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Writing For Journalism And Writing For PR: How They Differ

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

I was a journalism major, so most of my writing experience in college had a reporting angle. Whether it was through classes, writing for the school newspaper , or my personal blogs, my writing involved reporting facts, interviewing subjects, and taking down their quotes. What are you writing about? You report the facts.

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Outwrite Robots: Write a Better Press Release Than AI | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

But there remains a profound distinction between human writing and its artificial counterpart. AI-powered language models can churn out text at a rapid pace, which can come in handy for marketers and content producers who need to produce several title ideas, social media captions, and more, in a short amount of time.

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7 Headline Writing Tips for Your Digital Content


So follow these tips the next time you’re writing a headline. Your headline is the first (and sometimes only) thing a reader sees.

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3 Pro Tips for Writing Press Releases that Get Noticed


Learn the new best practices for writing press releases in a changed media landscape. Press releases have evolved from what they once were.

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Do's and Don'ts: How to Pitch Your Press Release to Journalists

Speaker: Michelle Garrett, PR Consultant, Author, Speaker

🎯 Ever wondered how to write a compelling press release, or what are current best practices for pitching your news to earn media coverage? Yes - press releases are still relevant in the world of public relations!

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New Year’s Writing Resolutions: 6 of My Favorite Tips for 2023


Want more proven-in-the-lab techniques for achieving your writing resolutions this year? You’ll learn to write messages that reach more readers and get the word out. But if you’ve resolved to become a better writer this year, here’s help — six of my favorite 2023 writing resolutions to make today: Make it a metaphor.

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How to Write a Great Press Release: Best Practices, AI Tips & Examples


In reality it is crucial to shape your narrative and deliver it to the right media, not […] The post How to Write a Great Press Release: Best Practices, AI Tips & Examples appeared first on Prowly Blog. And that’s exactly where we should leave it. In the 19th century.

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