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Promote Social Media to the Integrated Communications Bullpen

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Customer Engagement Social Media american family insurance digital marketing Email Marketing interns jack salzwedel kitedesk social ceo reportSocial media is often left to the interns or young professionals. Here we make a case for promoting it to the integrated communications mix.

Pitching Business and Technology Contributors: Q & A with Freelancer Anne R. Gabriel


Today, Gabriel covers business, technology, and IT as a freelancer and regularly contributes to BAI Banking Strategies, Channel Partners Online and Insurance Networking News. For Insurance Networking News, end users are defined as insurance companies (not brokers or agencies) so story pitches on insurers (or re-insurers) adopting or advancing tech utilization are appropriate. Anne R.

#SoloPR Topic Chat Preview: Health Insurance

Solo PR Pro

We’ll be addressing one of the most vexing challenges facing many solo and small businesses: health insurance. Is it a factor even if I go with a private insurer? What do I need to know about my chances of getting insurance today? How can an insurance broker be helpful?

Self-Employed Health Insurance – Your Questions Answered

Solo PR Pro

One of the most vexing challenges facing many self-employed solo and small businesses is health insurance – and this challenge has only become more complicated in recent years. Is it a factor even if I go with a private insurer? How can an insurance broker be helpful?

We Had a Fire


We called our Insurance Brokers (Cowan) and they put us in touch with our Insurance Company (Intact) and they were awesome. Con-Tech , Carleton Chimney , Intact , Trinity Gallery and Cowan Insurance were there when we needed them. Blog fire good people insurance

LinkedIn Social Selling for MDRT Financial Services and Insurance Pros


I'm excited to present LinkedIn social selling marketing strategies for financial services and insurance pros at MDRT's annual conference in Vancouver!! Barbara Rozgonyi to Present LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Insurance Pros at MDRT Conference. It's almost here!

What You’re Really Paying For When Hiring A Photographer


Insurance: Camera insurance. Your photographer will most likely be paying either a monthly or yearly fee to protect their equipment; and the prices of insurance vary immensely depending on the amount of gear they own. Let’s not forget about business insurance. “What?

Everything is Measurable in PR

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Think about what you spend on car insurance or homeowner’s insurance. For the average vehicle, you can spend up to a third of the vehicle’s purchase price on insurance while you own the car.

New Year Networking: How to be Dr. Jekyll and not Hyde

PR Job Coach

With this all said, there are some rules of the road to insure that selfless networking is sustainable. Herewith are some gems to consider and keep in mind to insure maintenance of the virtuous circle of networking. Networking is the oxygen of the connected economy.

Fintech 2015: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


Gary Reader – Global Head of Insurance Sector at KPMG. “The myriad of technology advances such as driverless cars, machine learning, IoT, home sensors and ‘robo-agents’ offer a new world of opportunity for the insurance industry.

A PR Treatment for the Healthcare Industry. Remedy One: Social Media


My insurance gave me a list of covered physicians and clinics, but none of them particularly stood out. The last time I searched for a new healthcare provider, I had a difficult time. I conducted countless Google searches, but I still couldn’t fully decipher which physician fit my needs.

Announcing our 2016 Video Awards finalists!

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Stolen 1981 Ferrari Recovered After 29 Years, National Insurance Crime Bureau. USI Summit Award, USI Insurance Services. Liberty Mutual Insurance Presents A 360° Quiz: Roadside Dilemma, Liberty Mutual Insurance. Election Insurance, Esurance.

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists chosen

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Medical Liability Risk Management Series, NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company. I Wish I Had Travel Insurance, RoamRight Travel Insurance. We wanted to hear your story.

Seven Simple Steps to Become a Trusted Advisor

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My particular industry is insurance, but it could just as well be any other service industry such as public relations, marketing, or advertising. Bill Dorman is an insurance broker , principal/owner LanierUpshaw, Inc. Today’s guest post is written by Bill Dorman.

Komen Provides Excellent Crisis Management Case Study

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Good PR counsel and a crisis management plan is like insurance…you have to have it. Get yourself crisis insurance with an experienced PR firm or professional. So Susan G. Komen caved to pressure and reversed the decision to not fund Planned Parenthood. Fantastic! Or is it?

What Sucks About Being a Communications Professional

Spin Sucks

is nurse, teacher, firefighter, or even insurance agent, there are times when I envy you. We spend a lot of time talking about why spin sucks on this blog. We ask people every week in the Spin Sucks Inquisition , and we get really great answers. We have that down.

3 Medical Marketing Insights From StoneArch's Jessica Boden


Clients are marketing products and services that weren’t considered part of healthcare, but are now covered by insurance. StoneArch found that not only was the landscape changing in terms of the insurance benefits for new mothers, but families have also changed dramatically.

Communicators need to get familiar with blockchain technology

Holtz Communication + Technology

Last year, Microsoft partnered with a blockchain startup called Consensys, launched a cloud-based blockchain platform for banks and insurance companies that use Microsoft’s Azure platform. Why don’t most producers of goods sell directly to customers? There are no Whirlpool stores.

Laid Off? Now You’re Free to Consult!

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Consider your health insurance options. if you’re unmarried, the selection is undesirable, or your spouse is also self-employed, you can usually obtain temporary insurance coverage through your employer’s COBRA plan.

