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Tips for a Successful Product Launch


A successful product launch is important so that a product can reach its target market and build a customer base. For a successful product launch, drafting a press release is not enough. A launch strategy is essential and given below are tips for a successful product launch.

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5 marketing tips that will ensure your next product launch is a success

Agility PR Solutions

Product marketing is one of the most important and often overlooked, aspects of product development. A successful product launch requires a well-executed marketing strategy that starts long before the product is launched. A product launch is an exciting time for any small business owner.


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How to Use PR to Make Your Next Product Launch a Success


Product launches involve lots of moving parts, all of which have to be synchronized to deliver success. A PR team is among the most important of those parts and is tasked with generating the coverage and attention that is the oxygen of any product launch. Having a detailed PR roadmap can lead to more and […].

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A definitive guide to writing a product launch press release, with benefits and examples

Agility PR Solutions

The process will determine your product’s success in the market, which is why you’ll need a great product launch press release.

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4 Press Release Samples for a Product Launch

PR Fuel

The interesting part is the way they approached their release about the product launch. If their product launch wasn’t enough to attract news stories, a guaranteed interview with the CEO definitely would have. The post 4 Press Release Samples for a Product Launch appeared first on eReleases.

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Finding the Story in Your Product Launch


What, you didn’t think you needed to create a story for your product launch? In today’s article, I’ll show you how to incorporate an irresistible story into your launch so your product goes from zero to sixty, figuratively speaking, in no time. How to Incorporate Stories into Your Product Launch.

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A PR Agency’s 6 Steps to a Successful Product Launch in 2022

Konnect Agency

How A PR Agency Can Elevate Your Product Launch. Product launches are a busy time for any company — you have to start planning and acting months before the official product launch date, and continue making noise long after. A PR Agency’s 6 Steps To A Holistic Product Launch.