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Lessons From BBC’s Ebola Education Initiative via WhatsApp

Melissa Agnes

A few weeks ago, I wrote about BBC’s WhatsApp strategy for educating West Africans on how to stay healthy when it comes to Ebola. Evaluating BBC’s Ebola education initiative via WhatsApp. Subscribe to BBC’s Ebola education initiative on WhatsApp.

First Step Towards Facebook ROI: Educate With Content


On Facebook, your top priority as a business is to educate. Facebook has been disrupting the scene for some time now. But if your brand is using the same content marketing strategy as it did in 2014, you’re probably not seeing any results.

Real World Experience vs. School Education

Spin Sucks

It seems every time I post a status or tweet about my choice to leave school for a full-time social media gig in New York City, a debate emerges about real-world experience and the education you gain in school. My issue, however, is with the word education. Their education was reset.

Gaining a Formal Social Media Education in a DIY World

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Social media education started off DIY. But as social media moves into the mainstream, a more formalized type of social media education is beginning to emerge; one that provides instruction in a classroom setting and grants accreditation, certificates, or degrees.

APR: A Boon to Foreign-Educated PR Professionals


The APR comes with no modest demands in terms of past experience, understanding of the profession and commitment to continuous education — and rightly so. After having worked for about 15 years in public relations in Brussels, I moved with my family to the Austin area in the summer of 2015.

Four Ways to Deal with your Dangerously Educated Client

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By all means, continue to educate your customers and provide them with free information. I believe an educated and well-informed customer base is a good thing, not something we should fear. Today’s guest post is written by Ken Mueller. I’m a technical moron.

12 educational resources every marketer should know

PR Daily

DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education ” by Anya Kamenetz: Half of Kamenetz’s book is a well-researched manifesto that preaches against the necessity of a college education.

TCIP #005 – Teaching Crisis Communication in Higher Education with Karen Freberg

Melissa Agnes

In this episode, Karen and I discuss: The social professor / educator: Risks and benefits for themselves as well as their students. Whether you’re an educator, a student or a professional working for an organization, this podcast is definitely one that you won’t want to miss. The post TCIP #005 – Teaching Crisis Communication in Higher Education with Karen Freberg appeared first on Agnes + Day.

Getting Physical Education and Activity Back Into the Curriculum

6 A.M.

Did you know that only 4 percent of elementary schools, 8 percent of middle schools and 3 percent of high schools offer daily physical education? Since America’s schools educate 55 million children a day, 180 days a year, there has to be a solution. Department of Education, U.S.

How Yahoo! Contributor Academy Built Free Educational Courses

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That’s what developing free educational modules for an online community is like. And many of the same steps and processes that helped me create educational modules can be applied to a community manager role. Today’s guest post is by Jelena Woehr.

Snapchat proves educational in UK campaign

PR Daily

We need to educate and influence behavior change. The UK government is embracing Snapchat. Government officials are using the teen-friendly social media platform in its effort to warn against the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs.

Why PR for Higher Education Requires a Different Strategy


Those working in PR for higher education face an even more complex landscape with unique challenges and opportunities. EducationIt’s hard to put into words how profoundly the practice of public relations has changed over the last decade.

Department of Education gets slammed for misspelling and typo in tweets

PR Daily

The Department of Education recently learned that it’s important to proofread your tweets. Here’s the original post: Education must not simply teach work - it must teach life. US Dept of Education (@usedgov) February 12, 2017.

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The Three Pillars of PR Education in the Future


Attempting to write about the future of education in our field is a pretty daunting task, but one I am happy to tackle because of my enthusiasm for the topic. Analytical prowess is the third component of my thinking about the future of public relations education.

How Social Media Blurs the Black and White in Education

Waxing UnLyrical

Defining appropriate relationships within education used to be simple. High school educator, reformer, and a recovering perfectionist, Starr Sackstein leads by example both in the classroom and on the Internet. How Social Media Blurs the Black and White in Education.

Recap Part I: #PRStudChat Discusses PR Education & Learning

PR Expanded

After all, I am an educator, right? Compared to many other seasoned educators, I still have a lot to learn and reflect upon. On October 13, 2015, I joined an invigorating #PRStudChat with my fellow educators, students, and professionals about Teaching and Learning in Public Relations.

Marketing higher education: How to make your story stick

PR Daily

College students and the marketing tactics that reach them effectively have changed considerably over the past decade. Aside from the obvious technology factor, today’s students demand instant gratification and access to information, presenting a unique set of communication challenges.

Four Ways Educators Can Bridge the Gap Between Research and the Practice of PR


Public relations educators regularly walk the line between top-down theoretical discussions and the bottom-up tactical skill sets that students often desire most. Public relations education will progress alongside scholarship and practice. Blog] [Research Library] Education in PR

Part II: PR Education & Learning – A Recap of the October #PRStudChat Twitter Discussion

PR Expanded

What are your recommendations for improving PR education? . There were a lot of different answers and great suggestions, but one theme strongly stood out: the need to make PR education more applicable to the industry, which I wholeheartedly agree.

Contributions to Education: Exploring the Work of the Commission for Public Relations Education


Since 1975, the Commission for Public Relations Education (CPRE) has been at the forefront of public relations education through publication of research-based recommendations identified by an independent body of public relations educators and practitioners.

