Recap Part I: #PRStudChat Discusses PR Education & Learning

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After all, I am an educator, right? Compared to many other seasoned educators, I still have a lot to learn and reflect upon. On October 13, 2015, I joined an invigorating #PRStudChat with my fellow educators, students, and professionals about Teaching and Learning in Public Relations.

Reflect and Project: How has Your #PR education Prepared You for Your Career?

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As an educator, I’m constantly asking myself how teachers can better prepare students to excel in their careers; and more importantly, how can they create an impact in our society? Education and learning, they are critical to life success. .

The #PRStudChat Community Discusses PR Education and Learning on October 13th

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ET, the #PRStudChat community will gather to discuss PR education and learning in the classroom. PR professionals, educators and students will engage in a community discussion to share their perspectives on PR learning today. How has your PR education prepared you for your career?

Why Blitzmetrics is a Game Changer for Higher Education

Karen Freberg

They come from all backgrounds and industries, and this is truly one of the best ways to connect education with practice. It was impressive – as an educator – it’s so important to share with students these stories and say – HEY!

Should Sandbox Learning Be The Future Of Education?

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Should Sandbox Learning Be The Future Of Education? The post Should Sandbox Learning Be The Future Of Education? by Terry Heick Two decades into the 21st century, highly-structured, formal learning environments may have run their course.

Calling all higher education communicators

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It’s lonely at the top in every field, but if you’re a communications leader in higher education, the buck always stops with you. We’re looking for wise, experienced, inquisitive leaders for our Communications Leadership Roundtable for Higher Education Communicators in Pittsburgh on Aug.

First Step Towards Facebook ROI: Educate With Content


On Facebook, your top priority as a business is to educate. Facebook has been disrupting the scene for some time now. But if your brand is using the same content marketing strategy as it did in 2014, you’re probably not seeing any results.

2018 CHE Senior Summit Spotlight: Communicating the Value of Higher Education


Members of PRSA’s Counselors to Higher Education Section will meet April 11–13 in Nashville, Tenn. Communicators in higher education, especially at liberal arts colleges, face extreme pressure to show the value of this type of educational experience.

College Educated, She Graduated…. Now what?


D efinitely join PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), their entire mission is to enhance members education in PR and help launch students careers after graduation. The post College Educated, She Graduated….

Creating a Community for Continued Education: Launching #FrebergAlums FB Group

Karen Freberg

Here are some of the main reasons why I wanted to create this FB community: Embracing continued education. Continued education, especially in public relations and social media, is not only expected, but a mandatory task to do.

Fast Forward for PR Education: Reflections on lated CPRE report

Karen Freberg

Public relations education has evolved and come a long way in many respects. However, there was ONE class or subject area where the practitioners and educators were aligned the same. There’s still work to be done in addressing the gap between practice and education.

Can Educators Become Micro-Influencers?

Karen Freberg

I am actually doing a presentation on this very topic for the Australian Communication and Public Relations Education Seminar series about how professors can embrace to become their own micro-influencers tomorrow (well, it’s going to be Wednesday down in Australia).

Lessons From BBC’s Ebola Education Initiative via WhatsApp

Melissa Agnes

A few weeks ago, I wrote about BBC’s WhatsApp strategy for educating West Africans on how to stay healthy when it comes to Ebola. Evaluating BBC’s Ebola education initiative via WhatsApp. Subscribe to BBC’s Ebola education initiative on WhatsApp.

Social Media Rock Stars: Collegis Education’s Kendall Bird

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Higher education advocate. Let’s hear from Kendall about life in her current role at Collegis Education, how she keeps up with all the changes in social media each week, and what trends she sees emerging in the months ahead. Social media and communications professional.

New international ethical principles for PR welcomed, education and enforcement required

Stephen Waddington

The next job is education and enforcement. The next challenge is education and enforcement. Industry associations rightly put ethical training at the forefront of their educational efforts.

Ethics 108

Breeders Cup X FrebergPR: A partnership between industry and education

Karen Freberg

Brands, celebrities and companies are not the only ones that can formulate some great partnerships.

5 ways Pinterest can be used for patient education

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Pinterest is a good medium for patient education because many people learn best visually. Infographics and other images serve as powerful vehicles for educating patients. Images can help convey information that would be much harder to digest in words.

APR: A Boon to Foreign-Educated PR Professionals


The APR comes with no modest demands in terms of past experience, understanding of the profession and commitment to continuous education — and rightly so. After having worked for about 15 years in public relations in Brussels, I moved with my family to the Austin area in the summer of 2015.

Snapchat proves educational in UK campaign

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We need to educate and influence behavior change. The UK government is embracing Snapchat. Government officials are using the teen-friendly social media platform in its effort to warn against the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs.

12 educational resources every marketer should know

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DIY U: Edupunks, Edupreneurs, and the Coming Transformation of Higher Education ” by Anya Kamenetz: Half of Kamenetz’s book is a well-researched manifesto that preaches against the necessity of a college education.

TCIP #005 – Teaching Crisis Communication in Higher Education with Karen Freberg

Melissa Agnes

In this episode, Karen and I discuss: The social professor / educator: Risks and benefits for themselves as well as their students. Whether you’re an educator, a student or a professional working for an organization, this podcast is definitely one that you won’t want to miss. The post TCIP #005 – Teaching Crisis Communication in Higher Education with Karen Freberg appeared first on Agnes + Day.

Lessons From BBC’s Ebola Education Initiative via WhatsApp

Melissa Agnes

A few weeks ago, I wrote about BBC’s WhatsApp strategy for educating West Africans on how to stay healthy when it comes to Ebola. Evaluating BBC’s Ebola education initiative via WhatsApp. Subscribe to BBC’s Ebola education initiative on WhatsApp.

