Iger returns in Disney’s hour of need, AT&T’s wireless offer for frontline health care workers, and Pinterest’s heartwarming video

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AT&T gives frontline nurses and physicians free wireless. The telecommunications company is offering first responders and emergency health care workers three months of free wireless service: Thank you @JohnKrasinski for letting us share @SomeGoodNews tonight with you!

Storytelling at a Massive Scale


Industry Insights & Trends Musings 3M Global PR Qualcomm Wireless Reach storytellingTelling an early-stage startup story is fairly easy… Co-founders Jane and John Smith raised $20 million for their AI-powered application that does X, Y, and Z. They employ a team of 50, have 1,000 customers, and have earned more than $2 million in revenue to date. You get the point — there’s a template of sorts for […].


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In PR? This is all you need to know for 2016


Industry Insights & Trends Hotwire Communications Meredith Fineman On fleek PR in 2016 PR predictions PRTech public relations Qualcomm Wireless Reach Survios Virtual realityAhhh, the new year. A time for resolutions, preparations, and perhaps my favorite: bright-eyed predictions. Our propensity to look toward the future through lens of the past is as necessary to the human experience as breathing. Not wanting to be left out (FOMO alert. BTW that word is so last year.

COVID-19 Marketing

HMA Public Relations

Featured Fun Fact Friday advertisement campbells soup commercials COVID-19 marketing Marketing McDonalds thank you meal verizon wirelessIt's #FunFactFriday! Today, we're taking a closer look at the ways organizations have changed their messaging to align with COVID-19 marketing measures.

Tips for marketing to the change-averse consumer

Agility PR Solutions

The wireless phone industry was rapidly taking off, and the first generation iPhone had launched not long before. In this age, it was still difficult for sales representatives to convince customers to add mobile internet to their monthly wireless plans. It was 2008. Text messaging was relatively new—not every phone was capable of it, and […]. The post Tips for marketing to the change-averse consumer appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations trends

How A Fake Taxidermist Is Keeping AT&T On Its Toes

Waxing UnLyrical

Meet @ATT_Fake_PR (formerly @ATT_Wireless_PR). Vest-less Now, I am not, and have not been, an AT&T customer (I’m quite happy with Verizon Wireless). You’ve been using Twitter quite delightfully to poke fun at AT&T’s wireless service. The ATT_Wireless_PR Twitter feed went live that afternoon in an attempt to give humorous voice to the frustrations that AT&T users have felt for years.

What are telco marketers learning about customer value creation?

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The world’s leading wireless network operators and communications service providers possess a vast abundance of ever-multiplying customer data—and they’re now hardwired to turn this under-performing asset base into a new form of “data currency” that can create customer value, generate new revenue streams and be used for competitive advantage.

Canon All in One Printer ONLY $49.99 (Reg $199.99)

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Canon All in One Printer ONLY $49.99 (Reg $199.99) Print great quality photos and documents with this Canon – PIXMA TS9020 Wireless All-In-One Printer – White/Black that is available for ONLY $49.99 Shipped (Reg $199.99) at Best Buy. Features: Easy Replenish Prints up to 15 ISO ipm* in black, up to 10 ISO ipm* in color Ideal […]. The post Canon All in One Printer ONLY $49.99 (Reg $199.99) appeared first on FTM. Hot Deals

Has Apple Lost Its PR Magic?

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That’s why it was a shock last week when Apple pulled the plug on its highly anticipated AirPower wireless charging pad. We continue to believe that the future is wireless and are committed to push the wireless experience forward.”. In its business and in its PR , Apple has had a golden touch. For a decade sales have climbed along with profits, and its reputation for innovation has flourished. Until recently, that is.

56 Communications and Public Relations Jobs Available Now

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Vice President, Communications , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Director, Public Affairs , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Communications Associate , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Coordinator, Communications & Policy , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Assistant Associate, Public Affairs , CTIA/The Wireless Association, Washington, DC. Looking for a new career opportunity?

Media 79

Stronger PR reporting is hidden in keyword data

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Let’s say someone is searching for “Best Wireless Headphones.” They likely have a high intention to purchase, solve a problem, or make a decision related to wireless headphones. A look at how you can improve your return on investment by focusing on the right data.

Data 129

RadioShack stays mum amid reports of its demise

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that RadioShack is in discussions with wireless phone provider Sprint to sell off half its stores and close the rest. The locations sold to Sprint would operate under the wireless carrier’s name, meaning RadioShack would cease to exist as a stand-alone retailer,” the report states. RadioShack may soon be no more, but you wouldn’t know it from the retail chain’s communications. Citing unnamed sources, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Bose stays silent after lawsuit claims it sold consumer data

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The lawsuit is asking for undisclosed damages to be paid to consumers who purchased the following Bose products: SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, QuietComfort 35, QuietControl 30, SoundLink Color II, SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Pulse Wireless. Bose stands accused of spying on its customers—and the company has yet to respond to the serious allegations.

