Reddit 101 for PR pros

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Reddit 101 for PR pros

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How marketers and PR pros can use Reddit

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The self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” Reddit is an amalgamation of everything and anything. It might be easy to underestimate the value of Reddit for enhancing your business. However, it should be noted that Reddit is amongst the obvious frontrunners like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube on the list of the top ten most visited websites in the US. Like any online community, Reddit has its own set of rules and etiquette (or “reddiquette”).

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In a messaging muddle, Reddit faces concerns about $150M Chinese bump

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The controversial source of a huge cash infusion had Reddit execs jittery about announcing it—and they didn’t even get to trumpet their own victory. Beyond the Tencent concerns lies a major question: Can Reddit convince advertisers and consumers that it has the team and assets to go toe to toe with those goliaths? To top it off, Reddit didn’t even have a chance to crow about the windfall. Reddit’s move offered an opening for TechCrunch to bring up past controversies.

How PR pros can score wins on Reddit

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However, there is one often overlooked social media site PR pros tend to miss: Reddit. Reddit is a goldmine for PR professionals, and if you’re not paying attention now, you should be. What is Reddit? First and foremost, Reddit is about community. Reddit is a network of over 100,000 communities based on interests where people (called Redditors) discover the topics most relevant to them. Some 51% of Reddit users are between the ages of 18 and 34.

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Reddit CEO: 'We screwed up'

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Reddit, one of the web’s most popular sites, faced a user revolt over the weekend after the company fired talent director Victoria Taylor last week. Taylor was a popular and highly visible figure at Reddit, having coordinated several of the high-profile r/IAmA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on the site, which featured celebrities and even President Barack Obama. The mods and the community have lost trust in me and in us, the administrators of reddit.

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Reddit reveals major data breach, promises security fix

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Reddit became the latest company to reveal that hackers gained access to private information, including email addresses, user credentials and private messages. Instead, Reddit offered actions that it was taking to protect users in the future: Some highlights.

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9 ways marketers can use Reddit

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Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet” for a reason. You can set up a Reddit advertising campaign. Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo search engine, found that Reddit ads drove more traffic to his website than Facebook, StumbleUpon or Google Adwords. He also found that through Reddit, you can reach a coveted audience: those who engage with your product and stick around your website. Reddit users are a great source of ideas.

How to promote your brand on Reddit

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It can be difficult to know where to start when considering Reddit for marketing. Even though it has been around for more than a decade, it’s still hard to explain what exactly Reddit is to people. The great thing about Reddit is that it changes to suit you,” fans are fond of saying. If it is a big enough change to suit anyone, that means there are plenty of ways to use Reddit for marketing. Putting on an AMA, or other pieces of content on Reddit can be risky.

How to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit

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A Reddit AMA—“Ask me Anything”—can be a great opportunity for a business or individual to reach a large audience by answering questions about topic expertise or services in real time. The /r/IAmA subreddit is one of the most influential parts of Reddit, hosting guests that have included A-list celebs, SR-71 pilots and even former president Barack Obama. Reddit will ding you for this, and you’ll lose credit. To host a Reddit AMA, you must verify your identity.

Reddit announces new policies in wake of user revolt

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Reddit has been scrambling to recover from a series of high-profile shakeups at the site that didn’t sit well with its enormous user base. Here are some of the Reddit updates that users can expect: Content Policy. Do you think these changes will help Reddit emerge from its recent problems relatively unscathed This week, more reports surfaced revealing that the company is " hemorrhaging women. ". Its response?

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How health care pros and patients use Reddit

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Around 80 percent of folks on Reddit are 18- to 35-year-olds, an often difficult market for health care communicators to reach. You can find this population on Reddit, the 11-year-old network that prides itself on “front page news” that’s “upvoted” and “downvoted” by its community. If you’re not well versed on Reddit, Mashable’s description is succinct: What differentiates it from a real-time information network like Twitter is that the stream of content is curated by the community.

What went wrong with Nissan's Reddit 'ask me anything'

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We can all learn a few valuable lessons from Nissan, whose recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything) went “ horribly wrong ,” according to multiple sources. AMAs on Reddit tend to be wildly popular. Reddit dismissed this notion, telling Mashable that it’s “fairly common for us to see a lot of new Redditors asking questions based on followers and fans recruited through Twitter or other social media platforms who haven''t used Reddit before, and Nissan tweeted quite a bit about this AMA.”.

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Schools suspend on-site classes as COVID-19 spreads, Reddit launches a marketing feature, and Wingstop offers ‘wearable billboards’

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Reddit offers marketers ‘Trending Takeover’ feature. Brand managers have a new way of reaching the “front page of the internet’s” more than 430 million monthly active users: Reddit launched an ad product called “Trending Takeover.”. Here’s an example featuring the cleaning products company Method: Image courtesy of the Reddit blog. Most Reddit users are savvy content consumers and skeptical of branded content.