How to Avoid a Yahoo Moment

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If it is about you, insure that what is said or written is the honest truth. Ignominious is how one might describe the latest Yahoo mishap , one of a long line of failures and foibles the company has endured over the last few years.

How I Learned to Love Networking

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But at least it’s no longer true that the only thing it’s in my power to do is sit back and wait until someone notices me—and that feels almost as good as health insurance and a matching 401k. By Cynthia Gelper I’ve had to look for work a lot.

How To 139

Burnish Your Brand by Sculpting with Social

PR Job Coach

Pay particular attention to your “Professional Headline” and “Summary Statement” insuring that they are descriptive and relevant to wine PR. Insure that your biographic information includes aspects of your experience and accomplishments in “wine PR.”

Brand 57

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Ces Guerra

Spin Sucks

Securing my TX licenses for insurance and real estate was fun and professionally beneficial. By Gini Dietrich Back in the early days of Twitter (when it was still fun), I met Ces Guerra. A HUGE LSU fan, cyclist, traveler, skier, author, and hilarious guy, we became fast friends.

Three Questions Every Business Needs to Ask About Online Risk

David PR Group

Hackers particularly like companies in healthcare, finance and insurance, real estate, manufacturing, government contracting and transportation. Franchise industries, finance, insurance and automotive have similar vulnerability.

How Public Relations And Customer Relations Can Work Together

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

We represented a company that was very successful selling specialized insurance online, but because many buyers failed to read and understand the policies they bought, they were disappointed if claims were denied and often vented anger and frustration on consumer complaint boards.

Friday Wrap #139: Coke suckered, Nationwide pilloried, brand content ignored, & lots of Twitter news

Holtz Communication + Technology

Insurance company mired in controversy after Super Bowl ad —Nationwide Insurance threw a wet towel into the Super Bowl. Flickr photo courtesy of Juhan Sonin.

Strategy and Tactics: Finding a Balance through Research


The research process for public relations tactics provide direction and insurance for creative endeavors. It’s a curious thing how the overwhelming majority of public relations agencies and practitioners identify as “strategists.”

3 Strategic Ways to use Press Releases for Meaningful Influence

Sword and the Script

For example, an enterprise software vendor I engaged had a large deal with an insurance vendor that had been pending for an extended period. When we closed another deal with different insurance vendor, we quickly published a press release announcing the new customer in the insurance space.

Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication

Waxing UnLyrical

Attending the session “A Dr, Patient & Insurer Walk into a Social Network“ at SxSW last year really opened my eyes to the social media obstacles healthcare professionals face. Your child has come down with a rasping cough.

How Effectively Does Social Media Drive Word-of-Mouth?


Coupled with the idea that our sphere of influence is far smaller than social networks indicate, how do you insure that the one to 10 percent of actual friends are in the peer group that you want to reach?

Love PR Daily? Come work for us!

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Health insurance, dental, and a 401K plan are all available. If you love PR Daily so much that you dream about working for it, your time has come. If you like to complain about all the stuff you would do to make PR Daily better, your time may have come, too.

PR Rock Stars: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Laura Kaslow

Communications Conversations

It’s all growing and changing so fast, but the biggest driver for us (and I’d argue for anyone doing health care, or at least health insurance) is focusing more on the consumer. Historically, health insurance companies (like many areas of health care) are very B2B focused.

11 examples of exclamation-point abuse

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buys you $500,000 of term life insurance!!!” There’s a “Seinfeld” episode in which Elaine breaks up with her boyfriend over his failure to use an exclamation point. If you don’t remember it, Elaine’s boyfriend had written down some phone messages, one of which said that her friend had a baby.

Crisis Communications: Have a Plan for Success

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Thinking through a crisis communications plan like this is like having really good insurance: The moment you let it lapse, Murphy and his Law take effect. By Gini Dietrich. What a whirlwind last week was at Social Media Marketing World !

How to Use a Reverse Message Strategy

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This might be something such as insurance, legal issues, taxes, estate planning, guardianship, or protection devices and services. By Laura Petrolino. We all know an effective message strategy is key to communicating with your target audience in a way that matters.

Tackling Obesity: Top 100 Influencers and Brands


Access to care in the form of insurance coverage for the treatment of those afflicted is mandatory. Obesity worldwide has more than doubled since 1980. The fundamental cause of obesity is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended.

Brand 55

5 Unexpected Life Lessons I Learned Working in PR


Not because I wanted the job so badly, but because I had just returned from a volunteer stint in Nigeria and found myself to be unemployed and in dire need of health insurance. This is a guest post by Nova Halliwell, a PR professional in New York City. Forty minutes.

8 Ways to Differentiate Your Brand on Twitter in 2016


Tweeting multiple times insured that more people would see it. You don’t need a new year’s resolution for your Twitter presence in 2016.

Do Analysts Have as Much Influence as they Used To?


We’re also less dependent on advisers like realtors and insurance agents because we can access much of the same information that they can. The internet has profoundly changed the way that American’s shop.

Internal communications thought leaders on the value of the employee communications function

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We would cascade messages through layers of leaders, we would use mass-media approaches to insure that everyone got the same message at the same time.