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A couple weeks ago I had the express pleasure of meeting up with Sally Falkow, founder of Meritus Media, at the PR News Google Conference in San Francisco. Industry Insights & Trends content creating content Google Meritus Media PR PR Tech PRTech quality content Sally Falkow search engines Because I’m like, totally mature and non-competitive, and a rather supportive and … Continued.

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An Introduction to Google Primer

Ronn Torossian

In October, 2014, Google released its newest Apple iOS app, “Primer.” What is Google Primer? Google realized that not all first-time marketers know [.]. The post An Introduction to Google Primer appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5W Public Relations CEO Blog. Brand PR Careers in PR PR PR Careers Ronn Torossian Social Networking / Social Media google primer

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7 best Google Alerts alternatives


If you care about your online presence, you need a Google Alert alternative. This is a list of such tools

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How Google Crafted Its Communications When It Exited China

Ishmael's Corner

Google is once again in the news for a decision on China. According to the news report, Google is considering a move to re-enter the China market, this time with a search engine that capitulates to government authorities. The post How Google Crafted Its Communications When It Exited China appeared first on Ishmael's Corner ~ Storytelling Techniques For Business Communications. The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations.

12 ranking factors that matter to Google for 2021

PR Daily

Google is always giving webmasters hints on how to optimize for SEO. Google Core Web Vitals are the latest user-centered ranking factors introduced by Google in 2020. Duplicate, repetitive articles are never preferred by Google or its users.

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A super-simple explanation of how your PR is boosting your client’s results on Google

The Resolution Blog

The post A super-simple explanation of how your PR is boosting your client’s results on Google appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook. Getting your website to appear for a lot of search terms, also known as SEO, can seem very complex - full of algorithms and computer wizardry.

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Free Google Slides template for your next PR report

The Resolution Blog

The post Free Google Slides template for your next PR report appeared first on PR Resolution — by CoverageBook. We know technology costs can difficult sometimes and not everyone has a designer on hand to create slick reports.

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Google Analytics Quiz

Shift Communications

Google Analytics can be an amazing tool…if you know how to use it. Think you’ve got the chops to tackle Google Analytics’ toughest questions? If you’re looking for more details around how PR Pros can put Google Analytics to work, download our free eBook today – Google Analytics Basics for PR Professions. The post Google Analytics Quiz appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin.

Critical Mention Releases Google Analytics Integration

Critical Mention

NEW YORK — Critical Mention — the leading all-in-one earned media monitoring and intelligence platform — now integrates with Google Analytics, a crucial tool for data-oriented PR and marketing professionals.

New features arriving at Google Analytics to help boost ROI

Agility PR Solutions

Over the years, Google Analytics has received significant updates that have helped marketers come up with new ways to read and analyze data, measure their main KPIs, and monitor important marketing channels.

Google Job Description: Doodle This

Ishmael's Corner

I expected more from the Google job description in its search for the next Doodler. The post Google Job Description: Doodle This appeared first on Storytelling Techniques For Effective Business Communications. Business Communications Storytelling Writing branding business storytelling google dooge Google job description google job descriptions writing job descriptionsThe Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations.

Video tips from Google’s Zynara Ng

PR Daily

The post Video tips from Google’s Zynara Ng appeared first on PR Daily. Here’s how this industry veteran breaks down the video creation process with tips on what kinds of questions to ask to get the best story for your campaign.

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Google is Killing FeedBurner Email ; Here are 4 Alternatives

Sword and the Script

Google is shutting Feedburner-emails; viable FeedBurner alternatives to include FeedBlitz,, MailChimp and ConvertKit. Google never really invested in FeedBurner , but even so, it was simple, and it worked.

Google goes emoji

PR Daily

At long last, Google is becoming emoji friendly. Simply tweet an emoji and use the @Google handle to mention the company, and you’ll receive listings for nearby locations and searches that are relevant to the emoji you use. For example, tweet the hamburger emoji and mention @Google on Twitter, and it will send you a list of nearby restaurants that serve hamburgers. This week, Google made available 200 emoji Tweet functions.

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Creative Uses for Google Analytics in Public Relations

Shift Communications

During a PRSA Boston event, Matthew Raven, VP of Marketing Technology at SHIFT Communications, presented an insightful discussion about the power of Google Analytics and how it can serve PR professionals. However, because awareness and perception are inherently difficult to measure, it’s important to measure their indirect impact, which can be done using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is great for measurement, but it can have an impact on strategy as well.

