3 Ways to Revitalize Your Instagram Feed

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Instagram doesn’t rest on its laurels when it comes to algorithm updates or adding new features like the Superzoom tool—and neither should you

10 Pro Tips for Instagram


“In an effort to cut through the noise that will come with Instagram’s new advertising push, brands need to adopt a more strategic approach to their investment in social media. There’s no explanation on how to use Instagram for promoting a business.” instagram.

How to Create Fascinating Content with Instagram Stories


– Josh Constine, comparing Instagram Stories and Snapchat for TechCrunch. A few months ago Instagram released its new feature, “Instagram Stories.” What are Instagram Stories and why are they important? High ease-of-use; all of Instagram’s bells and whistles.

How To Create Awesome Content with Instagram’s New “Collections”


Instagram recently announced a new feature informally named “collections” that allows users to aggregate ten photos or videos into one post. In the Instagram app, the post appears as a swipeable gallery effectively linking sets of related photos and videos for easy consumption.

Build Your Brand With Instagram: Q&A With Jenn Herman


With visual content becoming a necessity in marketing strategies, including Instagram in brand’s social media strategy should be a no-brainer. More than a quarter of adults use Instagram in their daily lives. Why haven’t more brands made use of Instagram?

How to Connect With Your Instagram Audience


Instagram isn’t just for “the kids” anymore. So what do you need to do to take advantage of Instagram’s full potential? Want more strategies for using Instagram? Here are six of Jenn’s key tips for connecting with your audience on Instagram: 1.

Drive Your Brand’s Success With Top Instagram Tactics


As the fastest-growing social network , Instagram is a must for brands looking to boost their social presence. Before the webinar, Jenn took the time to answer a few of our questions on using Instagram effectively. Q: Is there a way to set up Instagram without a phone?

Instagram Video Changes: Is Longer Better For Brands?


It’s safe to say that many Instagram users have been in freak out mode lately. Despite the backlash among a small subset of its 400 million users, Instagram will soon implement an algorithm that predicts which photos its users are mostly likely to double tap.

How Instagram Is Becoming a PR Powerhouse


Instagram is changing. That’s the true aim; Kevin Systrom , co-founder and CEO of the network, says that Instagram is designed to be a 100 percent visual experience that is more timely, efficient, and effective than television. Want to turn your brand into a powerhouse on Instagram?

Pushing the Limits on Instagram in 2018

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Join the Instagram party and be sure to know your limits. Instagram limits can be deceiving and rewarding. Ready to get the most out of Instagram for your brand? Join the crowd of about 1 billion others who made Instagram the fastest growing social network in history.

How Instagram’s New Features Help Brands Target New Audiences


With a 66 percent increase in users over the past year, Instagram is essential to visual social media marketing for many businesses…and it recently became more valuable. Last Tuesday, Instagram unveiled major, new features to users in the United States, giving the app a more global feel. Instead of pulling search results solely from your Instagram connections, the Search and Explore pages now include posts from outside your network.

6 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business


A recent bug gave some Instagram accounts as many as 100,000 new followers. Choosing a theme and sticking to it is one way to make your Instagram account a success. Remember, Instagram is all about storytelling. Want even more tips on how to build your Instagram strategy?

How to Use Instagram to Tell Your Brand’s Story


With an engagement rate 15 times that of Facebook , Instagram is a necessity in social media marketing strategies. Learn how to successfully use Instagram to tell your brand’s story with these five tips. Instagram is fun. Best Practices Featured branding Instagram social media

Instagram Is the Rihanna of Social Networks


In this piece, I want to make the case that Instagram is the “Rihanna” of social networks, relative to Facebook as social networking’s U2. Where Facebook is a behemoth social network with consistent utility, Instagram is a smaller network engineered for high-engagement.

The Social Media Story: Instagram vs. Snapchat


How Instagram is shaping 2018 social media trends for brands. Just 17 months was all it took for Instagram’s popular stories feature to rise to the top, attracting over 500 million users daily. This audience automatically made Instagram a notable competitor to Snapchat.

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer on Instagram


With 800 million monthly active users, Facebook’s Instagram has gone beyond flaunting fashion trends; now many different niches enjoy the potential engagement Instagram has to offer. So, how can you use Instagram to its full potential? Create a worthwhile Instagram contest.

Instagram Announces ‘Stories’ Ads, Business Analytics


Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially elusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. Instagram stories have grown to 150 million users (from 100 million) in the last few months, and engagement numbers are high.

The Instagram Revolution for Small Business

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The fact that there are literally tens of millions of users active on places like Instagram means that as a small-to-medium business you can gain not only insights, but leads and customers. The beauty of Instagram is the appeal of visual content. maybe Instagram is the answer.

5 New Instagram Features You Need To Know About


Instagram has the highest engagement of any social network and has eclipsed all social networks (not named Facebook) in monthly active users. For social platforms, THIS is the impetus for a lot of change, and Instagram is no exception.

7 ways companies are (already) using Instagram ads

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Instagram users noticed a distinct change in their feeds as of late. Earlier this year, I’d be lucky if I saw a single ad in one sessions of scrolling on Instagram. So, I thought I’d actively look in my feed for examples of how brands are using Instagram ads so far.