Could your corporate culture use a tuneup?

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Take some cues from communicators at Verizon Wireless, OpenTable and Newell Brands. Look around your office. Do you notice employees doing the following? Groaning at an invitation to your next town hall? Struggling to remember the name of the person who sits next to them? Taking off the minute the clock strikes five? If so, you might have a culture problem that could cost you talented employees and ultimately hurt your bottom line. What’s the remedy?

Visible’s Pearl Savant on Creating Meaningful Connections With Consumers


Experience means everything to Visible , the first all-digital wireless service in the United States. They also brought along a hot pink mechanical bull to various Austin venues for an activation that showcases that Visible is wireless without the “bull.”.

The Art Of Analyst Relations: A PR POV

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

They typically follow narrow categories or subcategories, from Application Performance Management to Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. Media relations is a huge part of any PR program , given the third-party validation that comes with earned media.

In #PR This is all You Need to Know in 2016

Deirdre Breakenridge

Just ask Qualcomm Wireless Reach. Mobile, Wireless, and Cordless take all, as the future is about streaming (rise of Netflix, Spotify, etc.), The following article originally appeared on the AirPR blog. . Ahhh, the new year. A time for resolutions, preparations, and perhaps my favorite: bright-eyed predictions. Our propensity to look toward the future through lens of the past is as necessary to the human experience as breathing. Not wanting to be left out (FOMO alert.

Our tech news roundup as the year rounds off

PR in High Definition

Airbus’s solar-powered aircraft successfully delivered wireless internet from the stratosphere down to Arizona on its 18-day long flight. With December on our doorsteps, Christmas fever is about to take over the nation.

No. 1 press interview tip: The microphone is always on

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While being videotaped for a documentary on HBO, he went to the bathroom while still wearing the wireless microphone. Durst, suspected of three murders, mumbled to himself, while in the restroom and still wearing a wireless microphone, "What the hell did I do? Robert Durst has a crisis on his hands in New Orleans. He is under arrest on murder charges, because of a major media interview goof-up.

Spotify announces platform policies to combat misinformation, a record number of scams hit social media in 2021 and Meta’s civil rights chief shares company progress

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said in a statement that it “appreciates the strong communication” and collaboration from the wireless companies, which it said had provided more precise data about the location of wireless transmitters and had aided in a deeper analysis of how 5G signals interact with sensitive aircraft instruments.

Personal Tech PR Must-Haves

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

So we are loving the HooToo TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router because it solves a few problems. It’s a portable Wi-Fi router , so if a hotel room only allows one gadget over wireless, you can connect the HooToo using Ethernet, then connect with multiple gadgets. While those of us in public relations may differ over laptop types, or even the note-taking advantages of pen and paper, there are tech gadgets that offer great help to busy PR teams.

Ragan celebrates 2022 CSR Awards: See full list of winners

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Cricket Wireless: 12 Days of Cricket. Winners were celebrated at a special awards luncheon in New York City on July 14.

Hotspot blocking continues to trouble Marriott critics

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The question at hand is what measures a network operator can take to detect and contain rogue and imposter Wi-Fi hotspots used in our meeting and conference spaces that pose a security threat to meeting or conference attendees or cause interference to the conference guest wireless network. They say Marriott simply wants to collect often-expensive wireless Internet access fees. Smartphone users are hopping mad at Marriott.

Snap’s ‘Spectacles’ are now available to everyone

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Spectacles sync to your wireless phone and allow you to record 10-30 seconds of video, essentially enabling users to record and share more cool content on the platform. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, is beefing up buzz by offering “Spectacles” to all. The company’s video-recording sunglasses were previously only available at conversation-generating pop-up kiosks, but it recently started selling them directly to users for around $130 at Spectacles.com.

How to benchmark storytelling, expertise and the latest digital media strategies

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Leaders from Fortune 500 companies and other prominent organizations will gather to hear case studies from organizations including McDonald’s and Verizon Wireless. You’re a senior communications pro. You see conferences tailored towards pros just getting their feet wet or communicators with only a few years of experience under their belt. It’s time to attend a summit designed specifically for communication and PR leaders.

How To Add “Borrowed Interest” To Your PR Campaign

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One of the most successful social impact partnerships – now a classic – is the one between Verizon Wireless and several domestic abuse prevention agencies. What makes a winning public relations program? There are many factors, but one key to a strong program is what we used to call “borrowed interest.” ” PR works harder when teams build alliances with third parties to add credibility, news value, or social impact.

Getting Antsy At Home? 6 Ways To Stay Motivated

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Add accessories that have made our lives easier like blue light glasses , wireless headphones or Airpods (mine were the best purchase I made this year), a ring light and a motivational water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated.

