Effective Marketing Strategies for B2C Businesses

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However, there are some tried and true options that practically any B2C business can utilize and achieve certain levels of success with. The post Effective Marketing Strategies for B2C Businesses appeared first on.

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How storytellers must adjust for B2C or B2B audiences

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Whether your audience is B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) will make a big difference in your tone and style. On the other hand, when you write for a B2C audience, you’re casting a much wider net. Conversely, when you’re targeting a broader B2C audience, you’re better off not getting too technical. When targeting a B2C audience, be careful not to drop in too many dry statistics. B2C writing should be relatable and easily understandable.

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What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Some of this reputation is deserved; it’s true that B2C PR is often more glamorous and accessible than B2B. A well-crafted strategic PR campaign can help in either case, but here’s what many B2B PR programs do that B2C programs can benefit from. The post What B2C Can Learn From B2B PR appeared first on Crenshaw Communications. B2B public relations is widely perceived as the nerdy cousin to consumer PR’s popular girl.

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5 B2C Tactics That Are Sure to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B PR Sense

In what seems like a blink of an eye, B2C and B2B marketing have become strange bedfellows. Other traditionally B2C tools and methods have been implemented within B2B in recent years to good effect. Let’s steal a few more pages from the B2C marketing rule book, and discover 5 ways that B2B marketers can achieve more success with B2C tactics. 5 Ways Your B2B Marketing Strategy Can Benefit from B2C Methodology.

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B2C Content Marketing Trends: Key Findings from the 2015 Study


The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs recently released their latest joint study on the use of content in the marketing mix: B2C Content Marketing, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America. According to the research, 66% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers rank e-newsletters as the most effective content marketing tactic. What else does the study reveal about B2C content marketing trends? 6: What challenges do B2C content marketers face?

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Creating a Content Strategy for B2B & B2C Marketing Success


If you’re creating content to help market your business, you know there’s a ton of competition for your prospects’ attention. So how do you ensure your brand stands out? There are two critical steps to creating a content strategy that helps your brand get noticed and converts: developing buyer personas AND determining what questions they will ask at each stage of the sales cycle. This post covers the first step … stay tuned for a second article covering the latter. What’s a buyer persona?

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4 indispensable tips to perfect your B2C PR

Agility PR Solutions

The post 4 indispensable tips to perfect your B2C PR appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Customers are inundated with ads and marketing messages everywhere they turn. In fact, it has been estimated that the average American sees between 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. Competition is also stronger than ever and consumer trust in the media and business messaging is continuing to decrease year after year. According to Edelman’s report, […].

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B2B vs. B2C—defining the difference and adjusting marketing accordingly

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The post B2B vs. B2C—defining the difference and adjusting marketing accordingly appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Generally speaking, there are two types of marketing commonly executed in a business marketing strategy. This is entirely dependent on the market the business serves—and sometimes these markets overlap, prompting a need for slightly modified marketing approaches.

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Pitch and Demo Events for Startups [B2B and B2C]


Finally, SevenVentures Pitch Day and the Growth Marketing Conference are the places to be for any B2B and B2C growth marketers. For any newly established business, also known as a startup, every single opportunity to showcase the business and the products or services it offers is valuable.

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B2B marketers keeping pace with B2C in customer data deployment

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The post B2B marketers keeping pace with B2C in customer data deployment appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. New research from the Customer Data Platform Institute finds that business marketers are catching up with consumer marketers in Customer Data Platform deployments. The firm’s new survey found that 41 percent of companies selling to consumers are in the process of deploying a CDP, compared with just 19 percent of companies selling to business—but 34 […].

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24 great B2B and B2C brand journalism sites

PR Daily

The good news, for a B2B company, is that you needn’t sit out this trend as flashy B2C companies like Red Bull hog the limelight. Advocate Heath Care is asking whether breastfed babies are smarter. Semiconductor chip maker Intel has insights on the top five most impressive game explosions. Power drink maker Red Bull wants you to know about three generations of a high-flying family and its “ skytyping” business.

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What’s working in content marketing? The most effective strategies for small B2C companies

Agility PR Solutions

The most effective strategies for small B2C companies appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. A newly released study from small bizcontent marketing platform Matcha illuminates what’s working and what’s not in content marketing for small businesses and e-commerce stores.

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The Difference Between B2B and B2C Public Relations


That said, there are still some significant differences in how people buy B2B and B2C products and therefore, PR strategies for each require a different approach. One thing I try to keep in mind when thinking about PR strategies for business to business brands is that business buyers are also consumers. The people who buy Oracle or SAP for their organization also buy Coke and iPhones. They subscribe to Netflix and get stuff from Amazon.