How to Measure Your Brand’s Success on Instagram


Once you’ve established an Instagram following and garnered a handful of likes for your posts, it’s time to analyze your efforts. While Instagram has yet to include an analytics platform within its app, plenty of third-party tools, free and paid alike, can do the trick.

14 eye-opening Instagram statistics

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In less than five years, photo-sharing app Instagram has grown from Internet infant to social media star. New data from the Pew Research Center shows that among social media networks, Instagram has surpassed Twitter in popularity among U.S. used Instagram in 2014.

The best brand holiday use of Instagram I’ve seen yet–from Target

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When I think of branded experiences and holiday promos, I think of this: So, when I heard Target was creating a virtual trick-or-treating experience on Instagram earlier this week, I was automatically skeptical.

Instagram launches business account

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Instagram would like you to know that it’s serious about becoming a legitimate marketing vehicle. Since joining in 2011, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Ben & Jerry's @mhayes says it's their community that makes Ben & Jerry's so successful on Instagram.

Instagram launches disappearing messages

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Now, Instagram has introduced a feature that allows its users to send private messages that disappear after the receiver views them. The move comes just a few months after Instagram added another feature that Snapchat pioneered: Stories.

64 tips for your Instagram campaigns

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Instagram has grown profoundly in the three years since Facebook purchased it. The best practices for Instagram marketing are only starting to emerge, and organizations like SocialMediaOnlineClasses.com want to make it easier for all of us.

6 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Instagram for Marketing

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Why add another fire-breathing head like Instagram into the mix? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all present their own unique challenges, but here’s why you should implement Instagram as a marketing tool, even if you’re already leveraging the channels of Facebook and Twitter.

Pinterest Versus Instagram: Which One is Best For Your Brand?


I recently spoke with the director of marketing for a popular food brand who told me her organization was debating the pros and cons of Pinterest versus Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram are great ways for organizations to connect with customers. Who’s on Instagram?

Instagram overhauls analytics and business profiles

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Digital marketers love data—and will soon have more of it to track in their Instagram feeds. A spokesperson for Instagram said that although the function is being tested in some users’ feeds now, a platform-wide rollout “is coming to Instagram in a few months.”.

4 Free Tools to Measure Your Instagram Success

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That is… until Ryan started an Instagram for the boutique. She posted photos of the clothes, jewelry, and new items on Instagram. My wedding photographer and wedding planner are also on Instagram. Do you use Instagram for you business?

Instagram Success Metrics for Social Influencer Campaigns


I like Instagram. Even if you don’t have an eye for photography (like me), you’ll enjoy Instagram. One of the greatest lures of Instagram is the absence of a bothersome algorithm that prevents you from seeing friends’ photos. Same goes for Instagram.

Instagram unveils feature to switch between accounts

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Rejoice, community managers: Instagram is enabling users to toggle between accounts. The feature is rolling out this week to iOS and Android users who have the latest Instagram app, version 7.15. Many took to Twitter to applaud the announcement: @instagram pic.twitter.com/uLuqSLmzND.

7 of the most unique and interesting Instagram brand campaigns in 2015 (so far)

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Instagram is arguable THE platform for brands right now. According to a SocialBakers survey, Instagram is CRUSHING Twitter in terms of engagement. You’re seeing brands like Nike, Starbucks and Adidas with MASSIVE communities on Instagram.

Instagram announces switch to algorithm-based timeline

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The average Instagram user doesn’t see 70 percent of what’s in his or her feed, but the social media app is set to change that. It’s not only the average Instagram user who will fight to be seen, either.

13 Instagram tools brands should be using

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Instagram is a platform for sharing quirky moments and inspirational experiences. Here is a list of tools to help businesses establish, manage and broaden their presence on Instagram. is a tool to manage Instagram accounts. is a tool to manage and promote your Instagram account.

What’s the best Instagram reposting app?

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What are the two biggest challenges for brands just starting with Instagram? Most brands don’t have a ton of Instagram-ready visuals just sitting around. At the same time, it’s tough to build a community from the ground up on Instagram.

New trend: Companies making product design trends based on Instagram

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And, most of it was focused on what kind of drink would photograph well on Instagram (and Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram). One Facebook post (same thing): One Instagram post: I didn’t see a huge media blitz. All because the drink photographed well on Instagram.

17 more Minnesota-based Instagram influencers to watch

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It’s kind of like if the HBO series “How To Make It In America” was told through a pair of Instagram accounts. Josef’s #rapquotesinsriracha posts — which are exactly what the hashtag suggests — deserve their own Instagram account. instagram followers . instagram followers .

What Instagram’s New Timeline Means


You ’ re not going to stop using Instagram. Every time there ’ s an update, a change or a suspicious new privacy policy, a collective and very loud few declare that this exact moment will be the moment in time when they stop using Instagram forever. Instagram has the leverage.

6 companies that kill it on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networks; 400 million members share 80 million pieces of visual content daily. Such eye-catching stats might lead you to expect companies to flock to Instagram to appeal to its active, engaged audiences.