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How to Create Facebook Ads that Compel Clicks

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Struggling with Facebook ads? Truly understanding Facebook advertising is a learning curve, and depending on how savvy you are in marketing, it can take a few weeks. Deirdre Anne Lopian has five tips to help you create a successful first Facebook advertising campaign.

Will Facebook Collections Kill Pinterest?

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Facebook Collections. Facebook is launching what they call “ Collections ,” which allows you to add “want” and “collect” buttons to your images, automatically creating a wish list where you or your friends and family can buy.

Facebook Timeline Coming for Businesses

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Rumor has it Facebook is rolling out its timeline feature to business pages this month. According to BusinessInsider , the launch will happen on February 29, at the very exclusive Facebook Marketing Conference (oh la la). Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a secret.

How To Create a Simple Facebook Messenger Bot


Facebook Messenger bots (chatbots) are a controversial feature that was added to the standalone Messenger service earlier this year. And Facebook is building up an analytics tool to help create and track metrics around Facebook Messenger bots.

A Facebook Test: The Wheel and Spoke Model Still Works Best

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This year, Facebook has done quite a bit to reward publishers for keeping fans on their pages versus sending them offsite to a news site or blog. Facebook Reach is Up; Engagement is Down. From January through June, we averaged 2,187 visitors per month from Facebook referral traffic.

Facebook Rewards Longer Content: Here’s What We Found

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About a month ago, Corina Manea wrote here about the hubbub surrounding marketers leaving Facebook. Her post, titled Are You Sure You Want to Leave Facebook? , Both articles talk about how Facebook now rewards you when people stay on your page longer. By Gini Dietrich.

4 Ways to Link Facebook Posts to Business Outcomes


One of the most frustrating things about Facebook is to understand the potential of the network and not to be able to tie network activity back to business outcomes. We all understand the unique massiveness that is Facebook : 936 million average daily active users.

What PR Pros Need to Know About Facebook’s “Signal”


Facebook wants to help journalists find the signal in the noise… And now it’s created a free newsgathering tool called Signal to help journos do just that.” – Julia Greenberg, Wired. A few weeks ago, Facebook introduced a media tool for journalists called “Signal.”

‘The Facebook Times?’: Facebook to Host Original News Content


Now, Facebook is reportedly moving close to a deal with news sites The New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic to host their original content within Facebook’s site. It’s a clever move to keep people using Facebook more frequently and add additional revenue.

5 HUGE Misconceptions About Facebook’s Value to Your Business


Facebook, it seems, is unstoppable.” As much as the PR profession has distanced itself from AVE, many businesses measure the value of Facebook Likes in a similar context. A Facebook Like may be valued at $174 according to AdWeek and $161.30

The Facebook Dirty Secret

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Twitter or Facebook ? Twitter is selling and Facebook is marketing. I can’t do any of this with a Facebook Fan Page. Facebook is marketing. Facebook Brand Pages are one of the biggest marketing deceptions in history. Because of Facebook Ads!

Four Ideas for Your Business Facebook Page

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Let’s talk Facebook today, shall we? You’re going to become pretty creative in how you use Facebook now. Mari Smith , Facebook expert extraordinaire, posted , “The news feed is *clearly* favoring posts and activity from friends and subscriptions (vs.

The Facebook Dilemma

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It seems as though Facebook has businesses between a rock and a hard place: their audience is on Facebook and wants to interact with brands there. Is this all a ploy by Facebook to squeeze brands for more money? I’m sure that’s part of Facebook’s strategy.

The New Facebook Patent Could Mean a Mass Unfriending

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On Sunday morning, I was lurking in Facebook and came across a news article in Jeff Esposito’s timeline. Titled, “ The new Facebook patent could make you rethink your friends list ,” I was intrigued. And, one of those patents was approved last week for Facebook to use.

Facebook Is Becoming Walmart

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Which is why, when Facebook announced Places , I rolled my eyes. Facebook comments plugin was introduced a few weeks ago and now Facebook Deals is here. Facebook is becoming the Walmart of social media and it’s eroding the experience. I love Facebook.

Facebook’s Reactions Are the 6 Stages of a Doomed Relationship.


Blog Facebook Humour in storytelling infograph

How to Build a Marketing Funnel for Facebook Ads

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Building a marketing funnel specific to Facebook ads can be a little intimidating and daunting, but the truth is, it's fairly easy if you follow a process. The post How to Build a Marketing Funnel for Facebook Ads appeared first on Spin Sucks.

Are You Sure You Want to Leave Facebook?

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Everyone has heard of Facebook, no doubt about it. In fact, if someone says he’s not on Facebook, he might get a few weird looks such as, “Dude, what planet are you living on?”. Did you know 71 percent of online adults use Facebook? Are You Sure You Want to Leave Facebook?

Facebook Creates Organ Donor Update

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I have to admit, Facebook is doing something I can really get behind. Facebook, the social network? And Facebook is set on lowering that number, if not eradicating it all together. Community Social Media facebook organ donation organ donor

Facebook Instant Articles: Why Should I Care?