Three Marketing Lessons from the Rise and Fall of Pokémon GO

Spin Sucks

why brands should educate users Word-of-Mouth MarketingWhat caused the fall from grace of the famous Pokémon GO? Tony Tie has the story, marketing lessons learned, and how marketers can avoid the same rise and fall.

Leading Leaders: PR Pros Need Sharpened Leadership Skills

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entrepreneur Leadership education empower your team leadership skills leading a team leading leaders PR Professionals teamIt's time for PR pros to become leading leaders. Nicole Rodrigues shares five ways PR pros can sharpen their leadership skills.

Communicating the benefits of IT security in higher education

Don't Eat the Shrimp

One of the special things about higher education (for good or for ill) is the decentralization of basically everything. Tagged: cybersecurity , employee engagement , higher education IT , internal communications , student digital privacy.

How to Write an Email Your Customers Will Give a Crap About


PR Education customer relations customer success customer success education customer tips“You’ve Got Mail” — not just a classic rom-com but an alert that really rocked the working world. In the ‘90s, email was one of the most welcomed inventions to hit a professional’s day-to-day.

How IPR Can Help Educate Future Public Relations Practitioners


The explosion of social and digital media in recent years has fueled job opportunities and the number of educational programs in public relations. What educators are teaching students today differs greatly compared to what we were doing ten, even five years ago.

Romanian education official steps down after sexist remarks

PR Daily

Anyone wondering how to lose a job as a Romanian education ministry official should look no further than Vasile Salaru. I think this is a side of Romanian education that has been totally neglected and that could remind us, I hope you don’t smile, of the former boarding school education. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how one loses his job as a Romanian education ministry official.

Educational PR

Online PR Thoughts

There is one way auto manufacturers can attack this problem -- educational PR. What happens when the people on whom you rely to sell your product know little about it? They won't sell it or they will represent the product badly. This is the dilemma facing manufacturers of electric cars and their relations with dealers. Car salespersons have been steering consumers away from electric vehicles and back to gas engine autos. There are reasons for this.

How every startup needs to think about PR


PR Education Jenn Hirsch PR PR challenges PR education PR tips public relations smart PR startup PR

Public Education

Online PR Thoughts

The Federal Aviation Commission has set a huge PR task for itself in its announcement that it would educate the public about the use of drones. Most drones are the size of model airplanes. The difference is that they can hover and move in ways a model airplane can''t. The FAA is likely to face huge resistance from drone users who see the utility of the aircraft and are not afraid of the risks.

5 Predictions for Influencer Marketing in 2016


Influencer Marketing 2016 Trends b2b marketing education influencer identification influencer marketing influencer program influencers Trends

Math: PR Style


PR Education Adam Singer math mathematics PR PR education PR measurement PR tools public relations Ryan Rapp Shonali Burke

Romancing the C-Suite: How to Communicate Results That Resonate


PR Education C-suite content Experian Gerry Tschopp PESO PR PR education PR measurement PR reporting PR tips public relationsDo you remember the first time you reported PR results to a C-suite executive?

6 Marketing and Sales Tactics to Avoid Like the Plague


All About Tech automated marketing customer success marketing marketing do nots marketing education marketing tips PR public relations sales sales and marketing sales do nots sales education sales tipsWhen you’re a busy entrepreneur, there’s nothing worse than having your time wasted.

Bridging PR and Sales Through Storytelling


PR Education GrowthBeat PR PR education PR tips public relations sales sales tips stories storytellingWhen it comes to influential forces, there are few as powerful as storytelling. While many equate storytelling with entertainment (e.g. movies, television, novels, etc.), the concept of compelling storytelling is now front and center in nearly every business conversation. In fact, it was a major theme during this year’s GrowthBeat conference. The business of storytelling […].

8 Elements To Transform Your Press Page Into A Newsroom


PR Education AppBoy Marissa Aydlett newsroom PR PR education PR tips press page PRESSfeed public relations Sally FalkowDuring a recent PR Council webinar Marissa Aydlett, Chief Marketing Officer at Appboy, challenged businesses to think like marketers, but operate like a newsroom.

PR & Customer Success: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin


PR Education CS customer success customer success education PR PR education PR tip public relations retentionIn PR, we like to draw comparisons. It helps emphasize a point, enhance a story or create a connection between two seemingly unrelated things. Along those lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between PR and one of the fastest growing roles sweeping the SaaS industry: Customer Success. Whaaaat you may […].

The Fine Line Between Value-adds and Over-servicing Clients

Spin Sucks

Under-promise and over-deliver. You've heard that before, right? But there is a fine line between keeping your clients happy and over-servicing? After all, as much as you care about your clients, you are not running a charity. Drew McLellan has some tips.

Improving the Classroom Experience

6 A.M.

Unfortunately, today’s educators sometimes don’t have all the resources they need to engage their 21st century students. Discovery Education works in K-12 districts nationwide and over 50 percent of U.S. 6 am blog Discovery Education Education Richard Edelman

15 Digital Skills PR Pros Must Master


PR Education Cision digital skills journalism media relations Meritus Media Pitch PRomise PR education PR tips PRESSfeed Public Relations 101 Sally FalkowSally Falkow, president of PRESSfeed and founder of Meritus Media, is no stranger to the AirPR blog.

How Public Relations Is Like High School


As a PR professional, I am constantly educating those around me that do not work in the industry about what public relations is and does. In honor of school years ending, but in light of the fact that education […].