Recap Part I: #PRStudChat Discusses PR Education & Learning

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After all, I am an educator, right? Compared to many other seasoned educators, I still have a lot to learn and reflect upon. On October 13, 2015, I joined an invigorating #PRStudChat with my fellow educators, students, and professionals about Teaching and Learning in Public Relations.

Reflect and Project: How has Your #PR education Prepared You for Your Career?

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As an educator, I’m constantly asking myself how teachers can better prepare students to excel in their careers; and more importantly, how can they create an impact in our society? Education and learning, they are critical to life success. .

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The #PRStudChat Community Discusses PR Education and Learning on October 13th

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ET, the #PRStudChat community will gather to discuss PR education and learning in the classroom. PR professionals, educators and students will engage in a community discussion to share their perspectives on PR learning today. How has your PR education prepared you for your career?

Calling all higher education communicators

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It’s lonely at the top in every field, but if you’re a communications leader in higher education, the buck always stops with you. We’re looking for wise, experienced, inquisitive leaders for our Communications Leadership Roundtable for Higher Education Communicators in Pittsburgh on Aug.

Can educators become influential?

Karen Freberg

I was able to talk about how educators can use social media for personal branding purposes, leading to some exciting opportunities both personally and professionally. Invest in training educators and future educators to embrace this new model.

Does Education Help You Grow in Your Career?


The place you are in and the position you hold today is a reflection of your current education level and skill set. The post Does Education Help You Grow in Your Career? Careers Guest Post graduate degree PR education

Cannes Lions + Educator Summit Takeaways and Reflections

Karen Freberg

This past week attending and working at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was one of the most rewarding, inspiring, and educational professional and personal experiences I have ever had. Why was the Educators Summit created? This is why we wanted to have an Educators Summit here.

Should Sandbox Learning Be The Future Of Education?

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Should Sandbox Learning Be The Future Of Education? The post Should Sandbox Learning Be The Future Of Education? by Terry Heick Two decades into the 21st century, highly-structured, formal learning environments may have run their course.

Is your organization championing diversity, education or environmental causes?

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The post Is your organization championing diversity, education or environmental causes? Enter PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. Share the initiatives and campaigns you’ve worked on. Complete your entry by the extended deadline on May 1.

Big News!: Becoming an Adobe Education Leader

Karen Freberg

I have been named officially as an Adobe Education Leader. I have been so grateful for their support and investment towards education, and the kindness they have shown to other educators and students as well. What does it meant to be an Adobe Education Leader?

Part II: PR Education & Learning – A Recap of the October #PRStudChat Twitter Discussion

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What are your recommendations for improving PR education? . There were a lot of different answers and great suggestions, but one theme strongly stood out: the need to make PR education more applicable to the industry, which I wholeheartedly agree.

Key Ingredients for a Successful Career: Self Assessment, Goals and Continuing Education


The post Key Ingredients for a Successful Career: Self Assessment, Goals and Continuing Education appeared first on culpwrit. Advice from a Pro Careers Guest Post Alma Causey continuing education training programsBy Alma Causey The world is transforming at an incredibly swift pace.

Creativity for all (including education): Takeaways from EDUmax and AdobeMax

Karen Freberg

New roles and efforts in bridging education and industry. With EDUMax and Adobe MAX – you are seeing more efforts coming together to help bridge educators together with industry professionals. I am forever grateful to Adobe for all they are doing for education.

The top 10 education journalists in 2019

Muck Rack

The top 10 education journalists in 2019

Snapchat proves educational in UK campaign

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We need to educate and influence behavior change. The UK government is embracing Snapchat. Government officials are using the teen-friendly social media platform in its effort to warn against the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs.

College Educated, She Graduated…. Now what?


D efinitely join PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), their entire mission is to enhance members education in PR and help launch students careers after graduation. The post College Educated, She Graduated….

12 educational resources every marketer should know

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DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education ” by Anya Kamenetz: Half of Kamenetz’s book is a well-researched manifesto that preaches against the necessity of a college education.

What PR Stands to Gain from Content Marketing

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education public relations marketingThe public relations industry has always been a text-based business.

Getting ready for Cannes Lions Educators Summit

Karen Freberg

This is what I wrote in the post back in 2017: Propose an Educators Summit for Cannes Lions. You see veteran professionals and young professionals, but you really didn’t see educators. There is a big focus here for education and mentoring at Cannes Lions, which is fantastic.

Cannes Lions Educators Summit: The leading global event bridging together academia and industry

Karen Freberg

I am thrilled we will have the Educators Summit again at Cannes Lions this year! What has been exciting is to be able to see who will be attending as far as educators and schools go. How can attending the Educators Summit help my work in the classroom?

Job Training Never Ends: Why Continuing Education Matters


For Garcio-Brito, the training and education to best prepare herself for her job is never ending. Continuing to bolster existing knowledge by learning new skills or simply by staying abreast of topics of relevance to that person’s line of work are both forms of continuing education.

