Download the ebook: '7 immediate actions to take from Muck Rack's State of Journalism 2021 survey'

Muck Rack

Download the ebook: '7 immediate actions to take from Muck Rack's State of Journalism 2021 survey

eBook 126

How to Use eBooks to Grow Your Authority


If you’re looking for an easy, but sure way, to define yourself as an expert in your field, here’s my advice: write an ebook. An ebook? In addition to the reasons I’ll expand on below, an ebook offers you the incredible opportunity to add your voice to a conversation that’s currently happening in your industry. Let’s talk about why an ebook is an essential element for your content marketing strategy, and how to create and promote one for maximum effect.

eBook 186

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The Future of Marketing eBook

Shift Communications

The Future of Marketing ebook features all nine interviews, covering topics from big data and wearables to security and the sales and social media landscapes. Download our free eBook – The Future of Marketing: 9 Expert Interviews on Where Marketing is Going – to learn the answers to these questions and gain the insights necessary to help your brand succeed as we navigate the marketing industry today and beyond. eBook Future of Marketing Marketing Technology

eBook 131

Free eBook: How To Pitch Media

Rock the Status Quo

To celebrate the end of another year for Rock The Status Quo, I’ve put together a quick eBook for you with my top seven most popular blog posts on pitching media. Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you are spending time with family and loved ones, or doing something that brings you joy and/or peace. Just click here or on the image to open the PDF. Please, post a comment to let me know if you like it!

eBook 148

New eBook: Audience Insight in the age of Google

The Resolution Blog

Sophie has poured her audience insight knowledge and tips and tricks of AnswerThePublic into new eBook ‘Audience Insight in the age of Google’. Get a sneak-peek of the ebook here. Buy eBook ‘ Consumer Insight in the age of Google’ NOW New eBook: Audience Insight in the age of Google was originally published in The Resolution on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

eBook 120

The State of Social Media: a new eBook from SHIFT

Shift Communications

The post The State of Social Media: a new eBook from SHIFT appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. Book eBook Social Media ebook Facebook LinkedIn state of social media Twitter Few things matter more to digital marketers than social media. In just a decade, social media has become one of the dominant marketing and communications channels. Only the mobile revolution has grown faster than social media.

eBook 116

Download Free Copy of Crisis EBook


Two years ago, I was invited to organize and edit a crisis management eBook for RockDove Solutions, the technology company behind the In Case of Crisis app. The post Download Free Copy of Crisis EBook appeared first on culpwrit. Our goal was to share current thinking on crisis management from senior practitioners who advise organizations facing major crisis situations. As detailed in the firm’s blog post, the […].

eBook 40

New eBook: Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement

Media Bullseye

With these difficulties in mind, CARMA produced Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement , an eBook to assist professionals looking to improve their media intelligence activities. Professionals in the PR, marketing, and communication industries often hear about the importance of integrating media monitoring and measurement into their work.

eBook 91

New eBook will take your PR measurement to the next level

The Resolution Blog

To help you do just this and take your PR measurement to the next level we have teamed up with PR evaluation expert and head of Steph Bridgeman to launch a new eBook; #PRMeasurent : How to take it to the next level. Steph has poured her invaluable knowledge into a free ebook. Whether you’re using unique users, visitors, coverage views or reach to track your coverage you’re doing one thing; reporting on article success.

eBook 120

New SHIFT eBook: Predictive Analytics and the Future of PR

Shift Communications

With this eBook , PR Pros can learn how to use data, model it over time, and ultimately, use machine learning to extract the most common complaints and talking points. This is just one of many use cases discussed in this eBook. The future of PR will be powered by predictive analytics and machine learning so start learning how to prepare by downloading this insightful eBook today!

eBook 89

Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook)

Waxing UnLyrical

Enter my first ebook! Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook) is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Announcing: Simple Yet Smart PR Measurement (ebook). What do you do if you’re constantly inundated with questions on PR measurement, even if everyone seems to have written a book on them? Why, you write a book, of course! Writing the book on PR measurement. I did it. I wrote a book.

eBook 65

The Impact of Coronavirus on B2B Tech Marketing: Replacing Trade Shows as a Lead Generation Activity

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications.