Electronic Arts slammed by customers on Reddit

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Reddit user MBMMaverick took to the StarWarsBattlefront subreddit to voice his (and many fellow gamers’) frustration. The Reddit post’s popularity quickly spiked over the weekend, and EA took note. We appreciate the candid feedback, and the passion the community has put forth around the current topics here on Reddit, our forums and across numerous social media outlets. Reddit users have a long history of EA hate. How do you use Reddit, PR Daily readers?

Brands *should* be adopting Reddit–so why aren’t they?

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Especially on the heels of recent news that Reddit’s user base now outnumbers Twitter’s. In fact, Reddit now has the THIRD MOST users (330 million) of any social platform on the web (behind only Facebook and Instagram). What’s more, Reddit has grown a whopping 30 percent in just the last six months. It’s the time users spent on Reddit. Oh, also: Reddit is continuing to make its platform better. Reddit’s users have a rep.

Reddit’s new CEO looks to ‘re-establish a relationship with the community’

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New Reddit CEO Steve Huffman began his tenure as top exec seeking to talk to users in their language, with an “ Ask Me Anything ” (AMA) thread. Huffman became Reddit’s third CEO in less than a year in the aftermath of Ellen Pao’s Friday announcement she was resigning from the top exec spot. In that announcement, she wrote: In my eight months as reddit’s CEO, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly on reddit. Nothing that undermines the integrity of reddit.

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Is Reddit the social platform communicators should be paying attention to?

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Communicators and PR pros have typically shied away from Reddit as a platform for client engagement, in part because even defining or explaining what Reddit is can be a challenge—is it a news aggregation site or a discussion site, or…something else?—and, and, there’s also Reddit’s reputation as a freewheeling forum that might sometimes get a little too toxic. In late 2016, articles were being posted about Reddit “ tearing itself apart ” (Gizmodo).

AMA with Noam Cadouri, Senior Business Development Manager at Reddit, Inc.

Zignal Labs

The post AMA with Noam Cadouri, Senior Business Development Manager at Reddit, Inc. appeared first on Zignal Labs

Reddit offers livestreaming tools, chicken chains crow on Twitter, and top execs redefine the purpose of a corporation

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Good morning, PR pros: Reddit is testing the livestreaming waters with a service dubbed the “Reddit Public Access Network.”. The Verge reported : Users who want to tune into broadcasts can do so directly from the subreddit, but top streams will appear on Reddit’s front page throughout the testing period, according to a blog post. Users will also be able to vote on their favorite stream, similar to Reddit’s upvote system, which will dictate what appears on the homepage.

The Ugly Side of Social Media Sharing

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” 3) Without asking or anyone else knowing, Susan’s friend’s boyfriend saw the picture, thought it was funny, uploaded it to Imgur, and posted it to Reddit. Here are some screen captures from the conversation with (this conversation was before we traced the original image back to Reddit/Imgur). ” While this image has been removed from Imgur and Reddit, it still remains widely available online. Guest post by Jenelle Conner.

Reddit offers livestreaming tools, chicken chains crow on Twitter, and top execs redefine the purpose of a corporation

PR Daily

Good morning, PR pros: Reddit is testing the livestreaming waters with a service dubbed the “Reddit Public Access Network.”. The Verge reported : Users who want to tune into broadcasts can do so directly from the subreddit, but top streams will appear on Reddit’s front page throughout the testing period, according to a blog post. Users will also be able to vote on their favorite stream, similar to Reddit’s upvote system, which will dictate what appears on the homepage.

How to Use Social Listening to Sell Your Products

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In platforms and discussion forums such as Quora, Reddit, and Twitter, customers hold discussions on their preferences, ask questions about products, and offer both positive and negative feedback … Continue reading How to Use Social Listening to Sell Your Products.

4 often-overlooked platforms for social media marketing

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The most-popular sites are great, but less-used venues—Quora, Pinterest, Reddit and Nextdoor—offer terrific opportunities for community engagement. Reddit. Reddit isn’t a marketing play, as most social networks can be; it’s a community play. Microsoft uses Reddit as a customer service channel. Redditors (site users) have a long history of calling out companies that try to market (the traditional way, at least) on Reddit.

Data-driven still needs human decisions

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Unless you’re blind and deaf (or not a techie), you’re aware that in the past week or so reddit had a meltdown. Have any doubt about the power of reddit? Data would say to us, syndicate this, talk with people on reddit about it, take action. As an experienced marketer and sometimes lurking redditor, my response to said machine decision is “Whoa, whoa, whoa, not touching – reddit is a tricky beast of a thing.

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Four social media channels most communicators overlook

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Overlooked social network #3: Reddit. Why Reddit? Let’s be clear: Reddit isn’t for every brand. I say that because Reddit isn’t a marketing play the way most social networks can be. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. LinkedIn.

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New Brandwatch Social Panel tool for virtual focus groups

Stephen Waddington

Data integrity and use cases Brandwatch collects author data from sources including: 4Chan, Amazon, Facebook (owned channels), Instagram (owned channels and pre-December 2018), Reddit, Sherdog, Tumblr, Twitter and Yahoo! Brandwatch adds virtual focus groups to platform with Social Panels.