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3 Tips We Learned from a Panel of B2C Marketers

PR 20/20

The panel was moderated by Jim D’Orazio ( @jimdorazio ), CSU instructor and president of Practical Web Strategies, and focused on the B2C marketing trends of 2015. The marketing industry is fast-paced; it can shift in the blink of an eye. That means marketers must stay on top of the latest and greatest in customer behavior, technology and product development. As marketers, how can we possibly stay afloat in an ever-changing industry?

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Social Media for Consumer vs. B2B: Three Fundamental Differences

PR Expanded

Most of the work I’ve seen profiled in best practices, case studies, award entries, panel discussions and other channels has been consumer-facing – as in work done by companies or agencies to advance the agenda of a B2C company or a consumer product (Oreo, Dove or Skittles anyone?). In B2C social media, you see a lot of product and brand-oriented calls to action. B2C social channels use a ton of video, images and other media channels.

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B2B PR vs. B2C PR: What's the difference?


Many fundamental principles of PR apply regardless of whether you are trying to reach a consumer or a business audience. Every buyer is influenced by their perception of a brand. People respond to stories and make emotional decisions at work and at home. After all, business buyers are consumers too. They may decide on a new CRM system in their 11:00 meeting, but at noon, they’ll be deciding where to eat. PR Strategy

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3D Digital Marketing Class To Transform B2B and B2C Strategies


The post 3D Digital Marketing Class To Transform B2B and B2C Strategies appeared first on wiredPRworks. It’s time for a transformation – are you ready? Ever wished you could get more likes, clicks and customers from your digital marketing, but didn’t think you had the time or talent to come up with a success plan? . Did you know only 25% of marketers believe they receive sufficient training on marketing in a digital age?

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The Communicator’s Guide to Deciphering Acronyms

Ishmael's Corner

The Art Of Storytelling In Business Communications And Public Relations. Techniques For Effective Business Communications. It’s weird. We’re in the business of communications. You would think that we’d be OK with deploying full words. But that’s not how we roll.

Scary Similarities Between Halloween And PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

communications Crenshaw Communications media relations PR Fish Bowl public relations B2B PR B2C PR Halloween PRWhat do PR and Halloween have in common? They can both be scary as well as fun. Here’s what I mean. Planning is the key to both. Ever wait for the last minute to plan your costume and feel like a loser at the party? It’s the same way in public relations. For fans of Halloween the planning starts weeks or even months in advance.

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Good Job! Complimenting Competitors in Marketing can Tip Sales in Your Favor [Research]

Sword and the Script

Marketing PR B2B marketing B2C marketing market research marketing marketing psychology marketing surveysResearch out the Fuqua School of Business involving 4,000 people finds complimenting competitors likely to tip buyers in your favor.

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Social Media for Consumer vs. B2B: Three Fundamental Differences

PR Expanded

Most of the work I’ve seen profiled in best practices, case studies, award entries, panel discussions and other channels has been consumer-facing – as in work done by companies or agencies to advance the agenda of a B2C company or a consumer product (Oreo, Dove or Skittles anyone?). In B2C social media, you see a lot of product and brand-oriented calls to action. B2C social channels use a ton of video, images and other media channels.

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Trust in Business: 10 Ways to Build the Currency Brands Can’t Live Without

Sword and the Script

Marketing PR B2C marketing branding brands marketing surveys trustBrands earn customer trust in business by protecting their data, offering a reasonable value, focusing on the quality of their product or service and delivering good customer experiences.

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Digital Marketing in the Age of a Pandemic

HMA Public Relations

Featured ai b2c digital marketing marketing during a pandemic pandemic marketing zero-party dataWhen the pandemic first began, many radio and TV advertisements sounded insincere to the current times of wearing masks and social distancing.

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Four Ways to Grow Your Company’s Social Media Audience Organically

Reputation Us

Internal Communication PR Best Practices Public Relations Social Media B2B B2C business Content Marketing Organic Growth Partnerships public relations social media target audience writing The following blog is a guest post from Digital Content Strategist Lis Thomas. I know what you’re thinking. For businesses, talking about organic growth on social media is like setting the goal of doubling your business’ sales based on one print ad, and thinking that plan will work.

How to Attract Your Ideal Customer on Instagram


CMO Essentials B2C branding customer engagement Facebook instagram social media marketingIf you’re looking for additional channels to market your brand, which of the following are you thinking of using? Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest? Did you know that none of those channels has beaten Facebook in terms of engagement? Read: Social Customer Care: Three Steps to Best-in-Class Results.

