The Science of the Tweet: The Dos and Don’ts for #SciComm on Twitter

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Twitter is one of the most promising social media platforms for science communication. I’ve met and worked with a multitude of scientists and professional communicators who swear by the use of Twitter for #scicomm. The hashtag is one of the most powerful tools you can use on Twitter.

6 Twitter Metrics to Follow to Boost Your Online Presence


Twitter metrics to track to boost your engagement rates, increase brand awareness, and build a robust online presence! Social Listening Social Media Marketing Twitter measure twitter measure twitter metrics track twitter track twitter metrics twitter metrics twitter performance

PR Lessons From Twitter

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Journalists love to take to Twitter to offer up best practices or, more likely, let off steam about the terrible pitches that clog their inboxes on a daily basis. The post PR Lessons From Twitter appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

How to Increase Twitter Reach


Learn how to increase your organic Twitter reach with these 12 easy steps and build a robust social media presence! Social Media Marketing Social Media Monitoring Twitter increase twitter reach reach audience on Twitter twitter organic reach twitter reach

Guest Post: How Twitter Became My Platform of Choice

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Since it wasn’t resonating with editors, I decided to try Twitter. Determined to get results, I taught myself Twitter in one weekend. I researched top Twitter influencers, read and retweeted their content. Using Twitter makes me smarter.

Best Twitter Marketing Campaigns


Take a look at the best Twitter marketing campaigns and the key takeaways you could implement to your marketing strategy. Social Listening Social Media Marketing Twitter best twitter marketing campaign marketing campaign twitter marketing campaign

The Future of Twitter

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The major social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) have been fairly stable for the past five or six years. That might be about to change -Twitter just reported a dismal Q4 for 2016: 16 cents per share on revenue of $717 million. Journalists on Twitter.

Top 5 Twitter Influencers’ Tools


Here're 5 Twitter influencers' tools that will help you find the best influencer for your next marketing campaign! Social Listening Social Media Marketing Twitter Twitter influencer twitter influencer tools twitter marketing campaign

Five Activities to Grow your Twitter Community

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My course, Social Media and Public Relations, kicked off last week with the students building and branding their Twitter profiles and actively engaging in our classroom community (#UMASSPRSM). Listen” strategically by monitoring Twitter conversations.

Five Tips to Get More Twitter Shares

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The post Five Tips to Get More Twitter Shares appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. You’ve created the perfect content and now it’s time to let it out into the social media stratosphere.

How Twitter Eliminating Share Count May Impact You


Last week Twitter announced that they will discontinue share counts in their API. What this means to you is that you will no longer see the number of times that people have shared your content on Twitter. Why Twitter is discontinuing share counts.

Twitter Re-commits to Fighting “Toxic” Content

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The post Twitter Re-commits to Fighting “Toxic” Content appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. As the public and political pressure continues to mount on social media platforms to make it safer to surf online, the focus of much of the critique has shifted.

How Best To Twitter – Everything You Wanted to Know, But Didn’t Have Time to Find Out

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Besides living our lives, there are millions of us who want to keep up with our activities on Twitter and to know we’re doing a good job about it. So I thought it was about time to share this bundle of informative Twitter joy to the wider world. Guidelines on Twitter Made Easy.

Twitter: What not to do

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The post Twitter: What not to do appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured PR and HMA PR dos and donts social media Twitter what not to doThe first step to doing social media right is knowing what not to do.

How to Track and Analyse Hashtags on Twitter?


Track and analyse hashtags on Twitter to connect with your audience and boost brand awareness! Social Listening Social Media Social Media Marketing analyse twitter hashtag track and analyse hashtags on twitter track twitter hashtag twitter hashtags

Twitter’s Alex Jones Problem Goes Beyond PR

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Twitter stepped into a PR mess this week when it broke ranks with peers and declined to suspend conspiracist Alex Jones from its platform. He will remain unless he engages in targeted harassment or other clear violations of Twitter’s terms of service.

How To Use Twitter Analytics

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When it comes to Twitter activity, it turns out something very useful is sitting right under our noses. Twitter offers its own analytics tool that provides insight into your activity on the platform. Twitter Cards. Take a few minutes today to check out Twitter Analytics.

How to find the engagement rate of your owned social posts on Twitter

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Steph has also made some really useful videos walking through how to export the data you need from Twitter: [link] Once you have the data from Twitter, here is how you then find the engagement rate for these posts: [link] Read here to see how to compare this with your other channels.

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses PR, Twitter & Politics on Tuesday, October 11th

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With the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign being coined “The Twitter Election” there is no question that Twitter is topical. Together, we’ll be diving into Twitter and whether social media is altering or impacting the messages we receive.

Twitter’s Alex Jones Problem Goes Beyond PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Twitter stepped into a PR mess this week when it broke ranks with peers and declined to suspend conspiracist Alex Jones from its platform. He will remain unless he engages in targeted harassment or other clear violations of Twitter’s terms of service. Twitter changes direction.

Twitter is the New Facebook

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Twitter is experimenting with doubling its character limit. For some, like Rachel Brockway, this change is considered to be a poor branding decision on Twitter's part. The post Twitter is the New Facebook appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

How to Use Twitter Trends to Earn Media Placements


What I want to share in this piece is how basic social listening using Twitter Trends to earn media placements. What I want to do in this piece is show how many media placement opportunities may be hidden in plain sight (plain sight = Twitter Trends).