As Google overhauls its culture, it strives for transparency

PR Daily

Google wants to clear the air about its culture of harassment—but that means letting specifics emerge. As we reported on PR Daily : Pichai tried to position Google’s history as part of a national reckoning—and to deflect blame for the company’s actions before he became CEO. Now, new details are emerging about payouts to Google executives accused of misconduct. Does Google’s first response still get a passing grade? Google declined to comment on that decision. “My

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3 Ways Google My Business Can Attract Local Clients

The Proactive Report

Google recently revealed that every one in three Google searches has local intent. One of the best ways to do this is with a complete, verified, and optimized Google My Business listing. How Google My Business Attracts More Clients. With Google My Business you can list the exact address and location of your business on a map and searchers can get precise directions to your office. Social Media Case Studies google google my busienss local SEO

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Can Google Be Trusted?

Mindful Marketing

It’s second nature to ‘Google’ any online search, but does a company the U.S. The DOJ recently levied an antitrust lawsuit against Google, “alleging that the online giant engaged in anticompetitive conduct to preserve monopolies in search and search advertising.”

5 Advanced Techniques for Using Google Like a Pro


These advanced Google search techniques can help you refine your search results and find exactly what you’re looking for. Media Blog

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Using Data from Google Tools to Boost Your PR Pitches

Shift Communications

As one of the only public relations agencies that is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we are always looking to see how we can use Google’s tools and programs to strengthen both our PR and marketing teams’ efforts. Google Trends, Google Correlate and Think with Google are three of the tools we use most often. Google Trends. They can also use Google Trends to help dictate the timeline within their pitch calendars. Google Correlate.

Fix Google Analytics Referral Spam

Shift Communications

Attention Google Analytics: you have a problem that desperately needs your attention. While we wait for a permanent solution from Google, we’ve developed a way for our clients and friends to avoid this issue from affecting their decision-making. If you frequent your Google Analytics account, you’ve probably looked through your referral traffic to see how people visit your website and where they are coming from. Google is working on a solution.

Google Plus announces redesign

PR Daily

Communicators who still use Google Plus may notice design changes; the platform is getting a makeover. Social media managers will recall Google Plus as the place where they also post whatever’s on Facebook and Twitter—also known as the site that that one co-worker swears by but can’t actually prove out with metrics. Now focused around interests, the new Google+ is much simpler. Google reported that an average of 1.2

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Google Confirms Quality Update

The Proactive Report

Google has acknowledged and confirmed that the “Phantom Update” many publishers suspected had occurred in May is real. The update is about how Google assesses content quality and there were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals. This is direct from Google as to what they regard as quality content. Content Marketing google quality update.

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How to Boost Your Reputation on Google


You Google them. They Google you. But, did you know that what people see when they Google you is within your control? Two years ago, if you typed “Christina Daves” (my name) into Google, the singer Christina Aguilera would be at the top of search results. ” She had all the “Google-Juice.” ” Fast-forward to today and now when you type my name into a Google search, I come up within the first fourteen pages of results.

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How New Google Web Analytics Improve Marketing Measurement, but Not PR Blog

PR and marketing professionals view Google Analytics as a vital tool for examining the results of their campaigns. What the New Google Analytics Offers. Google continues to add predictive metrics, like the potential revenue from a particular group of customers, Srinivasan adds.

Google removes search results from some queries

PR Daily

Google says it knows the best answer to your question. will now only generate a Google answer for mobile devices. The change could have an impact on businesses that optimize their websites to appear in Google search results—and some websites may see a drop in traffic from the move. However, these answers have already been available in Google searches, so the change might not be severe. When does Google hide the main search results?

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Google says pay equity study shows men were underpaid

PR Daily

Google hopes its latest internal findings will ease the tension around pay equity. As part of a national debate over equal access and compensation, Google has been a key target for criticism about workplace discrimination and bias. Google has denied paying women less, and the company agreed that compensation among similar job titles was not by itself a complete measure of equity. Some critics questioned the methodology Google used in deriving its numbers.

Google pushes new ads in bid to outpace Amazon and Instagram

PR Daily

Investors are concerned about sluggish advertising growth and Google’s ability to compete with its top online rivals. Google wants a bigger piece of the online advertising pie—and that means competing with Amazon and Instagram for shoppers. The internet company generates billions in ad revenue annually, but recent skittishness from investors over revenue growth has forced Google to aggressively pursue new channels. What do you think of Google’s new ads, PR Daily readers?

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What will Google penalize your organization for?