Confusion, Technology and Talent in Marketing; Off Script #26: Frank Pollock on Fundamentals and What He’s Learned from Working in CPG

Sword and the Script

Marketing B2C marketing martech Off ScriptI’ve never met him, but that’s part of the point with the Off Script series. It’s equal parts learning, networking, sharing and giving back to the community. All the better he came highly recommended, and I’m sure glad he did because this interview doesn’t disappoint. When I looked at his background to develop relevant questions, his experience in consumer packaged goods (CPG) was what stood out to me.

B2B Lead Generation

Ronn Torossian

It seems rather ironic that B2B, which is more than twice as large as B2C, is challenged. What is B2B marketers’ main challenge? 85% say it’s lead generation according to data gathered earlier this year by SalesIntel, a business intelligence firm.

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Digital marketers expect to double messaging volume by 2024

Agility PR Solutions

But many things did not change, including the extent to which B2C marketers relied on digital messaging to engage customers and prospects, reveals new research from customer marketing software provider MessageGears. B2C […].

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#measurePR, Die Hard and Squirrels

Waxing UnLyrical

Here’s a peek: On the differences between B2B and B2C measurement: A1: Both need meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) but B2B side usually needs more direct alignment w/ business goals #measurepr. A1: Buying cycles tend to be longer between B2C and B2B too, reflecting need for different benckmarks and altered metrics. Events Measurement MeasurePR Shonali Burke #measurepr affect pr b2b pr measurement b2c pr measurement sandra fathi

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How to humanize and personalize financial brands in a post-pandemic world

Agility PR Solutions

Post-pandemic solutions in financial services, and many other industries, will be a hybrid of digital and in-person services as companies evolve from traditional “B2B” and “B2C” services and communications to more personalized “B2I” services and communications—Business to Individuals.

4 ways COVID impacted e-commerce—and where we are now

Agility PR Solutions

In the age of COVID, it became necessary to rebrand and re-operate the overall functionalities of nearly every B2B and B2C business. The pandemic has affected, to a great extent, brands, e-commerce, and industry as a whole.

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In new B2E paradigm, marketers must be ready to target everyone

Agility PR Solutions

We’re used to business targeting models that fall into either the B2B or B2C category, but new research from Ware2Go finds that today’s “new normal” has precipitated an acceleration in online shopping, presenting a brand new supply chain landscape for merchants.

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5 Important B2B Content Strategy Lessons That Will Shape How You Use Social Media

B2B PR Sense

The powerful content marketing gurus at Hubspot and BuzzSumo have joined forces to conduct research into what works and what doesn’t in B2B and B2C content. This research looks into 175,000 posts from both B2B and B2C industries, and measures their performance across multiple social media networks. Their report delves into the nature of B2B versus B2C content, and provides insight into what works best on social media for each one. shares for B2C content.

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A Handy Guide to Working With B2B Influencers


When most people think of influencer marketing, they think of B2C. How do things work differently with B2B influencers? Our VP of Corporate Communications explores the similarities and differences

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Join our workshop: ‘Building and Leveraging a LinkedIn Profile’

Axia PR

Whether your company specializes in B2B sales or B2C sales, it’s critical that you understand LinkedIn. LinkedIn now has roughly 630 million users. The social platform is growing rapidly with two professionals joining every second. Social media

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Are online reviews important to Gen Z? Not so much, survey finds

Agility PR Solutions

Consumer reviews provide genuine, warts-and-all information for prospective buyers in virtually all B2B and B2C categories, and have been hailed as important components of product pages and rating and review sites—but these types of testimonials may not have the same influence on Generation Z as with other sectors.

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9 Expert Guides: How to Win at Influencer Marketing

B2B PR Sense

When influencer marketing first arrived, it was viewed as primarily a B2C marketing tool. Discover the key differences between B2B and B2C influencer marketing and how to include influencers in your B2B marketing strategy. B2B and B2C influencer marketing strategies differ and you need to appreciate the distinctions and understand the nuances of B2B marketing with influencers. 5 B2C Tactics That Are Sure to Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy.

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It’s 2020—is your brand texting with customers yet?

Agility PR Solutions

Consumers these days prefer companies that offer text messaging as a communication channel, according to new research from B2C comms firm Avochato.

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How to Improve Your B2B Buying Process During COVID-19

B2B PR Sense

In fact, buying in general, whether B2B or B2C, has experienced marked changes throughout this pandemic. After all, many buyers in the B2B space have been wanting their buying process to mirror their B2C experience , even before the pandemic.

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Performance Storytelling: Norton Lifelock CMO, Ty Shay, Provides a Roadmap


Shay uses the B2C packaged goods industry as an example of how marketing has evolved: “In B2C marketing, I think there was a phase where consumer packaged goods companies were selling to retailers. Shifting from traditional marketing and communications to the concept and model of Performance Storytelling isn’t easy.