8 tips to help communicators ace television interviews

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Though you might be comfortable speaking about your company in person, it’s another story to feel confident in a television studio trying to convey your message.

Will Television Follow Newspapers’ Fate?

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One of the bigger questions that emerged from last week’s Business Insider Ignition conference revolved around whether traditional television will endure the same pain as the newspaper industry has. The post Will Television Follow Newspapers’ Fate?

Inspiring the Consumer: You Can’t Do That on Television

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cta] The post Inspiring the Consumer: You Can’t Do That on Television appeared first on SHIFT Communications PR Agency - Boston | New York | San Francisco | Austin. I can remember the first time I was afflicted by consumerism. The Sears Wishbook, fresh from its plastic wrap.

The Changing Face of Television and the Emmys

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The post The Changing Face of Television and the Emmys appeared first on Zignal Labs

Twitter and Television: A Match Made In Heaven

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Television. I have an unhealthy love for, and obsession with, television. ” When I stop and think about it, I’m a bit horrified at just how much time I’ve spent watching television. Twitter and Television: A Match Made In Heaven is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical.

#MediaMonday – Dan Spindle

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Featured Media Monday ABC 15 ABC 15 Reporters ABC15 News Arizona Sports Associated Press Dan Spindle Journalism news anchor Reporter television television news University of ArizonaI met ABC 15 morning and mid-day news anchor Dan Spindle a few weeks ago.

Pitching Talent and Celebrity Booking With Patrick Lambert


I studied politics and television at Emerson College and even in high school worked in news with celebrity events and campaigns. Rude reps- we all do our best to make things easy and for good television but over demanding or truly rude or inconsiderate reps can’t absolutely blacklist a talent. Best Practices Featured Influencer Q&A Influencers media relations Patrick Lambert pitching tips Television

What Mr. Rogers Teaches About Us Communications

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Featured PR Observations and Preferences children life lessons parents rogers rogers neighborhood televisionRogers' life lessons and discussions about tough topics were aimed towards children, but they are important for communicators, too.

Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations Announced

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Featured Media Relations Alison Bailin NATAS National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominations Parties Rocky Mountain Emmy Nominees Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter

Volunteering – No Pain, No Gain

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HMA Public Relations Alison Bailin Arizona Baseball Officials Association breanne krager National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Phoenix Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America PR Daily PRSA Rachel Brockway Scott Hanson Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona United States Tennis Association (USTA) Central Arizona USTAVolunteering and giving back to my community are very important to me.

Visual Search of TV Broadcasts – Detecting Logos and Other Objects of Interest


TVEyes has been working for some time to create a new service that meets the needs of national brands to know more about the appearance on television of their logos, products and people. Marketing Applications for Visual Search of Broadcast Television.

The Braaaaaaains of Zombie Public Relations


Communications Tools PR Best Practices AMC American Movie Channel branding communications fedex LT PR LT Public Relations marketing PR public relations sprint television the walking dead undead zombie

9 Highly Recommended Marketing Podcasts that Stand Up over Time

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Whereas second screen devices distract from television shows or even conversations, listening is one of the few consumption activities we can do while engaged in another: commuting, exercising or doing chores. Podcasts have been on a steady growth streak for years.

5 Ways to Look Right on TV

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To help you know what to do and, more importantly, what NOT to do, here are five ways to look right on television. You made it. You’re on TV. Time to take full advantage of this opportunity. Don’t screw it up, because you may not live it down, and you may not get another chance anytime soon.

Fred Savage Accused of Battery

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Fred Savage is known for his roles on multiple different television programs, most recently the canceled Fox series, The Grinder. But it’s not Savage’s acting roles that has him in the headlines these days.

How Marketing Has Changed

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To learn about a new product, a client would have to see it on television, or advertised on a magazine.

Bridging PR and Sales Through Storytelling


movies, television, novels, etc.), When it comes to influential forces, there are few as powerful as storytelling. While many equate storytelling with entertainment (e.g. the concept of compelling storytelling is now front and center in nearly every business conversation. In fact, it was a major theme during this year’s GrowthBeat conference. The business of storytelling […]. PR Education GrowthBeat PR PR education PR tips public relations sales sales tips stories storytelling

My First Impression of Public Relations vs. The Reality

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Media channels are not what you flip through on your television, research […]. As a freshman, my first mass communications and APR classes were a complete shock. The post My First Impression of Public Relations vs. The Reality appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Five things all companies can learn from the Papa John’s PR fiasco

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From television […]. The PR crisis that Papa John’s is currently facing due to racially insensitive comments by its founder, former CEO and now former board chair, underscores the potential risk of putting all of your marketing eggs in one basket.

Damn It, Let's Get Those Metrics Going!

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Bad Pitch Blog customer service training focus groups good PR metrics Neilsen Media spokesperson training television on mp3 Nielsen Media Research says they are measuring ratings for TV shows “regardless of the platform on which it is viewed.”

Behind the Headlines With Joanna Brahim


In this interview, Joanna discusses the ways television and entertainment brands have adapted to new audience consumption habits, what to do when a crisis hits and how to get started in the communication industry. My guiltiest pleasure is…binge watching mindless television.

What is PR?

PR Warrior

PR people spend most of their time trying to get the name of their client (or employer if they operate in-house for an organisation) into newspapers or magazines, or on radio or television. What the heck is PR?