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5 Easy Tips for Learning in Not So Obvious Places

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Reddit has the answers. I found it fascinating when he mentioned how he went to Reddit to talk to professionals and peers about the internship, learning more about the interview process and what his summer role would entail. We’ve seen the revitalization of Reddit. Our kids have mentioned being on Reddit before. They talk about the Reddit subgroups all of the time, and how people are more than willing to share knowledge on any number of subjects.

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The 5 most popular stories on PR Daily this week

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4 ways marketers can use Reddit. Here are the five most widely read stories this week on PR Daily : The speech is not about you: 4 tips for speaking success. 4 spring cleaning tips for social media managers. 6 writing mistakes PR pros should never make. How to save yourself from PR speak. RELATED: Executive communicators— Join our new LinkedIn group and get FREE tips and strategies to improve leadership communications. Image via

Walmart apologizes for back-to-school “hero” sign above gun display

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On Wednesday, a photo lingered on the front page of Reddit, later making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook. Walmart might not have the answers to a recent backlash, but its swift crisis response can be a model for PR pros. The image showed a glass gun case at Walmart, which was nothing new: Walmart is a longtime gun retailer. What concerned many, however, was the sign above the guns. It read, “Own the school year like a hero.”.

8 time-saving social media marketing tools

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If you guessed Reddit , you guessed right. Despite the network’s immense popularity, most companies have not established a Reddit presence. Social media use, interaction and strategy have changed dramatically in recent years.

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PR Tactics To Differentiate Your Brand

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

told the story of the troubled relationship between the founders of Reddit, their departure from the company and eventual triumphant return. It’s a riveting story, and is part of a recently published book about Reddit – that itself being another tactic for differentiation.

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Tips for Working with Millennial Media Outlets

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The most popular tools for identifying trends and measuring impact of published content include Google Analytics, Chartbeat, NewsWhip, Google Trends, Reddit and Twitter. On the other hand, Shieber advocated using Reddit for both content amplification, inbound traffic and story leads. Shieber said this isn’t new or surprising since Reddit, social channels and reporting are all naturally collaborative.

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How to develop (and capture) ideas for your blog

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Ideas from Reddit. With sections dedicated to an array of interests, Reddit helps you track what people are sharing and asking about. First and foremost, remember that the subject matter should serve your readers. With that in mind, we present a batch of sources to mine for engaging topics. Chefs around the world know that cooking dinner is the easy step. The hard job? Figuring out what to cook. The same principle applies to blog writing: It’s not so hard to write a blog.

Chiefs step down at LinkedIn and others, Twitter drops the ‘users’ label, and Ancestry lays off 6% of its workforce

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Also: TV to see more Reddit content, Lego’s lofty sustainability goal, make your voice heard in our readership survey, and more. You might soon see Reddit posts pop up on TV news programs. Redditers don’t respond kindly to advertising gimmicks.

8 time-saving social media marketing tools

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If you guessed Reddit , you guessed right. Despite the network’s immense popularity, most companies have not established a Reddit presence. TrackReddit can help you find marketing success on Reddit by tracking terms relevant to your business, which enables you to respond and interact accordingly. To find more success on popular digital platforms, wring insights from resources such as Hootsuite, SproutSocial, ReviewTrackers and TrackReddit.

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Now is the time to diversify your social ad strategy

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Reddit (expanding their ad options in 2020). In case you missed it, the list is now pretty long of companies boycotting Facebook to support the #StopHateforProfit campaign. Unilever, Coca-Cola, Patagonia and Ben & Jerrys are just a few of the companies on the list.

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The New Season of BizWireTV is Coming Featuring a New Host and Innovative Tech

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NUVI’s real-time analytics platform will provide insights into influencer conversations across numerous sources including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Delicious, Reddit and more than 20 million RSS feeds. By Scott Fedonchik, SVP Marketing, Business Wire Get ready for the new season of BizWireTV , featuring a fresh new look and a new host, Jordyn Rolling.

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Top IT News Picks of the New York Tech Crowd

Flack's Revenge

Some Reddit channels. Reddit. Hacker News (but not nearly as much as Reddit). Someone posted the question “HELP! What are the top sites where you get IT news?” ” on the NY Tech Meetup mailing list last week. This prompted a frenzied exchange of emails. I chimed in, and followed the conversation with great interest. Why is it at all interesting what a few NYTM members think about IT news?

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How to Brand Like Bernie Sanders


This monitoring collected more than 700,000 tweets, reddit links, Facebook messages and Instagrams posts in a 24-hour period, making this debate the most active in terms of online conversation of the three we’ve monitored. On reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr conversations around the Republican debate vastly outpaced those of the Democratic debate. On reddit, for example, theGOP Debate had 1,900 percent more messages.

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Amazon, Instacart and other essential workers strike, Disney offers branded face masks, and Deloitte shares crisis recovery tips

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Also: Communicators shine in an ROI musical, Reddit puts the brakes on group chat feature, join our Twitter #RaganChat with special guest from OKCupid, and more. Just one day after debuting its new chat rooms, Reddit changed tack and pulled the feature after swift backlash. Though Reddit claimed reaction to early tests of Start Chatting had received positive feedback, the launch appears to have taken many of the site’s users by surprise.