The Measurement Standard eBook: A How-To on Using AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework

Media Bullseye

As a part of AMEC’s Measurement Month, CARMA’s publication The Measurement Standard published an eBook about AMEC’s new Integrated Evaluation Framework. This eBook, which is available for free download on The Measurement Standard , provides a comprehensive overview of the Framework. The Measurement Standard compiled several articles about the Framework into this eBook to familiarize professionals with the novel tool.

eBook 87

Download the ebook 'Optimizing your Newsroom for International Audiences'


This ebook is an introduction to the basics for running a newsroom for international audiences. For organizations doing business internationally, the added complexity of a globalizing economy and the need to communicate with different audiences in different geographical locations, time zones, and languages makes it a challenge of serious proportions. The 4 chapters reflect the impact of technology and the growing influence of social media on modern PR and media relations strategies.

eBook 78

Ten Awesome Free Digital PR eBooks to Put on Your iPad Tonight

Rock the Status Quo

Wondering what my favorite eBooks are? Five Free eBooks (or Presentations) To Download Now Strengthen Your LinkedIn Skills: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn by… um… LinkedIn! How to produce a podcast in 15 steps from Jay Baer Help your clients avoid blogging mistakes: Who doesn’t love eBooks from Hubspot -they are all fantastic! No registration required for this beauty of an eBook.

eBook 192

#PRstack the Free Ebook: How to use 40+ New PR tools


PRstack Ebook. The ebook comprises case studies by public relations practitioners exploring modern aspects of public relations practice. The ebook is distributed free under a Creative Commons license via the #PRstack community. You can download a #PRstack ebook PDF here and the chapters will all be shared as blog posts each day over the next three weeks. And thanks Prezly for the great ebook design.

eBook 60

The Impact of Coronavirus on B2B Tech Marketing: Replacing Trade Shows as a Lead Generation Activity

The Hoffman Agency

In our free eBook — “Why Your Event Replacement Strategy Probably Isn’t An Event” — we highlight the key B2B marketing activities that you should focus on in order to not only replace, but also improve the positive results previously achieved through attending tech trade shows and conferences.

How Snowden Changed Security Communications for the C-Level

Shift Communications

Our eBook, “Security: Out of the Server Room and into the Board Room” sets the conversation on why this change has been so rapid, its impact on the function of corporate communications and suggestions for where to start to ensure you’re prepared for the inevitable. For more expert tips and takeaways, download the full eBook. Crisis Communications eBook Public Relations

What's Next for Comms? 2020 PR Trends


Download our new eBook to find out what our predictions are! What does the new year- and the new decade- hold for PR? Best Practices

eBook 156

PR and the Google Customer Journey to Online Purchase

Shift Communications

Analytics Data-Driven PR eBook Marketing Technology Tools Google Customer Journey whitepaperIn 2015, Google released its Customer Journey to Online Purchase insights tool and there was much rejoicing. Marketers and communicators found great value in Google’s generic models for how customers made decisions with marketing inputs.

Why Facebook’s New Timeline for Pages Will be More Useful Than You Think

Waxing UnLyrical

So they’ve just released a new eBook titled “Facebook Timeline for Conversions & ROI.” It’s not very long (after all, it is an eBook), and it gives you some really practical advice on not freaking out over the new Timeline, but making it work for you. There’s more on this in the eBook, but the image below should give you a hint. There’s much more of this in the eBook, and how cool is this for WUL readers: you can only get it here!

Up Your Intel With LinkedIn

Shift Communications

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of our latest eBook, ‘LinkedIn for Businesses & Brands.’ Our eBook walks through seven core ways brands can use LinkedIn, from the very first steps to utilizing groups, advertising and more. For more insights and tips, be sure to check out the full eBook. eBook LinkedIn Social Media Tools social media LinkedIn is often underused, and its usefulness to brands is often understated.

3 Resources for PR/Social Media Pros & Small Biz Owners

Waxing UnLyrical

A free ebook from Solo PR Pro. It’s a fabulous ebook that walks you through the most important elements to include in your consulting agreements, gives you examples of agreements … and it’s free. When the ebook was published, I looked at it immediately, and I thought Kellye and Jenny did a great job of it. Go get the ebook now. Another ebook: Public Relations 2011: issues, insights, ideas.

Attenzi – A Social Business Story

Waxing UnLyrical

The foreword is penned by Adam Pisoni, Microsoft Yammer co-founder and CTO, and the eBook is available in all popular formats for free at Business Guest Posts Social Media Adam Pisoni Attenzi ebook facebook Microsoft Yammer philip sheldrake social business Guest Post by Philip Sheldrake. We’re at an incredibly exciting point in time. The Internet is in its 40s, the Web is in its 20s, and social media (in its web manifestation) is in its teens.

Don’t Be Outdated: Why It’s Important to Refresh Your Models

Shift Communications

Agile Marketing Analytics Blogging Brand Content Marketing Data Data-Driven PR eBook Email marketing Future of Marketing Learning Marketing Marketing Technology Media Metrics Public Relations Search SEO Social Media Strategy Technology ToolsIt’s becoming more fashionable to claim that your PR and marketing is “data-driven,” but what exactly does that mean? It means we evaluate our situation honestly, using the most unbiased tools at our disposal.

