How to use LinkedIn Groups to create marketing magic

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LinkedIn Groups , especially, can be a boon for businesses eager to facilitate more meaningful interactions between industry peers and potential customers. Here are some best practices on how to optimize marketing opportunities via LinkedIn Groups. Using LinkedIn Groups.

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How Facebook Groups Can Grow Brand Loyalty

Maine PR Maven

Maybe your company has overlooked Facebook Groups, but they could be an untapped resource for you to expand your business. The post How Facebook Groups Can Grow Brand Loyalty appeared first on | The PR Maven.

How Focus Groups Can Help Your PR Plans


Many research tools are available, but focus groups can be valuable in getting insights into how a product may or may not work. Focus groups are small groups drawn from the larger audiences from which you need information. IR/PR brand focus groups PR public relations

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4 tips for building effective focus groups

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Luckily, there’s a tried and true method for gaining essential insights into your key audiences: focus groups. Here are four tips to keep in mind to get the most from focus groups: 1. However, always be sure to direct the group back to the topic of focus.

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Why social media managers should cultivate private groups

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Brand managers must actively cultivate private groups to get their messages in front of key stakeholders. Private groups are the future of social media, according to some experts, as news feeds are abandoned for less-crowded channels. . “In

ESG-fueled Impact Investing gaining steam with all age groups

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The post ESG-fueled Impact Investing gaining steam with all age groups appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. A study by global asset manager American Century Investments of U.S.

Social Media Preferences vary by age group

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If you’re having a tough time reaching Granny, you might want to check Facebook—for now, at least. As more people around the world join social networks—and as more platforms launch, rebrand or lose cachet—it’s getting harder to find and reach specific people.

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Financial industry group sets social media rules

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One way of managing this risk is the use of software that enables advertisers to target particular groups very precisely,” the FCA suggests. Financial services companies have new guidelines to follow in social media.

5 LinkedIn groups for PR pros

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Thanks to LinkedIn’s “Groups” feature, there’s much that PR pros can do to expose themselves to millions of like-minded business professionals all over the world. When it comes to PR, Linked offers many options for those looking to join a group.

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TikTok’s ads anger influencers, Instagram tests ‘Group Story’ feature, and Houston Rockets apologize for Hong Kong tweet

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Instagram is testing a “Group Story” feature, according to app expert Jane Manchun Wong: Instagram is testing Group Story The feature enables users to share updates and conversation with specific groups, not just those you’ve marked as “close friends.”.

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Five things to remember when building social media groups


Groups on social media can be one way of getting your content or message in front of new audiences on social media. But what does a successful group look like? The post Five things to remember when building social media groups appeared first on NewsWhip.

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Analyzing focus groups—are they still essential for consumer research?

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In 1937, on the campus of Princeton University, a small group—the Office of Radio Research (ORR)—formed with a novel mission: to study the impact of media and communication on consumers. The post Analyzing focus groups—are they still essential for consumer research?

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Firefly Communications Group looks back at five clients wins in one quarter

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Firefly Communications Group is poised for an excellent 2019, following a series of client wins which helped increased its revenue by 18% in the last quarter of 2018. The post Firefly Communications Group looks back at five clients wins in one quarter appeared first on Firefly Communications.

2019 predictions and top 10 communications tips from Worldcom PR Group

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New predictions for the industry from independent comms consultancy partnership Worldcom PR Group draw on contributions from teams in over 115 cities, and as a result, the issues identified are both global and local. The new year has begun, and PR prognostications are starting to take shape.

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Facebook enables business pages to create and manage groups

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It recently introduced the ability for business pages to create and manage Facebook groups. You can both link an existing group to a business page, (making the page an administrator) and create new groups without the need for your personal Facebook profile.

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Facebook unveils ‘Reactions’; LinkedIn and Pinterest beef up groups, search

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LinkedIn refines group features. On Tuesday, Venture Beat reported that LinkedIn was making several changes to its groups. Changes to groups—along with a standalone iOS app—launch Oct. The biggest change is that all groups will now be private, member-only discussions.

NRPR Group’s star-studded campaign for Heal exemplifies award-winning PR excellence

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The post NRPR Group’s star-studded campaign for Heal exemplifies award-winning PR excellence appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Creating a Community for Continued Education: Launching #FrebergAlums FB Group

Karen Freberg

I have been a part of many different Facebook Groups, and I have found there are a range here for the types of communities they serve. I have been managing and overseeing a Social Media Professor’s Group now for almost two years (WOW!),

New Group Aims to Study Impact of AI and Algorithms on Society

Flack's Revenge

Recently he told me about a new effort that he helped conceive – DigiDig – a website and citizen-led group dedicated to studying this area. The intention is to connect with the many similar or analog groups that populate the global digital space. No membership fees, but requests for contributions via PayPal at “ The post New Group Aims to Study Impact of AI and Algorithms on Society appeared first on.

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3 ways to grow your company Facebook group

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How to effectively use Facebook groups to grow your company. As you might know, Facebook changed its algorithm last year. The biggest social network in the world went back to serving its original purpose of connecting friends and family. Where does this change leave companies?

