Infographic: Key 2016 Events That Shaped the Media Industry


Featured Media Research Media Monitoring Media Analysis Trends media relations public relations media industry journalist State of the Media timelineIn the many years we’ve been doing our State of the Media Report , perhaps no year was as transformational or monumental as 2016. With a presidential election taking place, the issue of “fake news” came to the forefront of public conversation, leading journalists to feel that they have lost public trust.

Where is the PR Industry Heading in 2015?

Ron Torossian

The post Where is the PR Industry Heading in 2015? These days, more and more business owners are realizing that attaining excellent PR services can help them take their companies to unprecedented levels of success.

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Guest Post: The PR Generalist vs. The Industry Specialist

PR Expanded

Because PR is relevant to nearly every industry, practitioners can tailor a career in any number of ways. One notable distinction: becoming an industry-specific specialist or PR generalist. Is industry specialist the right path for you?

Industry Recognition Matters

Ishmael's Corner

The post Industry Recognition Matters appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. We learned earlier this month that The Holmes Report named us one of five finalists for Tech Agency of the Year in the U.S. While some pooh-pooh awards, I view the Holmes Report recognition as a big deal. Our staff works damn hard.

Performance gap reveals gender bias in PR industry

PR Daily

Two-thirds of communicators in the global PR industry are women, as was revealed in a recent study from the Organization of Canadian Women inPublic Relations and the Organization of American Women in Public. Women don’t rule the PR world—at least, not yet.

Is the pharma/health industry now a villain forever?

Media Bullseye

This post, written by Gordon Platt of Gotham Media, is the final part of a series reporting on “Pharmaceutical Challenges 2016: Managing Crisis in a Digital Age” an event at which leading pharma and media specialists gathered to discuss the role of reputation in the industry.

ICCO Summit Considers Future of PR Industry

Media Bullseye

The Global International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Summit, held on 29-30 September in Oxford, England brought together inspiring speakers from PR consultancies around the world, to address the challenges affecting the PR industry today.

My national industry conference FOMO problem–and what I’m doing about it

Communications Conversations

Bottom line: I have some big-time national industry conference FOMO. Do you attend national industry conferences? PRSA National. International IABC. Social Media Marketing World. Content Marketing World (just a few weeks ago!).

Fresh Take on “Influence” in the Tech Industry

Ishmael's Corner

The search for influence in the tech industry can at times resemble the hunt by Ponce de León for the Fountain of Youth. The post Fresh Take on “Influence” in the Tech Industry appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications.

Why PR graduates should consider careers in the tech industry

PR Daily

Attention PR pros and people new to the industry: Technology startups and established organizations are looking for communicators. The tech industry is great for beginners.

Why PR pros should join professional industry organizations

PR Daily

Being an active part of professional organizations can: · Help you stay current on knowledge in your industry. PR veterans can tell you that having a strong network is a crucial element of your career.

Comms industry newcomers are in demand

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4 tips to become an industry influencer

Public Relations Sydney

Becoming a person of influence in your industry can be very rewarding. An industry influencer is someone who is regarded as being in-the-know; someone who others in their industry look to for […].

10 ways TV wrongly depicts the PR industry

PR Daily

When it comes to public relations, pop culture has it all wrong, and that makes for a sad state of affairs when PR professionals try to counter television''s inaccurate depiction of the industry.

What a Budding Cannabis Industry Means for PR Pros


I never would have guessed there’d be a place for PR in an industry where the product is still considered taboo to many and the name of the game is to keep things discreet. The post What a Budding Cannabis Industry Means for PR Pros appeared first on Barokas Public Relations.

Next Time You’re at an Industry Event, Apply These 5 Simple Rules

PR News

In the course of your career, you’ll have attended dozens if not hundreds of industry events where – if you’re like most human attendees – you’ve exchanged business cards as if by rote, refilled your coffee cup endless times and listened to experts tell you something new as you take notes, tweet and daydream about… Continued. The post Next Time You’re at an Industry Event, Apply These 5 Simple Rules appeared first on PR News Blog.

How Harry Potter Can Help Industry Pros

Shift Communications

In fact, they can be essential for building a successful career in this industry. In preparation for your own sorting hat ceremony via the quiz below, here’s a look at the four houses (in detail for you non-Potterheads) and how their traits tie into industry life and professional success….

There’s No One Path to Agency or Industry Life

Shift Communications

As with many industries these days, people come to agency life from all walks. SHIFT has been around for 12 years now, and we’ve had many folks on staff who’ve successfully transitioned from another area of the industry or from another profession altogether.

The Cision Communications Cloud™ Receives its First Industry Recognition

Beyond PR

” The Cision PR Edition platform won this award last year, so we are very excited to see the industry recognizing the Cloud as “ the best information solution that helps business professionals with their daily job functions.” The party never stops at Cision.

Reporting on the state of the PR industry


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6 Ways Women Can Thrive in the PR Industry

PR in Your Pajamas

Today’s guest post talks about the increasingly large role of women in the PR industry. When it comes to sheer volume, women dominate the PR industry. industries, as captured in this infographic about women in business. Women have already made enormous strides in the work world, and the female-dominated PR industry is uniquely positioned to lead the way to real equality. What else do women need to thrive in the PR industry?