How media monitoring can calm a crisis

PR Daily

Participants will receive all slides and handouts, access to the webinar recording for 12 months that can be viewed by your whole team, plus the bonus “Crisis Communications Ebook: Real problems, real-time solutions.”.

Crisis 163

The Rise of Employee Engagement in 2022 webinar

PR Daily

You’ll also receive a free eBook, “State of the Employee Experience, 2022,” to keep. This is a defining moment for employers and employees alike. Make the most of it.

The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content Like a Boss

Contently - Strategy

Blog posts into eBooks. multiple articles covering different aspects of a large topic—we pull that blog content out and repurpose it into large, ‘ultimate guide’ ebooks.” You can even add more research or expert interviews to your ebook and create gated content.

eBook 102

These are the top 10 tech trends for communicators in 2022

PR Daily

Download the free ebook today and make the most of your communications tools and tactics. Get the most out of your existing technology – and look to add strategically. Oh no. Not another list of tech you need to incorporate into your communications practice.

eBook 134

Join the PR Resolution

The Resolution Blog

You will receive a simple bullet-pointed mail informing you of the best new tools, how-to cheat sheets, eBooks and inspiring examples of innovation from PR teams and thought leaders. Join thousands of communications professionals around the globe and get the Resolution email straight to your inbox. link] Every two weeks I collate the stand-out five things you need to know in PR.

eBook 120

2022 crisis & reputation study: Real problems, real-time solutions


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our ebook, co-produced with PR Week. Download the free ebook here to hear from more comms leaders.

5 Brilliant Ways to Build Your Brand at a Conference


1: eBook Series by Lee Odden. Lee Odden of Top Rank Blog used the conference to launch a series of 4 eBooks on—what else?—content Oden created additional curiosity about the eBook series by giving it a playful Alice in Wonderland theme. 5: Day One Insights—Content Marketing World eBook by King Content. King Content, an award-winning content marketing agency based in Australia, published this eBook with 5 insights from the first day of Content Marketing World.

FEEL First Student Contest Winners to Be Named in January 2022

Deirdre Breakenridge

Then, the students reviewed the data presented in the FEEL ebook on how different generations face fears, and related all of the information presented to their own experience and communications. . . .

eBook 291

7 savvy tips for sharpening your brand’s social content to boost followers—and buyers

Agility PR Solutions

The firm’s new ebook, How […]. Social media clearly drives your brand’s messaging and amps up your visibility, but what posting frequency and content types resonate the most with your audience?

eBook 78

Strategies for collaborating with marketing


While you can keep a pulse on what your target publications are covering, your content marketing team can pick up these themes to amplify potential media coverage with blogs, case studies, eBooks and more.

Free Content: What to Make and Why

PR Fuel

Don’t forget that you can reuse content you create in multiple ways—write a how-to guide then make a video about it or expand it and turn it into an eBook. eBooks —Want to really establish your authority on a subject, publish an eBook for your audience. And don’t think you have to write a book to publish an eBook, you can also turn a series of related blog posts into an eBook. How To Guides also work well when combined for an eBook.

eBook 57

Blog Contest Winner: Implementing FEEL in the Workplace

Deirdre Breakenridge

In the FEEL First eBook on how generations face fears, the results showed that Millennials generally “prefer consistent and ongoing feedback and access to higher level meetings where they can state their ideas” (p.

A PR Firm’s Excellent Pitch for Paid, Earned, Owned and Shared

Sword and the Script

It’s one thing to pitch an eBook, but it’s a well-executed marketing initiative to exemplify the very concepts described in the eBook during the process of pitching it. That’s my take on a marketing campaign that Shift Communications is running to promote an eBook: Paid Earned Owned Shared: The Media Recipe for Audience Conversion. In clicking-through the ad to the landing page, the eBook was a topic that interests me, so I began the process of registering for the download.

eBook 114

CARMA to host upcoming webinar on enhancing media intelligence solutions

Media Bullseye

Last month, Media Bullseye posted an article about the publication of a new eBook from CARMA. As a supplement to this resource, CARMA is now hosting Getting Started with Media Monitoring and Measurement, a free webinar taking place on Wednesday April 5 at 2:00PM EST. The webinar, co-hosted by 4L Strategies’ Founder Jennifer Zingsheim Phillips and The Measurement Standard’s Editor Bill Paarlberg , will discuss strategies for understanding and enhancing media intelligence solutions.

eBook 89

Blog Contest Winner: Can Mastering the FEEL First Model Unite the Contrasting Generations?

Deirdre Breakenridge

A Guest Post By Michael Matheny, MA candidate at American University and FEEL Blog Post Winner. The stark divides between the cultural norms from generation to generation have always been fascinating to me.