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How to Build a Stronger Business Through Community Engagement and Event Marketing

Burrelles Fresh Ideas

One of the ways to achieve this is by harnessing the power of in-person community engagement and event marketing. Establishing community-engagement goals When businesses embrace a community focus , they can gain a variety of benefits. Nevertheless, effective community engagement won’t take the same shape for every company.

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New book tells the story of the closure of the corner shop

Stephen Waddington

I’ve worked with my Mum on a new edition of A Shop on Every Corner, a book that she originally wrote with my Dad in 2007. The social history and stories contained within the book were gathered from friends and neighbours in the Leeman Road and wider York area following an appeal via the shop and York Press.

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BAME voices takeover #FuturePRoof for fourth book

Stephen Waddington

Sarah Waddington has handed over #FuturePRoof to the BAME community for her latest book. Along the way she has published three books and created a vibrant community. The fourth book, Celebrating BAME Talent is published today in digital and print formats. FuturePRoof was founded by Sarah Waddington in 2015.

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The Global PR Revolution Ranked Among Top 10 Best PR Books of All Time

Maxim Behar

The Global PR Revolution by the globally renowned PR expert Maxim Behar made it to BookAuthority's top 10 best PR books of all time worldwide. The book was ranked No. 7 in the prestigious international ranking - 100 Best PR Books of All Time. This is the only book in Bulgaria dedicated to leadership during a pandemic.

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What’s next for WaddsCon: May report and future events

Stephen Waddington

The May edition of WaddsCon covered a range of topics from the COVID-19 impact on client/agency relations to the impact on print, and from measurement frameworks to professionalism in public relations. Asif Choudry, director, We Are Resource talked about how his printing-led business had seen a boom in packages sent by employers to employees.

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Community for Career Development: A Look Inside One NAVUG Community Member’s Journey


I’m a member of NAVUG , an online community that is the epitome of Margaret Mead's statement. If you will humor me and enjoy the story I am about to share, you too can build a thriving and successful online community in your sphere of influence. Online communities and learning were unleashed to the masses.

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Call for submissions for AI #PRstack tool guide

Wadds Inc.

The guide, published by the #FuturePRoof community, aims to make sense of AI tools and address the practitioner knowledge gap. The energy has yet to be matched by dialogue among the practitioner community about the best way to incorporate tools into the workflow. The #FuturePRoof community aims to readdress the balance.

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