From classroom to boardroom – crisis management lessons from the auto industry

PR Conversations

Aaron Shardey gained a first class honours degree in public relations at London College of Communications this Summer with his undergraduate dissertation offering case study research into crisis management in the automotive industry.

Critical Mention Adds International Online News to Industry’s Largest Content Set

Critical Mention

This addition expands Critical Mention’s industry-leading content set to include millions of new sources that clients can search and be alerted in real-time.

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COINS appoints Firefly to spearhead COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge

PR in High Definition

Firefly has been appointed by Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) to handle the international PR surrounding the inaugural COINS Construction Industry Grand Challenge (CCIGC).

Industry veterans should enter the 2017 Ace Awards

PR Daily

Be the envy of your industry

PR Daily

We don't want you to miss this chance to submit your enviable work for the chance to be named the best in media relations strategy. Don't delay—final deadline for the 2016 Media Relations Awards is Feb.

A PR Treatment for the Healthcare Industry. Remedy One: Social Media


The post A PR Treatment for the Healthcare Industry. Uncategorized communications Doctor''s offices Doctors engagement Healthcare industry Hospitals Patients Physicians public relations Recruitment social media

5 Steps to Marketing at an Event Outside of Your Industry


Even if you’re not creating a marketing campaign on this scale, The North Face illustrates how a brand can leverage other industries to create an authentic event experience. Instead of trying to force a connection between your product and another industry, let one naturally develop.

The Answer to Chaos in the PR Industry

Ishmael's Corner

I often characterize this period of time as the PR industry’s version of the industrial revolution minus the child labor issue. The post The Answer to Chaos in the PR Industry appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. Business Takes Hoffman Agency PR Canva training internal training media relations PR industry SEO training storytelling in business communications trendkite visual storytelling writing tips

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Ten Symbols That PR’s “Industrial Revolution” Is Underway

Ishmael's Corner

Today’s upheaval in the PR industry is redefining our business in a similar way that the industrial revolution retooled manufacturing. I’ve captured 10 symbols that remind us this isn’t our father’s PR industry. I hate hyperbole.

Has the term ‘newsjacking’ damaged the PR industry?

PR Daily

Here’s another issue I have with this mashup: It gives people within and outside the industry the wrong idea about how we view what we do—not to mention what this strategy has always been, long before it got a trendy mashup to go by.

Ethics in the PR industry: Are you a spinner, smoother or soother

PR in High Definition

Are you proud of the industry you’re in? The post Ethics in the PR industry: Are you a spinner, smoother or soother appeared first on Firefly Communications. I really hope so. Life is too short not to be. We all have a crazed moment of hating and sounding off about certain professions, and generalising a group of professionals or workers as @%?£!’s s as (add your preferred assortment of expletives, all insulting). Last Saturday at […].

4 ways utilities communicators can stay ahead in their industry

PR Daily

Stay ahead in your industry by learning how to: 1. This is a unique opportunity to learn from industry veterans and turn potential problems into advantages.

How holograms will shake up the PR industry

PR Daily

What this means for the PR industry. I recently wrote about holoportation. It might be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Remember in "Star Wars" (the original one from the '80s) when Princess Leia delivers a message to Obi Wan Kenobi via hologram?

Sitting with Titans – Todd Defren’s Experience with Industry Leaders

Shift Communications

Recently I was honored to sit amongst some of the titans of our industry. cta] The post Sitting with Titans – Todd Defren’s Experience with Industry Leaders appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. As a peer. It was weird.

Ragan’s PR Daily Awards wants to recognize you as an industry leader

PR Daily

Is $4 Toast and the Tech Industry Still Ruining San Francisco?

Ishmael's Corner

The O’Dell discourse came with jagged edges, damning the tech industry for a cycle that goes something like this: Someone creates a business for consumers with too much money and pretensions of.more. The post Is $4 Toast and the Tech Industry Still Ruining San Francisco? The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

Google Schools the PR Industry

The Proactive Report

It’s a sad comment on the state of the PR industry when a search engine has to teach us how to write press releases. A few weeks ago I wrote about how the Google Panda 4.0 update was affecting PR content. One of the major effects of the Panda 4.0

How PR can Integrate Industry Reading Efficiently into Workflow

Sword and the Script

Industry reading.” The reality is, the value of reading is in understanding media trends, industry perspective and more broadly, a form of research social medialites call “listening.” The Value of Daily Industry Reading. The 6 PR Outputs of Industry Reading.

10 Facts PR Influencers Know to Be True


Industry Insights & Trends nasdaq PRInfluencers PR influencers PR trendsEarlier this month, AirPR Chief Strategy Officer Rebekah Iliff joined Nasdaq for its #PRInfluencers series on Facebook Live. Hosted by Deirdre Breakenridge of Pure Performance Communications, and joined by fellow panelists Shonali Burke and Shannon Furey, the panel covered emerging PR trends including how corporate storytelling has changed in recent years and what PR professionals […].