark ideas and inspiration, but your writing won’t actually improve until you start putting words on the page. How many books on writing do you own? How much time do you spend reading about writing? Now, here’s the most important question: How much time do you spend writing every day? Often, people who say they care about writing read many writing books—and then spend little or no time putting words on the page.

7 Headline Writing Tips for Your Digital Content


So follow these tips the next time you’re writing a headline. Your headline is the first (and sometimes only) thing a reader sees. Media Blog

7 reminders for concise, tidy writing

PR Daily

One of the most valuable results of revising one’s writing (or inviting another person to do so) is leaner, more active prose. Mark Nichol is an author and writer for Daily Writing Tips. The post 7 reminders for concise, tidy writing appeared first on PR Daily.

5 common grammatical errors in modern writing

PR Daily

FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today ]. The post 5 common grammatical errors in modern writing appeared first on PR Daily. Writing & Editing

Writing pests


communications corporate communications writingOne of my favourite stories of last week was the story of disability advocate Sam Connor’s revamp of a website that was sorely in need of help.

6 steps to streamline your writing process

PR Daily

There’s no secret formula for great writing. FREE DOWNLOAD: Timeless secrets for rocket-powered writing ]. Once you’ve selected a topic and defined your specific objective, start jotting down headline ideas and writing quick bullet points of key ideas you want to cover.

3 Pro Tips for Writing Press Releases that Get Noticed


Learn the new best practices for writing press releases in a changed media landscape. Press releases have evolved from what they once were. Best Practices

3 ways to beat the writing blahs

PR Daily

That’s especially understandable for communicators who write about the same topics every day—and in the same setting. If you need to write about a groundbreaking ceremony—go to the ceremony. Your readers can’t get excited about your writing without it—and neither can you,” she says. “So

How to write great content that ranks for SEO

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Writing for SEO remains somewhat of a mystery to many, despite the number of articles, webinars, Twitter chats and workshops available on the topic. If you follow the topic of writing for SEO (search engine optimization), you may see a lot of conflicting advice.

SEO 171

8 Writing Tips I’m Thankful for This Year


That means that if you write at the 11th-grade reading level, then you’ll miss 97 percent of Americans. Most writers spend very little time getting ready to write, more time writing and the most time fixing what they’ve written. Get FREE writing tips here.

Write Your WOW Bio!

PR for Anyone

Write it all out and pull the key things that really make you different and make you stand out. That’s why I like for you to write them all out and then summarize and pull out your WOW! This week I encourage you to write your “Wow Bio.” What’s a WOW Bio? I have all of my clients sit down and do a “brain dump” and give me everything that’s amazing that they’ve done during their life and/or career.

6 Writing Habits to Adopt in 2020


Aim to set small writing habits in 2020 and see big results. Media Blog

4 tips for writing an effective press release in 2021

Agility PR Solutions

All PR professionals should understand how to write effective press releases. The post 4 tips for writing an effective press release in 2021 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Because press releases: Garner media coverage. Are a cost-effective promotion tool.

How to manage and mitigate writing-related anxiety

PR Daily

Many more of us deal with the very specific and fearsome monster of writing anxiety. You might also read the lovely memoir by Mark Saltzman, The Man in The Empty Boat , which outlines his prolonged struggle with writing anxiety. Use writing rituals.

Figuring Out Public Relations Writing


If yes, then perhaps you are a student and want to learn the basics of PR writing. Perhaps you are a recent graduate and feel like you are still trying to hone your writing craft. The post Figuring Out Public Relations Writing appeared first on culpwrit. By Craig Engstrom, Ph.D.

Why You Need to Write About Readers and Their Needs


Learn more about scientific approaches for writing messages that readers want to read. Join PRSA and Ann Wylie at Catch Your Readers , our persuasive-writing workshop, starting April 5. Instead of writing about us and our stuff, write about the reader.

How to Write a Pitch That Will Actually Get Read

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The post How to Write a Pitch That Will Actually Get Read appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. As most PR people know, reporters don’t read every pitch that lands in their inbox.

52 transitional phrases to keep your writing connected

PR Daily

Years ago, I attended a medical writing workshop where I received an incredibly useful handout for writers: a list of 50 transitional words. Transitions can make or break your writing. She is also the author of the writing/editing/random thoughts blog,

AP Style Rules to Remember for Your Writing


In our latest quarterly roundup of AP Style reminders, we cover back-to-school terms, travel terminology, and more. Media Blog

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15 Steps To Successful Press Release Writing

Landis PR

Every public relations practitioner has experience writing press releases, but how many fall into the trap of being a bit too formulaic? Here are 15 steps to successful press release writing: Do your research. 7 Tips We Love for Writing a Press Release That Gets Noticed , Cision.

Mark Ragan: Human-interest stories, crisp writing, and speechwriting among the top comms skills

PR Daily

The Ragan Communications owner offers guidance on career advancement, crisp writing, and how communicators can claim a more influential seat at the table during an interview with The Museum of PR. Good writing is edited conversation,” Ragan says.

10 tactics for more efficient writing

PR Daily

How can I write more quickly and efficiently?”. Don’t feel you have to write everything you know about a topic. Before you start writing, think about what you’re going to leave out. Professional journalists are used to banging out writing on deadline. If you can’t come up with compelling answers, stop reading and start writing—or move on to a source that will help you advance your argument. Write in sprints. Writing & Editing

9 steps to improve your PR writing

PR Daily

Much has changed about the PR industry, but writing still remains an essential tool for communicators. Writing remains one of the basic skills of every successful PR officer. In such circumstances, you absolutely need to perfect your writing skills to become a more effective PR professional. Write an eye-catching lead. ” In terms of PR writing, this means you must start strongly and grab the reader with an eye-catching opening line.

The marketer’s guide to writing content for Gen Z

PR Daily

As Michael Brenner writes, “When you successfully deliver hyper-relevant, right-moment, right-channel content, you’re more likely to be the email they’ll click on, the website experience they’ll engage with, or the social media post they’ll share.”.

This Is Why You Need to Write Creative Content


Join PRSA and Ann Wylie at Master the Art of Storytelling , our persuasive-writing workshop, starting May 17. The biggest risk in communications is not that we might offend someone with creativity or write something that’s eye-rollingly goofy. Why creative content writing?

The Best Piece of Writing Advice You’ll Ever Need


If you read a lot about how to write well, then eventually you’ll come across brilliant statements that are jewels of their kind. I recently found an almost flawless diamond from more than 100 years ago: “Good writing is clear thinking made visible.”. He said it in his 1909 collection of language pet peeves, “ Write It Right.”. As Quintilian puts it, the writer should so write that his reader not only may, but must, understand.”

How to Write a Competitive Media Analysis

Landis PR

Below are the steps to writing a competitive media analysis. The post How to Write a Competitive Media Analysis appeared first on Landis PR. The competitive analysis serves as a foundational tool. A good public relations professional will make sure to build that foundation well.

How to Write a News Release in 2020 | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

In 2020, we are consuming more news than ever before. Whether keeping up with the latest health news or attempting to fill endless hours, we are turning to social channels and news apps to discover and learn. This provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to catch audience attention.