PR Daily

The influence of Google on business is unquestionable. If a business isn’t ranking well in Google’s search results, it’s losing potential profits. Though most webmasters and site owners are aware of Google penalties, and know to avoid them, they might not fully understand what causes these dreaded consequences. Google applies its cloaking penalty when a website displays its full content to Google but restricts what users can access.

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As Google Authorship Ends, Finger Pointing Begins

Sword and the Script

Googler John Muller announced in a Google+ update that Google was ending its Authorship project. After over two years of Google encouraging webmasters to add authorship to their pages, Google drops the feature cold,” read the subhead a Marketing Land article about the announcement. Google has killed more than 3,000 projects according to Slate, though not all of them have had the fanfare of Wave, Buzz or Reader. Google is the web.

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Using Google Analytics to Inform your B2B Tech PR Program

Shift Communications

I work on the B2B tech team, and leveraging Google metrics and analytics to dig deeper into a media hit has helped show our clients the value of securing mentions in niche technology publications. Here are some steps to keep in mind when thinking about measuring and reporting on the success of a B2B tech hit through Google analytics. Analytics Data-Driven PR Google Analytics Marketing Technology Public Relations Tools b2b tech B2B Tech PR google analytics

Google and Facebook throw money into local news

PR Daily

Google is launching software to help local news publishers, and Facebook is donating to organizations that support journalism. Google first promised to invest in local news to the tune of $300 million and has helped launch a publishing platform with WordPress. Google is spending $1.2 million through the Google News Initiative. Some noted that the number seemed very similar to Google’s initiative from last year. CNN continued: Google, which posted a profit of $9.19

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Oh, Come on, Charlie Brown! Let Google Hold the Football for You [Google+]

Sword and the Script

The main event was a product manager from Google being piped in on a big screen from the west coast to evangelize for its social network, Google+. In the next five years, he said, Google+ will be Google. Google+ was probably more than just a social network, it was a bet on personalized search results. Google was playing for data, like the interests Facebook was getting and using to entice marketers with a different means of targeting online advertising.

How To Use Google Apps to be More Productive and Awesome


Recently, Google announced that it is updating its Google Voice App for the first time in five years. I use Google Voice in conjunction with Google Hangouts for calling and texting, and it struck me how integrated into my daily routine this one Google App is (and the update is AWESOME!!!). I also use Google Docs and Drive to collaborate on different projects, and I use Gmail as my primary email address. Google Voice. Google Contacts.

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Google vice president: ‘Google Plus is not dead’

PR Daily

For social media professionals mourning (or celebrating) the death of Google Plus, a company executive says it’s not finished quite yet. Bradley Horowitz, Google’s vice president of Streams, Photos and Sharing, recently told Backchannel’s editor in chief Steven Levy : “No, Google Plus is not dead. Google Hangouts is already a standalone messaging and video chat service, and Google Photos. debuted at Google’s I/O developer conference Thursday.

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Google admits ‘error’ in failing to tell consumers about Nest microphone

PR Daily

Can Google reassure rattled customers? Google put a microphone in its Nest Secure hub—the control pad for its home security system—but didn’t tell consumers about it. Others worry that smart speakers, such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, could spy on consumers in their homes. Now Google has to explain why it didn’t tell consumers about a microphone in one of its smart home products. Google has called the lack of disclosure an “error.”.

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4 Ways to Leverage Google Analytics for PR Measurement


By now, you’ve probably heard how Google Analytics can help PR and marketing professionals expand their reporting capabilities, telling a much more holistic story about target audiences. As with most tools, Google Analytics can provide a lot of data. To help you get started, we’ve outlined our top four Google Analytics tips for tracking activity and digging into your target audiences’ behaviors. Best Practices Featured Google Analytics PR measurement

8 indispensable (and free) Google tools

PR Daily

Google is so much more than just the world’s premier search engine. Google has a bevy of helpful products —many of which are completely free. If you are a digital marketer, PR pro or just someone keen on learning relevant skills, Google is a priceless resource. Here are eight gratis Google gems to take advantage of: 1. Google Page Speed. Google Mobile-Friendly Test. Google AdWords. Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Google Analytics.

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Google races to shutter Google+ after huge second data breach

PR Daily

Google has reported another data breach affecting users of its social media platform Google+, and this time the numbers are a lot bigger. Google had reported that a security flaw had allowed. Now the company says that due to a flaw in a recent update, account information marked as private was available for developers with Google+ APIs to access. to improperly access Facebook user data, but Google says there is no evidence any developers downloaded the data.

3 SEO tips to increase your Google rank

PR Daily

Stop worrying about Google’s BERT update. Google’s BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update last October upended search results for many organizations these past few months. Google even called it “one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of search.”.

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