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Survivor Continues to Live Up to Its Name

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While it wasn’t the first reality show to land on television , it has been one of the most popular, and it certainly has staying power. Survivor, the CBS juggernaut in which a group of contentious castaways is stuck in the “wilderness” together to “tough it out” through various challenges.

How the public’s lack of trust in the media affects your company

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One surprising finding was that participants ranked newspaper and television news lowest, next to Congress, among major institutions they trust. 3 ways your company can rise above the fray and maintain a positive image.

Early PR Lessons From Tropical Storm Harvey

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You’re expecting Hurricane Harvey, but you’ve heard on radio and television that an evacuation of your city, America’s fourth largest, is not recommended. It’s Friday afternoon, August 25, and you’re at work in Houston.

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Why Social Shares Are Key to Pitching Media


” In magazines in the signature line and on television next to the anchor name, you’ll often find their Twitter handle. Many television programs (even national media) have even started using Facebook Live while they are on-air to attract an online audience.

Local Media Making National Mark

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Nominations for the 39th Annual News and Documentary Emmy® Awards were announced this week by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS).

Local 60

Top 10 Florida Meteorologists on Twitter


This week we salute the top Florida meteorologists at local television stations on Twitter, ranked by follower count. Followers were pulled on September 15, 2017 and may change over time. Leigh Spann – WFLA-TV – 106,641. John Morales – WTVJ-TV – 56,142.

How You Sound Matters as Much as What You Say: 4 Voice Tips for #PR Pros

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Whether it’s a podcast, presentation, press conference, event, radio or television interview; vocal abilities matter in PR – though not many of us were born with a sonorous NPR-ready sound.

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3 Takeaways From a PR Pro on the Receiving End of Media Pitches

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After running his own PR agency for 10 years, he joined NBC Television as PR manager for a national daytime talk show and later on led PR and community relations… Continued. Andrew Hayes, VP, corporate communications at Fifth Third Bank, has seen media relations from the other side, and he wasn’t too impressed by the view.

How Sports #PR has Changed for the Better (Mostly)

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Sports organizations would conduct their PR through traditional forms of media; newspapers, television, billboards, things like that. When your favorite team signed a big player, you could read about it in the newspaper and there might be a television campaign highlighting him/her.

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Why Lebron James is a PR Superstar

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His status as a controversial figure reached its highest point after “The Decision,” a made for television event where James famously declared who he would be leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers and “ taking his talents to South Beach ,” a spectacle that did not go over well with fans.

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Top 10 New York Times Arts & Culture Staff on Twitter


James Poniewozik – Chief Television Critic – 76,928. This week, we highlight the top 10 New York Times arts and culture staff on Twitter ranked by follower count. Followers were pulled on September 1, 2017 and may change over time.

Digital Video to Kill TV by 2020?

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In a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show, YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl said, “Digital video will overtake television to become the single largest way people spend their free time before the end of this decade.”. TV killed radio, so will digital video kill TV? Absolutely, say some market experts … and they are predicting a relatively quick death – by 2020. As you may expect, YouTube is one of the standard bearers of this expectation.

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Live Coverage Never Ends

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Live television coverage has always enthralled us and it is everywhere! One of the live shows that Scott usually tunes into is called Live PD on A&E. Click below for more]. The post Live Coverage Never Ends appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

Even #60Minutes Is Sometimes on Shaky Ground

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So how did the longest-running broadcast in primetime television history earn its credibility back? During 60 Minutes' 50th anniversary show, it was revealed that some stories reported were inaccurate or incorrect.

You Don’t Need Forrest Gump’s Mom for an Effective Live Video

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Every six months the Television Critics Association (TCA)—some 400 folks in the media who get paid to watch television and write, talk, tweet and blog about it—commandeers a Hollywood-area hotel for two to three weeks. During that time the critics, holed up in a darkened ballroom, are witness to an almost nonstop parade of broadcast, cable… Continued. The post You Don’t Need Forrest Gump’s Mom for an Effective Live Video appeared first on PR News Blog. Social Media

10 Social Media and Public Relations Tactics You Need to Know

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Traditionally, PR has spread information through media outlets such as newspapers, trade publications, and television. Social media and public relations might seem like an odd pair upon first inspection.

Debate Produces Good Moment for Clinton Campaign on Social Media


Last night, an estimated 100 million people watched the presidential debate on television and online. Live television interaction between the candidates proves to be an effective rallying tool for Clinton supporters.

Find your Story; Build your Brand!


She’s a story expert who works both as a PR executive and television writer, helping millions of people engage with harder to understand ideas, brands and campaigns through story. If you’ve struggled to find your story, this is the workshop for you! When: May 16 from 6:30 to 8pm.

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Do you need media coaching?

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Have you ever watched a televised interview where the interviewee responds to questions with ease, using a flowing, conversational tone? 3 reasons why a trained “talking head” is beneficial for your company.

How to Boost Your Reputation on Google


In 2012, I responded to a query that said, “Do you have a product you want to take to the next level (national television).” Being featured on national television and in prominent publications has exposed my business to millions of potential customers.

The Many Faces of Hank Azaria

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Now starring in a dark comedy as barely-functioning alcoholic baseball announcer Jim Brockmire on IFC, we had the chance to get his insight into generating compelling content, the creative process behind Brockmire and his insider knowledge on the golden age of modern television. The Simpsons.

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