An Exciting Year For Temkin Group Research

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As you can see in the chart below, Temkin Group published a lot of interesting research in 2017. The post An Exciting Year For Temkin Group Research appeared first on Customer Experience Matters®. As the year winds down, it’s fun to look back and appreciate what’s been done. I’m very proud of what our team accomplished. We used many different research approaches (e.g.,

Manchester Airports Group launches revamped newsrooms


Manchester Airports Group, or MAG Airports for short, is a leading airport group in the United Kingdom. With four airports being part of MAG, Manchester, London Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth, the group sees over 55 million passengers each year.

Media Moves at The New York Times & Associated Press, Bustle Digital Group Hires Two Top Editors


Julie Turkewitz named Andes bureau chief at The Times, Nate Jones joins The Post as first FOIA director, and more

NGINX engages Firefly Communications Group to drive EMEA presence

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the company based on the popular open source project and offering a suite of technologies designed to develop and deliver modern applications, has appointed technology marketing communications agency Firefly Communications Group to handle communications in the UK, France and Germany.

Academic group tracks transparency in political advertising on Facebook

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The post Academic group tracks transparency in political advertising on Facebook appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. With a new election season in the U.S.

Best New Agency—true client commitment spurs The Reis Group to early success

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based The Reis Group, founded by principal Sharon Reis, is a public relations agency focused solely on health and social causes. The post Best New Agency—true client commitment spurs The Reis Group to early success appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Washington, D.C-based

3 reasons to use Facebook groups to promote your company

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Why your organization should have a Facebook group. Facebook groups have become part of our daily Facebook use, and most people belong to multiple groups.

3 PR lessons from scouting groups’ war of words

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News broke Wednesday that the Boy Scouts of America would open their ranks to girls, allowing female scouts to achieve the group’s highest honor: Eagle Scout. It’s “he said, she said” on a national scale.

Environmental research group scrambles as Internet calls for ‘Boaty McBoatface’

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Most social media and PR pros know the risks of a branded hashtag campaign, but that caution also applies to online audience polls. The Natural Environment Research Council is learning that lesson.

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Facebook’s pushing Groups, but how can brands really use them?

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Facebook is pushing Groups now, as exhibited by the promotional videos like this. This is why groups are emerging as a place people want to spend time. In my research for one client last year, I came across the Dental Hacks Facebook Group. And, it’s an ACTIVE group.

5 groups on social media that marketers shouldn’t ignore

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There’s too much data, too little time. It’s an excuse we hear far too often, but it will no longer pass in today’s marketing world. Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report. shows that 89 percent of marketers find social media listening effective, but only 37 percent are actively practicing it. Plus, recent technologies have made it easier than ever to sort through data, pinpoint information that matters and develop targeted strategies to help your organization thrive.

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How PR pros can find niche groups for support and networking

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There’s a related Facebook group, as well as a LinkedIn group for PR Daily. It hosts bi-weekly Twitter chats and offers a LinkedIn group with more than 5,700 members. Its sister group, The Organization of Canadian Women in PR , offers reciprocal membership.

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PR Reporting startup CoverageBook raises $2 million from large group of angel investors to fund…

The Resolution Blog

PR Reporting startup CoverageBook raises $2 million from large group of angel investors to fund existing & new products CoverageBook , a dedicated reporting SaaS tool for public relations, has announced a funding round of $2 million from a large group of over 1,500 angel investors.

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U.S. Marines quick to denounce behavior as secret Facebook group revealed

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Defense Department is investigating hundreds of Marines for allegedly posting sexually explicit photos of female soldiers to a private Facebook group. The secret Facebook group, dubbed “Marines United,” had nearly 30,000 followers. The U.S.

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Talking Points Podcast: A Conversation with United Health Group’s Bryan Vincent

Communications Conversations

In this edition of the Talking Points Podcast, Kevin and I sit down with Bryan Vincent, director of digital communications at United Health Group and talk LinkedIn, the recent Mayo Clinic/Minneapolis Star Tribune partnership, MIMA Summit and a little Packers/Vikings football.

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Report: Journalists are the largest, most active verified group on Twitter

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A new report on verified Twitter accounts shows that journalists are the most prevalent and the most active. The report comes from Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps, and was published on Medium this week. It shows that 25 percent of Twitter’s verified users are journalists.

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#AIinPR group publishes crowdsourced PR tool database. What's missing?

Stephen Waddington

It’s a crowdsourced project undertaken by a group of volunteers that started in February. The drive by the CIPR’s #AIinPR panel to characterise the tools used by the public relations profession is gathering pace. Conversation about the impact of technology on the media and public relations, ranges from denial to techno-panic. It’s impossible to find a pragmatic point of view.

Health care leaders and groups lash out over CDC word ‘ban’

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Words matter—but a recent selection of phrases has brought on ire from medical professionals and organizations nationwide. On Friday, The Washington Post broke news that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—an organization under the U.S.

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Publicis Group disciplines exec for saying gender diversity issue is ‘all over’

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Kevin Roberts, chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi and a head coach at its parent company, Publicis Groupe, is under fire for saying that the gender diversity debate is “all over.”. Diversity & inclusion are business imperatives on which Publicis Groupe will not negotiate.

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List of women’s networking groups

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The post List of women’s networking groups appeared first on Public Relations Sydney. For business women, networking is a great way to meet like-minded people, make new connections in your industry and learn something new from the people you meet. Making new connections may even help you to gain new clients or customers, promote your business or help someone else to achieve their goals. To help you get started […].