How Amazon lost and Rhino Security Labs won the media with Amazon Key

Axia PR

Cybersecurity company Rhino Security Labs exploited an authorization point in the wireless connection to take the entire device offline. 2 companies respond in very different ways to a PR crisis. In October 2017, Amazon debuted Amazon Key, its answer to the ongoing problem of porch theft. Home delivery of everything from groceries to jewelry has become ubiquitous as Amazon’s market share grows and influences American shopping patterns.

7 sins of startup marketing

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We worked with a startup providing services to wireless carriers at a time when mobile device hardware was advancing rapidly. When trying to help a new company get off the ground, there are a few cardinal mistakes that will thwart later growth. Consider these tips.

3 Ways IT and Marketing Can Improve the Use of Big Data

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An example of big data in action is Walt Disney’s use of the wireless tracking “MagicBands” in their parks. The term “Big Data” has come into play more and more since 2011. But just what is it, and how is it used? Google defines big data as: Extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions. 

GM heads off security issues with Onstar service

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All a hacker must do to control the wireless functions of GM’s Onstar system is hide a small and relatively inexpensive Wi-Fi hotspot device somewhere on the car’s body. As more devices become connected to the Internet, you’ll hear about new industries dealing with hacking scandals. The auto industry is the latest to deal with hacking after Wired highlighted a vulnerability in General Motors’ OnStar system.

Spotlight on a Solo PR Pro: Meet Ebony Vaz

Solo PR Pro

Above Promotions has also created website and social media content for big-ticket clients such as AOL, AT&T, Coldstone Creamery and Verizon Wireless. Ebony Vaz’s path to PR was a bit untraditional. “I’ve

How to deliver your virtual presentation during COVID-19

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Take a moment to run a speed test or arrange for a wired connection (a DSL line, for instance) rather than a wireless one. Ken Molay , the founder of the consulting firm Webinar Success , says he will always trust wires more than wireless signals, which can have dropouts.

Brand managers celebrate Groundhog Day, Verizon commits $10M to helping small businesses, and JetBlue highlights Black florists

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If your reaction is aligned with this tweet from Verizon’s wireless customer service team, you’re not alone: After the way 2020 went, that furry little bugger better give us an early spring. — Verizon Wireless CS (@VZWSupport) February 2, 2021. Wireless users on any carrier can text SMALLBIZ to 20222 to make a one-time donation of $10 to LISC.

Robocalls’ downside: The deluge is washing away consumer trust

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Chris Oatway, associate general counsel for Verizon Wireless, calls the fight with spammers an “arms race” and says the company is investing more than ever in technologies to detect, identify and trace junk calls. If another wireless carrier doesn’t flag a spam call, Verizon’s network might not recognize it’s a problem and let it go through. Automated phone messages account for a quarter of all calls made in the U.S.,

3 ways to make captivating videos

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Instead, invest in decent shotgun and wireless lavalier microphones, and remember that the closer the microphone is to your subject, the better your audio will be. Throughout the world, businesses are embracing video in their PR and marketing strategies—and with good reason. Thanks to smartphones, tablets and social media blanketing the globe, video is convenient to consume and is highly shareable. It’s time for brands to take the next step by producing more cinematic content.

Video 123

Ragan’s CSR & Diversity Awards finalists announced

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Cricket Wireless: 12 Days of Cricket. Winners will be announced at an event at the Yale Club in New York City on July 14. Communicators are on the vanguard of change.

12 tips to make webinars more engaging and entertaining

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The Sennheiser OfficeRunner wireless headset is a wise choice.). Stand up when you present, bring visceral energy and emotion, and get everyone out of there in under an hour. Most webinars are dreadfully boring. Whether the problem lies in long-winded presenters, technical difficulties or irrelevant (or just boring) material, many webinar pitfalls make us curse the moment we chose to tune in. It doesn’t have to be so bad.

Announcing the finalists for the 2015 Media Relations Awards

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Verizon Wireless, Verizon Wireless Chicago Destination Store Grand Opening. We asked to see your plans, pitches and earned media coverage. You displayed your hard work and imagination again and again in the categories of integrated marketing communications, issue and cause advocacy campaigns, press events/media tours, use of video and many more. Our judges have picked the short lists.

Storytelling or Story-selling? The Hollywood Blockbuster

The Stalwart Blog

Self-aware of its own flagrant use of product placement, the film mocks the corporate sponsorship dynamic as the dinosaur park strikes a deal to name its most recent attraction “Verizon Wireless Presents The Indomonius Rex”. Summertime is here and with it comes the Hollywood blockbuster, known for big names, big budgets and…big brands? This past weekend I embarked on my first summer trip to the movies, a ritual I’ve performed with my dad for as long as I can remember.