2018 CHE Senior Summit Spotlight: Communicating the Value of Higher Education


Members of PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education Section will meet April 11–13 in Nashville, Tenn. Communicators in higher education, especially at liberal arts colleges, face extreme pressure to show the value of this type of educational experience.

Beat spotlight: 10 questions with education journalist Chris Quintana from USA Today

Muck Rack

Beat spotlight: 10 questions with education journalist Chris Quintana from USA Today

Lessons From BBC’s Ebola Education Initiative via WhatsApp

Melissa Agnes

A few weeks ago, I wrote about BBC’s WhatsApp strategy for educating West Africans on how to stay healthy when it comes to Ebola. Evaluating BBC’s Ebola education initiative via WhatsApp. Subscribe to BBC’s Ebola education initiative on WhatsApp.

Social Media Rock Stars: Collegis Education’s Kendall Bird

Communications Conversations

Higher education advocate. Let’s hear from Kendall about life in her current role at Collegis Education, how she keeps up with all the changes in social media each week, and what trends she sees emerging in the months ahead. Social media and communications professional.

The most popular outlets & articles covering education in 2019

Muck Rack

The most popular outlets & articles covering education in 2019

Romanian education official steps down after sexist remarks

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Anyone wondering how to lose a job as a Romanian education ministry official should look no further than Vasile Salaru. I think this is a side of Romanian education that has been totally neglected and that could remind us, I hope you don’t smile, of the former boarding school education. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how one loses his job as a Romanian education ministry official.

Media Relations in the Age of Coronavirus and Other Natural or Manmade Disasters | Business Wire Blog

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education media relationsWhen a major disaster hits, whether it’s COVID-19 or another event that puts people, property and businesses in peril, it's often difficult to understand the best path forward to approaching the media.

Why PR for Higher Education Requires a Different Strategy


Those working in PR for higher education face an even more complex landscape with unique challenges and opportunities. EducationIt’s hard to put into words how profoundly the practice of public relations has changed over the last decade.

Which social media platforms can prove effective for higher education institutions?


Here’s how social media platforms can be effective for higher education : Increase Student Engagement for your University. Having a social media presence allows those interested in your educational institution to easily find and connect with you, helping to expand the University’s recognition. Used regularly by a worldwide audience, it’s hardly surprising that social media platforms are rapidly becoming one of the most vital aspects of digital marketing.

Top Tips to Successfully Work From Home While Parenting During COVID-19 | Business Wire

Business Wire

educationWorking from home has its perks but also presents unique challenges—especially when the rest of the family is home too.

Why Blitzmetrics is a Game Changer for Higher Education

Karen Freberg

They come from all backgrounds and industries, and this is truly one of the best ways to connect education with practice. It was impressive – as an educator – it’s so important to share with students these stories and say – HEY!

Department of Education gets slammed for misspelling and typo in tweets

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The Department of Education recently learned that it’s important to proofread your tweets. Here’s the original post: Education must not simply teach work - it must teach life. US Dept of Education (@usedgov) February 12, 2017.

Cosby touts education program, deflects questions about allegations

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He’s doing so by touting a pro-education message in some of the country’s most underserved areas, namely rural Alabama. There are now efforts afoot to stop Cosby from taking part in a march for education across the Selma, Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge. Bill Cosby’s image may be beyond repair in the wake of sexual assault allegations from more than 30 women. However, that’s not stopping the comedian from attempting to return to the public’s good graces.

First Step Towards Facebook ROI: Educate With Content


On Facebook, your top priority as a business is to educate. Facebook has been disrupting the scene for some time now. But if your brand is using the same content marketing strategy as it did in 2014, you’re probably not seeing any results.

Can Educators Become Micro-Influencers?

Karen Freberg

I am actually doing a presentation on this very topic for the Australian Communication and Public Relations Education Seminar series about how professors can embrace to become their own micro-influencers tomorrow (well, it’s going to be Wednesday down in Australia).

The Higher Education Bubble

Where the Fishermen Ain't

With tons of federal money flowing into higher education in the form of loans and grants, it is relatively unresponsive to competition and market forces. for Aid to Education, a non-profit organization, seeks to test the. College is expensive.

Best Use of Social Media: Violet PR executes IBM’s education reform campaign

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In 2018, Violet PR worked with the IBM Foundation on a year-long social media campaign to promote P-TECH, an education reform model helping to close the global skills gap. Violet PR’s Twitter campaign targeted and connected a variety of audiences including government leaders, corporate partners, educators, media, and influencers. The post Best Use of Social Media: Violet PR executes IBM’s education reform campaign appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

10 PR Tricks to Increase News Release Visibility

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education public relationsThere’s no doubt that the communications landscape is inundated – more so today with messages about Covid-19 and maintaining business continuity with remote workforces.

Fast Forward for PR Education: Reflections on lated CPRE report

Karen Freberg

Public relations education has evolved and come a long way in many respects. However, there was ONE class or subject area where the practitioners and educators were aligned the same. There’s still work to be done in addressing the gap between practice and education.