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Facebook Instant Articles have launched and faltered and come back again, making ad revenue available to content producers. The post Facebook Instant Articles: Why Should I Care?

Facebook Questions Are Here

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Because Facebook questions are here! According to the social platform: “Questions is designed so that anyone on Facebook can help you find the answer. Ask a Facebook question. And Facebook needs to make it a better user experience.

Three Reasons Facebook Camera Will Work

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Just a few short weeks after Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion, the social network has released its own mobile photo sharing app, aptly called Facebook Camera. They also were likely already working on the Facebook Camera, when Instagram was acquired.

Emory’s Excellent Crisis Communication on Facebook

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This discussion was first started because of the Ebola crisis and the fact that the Emory University Hospital was being attacked on Facebook because people were scared and against the fact that two missionary doctors who contracted the awful disease were being brought back to the U.S.

10 New Facebook Features for 2016


A recent Cornell study describes how Facebook users are increasingly dependent on its utility. In fact, the study asserts that users don’t leave Facebook for lack of utility : they leave for fear of addiction. Facebook Live Video (for all). Facebook Professional Services.

Five Things to Watch Out for as Facebook Goes Public

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The cover story is called “ American Idol ,” and it’s about Mark Zuckerberg and the pending IPO for Facebook. Because of their IPO quiet period, Facebook did not comment. Share ads that look a lot like Facebook content.

How to Get Results with Facebook Ads

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It seems one can hardly market their business on Facebook without paying for something. Facebook sponsored post ads can generate real results for your brand on Facebook. The minimum daily budget to run a Facebook ad is $5, and you can run your ad for only one day, if you choose.

Five Things Facebook Must Do Now that They’re Public

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Facebook went public, began trading at $42.05 (and then dropped to it’s original $38) per share, and it’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg got married in a surprise wedding that was supposed to be a celebration of his now wife’s graduation from medical school.

5 Things To Know About Facebook’s Algorithm Change


” – Adam Mosseri, VP, Product Management, (Facebook) News Feed. You may have read that Facebook recently announced an algorithm change, stating that “friends and family” will be prioritized over Page content in the Facebook News Feed.

Suspend Facebook, Lock the Door, Hang Up the Phone

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Lisa Jenkins sent me a link this week: Idaho Fish and Game has suspended their Facebook page. But I wanted to address this from a different perspective: You can’t afford to shut down your Facebook page much much more than you can’t afford to operate it.

A PR Pro’s Guide to Facebook News and New Features

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The big Facebook F8 Conference was last week and there was lots of news out of it, namely video, instant articles, and a massive change to the news feed. The post A PR Pro’s Guide to Facebook News and New Features appeared first on Spin Sucks. Related Stories A Facebook Test: The Wheel and Spoke Model Still Works Best You Are Now Allowed to Use Facebook at Work Are You Sure You Want to Leave Facebook?

Facebook Speaks Out Against Employers Asking for Passwords

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Unless you’re running a daycare for adults, is the trust level so low you can’t expect they’ll get their jobs done if they spend 10 minutes on Facebook during the day? Thankfully Facebook is stepping in, speaking out against businesses who do this.

7 Brand New Facebook Features You Should Know About


Facebook is constantly changing, and keeping up with its new features is difficult for most communications and marketing professionals. Here is the latest and greatest from Facebook: 1. Facebook Messenger allows you to add contacts (who are not your “friends”).

Facebook’s New “See First” Feature Gives Consumers Control, Challenges Brands


Facebook is at it again. Here are four ways the new Facebook “See First” feature impacts brands: 1. Facebook’s “See First” feature comes with a new algorithm to throw in the mix. Facebook’s “See First” feature is putting the control into the hands of your consumers.

Facebook Does Not Mean Private

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It’s Facebook question of the week time and, because I did a video on Tuesday, you get prose today instead. I have a question for you – I have a boss who is on Facebook. The things he “likes&# on Facebook are not things I think clients should know about him.

First Step Towards Facebook ROI: Educate With Content


Facebook has been disrupting the scene for some time now. In 2015, brands need an ad budget to make Facebook work. Here’s a quick overview of how to create your Facebook content plan: 1. On Facebook, your top priority as a business is to educate.

10 Facebook Features That Businesses Should Use More Often


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article detailing 10 new Facebook features for 2016 which naturally sparked a lot of interest: after all, who isn’t excited about shiny new features on Facebook? Facebook Search. Facebook API / SDKs. Best Practices Featured Facebook

Pros and Cons of Facebook As Your Website

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Yesterday, I got in a debate about whether or not Facebook should be used as your website. He insisted Facebook is a great replacement for your site; I disagreed. Setting up a Facebook page is free. Using third-party apps on Facebook is easy and fairy inexpensive.

Facebook for Business Influencers

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2016 Edelman Trust Barometer CEOs Facebook Facebook for Business Influencer Richard Edelman

Facebook’s Doomed “Yay Button”


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Facebook Messenger for Business: Six Ways Brands Can Use Chatbots


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