Presenting on future trends + micro-influencers in social media education: Reflections of the ACPRESS webinar

Karen Freberg

I feel it is one of the best areas of focus for practice and education. I had the chance to do a webinar on social media, particularly focusing on future trends to note in 2018 and how educators can become their own micro-influencer.

Why PR for Higher Education Requires a Different Strategy


Those working in PR for higher education face an even more complex landscape with unique challenges and opportunities. EducationIt’s hard to put into words how profoundly the practice of public relations has changed over the last decade.

Educate Prospects to Cultivate … and Keep … Clients

Maine PR Maven

The post Educate Prospects to Cultivate … and Keep … Clients appeared first on | The PR Maven By Nancy Marshall Don’t you hate getting calls from people you’ve never met before who start out by saying, “How’re you doing today?” ” You know right away it’s a cold call and they really could care less how your day is going. When this happens to me, I’m turned off right from the start. Cold […].

Importance of having class clients to bridge the education and professional gap

Karen Freberg

We need more partnerships like this to help bridge the gap between practice and education. I am a big believer of making sure students are able to get real world experiences with their work, so they can share these lessons with future colleagues and employers.

Marketing higher education: How to make your story stick

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College students and the marketing tactics that reach them effectively have changed considerably over the past decade. Aside from the obvious technology factor, today’s students demand instant gratification and access to information, presenting a unique set of communication challenges.

Teaching research integrates the key to bridging practice and education

Karen Freberg

I do think there are some arguments that would either support, or even disagree, with this statement, but I would say teaching and research are both essential parts of higher education. Being a true educator and sharing your ideas with others.

Dealing with various stakeholders in the educational sector


Challenges in the Education industry. The educational field has always had a tough time juggling budget, goals, time and interests. PR professionals have limited time and budget to make sure their educational organization is being noticed by the right people.

The Higher Education Bubble

Where the Fishermen Ain't

With tons of federal money flowing into higher education in the form of loans and grants, it is relatively unresponsive to competition and market forces. for Aid to Education, a non-profit organization, seeks to test the. College is expensive.

Presenting at #CASESMC: Discussing trends and takeaways for social media and higher education

Karen Freberg

Most of the professionals who were at the event worked in other roles of higher education – so I thought this was a great opportunity to show others what faculty are doing in social media situations.

Romanian education official steps down after sexist remarks

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Anyone wondering how to lose a job as a Romanian education ministry official should look no further than Vasile Salaru. I think this is a side of Romanian education that has been totally neglected and that could remind us, I hope you don’t smile, of the former boarding school education. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how one loses his job as a Romanian education ministry official.

What Type of Education Do Marketing Managers Need?


What type of education do marketing managers need? The post What Type of Education Do Marketing Managers Need? Typically, marketing managers are expected to have a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing or business (with specialization in marketing).

What Type of Education Do Marketing Managers Need?


What type of education do marketing managers need? The post What Type of Education Do Marketing Managers Need? Typically, marketing managers are expected to have a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing or business (with specialization in marketing).

Department of Education gets slammed for misspelling and typo in tweets

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The Department of Education recently learned that it’s important to proofread your tweets. Here’s the original post: Education must not simply teach work - it must teach life. US Dept of Education (@usedgov) February 12, 2017.

Education Assistant - Los Angeles, CA

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Company: Los Angeles Philharmonic Association Location: Los Angeles, California Industry: Not Specified Career Level: Entry Level (less than 1 yr experience) Minimum Education: Bachelor's Job Status: Full Time Salary Range: Commensurate with Experience

How Social Media Blurs the Black and White in Education

Waxing UnLyrical

Defining appropriate relationships within education used to be simple. High school educator, reformer, and a recovering perfectionist, Starr Sackstein leads by example both in the classroom and on the Internet. How Social Media Blurs the Black and White in Education.

Being your own creator: Facebook Creator App possibilities and ideas for Practice and Education

Karen Freberg

This is a great walkthrough, but how could educators use this for their own page, classes, and consulting projects? In summary, like all things in social media, Facebook Creator is a new “toy” and tool for creators, influencers, students, professionals, and even educators to use.

Facebook launches tips to educate users on fake news

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In addition to the education component, Facebook is working to improve its ranking system by enabling users to report fake news and working with independent fact-checking organizations to spot false reporting. Facebook wants to teach its users how to spot fake news.

Cosby touts education program, deflects questions about allegations

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He’s doing so by touting a pro-education message in some of the country’s most underserved areas, namely rural Alabama. There are now efforts afoot to stop Cosby from taking part in a march for education across the Selma, Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge. Bill Cosby’s image may be beyond repair in the wake of sexual assault allegations from more than 30 women. However, that’s not stopping the comedian from attempting to return to the public’s good graces.

EUPRERA reflections on the importance of creativity, social media education, and networking

Karen Freberg

Creative innovation in education is essential. We have to be able to not only help teach creativity, but we also have to be creative as well when we are approaching each of our duties and responsibilities as professionals and educators.

Analysis of Talkwalker: A must have tool for pros and educators

Karen Freberg

I am really excited to be using Talkwalker not just for myself, but advocate this as a great search tool to use for both of my social media classes this semester at the University of Louisville ( #Freberg18 and #FrebergSM ).

PR & Customer Success: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin


PR Education CS customer success customer success education PR PR education PR tip public relations retentionIn PR, we like to draw comparisons. It helps emphasize a point, enhance a story or create a connection between two seemingly unrelated things. Along those lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between PR and one of the fastest growing roles sweeping the SaaS industry: Customer Success. Whaaaat you may […].