TwitSquare? What to Know About Twitter & Foursquare’s Partnership


The check-in may be dead on Foursquare, but the app is alive and well – and increasing Twitter’s “social media on steroids” effect for brands. Well, Twitter has just teamed up with Foursquare to tag locations in tweets. Twitter (@twitter) March 23, 2015.

Twitter touts reform as the key reason for its recent success

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Twitter finally has the chance to tell the world what it’s doing right. Twitter says its rising profits and user numbers are directly tied to efforts to clean up abuse and delete bot accounts from its platform. That’s a better trend for Twitter, but the number is comparatively tiny.

Twitter Engagement Actually Translates into Votes


Clinton’s slow-roasting scandal in regards to her use of a private email server baked all year until it finally became the most discussed issue on Twitter. If you are running for office and no one is tweeting about it, you are likely going to lose your election.

Join #PRStudChat on February 22nd for a Career Day Twitter Chat

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expert Deirdre Breakenridge inspired a series of direct messages on Twitter between Breakenridge and fellow PR industry pro, Valerie Simon. PRStudChat Twitter Career Day Careers in PR Jess Ostroff Joe Colon Laura Petrolino PR Career Advice public relations

I’ve been given a kick up the butt about Twitter, and it’s a good thing!

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The post I’ve been given a kick up the butt about Twitter, and it’s a good thing! Social media TwitterI woke up today to a tweet in response to a tweet I had published: @trevoryoung or at least a very personal account where we can talk Geelong, Kate Ceberano and my strange relationship to PRs — Warren D (@nottheword) April 30, 2017 I realised at that point maybe I had dropped off in the personal connection… MORE.

Top 10 Agriculture & Farming Magazines on Twitter


This week we take a look at the top agricultural and farming magazines that are on Twitter. Featured Top Lists agriculture & farming Magazines TwitterOctober is here and that means apples and pumpkins and other in-season fall delights! If you’re doing it right with hay-rides, corn mazes, jack-o-lanterns, or Punkin Chunkin it will probably come with a visit to a farm. Using Cision’s database, we have compiled the list below based on Cision’s proprietary research.

Top 10 U.S. Travel Bloggers on Twitter


Travel Bloggers on Twitter, ranked by number of mentions of “Travel” as a keyword. This week we take a look at the Top 10 U.S. The list was pulled using Cision’s media database on March 20, 2017 and may change over time. 1. Kirsten Maxwell , Kids Are A Trip.

Travel 286

Twitter in Crisis: 5 Things You Need To Know


Twitter stock hit its lowest point last week after Jack Dorsey’s earnings call confirmed user attrition and an year-over-year loss of $500 million dollars. He describes Twitter: “Twitter is, at its core, a public forum for information, conversation, and ideas.”

8 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand on Twitter in 2016


You don’t need a new year’s resolution for your Twitter presence in 2016. Here’s why: in 2015, Twitter’s growth was negligible and its utility (despite different enhancements and tweaks) remains pretty consistent. Integrate Twitter with Triberr.

5 Twitter gaffes brand managers should avoid

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It’s no secret that Twitter is a powerful tool for online marketers. marketers run videos on Twitter. Your business probably already has a Twitter account, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Here are five rookie Twitter mistakes and ways to avoid them: 1.

Top 10 Florida Meteorologists on Twitter


This week we salute the top Florida meteorologists at local television stations on Twitter, ranked by follower count. The post Top 10 Florida Meteorologists on Twitter appeared first on Cision.

Twitter on the hunt for a “Master in the Art of Twitter”

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A most frequent challenge launched at Twitter’s upper management is that those in the boardroom fundamentally misunderstand the platform, what the platform does best, and the myriad ways it fails its users on a daily basis.

Twitter Analytics Takeaways

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Anyone who knows Rachel knows how much sh love Twitter and #hashtags. If she comes across an article about anything related to Twitter and it is on one of her favorite PR news websites, PR Daily, it is pretty much guaranteed that she will read it.

The Great Twitter 280 Characters Debate

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The great Twitter 280 Characters debate of 2017 has begun. The post The Great Twitter 280 Characters Debate appeared first on Karwoski & Courage - Minneapolis Public Relations. Here's everything you need to know and 10 things for your company or brand to consider.

How to use Twitter lists to become a social listening rock star

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There are currently 321 million active users on Twitter and 500 million tweets are sent every single day. One of the best tricks is to search within a Twitter list. Here’s how it works: Step 1: Build a targeted list of journalists and influencers on Twitter. Social Media Twitte

Twitter’s Facebook-like Algorithm: What It Means for PR


Last week, Twitter announced that they would implement their Facebook-like algorithm across all user accounts. This algorithm fundamentally changes the way that brands will be able to communicate on Twitter in the future. Now Twitter is pay-to-play, too. Twitter knows this.

Tackling manipulation on Twitter

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Twitter has no further plans to tackle fake news on the platform ahead of the UK General Election. Twitter saw a six percent year on year increase of monthly active users to 328 million in the first three months of 2017. Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Media Show last week, Twitter’s director of planning David Wilding said that the platform has no plans to tackle fake news on the platform ahead of the UK General Election in June. Here’s how Twitter is commonly manipulated.

8 New Twitter Features for 2016


Twitter’s growth stagnated in 2015 , and although there were some interesting newer aspects of the network (most notably Periscope) it evidently wasn’t appealing enough for the 77 percent of Internet users that don’t use the platform. Twitter Camera. Twitter Q&A.